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The Art & Science of Effective Presentations From the Heart

We’ve all heard the expression “it’s not what you say, but how you say it.” The more accurate truth is that impactful communication is a lesson in both context and content. If one or the other is missing or deficient the message can get lost and never deliver its intended impact. In this signature workshop Adam and his team share the science of accelerated learning and the art of speaking from the heart. It’s a one-two punch that delivers on its promises and leaves attendees with tangible tools to be more concise and precise in their communications and to present themselves more powerfully and purpose driven.

In this interactive workshop, your team will learn and practice the skills required to become a more dynamic and impactful speaker and leader. Whether in a group setting or one-on-one, the ability to successfully speak and enroll is one of the most critical tools to enable organizational talent and accelerate engagement. Learn Adam’s Signature approach to Closing the Gap, building rapport, enhancing quality communications, and dramatically increasing sales results.


Becoming a Resilient Leader & Redefining The Archetype of The Corporate Warrior

Stress is a major factor in organizational challenges. It affects everything from decision-making capability to employee turnover. In fact, research estimates that the corporate health and safety costs of exhaustion alone are more than $62 billion a year. The pace of disruption, competition expectations from customers and stakeholders continues to escalate. With this ever present level of stress, it’s vital that leaders develop the ability to not only perform under stress, but to in the face of it.

Thriving in business relies on developing and practicing the skill of resilience, which is the unsung hero in most of the success stories of life and business that we hear. Adam and his team teach the critical factors necessary to build higher performance capacity and resilience, so you can retain your talent, inspire your teams, create a meaningful corporate culture and orient your organization to learn and “unlearn” more quickly, which is what’s required to innovate and stay relevant in today’s rapidly evolving market.

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