“It was so awesome!! Already great feedback… That was absolutely amazing! It was so spot on! And the feedback that I’ve been getting is all about how great it was. One person said, ‘How do we get this to every associate in Home Depot?’ Noodle on that….”
“Adam was a fantastic addition to our Operations Leadership Conference. Adam’s attention to detail and ability to tailor his messaging to our audience really came through in his keynote address. His energy was contagious, and our audience was eager to participate and learn from him. Overall, Adam was the right speaker at the right time and gave the group a lot to think about as we define the next chapter for the Dunkin’ Operations Team.”
“Adam, thank you!!! Really pleased with the session. My energy level took a quantum leap over the course of the session! It was great with so many inspiring messages and simple but powerful ideas that can easily be implemented.”
“This was a great virtual workshop! I loved that there was so much interest and engagement. I’ve had people tell me how much they enjoyed it and the session was much appreciated by our leaders. Thanks again for everything!”

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