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Given the current health crisis brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, there’s probably no better time than now to be reminded of ways to take care of our health. In this episode, Adam Markel interviews a pioneer in the health and wellness industry, Udo Erasmus. Udo is behind the creation of both the Flax Oil and Healthy Fats Movements. He is also the co-founder of Udo’s Choice supplement brand, a global leader in cutting edge health products selling millions of healthy oils, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Udo discusses living healthily, the role of eating and how we can aid the body’s regenerative power. He also shares with us his reflections about the Coronavirus and gives insights into what we should and shouldn’t put in our bodies.

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Udo’s Choice: Eating And Living Healthily With Udo Erasmus

I feel honored and blessed to be in the seat. I’m taking a nice deep breath in this lovely air and feeling fortunate. I have a great guest, somebody that I know for many years. We haven’t seen each other in quite many years. There’s a bit of a reunion that’s happening. I know him better now than I did then, and it’s an odd thing. I know more about him and what he’s been doing in the world than I did when we were collaborating in a Mastermind some years back. I’ll speak about him in glowing terms because he’s done some amazing things. All of you will get to meet him. The legendary Udo Erasmus is a pioneer in the health and wellness industry having created flax oil and the Healthy Fats Movement.

He is also the Cofounder of Udo’s Choice supplement brand, a global leader in cutting-edge health products selling tens of millions of bottles of healthy oils, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Udo is an accomplished author multiple books, including Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill that has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide. Udo is also a speaker. Much of his content has been presented in Tony Robbins events and Deepak Chopra events. We participated in a wonderful mastermind that I had created and delivered through a company I was working for. I remember him as a kind person and a kind-hearted interesting man. I’m thrilled that I get to spend some time with him and all of you get to learn from him. Udo, welcome to the show. Thanks for being with us.

I am glad to be on. It is a reunion.

I love how it started with the legendary Udo Erasmus. What’s not written in that bio that you would love for people to know about you?

Lots of things. My first project when I left university was to start a nude beach. The reason was I studied Biology and we’re looking at everything about creatures. One day, it occurred to me that I’m ashamed of my body. I was like, “Where the hell did that come from?” I figured, “How do you fix it? Instead of going about it, why don’t you get used to being naked in public?” There was a beach off the university. The university is on the peninsula and sand cliffs go down to the water, down to the ocean. I went to the beach down there and took my clothes off. I sat behind a log. If somebody came by, I would duck. Pretty soon, I’d be walking naked on the beach and somebody would come and I’d go and sit down behind the log again. It wasn’t long before I started walking naked down the beach.

Somebody came the other way and I would keep walking. This is a big confession. It was 1969. I had left university in 1968. I lived in a house with a lot of people. One day, we all got stoned and went down to the beach. When the tide was down, there were mudflats. There was mud that if you stood on it, you’d maybe go up to your knees in mud. It’s an organic mud. It was messy, soft stuff. We were stoned on mescaline and we had hair down to our butts and we have big beards. We started wrestling naked in the mud, about twelve of us. People came and the people who were on the beach gathered and watched because it was profound for them. It was childlike and it wasn’t weird. It was like 30-year-old kids playing.

Not self-conscious about their bodies.

We were playing and these guys go, “I want to be able to feel that free.” That’s what began at the beach. I call it My Social Project. Although, I have zero double-blind studies on this. When people get comfortable around how their body is, then they’re less likely to do weird things with their bodies, sexual and in other ways.

Did it turn out to become a nude bathing beach?

It’s still there. It’s not on any of the travel guides for Vancouver, but if you come to Vancouver, you go to Wreck Beach, it’s still there.

There should be a little thing that says, “Udo’s Nude Beach.”

It’s not that important to me that I’d be remembered. What I’d like is that whatever intuitions I have and the wisdom that comes out of me, if any, that becomes folk wisdom. I have a light on my face. There’s a glass window, blinds, carpet, walls, and all of this. If you asked me, “Who invented that?” I don’t have any idea but I’m the beneficiary of other people, at other times, various places, having done creative things. I’m the beneficiary of it. I can be grateful for all of that without remembering any of their names. For most people, it will be that way and I don’t expect that it’ll be any different for me. While I’m here, I want to do the best I can to turn this place into a place that works for eight billion people, for the planet and nature as well.

PR Udo | Udo’s Choice

Udo’s Choice: When people get comfortable around how their body is, then they’re less likely to do weird things with it.


