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The Change Proof Podcast

Life isn’t always going to be what you expect… What if that was a good thing? Every single day you wake up, you face change, uncertainty, stress. Become Change Proof and easily use each one of those to your advantage. Resilience is the key and the thing Change Proof host, Adam Markel, knows best. Enjoy insightful discussions with Adam and leaders and innovators who share breakthrough guidance to fully embrace new opportunities and master today’s disruptive marketplace.

Join Adam for a much needed dose of energy, HEART and real talk. Become Change Proof!

Episode Blogs

Creating A Life And Business You Love Through Self-Care And Success Habits With Tiffany Peterson

  Speaker, Coach, and Top Show Podcaster, Tiffany Peterson is passionate about helping others live with intention while implementing essential success habits to create a thriving life and business. How can you create the life and business you want without sacrificing yourself too much? Listen to your host Adam Markel as he talks with Tiffany about nourishing your body, mind, and spirit so you can fully embody the success habits that would make you thrive in different areas of your...
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The Power Of Awareness: Being Mindful And Compassionate To Others With Monk Yun Rou

  It is important to cultivate an awareness that the world doesn't revolve around you. Everything is not about you but it's about others. People need to be more compassionate, humble, and frugal. It's their choice to make. Instead of choosing to waste your food, be grateful for it. Be fully aware and make good choices. Mindfulness is to be aware that you have a choice in things, so make the right decisions. Unlike animals, humans have the ability to...
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Conquering Success – The Five A’s Of Overcoming Challenges With George Bryant – Replay

  Overcoming challenges is what leads us to our successes. We often find the biggest PIVOTs at our darkest moments. It’s simply because your accomplishments do not define you. It is the work that you put into every task and the discomforts you had to overcome that make you stronger. It's the lessons you learn from every fall that makes you the person that you are. In this episode we are joined by the New York Times bestselling author of...
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Unleashing Your Superpower With Tonya Dawn Recla – Replay

  When we think of superheroes, we often think of people with extraordinary abilities, like flight or superstrength. But did you know that there are people with real-life superpowers? As the Executive Director of Super Power Experts and Creator of the Super Power Network, the number one podcast network for inspired personal development, Tonya Dawn Recla spends her day proving superpowers are real. She’s passionate about creating scalable, sustainable solutions to support rapid evolution and vibrational shifts for individuals and...
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Producing Success In Your Life With Darryll Stinson – Replay

  Producing success in your life is less about the tasks that you need to do and more about the decisions that you need to make. Moving on from an emotional pain that happened to you in the past is a decision. It's a decision to find success in the future. We all have the power to turn every loss into a lesson. No one probably knows this better than Darryll Stinson. Darryll is an author, speaker, and spiritually-directed business...
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Launch a Playlist of the Best Leadership Podcasts on Spotify

When I first heard the word “podcast,” it brought to mind an image of a happy green alien zooming around outer space in a little pod-shaped spaceship. As he dodged shooting stars and comets and whipped in circles around the moon, I caught glimpses of Earth far, far away in the distance. Obviously, real-life podcasts have nothing to do with aliens or outer space unless, of course, that’s the topic du jour. But there are some similarities. My little green...
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The Process Of Pivoting And Reinvention With Penny Zenker – Replay

  Pivoting in life is necessary. However, the process of going through those moments is often not simple. Sometimes, you have to wiggle your way out of challenges to find your new place. That is what our guest today shares. Business strategy coach and bestselling author Penny Zenker joins Adam Markel to take us across the many pivots in her life that made her who she is now. And Penny’s stories are nothing short of great lessons that range from...
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The Right Pivot To Living A Meaningful Life With Donna Steinhorn – REPLAY

  It feels different when you are helping others succeed and attain happiness. Join Donna Steinhorn in this episode as she shares the story that led to the critical pivot of her life’s purpose. Donna is an executive, mentor, life coach, co-founder of Serendipitous Events, co-founder of the non-profit Coach Initiative, and a board member of the Transformational Leadership Council. She dives deep into the importance of finding your true passion and transforming people’s lives. Show Notes: 05:03 Introduction 16:18...
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How To Develop A Fitness Strategy That Works For You With Angelo Poli – REPLAY

  When it comes to fitness, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Two people could be doing the same things and come out the other end with completely different results. Joining Adam Markel to discuss how you can develop a fitness strategy that works for you is Angelo Poli. Angelo is a transformation specialist and Founder of MetPro, the advanced methodology that analyzes an individual’s specific response to diet and activity and adjusts based on their personal needs...
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The Power Of Feng Shui And How It Can Help You Find Joy With Marie Diamond REPLAY

  In feng shui, you need to meditate and release all your karma. You also need to have a positive mindset about the world. And lastly, you need to connect with your environment. Find a place that you align with. If you hate where you sleep at night, you're going to have bad feng shui. Once you do that, you'll feel the joys of living again. Join Adam Markel as he talks to a global transformational leader and international bestselling...
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