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The Conscious PIVOT Podcast

From entrepreneurship and leadership – to purpose and spirituality – the Conscious PIVOT Podcast is the place for powerful insights, interviews, stories, tools, and actionable advice from people who have successfully reinvented some area of their business and personal life. Gain greater insights to navigate your own pivot, learn how to fully embrace new opportunities, increase your performance, master the art and science of innovation and resilience, and love your life!
Join Adam for a much needed dose of energy, HEART and real talk. Let your pivot begin!

Episode Blogs

PR 115 | Pivoting
  Often, the most significant pivots that happen in our lives are the ones that lead us to our highest calling. Brandee Powell, a conscious thought leader, speaker, medicine woman, and the co-creator of Rythmia Life Advancement Center, shares the journey of her major pivot that led to her destiny. According to Brandee, our idea of destiny can often be much different than what is actually happening. She also shares her belief that there are
PR David | Play For Real
  The game of life is continuously changing. It can sometimes be a struggle to deal with it and “play it for real”, as David Wood calls it. David is an international life coach, former Consulting Actuary to Fortune 100 companies and CEO of Play For Real. In this episode he defines playing life for real by being transparent and embracing all of what makes up our lives, including our struggles, our frustrations and even
PR 117 | In Search Of Happiness
  People often think that our identity is something that we are born with. However, identity changes from time to time, especially when we are looking for our purpose in life. Michelle Villalobos, a speaker and the founder of the Superstar Activator, takes us back into the time she was searching for happiness and meaning, and felt that something was gravely missing in her life. Going through one major pivot to another – from bad
PR Assaraf | Innercise
  Your ability to achieve your goals with a lot less stress is possible once you get your brain in coherence and harmony.  John Assaraf knows how best to do this!  John is one of the leading behavioral mindset experts, a serial entrepreneur, a brain researcher, the CEO of NeuroGym, and a bestselling author. In this episode, John talks about his latest book INNERCISE: The New Science to Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power. John separates
PR Rythmia | Rythmia
  We all desire things like healing, creating a life that we love and reaching our highest potential. In this episode, Adam talks about his personal journey at Rythmia Life Advancement Center, an all-inclusive medically licensed luxury resort and retreat center in Costa Rica. Rythmia aims to help their guests achieve “their miracle”. Fusing ancient wisdom and modern techniques, their program includes Ayahuasca ceremonies, yoga, metaphysical classes, hydrocolonic cleanses, transformational breathwork, massage, and farm-to-table organic
PR Barb | Resilience In Leadership
  Pivoting from one profession to another can be life-changing. Barb Stuhlemmer, the CEO of BLITZ Business Success and an international speaker and author, shows us how changing one’s path can be handled with ease. It takes resilience in leadership between oneself and others. Barb is a business owner, an author of hundreds of articles and books, a speaker on entrepreneurship and a college professor. She talks about her road to becoming a resilient leader
PR James | Life Experiences
  Welcoming new life experiences will increase the depth of one’s knowledge because there’s a lesson in every risk that we choose to take. This is the core belief of Dr. James Kelley, author of The Crucible’s Gift: 5 Lessons from Authentic Leaders and the host of the Executives After Hours Podcast. In this episode, Dr. Kelley dives into the value of curating a life of experiences. He also walks us through the quest for
PR 114 | Aligning Heart And Soul
Many of us find ourselves stuck right where we are because we fear change. Often, even though our heart wants us to become more and do more, our mind tell us that where we are is just enough. Aligning the mind and heart to help you take that step towards achieving your greatest dream or vision is Jennifer Urezzio’s lifework. Jennifer is the founder of Soul Language and a master intuitive who uses her intuitive
PR 111 | Energetic NLP
  We all acquire a certain programming as we grow up. This programming creates a box from which we live and which often limits us from doing something in our lives. It also keeps us from recognizing our power. Art Giser is a gifted healer and intuitive, as well as the creator of Energetic NLP. Art’s mission is to empower us to break free from this box and reprogram ourselves to create better results in