I’ve got to say this, Udo, I’ve asked that question many times to people, “What’s not written in your bio that you love for people to know about you?” That is the most interesting answer I’ve ever got. You get the prize because to create and to have started a nude sunbathing beach in Vancouver where the water is quite chilly.

It’s not bad.

You Canadians are tougher anyway.

There’s a warm current called the Japanese Current. It goes up to around Alaska, goes all the way down to the coast, then before North of San Francisco, it goes back into the ocean. The water in Vancouver is warmer than the water in San Francisco because of that current. That’s also why along the coast, all the way up to Alaska, we get rain and winter instead of snow most of the time.

The water is warmer. It’s almost like a gulf stream then.

It is a warm current. It comes past Japan and probably comes from the tropics.

It’s not nearly as crazy as it sounds.

It is not crazy in terms of water.

It’s crazy enough and that the way you led into this idea that we’re not always comfortable in our own bodies and our own skin is a deep conversation, to begin with then taking it on and doing something about it. It is wonderful and inspiring to others. That’s a good lead to what it is that you’ve been doing with your products professionally. This has been what you’ve been to. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about that? What was the inspiration? This community was built by many people like yourself that have been entrepreneurs, that have had entrepreneurial pursuits in their lives. Some have turned out well, some have not. Some are on that wheel looking to create something that does change the lives of hundreds of millions of people. People that have been in several good stores probably will recognize that brand, Udo’s Choice. My dad lives in Western Massachusetts, in the Berkshires, they have some food co-ops there. I remember seeing Udo’s Choice as part of the things that they were carrying. I’m not sure if it’s in Sprouts or Jimbo’s or any of these stores.

It’s in all those places.

Share how that all got started. Give us the details, please.

It came out of a conscious pivot. The trigger for the conscious pivot was I got married and had three kids. The marriage broke up and I was upset. I wanted to kill something. I took a job as a pesticide sprayer because I had taken a license to be a pesticide sprayer as part of a gardening job I had. I became a full-time pesticide sprayer. I was careless. I walked barefoot through over the lawns I sprayed until the skin peeled off my feet. People even asked me, “Aren’t you worried you’re going to get poisoned?” I said, “I’m immune.” I think people call it testosterone poisoning. It happens to young men until they get their first big.

The body is a major 24/7 construction site. Click To Tweet

It’s the belief that you are superhuman, nothing can kill you.

That’s what I’m talking about. After doing that for three years, I got poisoned. It’s a predictable outcome. I went to the doctor and I said, “What do you have for pesticide poisoning?” She said, “Nothing.” This is a beautiful answer. That was the day the penny dropped for me that my health is my responsibility. If I don’t take care of it, maybe nobody’s taking care of it. I had a background in Biological Sciences from the University of BC, Biochemistry, Genetics. I had religious experiences of Oz, studying Biology. I love the topic. I had left the university and done all kinds of blue-collar jobs because I wanted to know what it felt like to be in the shoes of the people that are living like that. I didn’t want to have any of those jobs for life, but I wanted to know what it feels like.

You wanted to understand. I knew that about you the day that I met you. You were always a puzzling person to me. You are a little bit of an enigma. You didn’t fit the stereotype of some of the people that were in those personal development training. You were different. I’m sad that you and I didn’t get a chance to talk at a level where I would have understood more.

I got to read the journals because I figured if I do the opposite of what I did to get it, then I should be able to reverse it. The diseases are like that, where are you off and how do you get back on. I was reading in the journals and I got stuck. I was reading about everything and it was based on nutrition and health, in nutrition and disease. If the body’s made of food, water, air, and light. I was thinking, if the body’s made out of food and something goes wrong, if you raise the standard of your food intake, you can rebuild 98% of your body within one year to that higher standard. That’s what healing is about. The body’s always turning over. Every year, 98% of the atoms of your body are removed and replaced. If you eat the same junk this year that you ate last year, you’ll build the same junk body. If you raise the standard because the junk diet isn’t working for you anymore, you raise the standard within one year, 98% of your body has been rebuilt to a higher standard. That’s why healing is possible because it’s always turning over.

Is that regeneration?

The body is a major construction site, 24/7, always something. When you go in the shower and you wait in the shower long enough and you rub your skin, stuff comes off. We used to call them sausages when we were little kids because they feel like little sausages on your skin. That’s your body coming off, but it doesn’t come off from your skin. It also comes off from the inside lining of your digestive tract, which turns over every four days. It’s not everything that takes a year. Some of the fast-growing tissues, liver, especially the inside of the digestive tract, that tissue turns over because there’s so much going on there. You’re drinking twelve times your body weight in water every year. That’s all going through and washing through you. If you drink more or the water’s cleaner, it’s going to do a better job in your body.

