The Change Proof Podcast

Life isn’t always going to be what you expect… What if that was a good thing? Every single day you wake up, you face change, uncertainty, stress. Become Change Proof and easily use each one of those to your advantage. Resilience is the key and the thing Change Proof host, Adam Markel, knows best. Enjoy insightful discussions with Adam and leaders and innovators who share breakthrough guidance to fully embrace new opportunities and master today’s disruptive marketplace.

Join Adam for a much needed dose of energy, HEART and real talk. Become Change Proof!

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Episode Blogs

The Remarkable Personal Quest To Self-Mastery With Kevin Russell – Replay

  Unlocking one's full potential through self-mastery is a transformative journey that can lead to profound rewards in life. However, it's unfortunate that we often overlook the significance of this inner exploration. It's time we change that. In this episode,...
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Naked Warrior Recovery: How CBD Transforms Lives With William Branum — Replay

  CBD is not a cure-all, but rather an essential element in supporting our body's natural ability to recover and find balance. Embracing CBD as a modality for recovery might be the key to unmasking your inner resilience and finding...
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Overcoming Fears By Rewiring Your Brain To Work For You With Dr. Rebecca Heiss – Replay

  Our behavior sometimes undermines our productivity and success. Is there a way to turn around this self-sabotaging behavior? In this episode, Dr. Rebecca Heiss, a Stress Physiologist and the author of Instinct, dives deep into the power of our...
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