Amplify Your Impact with Executive Leadership Coaching

Amplify Your Impact with Executive Leadership Coaching

Through Adam’s personalized executive coaching services, high-performing leaders discover how to deepen their impact and lead their teams to reach the pinnacles of success. Adam’s engaging, thought-provoking and action-oriented approach is creating transformational change one organization at a time.

Tailored Executive Mentoring to Accelerate Your Leadership Impact

Adam Markel is an action-oriented executive business coach whose innate ability to tap into the root of any challenge and discover an ideal solution guides high-performing leaders to amplify their impact. His tailored executive coaching services are designed to cultivate confidence and improve performance for leaders at every level. Adam’s direct yet compassionate executive mentoring style shows leaders he has their best interests at heart. He applies his experience as a CEO of one of the most successful business and personal development training companies, as well as resilient keynote speaker to his executive leadership coaching program, delivering optimal results for leaders seeking growth.

His exemplary dedication to development is demonstrated through his passionate and personalized approach. Whether in a group setting or one-on-one, Adam helps executives undergo successful leadership transformation.

How Executive Leadership Coaching Transformed Businesses and Careers

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He’s helped me in so many ways, but one that stands out is that he was able to help me sharpen my messages. He also taught me communication techniques that have been useful for public speaking and beyond.

Mark Gober
Podcast Host & Bestselling Author

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We all know the admonition to “put on your mask before helping others…” and it can be a hard thing to really practice. Working with Adam has been critical in my finding a balance that works best for me while I am still growing my business. I honestly don’t think I could be where I am today if I hadn’t found Adam!

Janine Hamner Holman
Keynote Speaker

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Recharge zones, the green smoothie resulted in aha moments where I experienced a shift in my sense of well being, understanding of my projections/their reflections, and walking the middle path. These helped me to achieve the aha moment of a level emotional disposition.

Tim VanBlon
Internet Engineer

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Adam walks the walk. He's driven to succeed but does it with grace and balance. My biggest takeaway from working with Adam is realizing that I have a bigger career than I once thought. With his support, expertise, and knowledge, I have shifted how I approach the topic of being "too busy" or "stressed." I've changed the narrative that was holding me back. I now see the opportunities rather than the obstacles. I have Adam to thank for that and so much more. I am forever grateful.

April Beyer
Relationship Expert

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Rather than speaking being the only focus I was interested in, it became clear it was one part of a bigger platform I am building. The process gave me an outlet to start doing what I want to be doing and stop what I was no longer interested in and bring more attention to how I could accelerate progressing my businesses. I am much more confident in making intuitive choices after working with Adam. He does this naturally, and was a great person to help me discover a stronger voice from within. Adam helped me in so many ways, I could write a lengthy article. I navigate communication more effectively, I address issues more directly, I trust my intuition more consciously, My yes is a yes and my no is much more frequently a no. I still may have a bit of work to do on that one. Where's Adam?

Mark Hattas
CEO Rookha Group

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The first biggest take-away is that I have the utmost respect for Adam and his belief in me and validation of my work has powerfully fortified my confidence in my work, as well in who I am. But he has helped me to develop a morning routine of aligning myself with specific ways I want to experience life, which I have found get deeper ingrained each day, as well as his mentoring me on that path. This is a formula for long term success and is itself it itself perhaps Change Proof to slipping back to old ways and bad habits. But for me personally all the work we have done on who I am at the core I think is the most critical aspect of long term success and not falling prone to the subconscious dialogue of not being deserving of love and happiness that have always held me back. I feel consciously aware of my freedom each day and feel a wide open vista of possibilities in every area. I not only deserve love but now expect her to arrive any time now. I always had the drive to succeed in "career" but now I know I deserve to and long as I keep paying the price.

Kevin Grant
CEO & Author

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The confidence to let myself achieve my potential in this initiative.

Lesley Michaels
Women’s Activist

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I think the work we did around the 'monkey mind' and realizing that that voice in your head is not the higher self but a saboteur of innovation. I gained the ability to reframe situations and be able to quiet the voice of doubt in my thinking about new opportunities.

