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If you're looking to create an unforgettable and impactful experience for your audience you'll definitely want to check out Adam Markel as your keynote speaker.

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Use your voice to grow your business and impact on the world. Our Heart of Enrollment Masterclass series is designed to help people discover their authentic voice and learn the tools to engage and enroll 100% of the audience, 100% of the time.

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Take one baby step in the direction of your vision. Our Kickstart Guide will guide you through powerful questions, processes and rituals to help you get into positive momentum and start moving forward.

About Our Team

Our company is committed to delivering impeccable products and experiences for our clients and students. We always come from a place of service, integrity and heart-space, so our community feels taken care of and like family.

Here at More Love Media our team values leadership that empowers, guides and facilitates incredible transformation in people's businesses and lives. We feel blessed to do what we do!

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Learn the high-performance practices that will accelerate the success of your business. Download our FREE 5-day Build A Business You Love Challenge!

...It was time for me to take the leap and commit to speaker training with Adam. Oh my gosh am I ever glad I did. Why guess when you can learn from one of the globe's masters? ...
Katerina Cozias

Media Specialist & Talk Show Host

Since working with Adam my company's exposure, clientele, and revenue has more than doubled. Working with Adam has opened doors and created game changing opportunities for me and my message to reach larger audiences...
Rodney C. Flowers

Bestselling Author & Transformational Leader

Hearing Adam Markel speak is a life changing experience. With so many voices in the realm of personal development, Adam's message stands out. His humor, heart centered caring about his audience, and his offering of real world tools...
Vivian Nesbitt

SAG/AFTRA, Nationwide Public Radio Host

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Learn The Art & Science of Reinvention

The book PIVOT provides a powerful roadmap through the three phases of reinventing any area of your business or life, and guides you through step-by-step processes, daily rituals and insightful exercises to help create clarity, build momentum and take meaningful action towards your goals.

Receive a signed copy of PIVOT, as well as our 21-Day Momentum Journal and Video Series when you purchase the book below.

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