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There is always an opportunity to either appreciate what we have … or complain about it. It all comes down to our choice – our choice to live in abundance or in lack. Christy Whitman—a two-time New York Times bestselling author, Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and a Channel for The Council—is greatly familiar with this. She lived her own struggles and later pivoted from that place of lack to that of abundance. In this episode, she joins Adam Markel to share her story and how it inspired her to write The Desire FactorChristy gives us a peek into the contents of her brand new book, sharing why desire is not the root of suffering but the birthplace of creation. We also discuss how to achieve something without becoming more miserable because of it and how this leads to us becoming more resilient.

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The Desire Factor: Living In Abundance And Attraction With Christy Whitman

I’m feeling incredibly blessed. I find that I say that a lot these days. At this moment, I’m thinking of an old Hawaiian philosophy, Huna philosophy, that says something to the effect of you, “Bless that what you want.” With everything that’s going on in the world, in my life, and the lives of many other people that are chaotic, difficult, challenging, I find that it’s important for me to stay focused on what I want to attract into my life. The greatest method I’ve got for attracting what I want is to bless the things that I want. I bless my healthy body. I bless my food. I bless the associates that I have in my business, our clients, our home, the environment, and the country that we live in. All these things are there for us to bless or to curse.

If you buy into this philosophy as I do, “What you bless will bless you back and what you curse will curse you back,” it’s pretty clear where I want to focus my attention. It’s a powerful way to lead into the amazing, beautiful, extraordinary guest that I have who is also an old friend. She is a two-time New York Times bestselling author, Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and a Channel for The Council. She is the author of a brand new book called The Desire Factor, which I am excited to be able to read myself in support of all of our community members as well. It’s great to have you with us, Christy Whitman. Welcome to the show.

Adam, I love you so much. I’m grateful to be here with you. You’re amazing. It’s true that what you bless, you get more of. What you appreciate, appreciates. I love the way you started this conversation.

I read this bio and it’s got a lot of pretty impressive things. What’s one thing that’s not in that bio that you would love for people to know about you at the outset?

I have pivoted from a person that was in a mindset of lack and limitation. Everything was a struggle. There were so much drama and so much chaos. My parents, God loves them, they still very much live that way. That’s how I was raised. That’s how I was reared. Years ago, thank God, when I was in a place of, “Why is my life not working? Why am I not happy?” I was able to find the Universal Laws. I was able to understand the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. I was able to start pivoting from that mindset to a mindset of abundance. It’s exactly what you’re talking about. There’s always an opportunity to bless or appreciate what we have. At the same moment, there’s always the ability to complain, condemn, or judge something. It’s always our choice. Doing this for years, I have created a life that I wouldn’t have even been able to dream of years ago.

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The biggest thing for me, Adam, is I still see my parents in the relationship that they have. As a child, I knew I didn’t want a relationship like that. I was spending time with my husband mornings and appreciating him and giving him so much gratitude for how he shows up in all aspects of our lives. We are hugging and kissing. Our kids are always like, “Gross.” We’ve created this beautiful environment where there’s so much love and there’s so much respect in our life and that’s what they’re seeing. That’s one of the biggest things for me. No matter what I’ve accomplished, no matter how much impact I’ve made, no matter how many people have certified, or how many books I’ve written, the fact that the kids that I’m raising with this wonderful man get to have a beautiful example of a relationship.

I didn’t know that we had that in common. There are a few important things. Number one, our parents are both still alive. I’m going to knock on wood for both of us because that is a blessing. They’re as thick as they ever were. This expression, “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” is probably a cliché for a reason. Also, I’ve seen the changes in both my parents, at least from my standpoint, for the better. I have a living example that you’re never too old to do things a little differently. Maybe not drastically different at a certain point but certainly small pivots, for sure. We have that in common as well as the fact that they were a pretty dysfunctional pair. While your parents are still together and maybe causing havoc together, my parents split after 25 years.