David Stanley Hewett
American Artist

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Executive Coaching Programs

Adam Markel’s results-oriented executive coaching service is the ideal resource for high-performing leaders ready to unearth their hidden strengths, enhance their communication style and discover innovative strategies for overcoming obstacles. Leveraging over two decades of professional experience and profound insight into what makes leaders successful, Adam customizes executive coaching services that meet any executive’s unique needs.

Reinvention and Embracing Change

With Adam Markel’s executive leadership coaching, you will develop strategies to become more resilient, navigate change successfully and generate growth for your organization. Adam’s individualized approach serves to best meet your specific needs as together you unearth inner traits and passions that level up your leadership style and ability to become change proof. With relevant suggestions, practical tips and insightful ideas delivered in a warm and thoughtful manner, Adam’s professional coaching guides you through transformational change, both for yourself and your organization.

Owning Your Leadership Voice and Presence

Cultivating a signature voice and presence that inspires and motivates your team is critical to becoming a truly influential leader. Adam Markel’s tailored approach to executive mentoring will amplify your voice by tapping into your ability to motivate your employees as you lead your organization to the highest levels of success.

His experience guiding executives on a journey of self-discovery allows him to offer expert advice and real-life strategies to increase your confidence and communication skills. Adam encourages you beyond your comfort zone to strengthen your leadership voice and deepen your impact.

Clarifying Your Leadership Vision

An organization’s success is dependent upon its leader having a clear vision of the direction it’s headed and what it takes to get there. The most powerful leaders recognize that it takes commitment to stay the course with goals that support their vision. They also know that expert guidance is key.

Adam Markel’s executive presence coaching helps you clearly define what success looks like for your organization and create measurable action steps to achieve it. His corporate leadership coaching program, developed out of his vast experience with high-performing leaders across an array of industries, adeptly guides you with strategies for setting priorities, characterizing success and crafting a clear actionable plan to reach your goals.

Stakeholder Focus and Support of Senior Leaders

Adam Markel’s dynamic leadership coaching program can be tailored for executives seeking to deepen relationships with stakeholders. His expertise and background as a CEO, executive business coach and resilience keynote speaker combine to create a targeted approach to professional relationship building. With Adam’s executive presence coaching, you will discover key strategies for building trust and increasing buy-in from your key stakeholders. The skills you acquire through your work with Adam will reinforce these vital relationships and ultimately accelerate your organization’s growth and lead to sustainable success.

Sales and Business Development Mastery

The foundation of any successful organization is effective leadership. When a leader is committed to growth and has clarified their vision and created actionable steps to achieve it, the organization and its employees will benefit. As you embark on a journey of self-discovery to become the best version of yourself, Adam will help you translate the knowledge you acquire into comprehensive executive leadership coaching strategies that maximize sales performance and generate growth for your organization.

When You Know Better, You Can Do Better

Adam Markel

Defining Success Through Self-Discovery: The Adam Markel Story

Adam Markel was no stranger to taking a detour or two as he navigated the winding road of life to reach his full potential and find happiness. The sage advice he offers his clients was hard-won, resulting from lessons he learned during challenges he overcame in his own career and life.

One of those detours was his successful career as a lawyer, which is now just one more area of expertise he brings to his clients as one of the world’s most renowned executive coaches and leadership keynote speakers. Despite a true love of the law, Adam’s passion for helping others discover their own journey of personal growth continued to speak to him until he eventually hung up his lawyer hat and went all in as an entrepreneur and founder and CEO of More Love Media.

With more than two decades of experience as an entrepreneur in business and leadership development, Adam’s history of delivering results for leaders and organizations around the world and across a variety of industries speaks for itself. Every client he helps foster resiliency and develop their change-proof ability provides him with even more insight into what makes leaders and organizations successful.