It is the filtration system.

They say, “Get a filter or be a filter.” The point is that it’s always turning over, then a question was, “What do I need to do to raise my standard to rebuild my body to be healthier than it was when I got poisoned?” Other than not spraying pesticides anymore, that was the obvious starting point. I got stuck on oils because they are the most sensitive nutrients. They’re damaged by light, by oxygen, and by heat. They need the most care, but we give them the least care. We throw them in the frying pan and we wait until they boil and then smoke. If you turn something into smoke, you’ve changed its chemistry. It’s going to affect your body differently. This was 1980 when I got poisoned. In 1981, it was established that Omega-3 is an essential nutrient, which means you can’t make it in your body.

You have to have it to live and be healthy and you have to bring it in from outside. If you don’t get enough, you go down your body, your health goes down. If you don’t get enough long enough, you die. This is important stuff. If you’re going down because you’re not getting enough, but you bring enough back into the diet that’s too low in it, then all the problems that come from not getting enough are reversed. Life knows how to make your body work, provided you take responsibility to make sure that all of the building blocks land in your body in optimum amounts so that life can do its job. I got excited. We found out 99% of the population doesn’t get enough Omega-3 for optimum health. Every cell needs them. They’re essential. There are not a lot of good sources. They are super sensitive to damage, five times more sensitive than the other oils that we have.

You’re having this awareness for yourself as you’re wanting to reverse. You were going, “I did something stupid and I realized that. Can I reverse engineer solutions from what I did that didn’t serve me?”

When all of that happened, I say to people, “I had an orgasm.” If we could make oils with health in mind and all that requires is protecting them from light, oxygen, heat, and brings back the Omega-3 that are too low in almost everybody’s diet, we could help many people.” I went ballistic. I got lit up and it’s like, “Finally, I found a purpose in my life.” I did lots of stuff and I never felt like there was anything I was doing that was worth doing.

PR Udo | Udo’s Choice

Udo’s Choice: Life knows how to make your body work, provided you take responsibility to make sure that all of the building blocks land in your body in optimum amounts so that life can do its job.


At what age are you at this point?

It was 1980, so I was 38. I developed a method for making oils with health in mind because the industry didn’t do that.

You get out of a marriage and ends in unfavorably mixed feelings. You decided that “I need to kill something.”

The feelings were very clear, I was pissed.

You set out on a mission to kill things and you poisoned yourself in the process. The irony is pretty rich right there.

You reap what you sow and karma is a bitch. You know that what you put out will come back. We live on a planet where we’ve done a lot of things that are coming back to us.

We can’t overlook this piece. This is self-awareness, that’s why I’m pointing it out. There’s an element of anything that’s going on in our lives. There are some great irony and tremendous humor. Most of it makes a lot of sense.

What’s going on the planet that’s messing it up, we did that.

Mother Earth didn’t do it.

What’s going on in our politics is messed up, what’s not working in our health, what’s going on in relationships, we’re all doing it to ourselves. My view is we need a transformation and the transformation is about getting back in line with nature and our nature. We haven’t given that much thought and we haven’t given that much effort.

When was Udo’s Choice birth?

I got poisoned in 1980. I had this epiphany in 1981. I developed the methods for making oils with health in mind and we put out flaxseed oil. I wrote a book because I thought what I was learning in my self-studies were stuff that I never learned at university and people can benefit from it. I wrote a book that was published in 1986. Flax oil came out in 1986. I did that for three years. Flax oil is already $1 billion a year industry worldwide. I parted with the company that I started. I know have no business background. That was all built on enthusiasm. We were on fire for doing something. I had no question that I could get it done. I didn’t make much money on it because I wasn’t thinking about money. It wasn’t about money. I wanted to do this thing that would help many people. Then I took a hiatus and I rewrote the book that I had written in 1986. That came out in 1993, Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill and Udo’s Choice started in 1994.

I became Omega-6 deficient on flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil is a great source of the missing Omega-3, but it doesn’t have enough Omega-6. I used it as the only oil in my diet and became Omega-6 deficient on it. I said, “I don’t want to make something where that can happen to people. I need to balance it.” We put good Omega-6 in the blend. It’s a little less Omega-3 and a little more Omega-6 to get the balance between the two which is important. We put it in glass because I learned that from the encyclopedia of plastics, that when you put oil in plastic, the plastic swells and it can leach into oil quicker than into the water.

