Keynote Topics – Reinvention

PIVOT-Ability Provides a 360° View

A 360° view is critical to reinvention.


To pivot is to reinvent

– Adam Markel, Keynote Speaker

Disruption is the new normal. If your organization is not prepared to manage and make the most of change – or clings to the status quo because of the perceived risk, your days may be numbered: 88% of the Fortune 500 companies from 1955 are no longer in business. “We can fight change or we can embrace it.” Constant and never-ending reinvention and innovation is the key.

Our ability to reinvent and innovate – what Adam refers to as PIVOT-Ability – is critical to sustainable success and business longevity. Pivoting, or reinvention, requires the ability to consciously utilize change to its fullest potential by leveraging Adam’s principles of reinvention: 360 degree vision, resilience, self-disruption and small changes.

There’s no question that this most recent market disruption has taken its toll on our organizations. At the same time, it has presented us with opportunities to reset, re-energize our workforce, reevaluate our priorities and direction, as well as recommit to our core values and mission.  There’s never been a more perfect time to learn and leverage the power of the pivot.

Never Before Have The Principles of Pivoting Been So Important

Pivoting is a term that means a change in direction. Like how a basketball player can pivot on one foot and turn 360° around to see all the options. The ability to pivot is critical to a successful reinvention.

As a keynote speaker, Adam brings to life this and other principles from bestselling book PIVOT: The Art & Science of Reinvention.

Breaking the Status Quo

Adam references the iconic instant photography company, Polaroid, in his keynote about reinvention. When digital photography came along, they didn’t embrace it. Rather, they refused to embrace the necessary reinvention because they were attached to the status quo.  As a keynote speaker, Adam often asks audiences to brainstorm about a powerful pivot question, “What would you do in your life or company if you knew you could not fail?”

Leverage Small Changes

You can change things more easily, but not by taking drastic steps, by taking small steps. Making small changes will lead to a massive shift over time – one that is more sustainable in the long term. Consciously creating each one fo these small micro pivots, or pivots by design, will intentionally catapult your organization’s reinvention. If you don’t make those small changes yourself, someone else will make them for you, causing a pivot by disruptive.

Adam as a Reinvention Keynote Speaker

Use the P.I.V.O.T. Formula To Create A Culture Of Resilience

Through a combination of foundational principles, stories and interactive exercises, Adam Markel will help your team:

  • Embrace the law of small changes to increase productivity and operational longevity.
  • Leverage a 4-part Resilience Regeneration process to build top-down and bottom-up resilience into your organization.
  • Shift from an old paradigm success formula to one that encourages your team to reach new heights while learning from “great mistakes”.
  • Breakthrough the fear of change and challenge “status quo” results.

Without a pivot-ready culture, businesses run the risk of mediocrity creeping in, threatening an organization’s long term profits and its very survival. Our ability to reinvent and innovate – what Adam Markel refers to as “PIVOT-Ability” – is critical to business longevity. Pivoting requires vision, agility, resilience and the ability to utilize change to its fullest.

In Pivot, Markel has created a roadmap for honoring the ordinary life by finding one’s extraordinary gifts. I was inspired to more courageously embrace my own reinvention story and trust that I’m on the right track – even when it doesn’t feel that way.”

– Karen Leland, Columnist and author of The Brand Mapping Strategy

The Connection Between Reinvention & Purpose

In these tumultuous times, take advantage of the moment to reset and simply be grateful. Adapt to change and have new routines as a way of building resilience.

Adam Markel interviews Patty Aubery, the CVO for GoalFriends and President of The Canfield Training Group. Patty shares strategies on how we can control our paths, re-integrate our purpose even more, and be more resourceful when handling change. For years, Patty has been overseeing the growth of the multimillion-dollar training company around the success principles of author Jack Canfield.


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