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 Your team has within them the potential

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 this potential for flawless performance.

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Corporate Motivational Speaker for Building Resilient Teams

Adam Markel is a world-renowned motivational speaker for corporate events with a uniquely powerful approach for driving team performance. His high-energy, love-centric approach combines practical strategies with empathy and accelerated learning techniques to break down simple, everyday habits that lead to lasting changes.

Today’s leaders must create sustainable environments to ensure success in the midst of rapid change. The only way to ensure long-term growth and move forward is to become change-proof by building resilience.

In his highly interactive keynote, The Way Forward, Adam Markel shares a wealth of practical wisdom that goes way beyond just motivation. Adam’s powerful delivery methods shed light on how a series of small but meaningful PIVOTS can reset, re-energize, and re-engage our workforce.

Powerful Motivational Speaker for Corporate Events

Adam illustrates the power of resilience with the insight he’s gained from the many wonderful people and companies with whom he’s worked. The result is a blueprint for forward-thinking business leaders and managers that will help them create higher performing and fast-moving cultures, teams, and companies.

Fundamentals of Adam’s Corporate Keynote Speeches:

  • Bounce Forward : Resilience enables you to bounce forward from setbacks and end up even stronger.
  • Change Proof : Helps you adapt to changes and utilize uncertainty to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Got Your Back Culture : Create a culture of respect and camaraderie within your organization.
  • Happiness : Helping people find their passion and take joy in their work is a win-win situation for everyone.
  • Work-Life Balance : When we are misaligned, it’s that much more of a challenge to be at our best.
  • Stress Management : When things change quickly, it’s incredibly important to have rituals in place that allow you to manage stress and avoid burnout.

Adam is the foremost keynote speaker on how resilience will catapult your team’s performance and build a change-proof culture.

Adam Markel: CEO, Business Mentor, and Corporate Speaker

Adam Markel, highly sought-after speaker for corporate events, business mentor, and transformational teacher, has devoted his life to helping people achieve their goals and reach new levels of success. As a celebrity speaker for corporate events, he’s shared the stage with Michael J. Fox, Tony Robbins, Steadman Graham, and many others.

Adam is also the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, PIVOT: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life, host of The Conscious PIVOT Podcast, and successful CEO who has overseen more than $100 million in yearly sales, Adam gives forward-thinking leaders and managers all over the world the tools they need to create a high performance, change proof company culture.

As a celebrity speaker for corporate events, his transformational teaching methods combine practical business tactics and effective strategies to empower individuals through guidance, super learning, and step-by-step blueprints on cultivating resilience.

Adam Markel Inspires, Engages, and Empowers Innovative Teams

Adam Markel’s corporate keynote speaker events allow attendees to work with someone that Huffington Post hails as one of the top business speakers to see. His distinctive style illustrates life lessons through masterful storytelling, interactive exercises, and specific explanations on effective ways to grow your sales and lead from the heart.

Because every crowd is different, Adam structures his presentations in ways that resonate with the audience to give them an overwhelmingly positive experience. With sincerity, poise, and good humor, Adam challenges people to rethink conventional wisdom with unforgettable anecdotes and innovative techniques for self-development.

His empathetic approach effectively unites people around a common goal through love and understanding. Adam’s contagious energy is perhaps why people consider him to be one of the best corporate speakers of his generation. From the moment the meeting begins to long after it’s over, the audience will be buzzing with excitement.

Adam’s eye-opening message has helped inspire millions of people to follow their hearts, find their passion, and quickly take action. If you can master his simple yet profound personal and professional development methods, you can build unstoppable resilience.

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Charging-Up Workforces Around the World

All programs are delivered live via Zoom for easy accessibility and we have a range of options available to accommodate any specific needs your team may have.

These days, more and more companies are holding virtual events with corporate wellness speakers. One of the biggest advantages of virtual events is retention. Research shows that 80% of those who attended virtual training sessions still retained the information 60 days after the event (HBR), compared to 70% of sales reps who retained the information for less than a week after the event (Gartner).

With over a decade of experience facilitating live online events, Adam Markel is used to the dynamics of virtual speaking. Although the art of remote speaking is much different than in-person, his high-energy and high-impact message translates well online.

Virtual Corporate Wellness Speaking Event Options

  • All of Adam’s core keynote topics and corporate workshops.
  • Weekly corporate leadership speaker programs to help managers provide effective support and encouragement for their teams.
  • Add-ons to supplement live in-person events.
  • Post-event trainings to reinforce live/in-person learning and provide continuity programming
  • Topic-based webinars.

Who Will Benefit From Adam Markel’s Message?

Adam’s experience working with organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small business owners, gives him unique insight into transformational leadership. This perspective has helped him discover proven, practical steps to succeed at work and beyond.

Adam is known as “The Resilience Guy.” The beauty of resilience is that it empowers individuals to be at their best, which in turn strengthens your organization from the inside out.

Impact You Can Expect from Adam’s Corporate Speaker Events

For individuals

This event empowers people to break out of cycles that keep them from being at their best and successfully managing stress. This creates a domino effect in your organization as positive energy spreads.

For organizations

Adam builds innovative, high-performance teams that are better able to perform under pressure and operate more effectively. Leaders will also learn how to apply the principles of resilience on a daily basis for sustainable and consistent team growth.

We Are Honored To Collaborate With So Many Heart-Centered Companies and Individuals

Book Adam Today as Your Next Corporate Leadership Speaker

Adam shares his loving, inspiring message to help leaders make a difference in their organization and the lives of their team. His powerful solutions break chains that are preventing development and build bridges that connect people to their capacity for growth.

This is easier said than done, which is why Adam is known as one of the best corporate speakers in the game. He will guide your team toward establishing daily resilience building habits that will pay dividends in increased company performance for years to come.

If you are ready to supercharge your team and strengthen their ability to effortlessly overcome any challenges in their way, consider booking Adam Markel as your next corporate motivational speaker.