I said, “I’m trying to help people with health. Let’s use glass.” I made the change to glass and Udo’s Oil is a brown glass bottle, in a box, the fridge, the supplement section, the health food store. That’s the needle in the haystack. We didn’t cut any corners because the stuff is sensitive. When you cut corners, you lose the benefits. I made many decisions, business and marketing decisions, one after another. I look back now and said, “What got into me?” It was the enthusiasm and the inspiration that came out of seeing something clear that is a gift to human beings or health.

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You could live 30% to 40% of the entirety of a life, you’re lost and have no real clarity of, “What’s my purpose? What’s my mission?” People don’t necessarily understand that could be the case. Some people will stay with the job or stay in something that they know isn’t their true highest expression, but they’re afraid that if they leave that or give it up or start searching or seeking, they’ll never find that thing. You’re one of those examples of somebody who did.

I didn’t know that I would find it either, but let me talk about purpose. This was a doing purpose. I was already pretty clear about being a purpose. In my view, the purpose of human life is to not doing anything necessarily, but to be fully present in it and to recognize by our own experience what an incredible gift it is for dust and water to have the human experience. I was already doing that. That hit me when I was 30 and I started doing a practice that I’ve been doing for 47 years. Every day, I take some time, sitting still, shutting up, see how deeply still I can get and how long I can stay there and see what did I discover in my own experience when I do that and it gets better and better. My body’s getting older, but my experience is getting younger.

Udo, I don’t know if you remember this from our days in the Mastermind. When I was leading those training, I would share this one ritual that was important to me that came out of a similar inquiry where the one thing I wanted to do was to consciously create my life experience. To do that, I thought, “Maybe it makes sense at the beginning when I’m going to brand new day and don’t know where anything’s going to lead to, where anything’s going to go.” It’s all unknown, but this is the starting point. As my grandmother would say, “Start with your right foot, put your right foot out.” That seemed to answer that question consciously. The conscious pivot is our thoughts. There are many things and they’re not what we do for a living or business.

You can ask yourself, “How do I want to experience myself?” That process of creating a conscious answer to that question is profound. I’m sharing this with all of our readers to say, “That could be the way you begin the day to ask yourself that question.” Most people will not say, “I want to experience this day, I want to be angry. I want to be resentful. I want to spend half of my day ruminating and thinking about my grievances from the past and all the people that have hurt me.” It’s laughable. No one ever starts their day thinking, “I want to experience these other people being aggressive with me.” Without consciously saying that’s how we want to experience life, those things happen and we do spend time doing those things.

What I’ve found is that when we are conscious, when we start by saying, “This is how I want to experience,” it doesn’t rule out the possibility that you won’t get angry. It doesn’t rule out the possibility of those will be upset with you. What I have found is that if I intend to experience peace, to experience the presence of God or the presence of spirit in everything I see, in everyone I speak to, in all of my thoughts, it’s surprising how often my day tracks that exact plan. If I forget and if I’m too busy to spend that time to set the coordinates, the map, that I have a day that will spin out of control or will land me in the ditch without even not “consciously” intending it.

You took your grandmother to get out of bed on the right side.

She would say, “Leave the house on the right foot.”

You were a little kid and you took that seriously. You put your right foot out and you made sure that you were conscious it was the right foot. Wasn’t that the ritual?

PR Udo | Udo’s Choice

Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill: The Complete Guide to Fats, Oils, Cholesterol, and Human Health

That’s the ritual and it stays. When I leave the house, I will sometimes walk back into the house. I feel like I’m leaving the house unconsciously. I’ll come back in and leave with my right foot.

There were two pieces to that. One was, “I want it to feel whole. I wanted to feel present. I wanted to be fully present in all of my being.” That for me is the right foot. When I began, I would do that and I get into this beautiful place. I used to do it, when I get out of bed. I used to say, “I want to check in to see if I’m still there because if I’m not, there’s no point in getting out of bed.” I would get out of bed. I’d throw on my clothes and go and do breakfast or whatever I was doing. Within seconds, I was already back out of that place that I beautifully experienced when I was still. It occurred to me one day, “I want to drag this place out into the world with me. I don’t want to leave it behind in my bed. The moment that became clear to me, it began to be compossible too. Because I had never thought of it as a possibility, it had never happened before. For me, the second is to make that deliberate. When you’re talking about conscious pivots, that’s what I think it means. You make a shift deliberately and then it comes from insight. If I have no insights, I don’t think I’d make any shifts.

