For Event Planners


Adam Markel is one of the most
engaging and impactful
speakers you’ll ever see.


Co-Create An Unforgettable Event With Adam Markel.

The goal of Adam Markel and his team is to make you look like a rockstar (easily!) and make sure your event is an amazing success! We do this with:

  • Heart: Uniting your group with more love and helping them find their best.
  • Energy: Opening your meeting with the energy of a human battery and closing with an impact your attendees will never forget.

A lot goes into your events and success is measured by how much the audience enjoys, learns and remembers. You can expect high-energy, engaging interaction, lots of heart and a master team that’s with you the whole way.

Adam Markel Delivers
Impact & Wow!

Your audience will learn, grow, feel and take it all back with them. Why? Because of Adam’s dynamic delivery AND because he tailors all of his talks to the needs and goals of his clients so the messages will be relevant and resonate.

First, Adam spends time with his clients learning about the audience demographics, their pain points and challenges, the event goals and the desired attendee outcomes. He then draws upon his experience and materials to create a keynote that is calibrated for that specific audience and that will achieve the intended results and objectives.

Book Adam As Your Speaker

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