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Virtual Talks & Training


Virtual Talks & Training

Virtual Talks & Training

More and more, companies are moving to virtual delivery of events and programs. There are many benefits to virtual training, but one important aspect can’t be overlooked: Research shows that 80% of virtual training information is retained after 60 days (HBR) vs. 70% of sales reps who forget the information they learn within a week of a traditional training (Gartner).

We can help you bring virtual experiences to your organization that will have an immediate AND lasting impact!

Virtual Programs We Offer:

  • All of Adam’s core keynote talks and corporate workshops
  • Weekly Leadership programs to keep managers inspired, accountable and on track
  • Add-on segments to enhance live/in-person events
  • Post-event trainings to reinforce live/in-person learning and provide continuity programming
  • Topic-based webinars

International Keynote speaker, Adam Markel, has delivered hundreds of virtual talks, webinars and trainings. Not only does he have the experience and skills to deeply impact your audience online, Adam’s speaking topics are more relevant than ever.

Adam’s talks cover resilient leadership, teamwork and creating a “got your back” culture. He’s also an expert at helping individuals and companies embrace and utilize change and disruption, the topic of his #1 WSJ Bestseller PIVOT.

Adam is an expert in translating the high-energy and experiential nature of his in-person talks to a virtual platform. His decade plus  experience in creating transformational curriculum means he knows how to structure content to motivate, inspire and increase learning for attendees. Perhaps more importantly, all of Adam’s programs provide attendees with tangible, practical tools that can be applied right away.

We’d love to collaborate with you to deliver or develop any programs to support your organizational challenges and goals.


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