When we speak of pivots, we often are talking about new rituals. The reason we call them rituals is because it’s a conscious thing versus something you do like you brush your teeth without thinking about it.

You can take rituals and make them unconscious too. Then it’s like, “What the hell am I doing this for?”

You were like a robot. Many of us operate in a robotic way.

The point is being conscious.

I want to go to something else, which is in the country and the world. No place on the planet isn’t dealing with this new pandemic, the coronavirus. We were talking about how important it is to develop resilience. You are sharing with me about people that are healthy or consciously focused on their sturdiness, their hardiness, their wellbeing. They will fare well in the course of this thing that’s going to play out and run its course. Talk a little bit about resilience. People are in fear. There’s a lot of panics. Wall Street has panicked. People are frightened because they feel that this thing can get them almost like a monster.

We have homework to do that the human race has not done for the last 200,000 years. The homework, we didn’t get out on the right foot out of bed way back then. The monkey, got out of bed on the left foot and has been screwing it up ever since. I’ll tell it as a personal story. When you’re in your mother’s womb, I call the womb the Buddha tank. In your mother’s room, there’s nothing to do. There’s nowhere to go, you’re safe. Everything is taken care of. There’s not much to go out to because it’s a muffled environment. In that place, because there’s nothing to do, you hang out. You are floating around in this little tank while your body is being built without any conscious effort on your part. In that place, your awareness is at rest inside, in its source, in life. You’re present inside but absent outside. You don’t even know that there’s a difference between the two. That comes when you get born. When you were born, everything changes. You have to get to know the world.

The way life created us is your awareness comes out through your senses into the world of surfaces of things. You have to get to know that world because you have to survive physically in it. In that process, your awareness goes from being present inside, absent outside to being present outside, absent inside. We are disconnected from ourselves in that process. With that disconnection comes a discontent and not feeling whole. Something’s missing, an ache, a pain. We feel that pain. We call it heartache when somebody dumps us. We call it loneliness when we’re looking for somebody. We call it emptiness when we have nothing to do to distract ourselves from it. I have ten pages of different words that people call it such as yearning, striving, longing. Alfred Adler, the psychologist, is profound for a guy who said this in the ‘20s or ‘30s. He said, “The innermost striving in every human being is striving to move from a felt minus to a felt plus.” In other words, striving to feel better, for perfection and for God-likeness.

He answered it by saying, “Being socially responsible and having, taking interest in the interest of others, that’s what fulfills that longing.” I’m saying, “That’s not what fulfills that longing. What fulfills that longing is you making the time to bring your awareness back to that place where it was before you were born.” When you bring your awareness, there is your peace, your wholeness, your fulfillment, your inspiration comes from, your love lives in that place inside in you and that love is unconditional. It’s life-loving your body unconditionally. There is your model for unconditional love. When you’re able to do that, when you’re able to stay in that state while you’re putzing around doing what you need to do, then you can bring that into everything that you’re doing. You can be simultaneously present on the inside and the outside, not either one or the other.

It’s beautiful that visuals of taking it out with you. A lot of people know what it feels like to be at peace when they’re praying or meditating, or there’s some bit of stillness they’ve got. What happens, in my experience, I don’t think I’m alone in this, you enter that peaceful state and then you go out in the world. Hours later, someone’s beeping a horn at you at the light because you didn’t hit your gas quickly enough and you’re already got cortisol pumping up. I’m an old New Yorker. I live in Southern California, but as soon as that horn gets up, I’m ready to do battle. We have this building consciousness or building presence. The next moment we wreck it, building and wrecking it. If you could imagine, going to a job site, spend an entire day building something beautiful and then that evening take a wrecking ball to it and then have to start over again the next day.

We have to do enough of that. We become more interested in staying in our presence than to become the victim of somebody honking their horn behind us. My question would be, why are you so in love with the beauty of your existence that if a bee buzzes, a car honks, somebody talks about a virus over there, you stay in your space because that’s where your fulfillment lives. That’s where everything you want. Everything is there. You have all that. Why are you letting trivialities pull you away from that? You need to deepen your practice of stillness and your commitment to living from that place.

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I am reminding our people and myself and you, Udo, there is something different. I haven’t used what you described, but you were riffing on this idea of my grandmother’s, “Leave on the right foot,” and here you are in the stillness and twenty minutes later, as if it didn’t even occur like you didn’t do it. That conscious decision to take it with you, believe with it, and to bring it with you.