I used to beg my parents to split. My dad threatened to put my mom in an old person’s home. It’s still dysfunctional. I used to beg my mom, “Leave him.” I would sit there and go, “Divorce him.” Back then, she was like, “What am I going to do? How am I going to support myself?” She was stuck. Thank God, that was a big pivot for me in my life. I remember being about ten years old and going, “I am never going to get in a situation where I have to rely on someone without my freedom is in question.” I played that out in my first marriage. It was like, “I can leave if I want to.” I was always on the, “I can leave if I want.” That became, “I’m going to leave. I’ve got my own money. I can leave.” That then became almost the overdoing of defending against what I didn’t want to happen.

We do that sometimes. The pendulum is constantly swinging. We see that in many areas of our world, the pendulum has gone from one end of extreme to the other or it’s making its way in that direction. We sometimes overcompensate for that. Your mother was trapped or at least your view is maybe she was a little bit trapped. By her circumstances, you are not going to end up trapped. You are going to declare your freedom from moment one and that became self-fulfilling. I don’t know this part of your story. If I’m wildly bullshitting here, call it out. You declared that at the outset and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. You said that was marriage number one. I’m assuming that ended.

It did. I’m with Frederic, who you know. We have a beautiful relationship. I don’t have that edge anymore, like, “If you look at me wrong, I’m going to leave.” My first husband didn’t have a chance. If he said something wrong or looked at me wrong or didn’t do something, I was like, “I’m out of here.” It was that pendulum swing, “I’m not going to be trapped. No one can pin me down. I could be out of here.” It’s interesting what we create to defend against what we don’t want.

I want to track back to something else that we were both talking about too, which is the complaining or the condemning issues, that word of the judgment, which you said as well. Do you think that people are addicted to drama?

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Totally. Yes, it’s an addiction. It’s what people know. We were raised. When you think about it, whether it’s little boys with the Marvel Comics or little girls with their Cinderella stories, there’s always a victim, there’s always a hero, and there’s always a bad guy. We live that. Whether you’re looking at a novel or a Broadway play, this is what we see but it also reflects nature. In families and relationships, you have someone that plays, “Poor me. Life’s happening to me.” You have someone else that wants to help and they overdo, “Let me help you. Let me cheer you up. Let me give you money.”

The rescuer becomes the victim. They’re like, “No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get through to this person. I’ve given them so much money, now I’m broke.” There becomes a bad guy. It could be a thing, money could be a bad guy, desire can be a bad guy, the government, God. There’s always someone or something that’s the bad guy, the persecutor. That’s how we stay stuck in what I like to call the lack triangle where it’s full of drama, chaos, separation, suffering. Ask me how I know. I lived there for a long time.

You used the word desire. Are you speaking in terms of the part of the content that’s in the book, The Desire Factor? Did the word desire come up because it’s so much on your heart and your mind?

I would say both. The thing with desire is someone has a desire for something and then they feel they can attain it and then the desire almost becomes the bad guy. Money, for example, “I want more money because I would have more freedom but I can’t get it. Money sucks.” The thing that we desire, we get into drama with because we feel like no matter what we do, there are all these obstacles, there are all these blocks, I can’t seem to get to what I want. We beat ourselves up for it. We feel like, “I don’t know how to do it. Maybe I’m not meant to. Maybe God or the universe is against me.” This desire becomes a bad thing. It’s even in some of the religions. If you look at Buddhism, it says that, “Desire is the root of all suffering.” No. Desire is the birthplace of creation. When you feel that you can’t create your desire and you still want that desire, you’re going to suffer.

Especially if you’re attached to having it. It seems like part of the riddle or the paradox of it all is to be able to have desires but somehow not be attached to them. When they don’t happen or happen in your time parameters or according to your specifications, you don’t become miserable or make those around you miserable because your expectations have been unfulfilled.

