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Adam doesn’t just like his job as a construction industry motivational speaker, he loves the AEC industry!

Adam Markel, a former real estate attorney, longtime real estate investor and leading construction industry speaker has proven that resilience is critical to success in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry. By investing in the wellbeing of your employees, you empower them to be more productive and adapt smoothly to whatever challenges come their way.

Your Architectural, Engineering and construction employees operate in high-stress environments with long hours, tight deadlines and sometimes dangerous conditions. This can wear heavily on their mental health. On top of that, the dynamics of the post-catastrophe economy have put even more strain on office workers and safety teams. Emergency regulations are becoming permanent and worker-related litigation is on the rise.

If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it is that we need to go beyond management models of the past to keep up with new technology and globalization. Adapting to change isn’t always easy but it’s the only way to move forward. The game is moving fast which is why it’s more important than ever to pivot and plan for the future.

One of the best ways to energize your workers and ignite change is to book a motivational speaker for your AEC and construction organization.

A construction business motivational speaker like Adam Markel gets things moving in the AEC industry by outlining ways to replace an unhealthy “tough guy” culture with a “got your back culture” that supports effective communication. His workshops help organizations address the specific issues needed to become change-proof.

Construction Industry Event Testimonials

No matter which part of the AEC Industry your business is in,
Adam is sure to energize and empower your team and exceed your engagement goals.


Adam Markel was a fantastic inspirational speaker – there’s a reason he got a standing ovation. The engagement with our customers was amazing. Not only did he exceed our expectations on participant engagement, but his content was spot on and highly relevant to our independent contractor network. I can’t wait to have him back for our Need Driven 2024 event.

Brad M., Earth Content Products (ECP)


We were so pleased to have Adam at our corporate management meeting today and your team has been amazing to work with as well! It really resonated with our leadership how important it is for us to be resilient in our own lives, but also in the lives of the associates and the teams that we support. We can’t wait to see what our next steps are on our resiliency journey.

Nikki S., Shaw Industries


I was impressed by Adam’s matter-of-fact delivery and the helpful tools he provided to improve personal resilience. At HEAPY, we put our colleagues first, and his message of accountability and empowerment was a perfect way to highlight how we can all take small, meaningful steps to improve our health and well-being.

Mark B., Heapy Engineering


We were looking for something that was different for our A/E/C Thrive Conference – something out of the box, that would change the way people think. Adam delivered all that in spades. He gave us so many interesting things to think about. The audience loved it – they were talking, engaging and interacting with each other. We weren’t expecting that! Adam really knows how to pull people out and get them focused on the core issues. 

Peter M., PSMJ Resources


What a great talk from Adam Markel. Our 550 attendees from the jumped up with enthusiasm – they loved it! I personally got a lot of takeaways from this and we’re looking to schedule him with more groups. Great job, thanks, Adam.

Rick Church, Total Solutions Plus (Tile, Stone and Related Products)


Adam is absolutely amazing. He got us all inspired, on our feet talking and engaging. His energy level is off the charts! If you’re on the fence, get off of it and hire Adam – he’s the best.

Pamela A., Trane Contractor Program


It was so awesome!! Already great feedback… That was absolutely amazing! It was so spot on! And the feedback that I’ve been getting is all about how great it was. One person said, ‘How do we get this to every associate in Home Depot?’

Home Depot

His presentation was so well-run and well thought-out. Everything worked well and I’m getting nothing but positive feedback from our members. I wouldn’t hesitate…I wouldn’t worry about what it costs… If you’re looking for a really dynamic and engaging speaker, Adam’s your guy.


It was a no brainer for us to get Adam!  All the content you see on his website… It’s better in person! The content of the resilience model was so uplifting to me and my fellow team members. It’s just been amazing. Thank you so much Adam, we appreciate you


Thank you so much, Adam! Everyone loved your presentation – GREAT JOB!


Construction Industry Leadership: Build a More Resilient, Effective Workforce

Adam’s empowering workshops are fun and insightful. As a leading speaker of the construction industry, his methods continue to evolve but his message remains the same.

You need resilience to survive and thrive.