To stay in it and to do and to give it expression.

Here’s the good news about these things. You guys hear it and you get to try it on for size. That’s what I’m going to do. For me, visual analogies or examples work well. I’m going to do something we call habits stacking. Udo is an example and my grandmother’s because I’ve had that embedded in a long time and see if I can get a little extra mileage out of my meditation practice.

Take that back too to the virus and the confusion about it. What I’m saying is the reason why we’re confused and why we’re all over the map is because we haven’t done our homework. It is the same homework that people didn’t do 200,000 years ago. We’re up against having to do it because we’re being threatened. We’re being threatened by extinction if we don’t make the changes. How about this? I’m alive. I love how good that feels because of it, I want to be around as long as I can. I pay attention to what I do. When I turn on the television and everybody is all over the map about who should say, what about what, and what this virus is? Why don’t I get slightly informed but without losing my connection to the beauty of my life? Then the virus starts to look different. It’s about 30 times more lethal than the flu. Its infectivity is a little less than the flu. That’s a good thing.

We’ve heard enough about them finding that it affects older people more. I’m 77, I should be freaking out, but it affects 77-year-old people or old people if they have pre-consistent conditions like cardio, diabetes, kidney problems, immune issues, lung issues, and cancer. At 77, I don’t have any of those because I like being here. I pay attention to it. I do certain helpful things, for instance. Probably the single most effective thing you can do if you get the virus, that’s also true for flu and I do it, and I hardly ever get one, is that you take digestive enzymes, you open them up in your mouth. There have to be enzymes that have protease in which digest protein. The enzyme in your mouth, when these viruses come out of your cells, digest the protein coat of the virus and put that virus out of commission.

You’re not getting told that on Fox or CNN because they haven’t been paying attention. You’re getting it for me because I have been paying attention for a while. This is not my quick cure for the virus. These enzymes do aside from putting viruses out of commission so your immune system doesn’t have to deal with them. They also help digestion. When digestion is in good shape, your immune system does not have to get involved in it. When you’re not eating raw foods that have enzymes in them or you’re not taking enzymes to replace the ones you’ve destroyed when you cook the food, then your immune system has to get involved digestion. That makes it less capable of doing all its other jobs. The enzymes do two things. One is they knock off viruses and the second one is they take a load off your system and make your immune system stronger.

It’s pretty tangible and everybody can do.

It beats complaining and worrying about the virus.

We’re talking about for people that don’t know, when you say digestive enzymes, you mean probiotics?

No, digestive enzymes come in capsules.

This is going to be on YouTube. People that are reading going, “I can’t see it anyway,” so maybe describe it.

It comes in a little glass bottle.

This is something that you find in the store, digestive enzymes.

It has a label on it. It has a floral label on it. Their digestive enzymes, you want to get the ones that have the most protease in them. Bromelain is a protease, but there are also many other different proteases from other places. You take the cap, take out a capsule or two. I always used two. Open it up. It’s got powder inside it. You dump it in your mouth and then you swish it around your mouth.

What’s the reason for doing that as opposed to swallowing the capsule?

The snot is here. The bugs are in your throat. If you swallow the capsule, they end up in your stomach and they help with digestion, but up here, they’re taking protein coats off the viruses and putting them out of commission before they even get into your cells. You want to start there. If you ate raw foods, the enzymes that help with digestion in the raw foods, they’re working the moment you chew them up. Digestion starts in your mouth. Your salivary gland doesn’t make a lot of proteases. They mainly make starch digestive enzymes. You put those and you’ve made the food raw. The proteases digest the viruses. You’re putting as many viruses as you can out of commission before they even get into your cells. The more you put out of condition, there are fewer they are to hurt you. That’s smart. That’s number one. The second is I have a machine that makes water. It’s called the Kangen machine. The Kangen machine, if you get the high-end machines, they make acid water. That’s pH at 2.5.

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I was going to ask you about the importance of pH.

The pH 2.5 is quite acidic. What I do with that is I get the acidic water and I have a little spray bottle. I spray the back of my throat with that acid water. The place where when you swallow it hurts when you get a cold.

Isn’t that the pH level they used for cleaning things?

