The Change Proof Podcast

Life isn’t always going to be what you expect… What if that was a good thing? Every single day you wake up, you face change, uncertainty, stress. Become Change Proof and easily use each one of those to your advantage. Resilience is the key and the thing Change Proof host, Adam Markel, knows best. Enjoy insightful discussions with Adam and leaders and innovators who share breakthrough guidance to fully embrace new opportunities and master today’s disruptive marketplace.

Join Adam for a much needed dose of energy, HEART and real talk. Become Change Proof!

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Episode Blogs

People And Business Are One And The Same With Mike Fromm

  At the end of the day, business is all about the people. Its success hinges on the very individuals who give their best because they feel valued and empowered. This is what Shaw Industries, one of the largest flooring...
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Hope Is A Weapon: Building Resilience In The Face Of Crisis With Tom Campbell

  Hope isn't just a feeling; it's a weapon we wield against life's challenges, forging resilience in the fires of adversity. Join us in this episode as we dive into an impactful conversation about mental health, resilience, and the power...
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Finding Resilience To Overcome Life’s Adversities With Kelly Markey

  Despite the changes we have seen in the world, being a woman of color remains challenging. Moving up the corporate ladder, for example, can feel like the odds are already stacked against you. International bestselling author Kelly Markey is...
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