That’s one of the principles I talked about in The Desire Factor. It’s interesting because there’s a step-by-step approach. There are principles that need to be applied. It’s like a padlock. If you mix up the numbers, it doesn’t open. What you’re talking about is this surrendering. A lot of people are like, “Whatever. I don’t desire anything.” They put surrender on the top where they’re like, “If it happens, it happens.” They’re not in alignment or a place of focus. It’s like going into a restaurant and saying to the waiter, “I don’t know. Give me whatever you think I’d like.” We’re meant to co-create with the divine and we get these desires. We’re meant to be putting our hands in the clay, so to speak too. It’s a give and a take like a breath, breathing in and breathing out.

When you are focused and when you’re clear on what you want and when you’re in alignment in your consciousness and you have that feeling of blessing the thing that you desire and you have the feeling of having it, it’s time to surrender. Surrender, the who, where, what, how, form. Sometimes people get myopic, “It’s got to be this form.” Yet the divine is going, “I got something over here that’s much better than that.” We’re like, “No. It’s got to be that thing.” When that thing falls away or doesn’t show up, we get frustrated and disappointed. We don’t realize that if we let go of that energy, we could open up to something so much bigger and better.

Surrender is a great word to use to describe that. It’s not easy to let go of things. As human beings, we tend to hang on it. It’s almost like we’re born to hang on to things. The way we began this conversation, I’m also pretty curious about it. In that same Huna philosophy, it says, “Anything you negate, you cannot have.” The concept that you’re describing is what you curse or condemn, you cannot have.

PR Christy | The Desire Factor

The Desire Factor

In religion, it’s hard to get past a place in the Bible that people have interpreted to mean that money is evil because there’s something that says, “Money is the root of all evil.” We know that’s also been misquoted, let’s say, because it’s the love of money, meaning the over-attachment to money or having this clinginess to having things that may be the root of evil. When we say something is evil, bad, or wrong in some way, we can’t possibly have that thing ourselves. We’re constantly saying, “No, thank you,” to that. What you said is that part of the reason we do that because we feel rejected. Did I track that correctly?

Yes. There’s a part of us that goes, “I can’t have it, so I might as well start talking badly about it. I didn’t want it anyway. That thing sucked. That wasn’t worth it anyway. It wouldn’t have been as good as I thought it would have been.” We start negating it. It’s like what you’re saying. What’s interesting is if you go back in the original scriptures, it wasn’t even the money or the love of money. It was greed. Greed is the root of all evil. Somehow, somewhere along the way, this thing that everybody agreed that we need, but long before you and I came into existence, this thing called money. It’s like a barter. It’s a medium of exchange. They decided to put in the Bible that, “It is the love of money.” Let’s mess them up. You need this thing called money to eat.

People aren’t confused enough. At the root level, let’s create more. I would love to know the origin story for this book because part of our work in the world is we train people to get on stage, deliver TED Talks, and things like that. We’re always tracking to that first domino, what we call the origin story. At some point, you’re a published author. You’ve had a lot of success with books. What’s the origin story around this book?

All of my books are channeled. I’ve been woken up at 3:00 AM or 1:05 in the morning and downloaded. Even one of my books, The Art of Having It All. I was told to keep a notebook and a pen. I even told my kids, they were 4 and 5 at that time. I’m like, “If you see me pick this up. Don’t, ‘Mommy, Mommy, me,’ give me a minute. It won’t last long.” My hand gets independent from myself. To answer your question on this one, we were on a Mediterranean cruise. I had taken my mom and dad. We gave them a nice Christmas present. We ask them, “Where in the world would you want to go?” They said, “I want to go on a Mediterranean cruise.” For Christmas several years ago, my husband, my two boys, my mom, and dad went on this incredible Mediterranean cruise.

We were in Venice and had lots of success. I had more financial abundance than I’ve ever experienced being able to donate and do amazing things. Here comes Venice. The day we’re in Venice, I had told myself years prior when my husband and I were boyfriend and girlfriend at the time, we went to Italy with my mom and dad. I went to Venice and we stayed there, which is a two-week trip and we visited different parts. I got into Venice and I’ve always loved fashion. It always lit me up ever since I was a little kid.