A pH level is a sterilant. It kills bacteria, viruses, and fungus. You can use it for cleaning your countertop. You can use it for cleaning your hands when you get the virus. I spray it on my face too. If the virus lands on my face, it gets pH 2.5. As I sprayed the back of my throat, I’ll put a little in my mouth and swish it around. You have to be careful because it will dissolve your teeth if you do it a lot. The biggest thing I do is I spray it up my nose and then I suck it up. Leave it in there. You can feel it. It burns a little bit and then I blow my nose. It is killing all the snot bugs in the snot. That’s a graphic description, but I’m trying to tell you what I’m doing. That’s the second thing I do because they kill viruses. The acid kills viruses. There’s a limit to enzymes. If your tongue starts to tingle, you need to back off a little because enzymes will also digest your tongue.

These two capsules, is this a once a day thing? Is it less frequent than that?

I do it whenever I feel like. When it’s serious, I’ll do it maybe three times a day. You can do it more, but you have to back off if your tongue starts to tingle because enzymes will digest whatever protein they come and touch with. The more snot you have and the more congested you are, the more of them you can take before your tongue tingles, which is also interesting. I snort the water back, then I blow my nose. I’ll do those two, one after the other.

It is like a neti pot.

Yes, except I’m using acid water because if you’re putting water in the neti pot, you’re cleaning out the stuff, but you’re not killing the viruses.

I don’t know if I’ve done this right, but when I’ve done that, I’ve used baking soda or hydrogen peroxide and in the neti pot.

Those would work too.

That’s the second. Do you have a third that you do?

The third thing is no sugar and limit starches because when you take a teaspoon of sugar, you knock down your immune system to up to 5 to 8hours. Why would you want to do that when you’re trying to fight a virus that you’re afraid of?

Is it the same with dairy? Dairy is inflammatory for me anyway.

Dairy has some sugar in it. The dairy produces phlegm and it is great stuff for the critters. It’s a good idea, but sugar is the worst thing. Eat green foods still that are coming out of your ears. Some people use zinc. If you’re deficient in zinc, then that compromises immune function. I think fifteen milligrams is the recommended dosage. You can go off of zinc. You can go up to 50 or 60 milligrams. That will help you in situations like this. You don’t want to go over 100 because if you can’t take too much zinc, then it becomes immune decreasing instead of immune-enhancing. Vitamin C is also commonly used. You can gargle with salt water.

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Do you love apple cider vinegar? Are you a fan of?

I’m a fan of it, but not for the virus. You can swish your mouth with vitamin C as well. Magnesium is involved in every energy reaction in the body. The more energy you have, the more all of your cells can do their jobs. Omega-3 for the same reason, but they need to be made with health in mind. I’m not talking about a pill of fish oil. I’m talking about Omega-3. I take about a tablespoon per pound of body weight per day. That’s not specific to the virus, that’s specific to increasing the body’s ability to energize the cells. We’ve measured a 40% to 60% increase in stamina in athletes when they take a tablespoon per 50 pounds of body weight per day mixed in foods and intake spread out of the day, Omega-3 and 6 Udo’s Oils is what we did the studies on.

These are oils not in capsules.

It’s not because you need fourteen capsules to get a tablespoon. If you need 2 to 4 tablespoons, you’re talking about a lot of capsules. It is three times more expensive and the gelatin is not helpful. Never fry with oil like that because it is better for you when it’s fresh. The worse it becomes when you fry it because you’re damaging the oil and it will then damage your health. Probiotics are not specific to the virus, but specific to your immune system. They govern what goes on in your digestive tract with other critters. There are a lot of unfriendly critters in our digestive tract. They have to be balanced or they have to be kept in check with good critters.

Don’t take antibiotics because it kills both good and bad bacteria and has no effect on helping kill viruses. They’re completely ineffective against viruses. They are counterproductive because they mess up your microbiome in your inner digestive tract. More plant-based, less animal-based is good. The research is clear that if you want the longest life and the best health, you do it on whole food. We’re not talking about sugar and margarine, we’re talking whole foods, plant-based plus vitamin B12 if you’re going to make it completely plant-based. Cut down on the things that are harder on the body.

It makes it easier to break them down.

I’ll tell you a little story. I had a friend I worked with and he had a sore on a bone, on his wrist. He showed it to me and he said, “I’ve had this and it won’t heal. What do you think that is?” I said, “I don’t know.” I noticed that every day when we had dinner, he would drink a glass of Burgundy. I said to him, “Why don’t you see what happens if you don’t drink two weeks? No burgundy.” Two weeks later, he showed it to me. It was completely healed. He said, “How did you know it was the Burgundy?” I said, “I didn’t know, but I know that alcohol puts a load on your body.” If you take one load off of your body, then your body will have a better ability to do what needs to be done.