He delivers strategic knowledge to his clients in an engaging, warm and passionate manner, as they work closely together to define goals and create actionable steps to achieve them. Always seeking to deliver the highest quality service to each client, Adam pivots his professional coaching and development programs as needed to ensure maximum satisfaction. With Adam guiding the way, high-performing leaders are creating organizational transformation and reaching the pinnacles of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of working with an executive coach for me and my organization?

Partnering with an executive coach like Adam Markel offers a multitude of benefits. Adam’s unwavering dedication to empower executives with the tools to discover their inner resilience is evident in every facet of his executive mentoring services. His dedication to motivating leaders to achieve unprecedented levels of success by unlocking their full potential creates significant advantages for both you and your organization.

Adam’s client, Tanya Memme, an award-winning TV personality, actress, host, executive producer and TV show creator, states, “Adam has been an integral member of our team and has played an essential role in launching and growing my brand. He is excellent at negotiating contracts, as he does it with incredible insight and expertise with his background as an attorney. With his wisdom and insights, I have seen great results and growth in my business.” Another client, world-renowned artist David Stanley Hewett, shares, “Adam’s insights, experience and ability to see the things I could not, have led to eye-opening revelations that have impacted my business, health and relationships exponentially.”

Adam’s insight, unique perspective and welcoming demeanor inspire clients while keeping them on track to achieve their greatest aspirations. With Adam’s guidance, organizations develop even greater performance within their leadership team, which ultimately leads to sustainable success and long-term growth.

What is Adam's experience as an executive coach?

Adam brings to his work more than two decades of experience as an award-winning author, international keynote speaker and successful entrepreneur in business and leadership development. He has authored several books in the area of self-growth and organizational transformation, including his best-selling work, Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life, and most recently, Change Proof: Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Build Long-Term Resilience. His thought-provoking keynote speeches are world-renowned for being interactive, inspirational and engaging, leaving his audience with a profound sense of self-awareness and a greater understanding of the principles and practices of effective leadership.

Adam leverages the practical business knowledge he has gained as an entrepreneur, CEO and former lawyer to fuel his passion for helping others with their personal growth and development. Driven by this passion, he founded More Love Media in his quest to help high-performing leaders level up their leadership and grow their organizations. All the lessons Adam has learned to date, both personally and professionally, allow him to recognize what it takes for a leader to be successful. This, combined with his tailored, results-oriented approach, enables him to help leaders identify their strengths and weaknesses and offer real-life solutions and coaching that result in transformational change.

How does Adam approach executive coaching and leadership development?

Adam’s approach to leadership development coaching is incredibly thoughtful, respectful and supportive. Built upon a solid foundation of trust, he fosters a welcoming and safe environment where leaders feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas or questions. This is done through an array of tips and techniques Adam has honed throughout the years, all delivered in his welcoming, approachable and passionate style. His leadership development coaching includes individual meetings or group sessions once or twice per month, weekly feedback and continual support as leaders work through key initiatives and challenges. Adam’s dedication to helping others grow and succeed shines through in everything he does.

How does Adam measure the effectiveness of his leadership development coaching programs?

Adam is fully committed to delivering the highest quality corporate leadership coaching and ensuring his clients’ needs are exceeded at every point in the program. He validates this by tracking and evaluating key performance indicators specific to each leader or organization. Once the business mentoring relationship is established, Adam works with his client to identify goals and objectives. Together, they then establish clear, measurable action steps in each area. Defining the expectations and goals up front allows both Adam and the client to understand what success looks like for them and establish methods to track progress and measure results.

Can Adam accommodate customized executive presence coaching and development programs for our organization's specific needs?

Adam Markel prides himself on providing personalized business mentoring and development programs for high-performing leaders across a variety of industries. He recognizes that each client has unique needs, expectations and goals, and he offers a flexible, customized approach to ensure those are met.

How much does an executive coach cost?

The cost varies depending on factors such as the length and frequency of coaching sessions, the delivery method (e.g., in-person, virtual or hybrid) and the client’s individual needs and goals. Hiring an executive coach is always an immensely valuable way to develop your leadership skills and create success for yourself and your organization.

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