Here I was in this amazing experience of Versace, Dior and Chanel and Louis Vuitton, and FENDI. It went on and on. I had started my business at the time. To go into any of those stores and buy anything was not practical and it didn’t make any sense, so I made a declaration. I told my boyfriend at the time, now husband, I said, “Someday we’re going to come back here. As a symbol of my success, I’m going to go into any store and I’m going to buy a purse that I choose not because it costs them out but because I can as a token of my success.” I didn’t get in the place of, “This sucks. I don’t have any money. I can’t buy this. It’s too materialistic. This or that.” I was like, “Someday I’m coming back here.” That someday happened and we’re on this cruise ship landing in Venice. We had a beautiful day going on a gondola ride with my mom, my dad, and my boys. We had croissants and cappuccino in San Marco Square and it was amazing.

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My husband and I went shopping and I went in from store to store. I went into Dolce & Gabbana and I found this beautiful blue purse and we had this amazing lunch. It was incredible. At the end of my days and I’m in my rocking chair, that day is going to be in the reel that I look back and go, “The sun was shining, pasta, wine and I bought this beautiful purse with the love of my life.” It was an incredible day. I get back on the ship and I unwrap the purse. I’m looking at it and I was like, “This is the symbol. This was my desire factor. This is what I said.” Those words came out. I was like, “I like that.”

I’m like, “This is what I said when we were here years ago when I was starting my business. It’s the vision that I had. Someday, because I’m going to be so successful in my business and I’m going to have impacted so many people’s lives, I’m going to be able to come back at my choosing and buy whatever purse and this is the purse.” I was like, “It is the symbol of success.” I heard the voice go, “That’s so materialistic.” I went, “What?” I felt like a symbol. I’m like, “This is a symbol of success.” It’s like, “That’s so materialistic,” and the download started.

This purse was a desire that my personality had because I appreciate that. I appreciate high fashion but, the divine, who I became in the process of attaining, making that declaration, and attaining that purse, all those years of growth. The person I had to become to have that financial abundance, type of well-being, generosity, that faith and trust, and that continuous active service for the people that I’m impacting. Who I became in the process of this purse, that’s what it’s about. It’s a both/and thing. The personality gets to enjoy the purse. That’s when the book started downloading.

In that moment, when you said, “That’s so materialistic,” what was your self-awareness about that little voice that came up? I’m tracking what you’re saying that you had changed between the time you had that desire and attaining that desire. What did you interpret that all to mean, at that moment?

That’s what started downloading through me. It’s like, “Don’t judge yourself for liking what you like. We’re all created differently.” For me, what might light me up isn’t as a purse for you, it might be a trip for somebody else, it might be a new pair of golf clubs. As for someone else, it might be going on a golfing trip for someone else, it might be starting a new business or a podcast. There are so many things in our lives, it could be building a house, it could be getting your dream car, but all of these things that expand us and light us up, that is life. That’s energy flowing through us and it feels good. We’re supposed to feel good.

When I write about in The Desire Factor, it’s that little story that they tell in the Bible that there was an Adam, an Eve, there was this tree of life and there was a big juicy apple and God said, “Don’t eat the apple.” I’m going, “The God that I have come to know because it wasn’t the same God when I was a kid, there was a God in the sky that was like Santa Claus. You either do something right or wrong, and you’re going to go to heaven or hell. That condemning God was outside. I was always watching my P’s and Q’s and I figured out, I messed up, so I might as well go full in and be a bad girl because I’m screwed anyway.” That God is not who exists. I’ve come to know this loving and generous God that goes, here’s an apple, eat it.

You caught yourself judging in that moment. You were giving yourself the business and it’s so interesting. There’s a little twist in that story because you grow to the point of being able to have something and you look at what you’ve got, the symbol of that desire, being brought to fruition like a fruit. You pick it, you bite it and you go, “Ek.”

