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Adam Markel is a bestselling author, international keynote speaker and business mentor who inspires organizations discover the power of resilience.

No keynote speaker can unite a group more effectively than Adam.

Are you and your organization as resilient as you need to be?

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What If We Could All Be CHANGE PROOF?


Most people think that resilience is the ability to “bounce back” — to hunker down and simply survive the stormy seas. Yet to Adam Markel and his research team, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

What if every single person in your organization could not only “survive” change … but actually embraced it to find innovative and creative opportunities not merely to bounce back, but to BOUNCE FORWARD? 

Accomplished business mentor, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and sought-after resilience keynote speaker, Adam Markel, has researched and developed a proven system to help you and your team become what he calls CHANGE PROOF

If each member of your team built their resilience level so they could show up and perform at their best, no matter what challenge, complexity, or change came their way, THINK ABOUT HOW POWERFUL YOUR ORGANIZATION WOULD BECOME.


Leveraging the power of uncertainty as a catalyst to build long-term growth is how Adam defines Change Proof Resilience. 

Resilient companies outperform their competitors. They are more innovative, more agile, and more healthy. And, most importantly, they are the ones that thrive long-term. Can you really afford not to cultivate the resilience of every team member?

A highly-tuned culture of resilience can be your most powerful competitive edge, and resilience catalyst Adam Markel is the ideal expert to show you how based on research, story and experience.

A highly-tuned culture of resilience can be your most powerful competitive edge, and resilience expert Adam Markel is the ideal guide to show you how.

About Our Team

We believe in cultivating More Love in everything we do! At More Love Media we work with individuals, entrepreneurs, executives and organizations to build work cultures of inspiration, resilience and connection. Through Keynote Speaking, C-Suite Mentoring, Pivot Coaching, Corporate Training and TEDx Workshops, we help our clients develop resilient leaders and build change-proof cultures that are able to embrace innovation and elevate their performance.

Engaging, Compelling & Energetic Keynote Speaking

Adam’s mission is to provide individuals and organizations with the tools to become and leverage the power of resilience to build long-term success.

His talks provide actionable insights on the relationship between Resilience and Performance, Work-Life Balance and the role of Stress Management in improving Mental Health, Employee Engagement, Productivity and even Happiness.

His in-person and virtual keynote speaking events create a cultural and environmental context for effective Leadership in the face of pandemic change.

Adam’s message really resonated, so much so that it set the tone for the rest of the week, becoming a theme of every presentation and the hallway chatter. It was exactly what we needed at this moment. People were so excited after the event and even told us that this was the best meeting! The takeaways had real impact and, most importantly, fulfilled an important purpose of the meeting – to get buy-in on the future of our organization. You were a big part of that.

Adam was a perfect choice for our all employee meeting this year. His message of resilience couldn’t have been more relevant. His energy was engaging, his passion palpable, and his message gave our team members the boost they needed to move through the balance of the year positively and confidently.”

Adam’s talk about leadership & resilience provided a great foundation for the conference, inspiring attendees to engage in an interactive learning experience. His high energy presentation was insightful, relevant and reinforced our key goals.

Adam did an incredible job! He got the audience talking, connecting and really energized. He inspired us to think about the things we need as health care workers (providers, suppliers and staff alike) to perform at our best. Adam was really fantastic… an amazing job. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Adam is the foremost keynote speaker on how resilience will catapult your team’s performance and build a change-proof culture.

Begin Your Change Proof Journey

We created this podcast to help you become Change Proof – able to utilize change, uncertainty and stress to thrive, personally and professionally. You’ll hear real discussions about the strategies, mindset and habits it takes to go from where you’re at now to where you want to go.


Learn The Art & Science of Reinvention

The book PIVOT provides a powerful roadmap for the 3 phases of business and life reinvention. It guides you through a step-by-step processes, daily rituals and insightful exercises to create clarity, build momentum and resilience, and develop leadership skills to achieve your most important goals.