That happened to be true. He went back to taking his Burgundy and he eventually died of lupus where his immune system was destroying his blood cells faster than they could be replaced. My point is that anything you do and one of them is not worrying because fundamentally, your body will check out one day, is it now or is it later? You don’t know. Worrying doesn’t extend your life. It shortens it. Enjoy your life. The more you enjoy your life and the more you take things out of your life that are detrimental to it, the more likely you are to do well under any circumstances.

Udo, this has been wonderful. I want to ask you one thing about liver and kidney function because I hear that a lot. That is a vulnerable point for a lot of people. What would you say are things that people can do to fortify their liver and kidneys? You mentioned alcohol and we know that alcohol is not good for the liver.

Everything that is helpful for dealing with the virus is also helpful for liver and kidney function because it’s all made out of the same stuff.

This is prophylactic then. This is something you don’t have to necessarily wait until you’re showing some signs or symptoms of being not well to be doing some of these things.

If you want to look at all of the different ways that the body falls apart, it all comes back to mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are the places in your cells where your energy is made. You want to keep those strong. They have some requirements. Some of them I already mentioned, magnesium, and coenzyme Q10, the reduced form is helpful. Vitamin B3 is helpful. Flush-free niacin or no-flush niacin, anything that increases your body’s ability to turn food into energy and makes that energy available to yourselves will be helpful to the very hard-working organs like liver and kidneys that will deteriorate quicker because of them being hardworking.

They’re exhausted or depleted. What are some foods that are natural sources of flush-free niacin or magnesium? People can take supplements, but that’s not the best way to get these things if possible.

Green foods are sources of magnesium.

We’re talking spinach, kale, broccoli, and celery.

All of it. All the veggies that grandma said you should eat. Eating them raw is better than eating them boiled or steamed. Boiled and steamed is better than eating them fried. With fried, you’re creating toxic molecules. Every toxic molecule that gets in your body takes up a lot of energy.

We are a green drink people. We blend them all up.

For B vitamins, the best easily available source is nutritional yeast. Any of those products. You also get some grains but I’m seeing grains taken easier on it. Grains also get a lot of roundups in them. They use glyphosate to desiccate them so that they can harvest them all at the same time. Nobody’s talking about that much. You want to go organic. If you have a house in a yard, tear up your lawn and grow your garden so you know what’s on them. Then you know there are pesticides only if you put them on. I’m a big proponent of growing as much food as you can on your window sill and in your garden. We’re talking about what’s good for your health. That’s the freshest food you’re going to get because you can take it out of the garden and eat it. Your fresh vegetables from the grocery stores, maybe 2, 3, 5, 7 and 14 days old.

Live your life like it was worth it because it is, but then you have to spend the time, get your rest. If you’re stressed out and you’re not getting your rest, that’s hard on everything. Do you know you get more rest from sitting still awake for an hour than you get from an hour of sleep? When you are asleep, your mind rambles through all the crazy stuff that you have. When you are deliberately awake and focus on being present, being awake, you are consciously doing that. You have control over that. When you get good at it, it takes practice. We’re not that good at it because we don’t practice. We practice going out, but we don’t practice going in. As you get better at it, you ended up finding out do you need less sleep when you can get more stillness. If the virus is something that pivots you in taking the beauty, the magnificence of your life a little more seriously, then it’s a good thing.

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The landing that doing what I would say is a gold metal job of putting us on our two feet at the end is there to be utilized. That’s one great alchemy example that you’ve given us on how you could take something that people are upset with. That we are concerned and look at the creative opportunity in that for our living a better life overall. That could be in many ways the ripple effect if that’s what we’re seeking to take from it. Udo, I have enjoyed reuniting with you for this show. It’s a blessing and I know people are loving it. They probably want more. We’d love to get your comments as always. Please leave those at Leave a comment here or you can email us at if you have questions for Udo or myself. You can follow us as always and continue the conversation on Facebook and all the other social channels. I have enjoyed this, Udo. Thank you so much.

Thanks for doing this.

It’s a pleasure. Everybody, be resilient out there. Do something that Udo suggested. Take that opportunity to be more conscious. Experience yourself being someone that that is in love with life that you want to keep going. You’ll see that many forces of nature and miracles will come to your aid because that’s your true intention. Those four simple words of the way I start the day and I remind myself every day that I truly do love my life. I hope that’s the same for all of you. Ciao for now. Udo, thank you.


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