Resilient organizations underpin success on the well-being of their employees. This simple yet profound idea can create waves of changes in your organization. As a construction business motivational speaker, Adam’s heart-centered approach and contagious energy have helped thousands of people reinvent their lives.

Over the past 30 years, Adam has helped hundreds of companies embrace new opportunities and move forward. His construction industry leadership speaking events are filled with practical advice with lasting effects.

Your session was the highlight of our experience! People were so locked into everything you were saying and so engaged. This was truly refreshing for our marketing leaders that drive growth in AEC firms. Your wisdom and experience were evident and the lifeguard stories truly made us feel like we were “safe in your water”. Out of all of the sessions, your talk gave me the most to take back, reflect on, and utilize in an immediate way.



– Marci T., Chief Strategy Office, Society for Marketing Professionals (SMPS)

The 4-Tier Recovery Map

Failure and success often rely on day-to-day interactions. Without cohesion, your best employees end up working around each other rather than with each other. Adam’s construction industry leadership workshops kickstart collaboration through a combination of powerful stories and interactive exercises.

Before the event, we conduct a resilience assessment for each employee in order to understand unique challenges. One tool we use to get started is a 4-Tier Recovery Map, a short questionnaire addressing 4 areas of well-being: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

The 4-Tier Recovery Map was designed to help people create healthy habits that address all 4 quadrants of well-being. Each of your employees receives a personal recovery map to help manage stress, recover and build resilience.

Attendees of Adam’s resilience keynote speaker events receive a guide to small pivots that can help them consistently be at their best, a crucial factor in a vibrant company culture. It also creates a more productive workforce as people find sustainable work-life harmony.

Resilience goes beyond bouncing back. It’s the ability to thrive – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – regardless of what may be happening in your environment.

– Adam Markel

An Experienced Construction Industry Leadership Speaker to Spark Change

Leaders play a huge role in the success of their teams. Even with a clear mission and well-defined goals, your processes can fall short and cause costly mistakes.
Results-oriented leaders often hire a motivational speaker for the construction industry to bring teams together and help them continually perform their best.

Adam Markel is not just a coach or a regular speaker for construction industry corporate events, he’s a player. He helped many clients navigate the recessions of the 80s and 90s. After 18 long years, Adam decided to pivot and follow his true passion, helping people find their true passion by first learning to love their lives.

Over the past decade, he’s become a transformational teacher, best-selling author and one of the most in-demand motivational and resilience keynote speakers on the global stage, spreading his message that resilient companies bounce back from setbacks and come out even stronger.

Adam also hosts The Conscious PIVOT Podcast where he has amazing guests and in-depth, eye-opening conversations about reinvention and personal development. Adam’s book PIVOT: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life was a New York Times bestseller.

Resilience is the Key to Unlocking Sustainable Profits

Most construction companies are great at cutting costs and controlling their budgets but fall short when it comes to making productive investments into their workforce. So how exactly can you build more productive and resilient teams?

It’s all about finding ways to increase collective performance. A focus on employee well-being will considerably increase performance as a whole. But one of the most difficult challenges as a leader is nurturing consistent, high-performing teams.

A motivational speaker for construction organizations can be the spark you need to design that resilient infrastructure. Resilient workers can align their goals with their actions, inspire those around them, adapt to new technologies and reduce risk.

The chain reaction of positivity coupled with the law of small changes has proven time and time again: companies that focus on small pivots increase profits.

Resilient companies who prioritize safety and the well-being of their employees can supercharge their teams to make them more effective than ever.

Smart companies regularly host a motivational speaker for construction industry corporate events to keep team performance high.

Hire the Best Motivational Speaker for Your Construction Company

The dizzying pace of the “new normal” has taken us all by surprise. The ability to adapt and perform in the face of unexpected challenges is more important than ever in this ever-changing economy. It’s our responsibility as leaders to craft careful strategies that set people up for professional and personal success. The key to longevity and sustainable profits is a culture built on self-care, recovery and accountability.

A resilient, vibrant team supports each other, grows together and helps each other stay on track. Now is the time to pivot. Contact us today to hire Adam Markel as the motivational speaker for your next construction industry corporate event.