That’s what we’re trained to do. Think about it. Eve is in the Garden of Eden. She takes a bite and the story is we’re all cast out of Eden forever because of that woman.

What’s interesting because a lot of people are chasing after something for long periods of time and they’re continually chasing this carrot, often what you’re describing is you’ve got the carrot or you think you’ve got the carrot and the next thing you know you don’t. It gets moved further and the rules almost keep getting changed in that respect that takes us out of being able to feel good or feel fulfilled with what we’ve got and be grateful for what we’ve got. That feels to me, the root of a lot of suffering now. What do you think?

It’s interesting because it’s like dance too because there are desires that come from the lower part of us, the imprinted part of us. “I want to feel loved and need to prove myself. I want to be liked. I want to be like Kim Kardashian.” All these lower places where like I said, “I want to be able to be free, so I’m going to make my money and defend against myself, so I could leave if I want to.” All of these are not of the divine. These are not expensive, abundant, life-giving, and moving in the direction of who you’re becoming. These are feeding the lower personality.

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When we’re coming from feeding that more in the drama triangle, and when we’re in that lack triangle and we’re in that suffering space, all we can create is more suffering. Been there. Done that. I attained what I wanted and the thing that I attained, that I thought would be the thing that would finally fulfill me, I would get, it’s like, “That didn’t do it.” Where does the motivation come from?

Where does the motivation come from? If the motivation is coming from outside of yourself, or let’s say, social media, which is so easy to pick on these days for that purpose. You’re looking at someone else, and what they’ve got and thinking that’s what you want because they’ve got it. The root of it is either proving that you’re as good or proving something else or this comparison. It’s going to be tough even achieving those things to feel good about them. It’s not that you won’t achieve them, because I know a lot of people who are quite successful, because they constantly have to prove themselves, but they’re also consistently unhappy.

I’ve got so many stories I could share. It was funny because around the time of the presidency, I had clients that said to me, “Christy, you should run for the President of The United States.” I was like, “That is not my desire factor. That never will be. No.” I can tell you what, I know that the divine is not going to give me that desire, because I would go, “Uh oh.” It knows its audience. Marianne Williamson, sitting there in her room in New York City, gets this download, “Run for the presidency,” and she goes, “Yes.” That is life-giving to her. She didn’t become the President of the United States, but who she became in the process and the consciousness that she gave out to a lot of people that needed those shifts, and the light work that she did in that process. That’s what the divine wanted her to do. She didn’t get the end desire, but who she became in that process that’s what’s about.

It was and it was a miracle. Regardless of what the political issue or part of it is, it’s a question of the shift in consciousness. That’s one of those things from a great book she wrote years ago called A Return to Love. A miracle is a mere shift in consciousness. That’s cool. There’s an HBR article that says, “Resilience is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure.” I want to build a bridge from what we’re discussing to how it is that people can become more able to go after the things they want most in life.

It’s those desires without burning themselves out in the process because a big issue for folks not in the pandemic even though it’s been exacerbated for individuals and organizations now is to be able to not bounce back from all of this adversity but to bounce forward. That’s our book called Change Proof: Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Build Long-Term Resilience. It’s all about bouncing forward and that is much what I want to chat with you about now.

Where does the desire create exhaustion or burnout for people? More or less, how is your book sharing and creating maybe a bridge to a more resilient way to get what you want so you don’t end up as we said earlier, achieving something but then negating it? Achieving something and being unhappier or more miserable at what you gave up to get that thing. Can you have both, in other words?

Absolutely. First of all, it’s not the desire. It’s how we feel about the desire, how we perceive the desire. If we have this desire that’s been birthed, this life-giving energy that has come forth through us, no matter what it is and our mind, the first obstacle that we have towards the desires is ourselves. You can have this amazing desire, this great idea, and go, “I can’t do that. I don’t know how to do that. What will people think if I do that? That’s already been done before. I’m not good enough to do that. That’s going to take too much work.”

It’s that personal obstacle. Resilience is having that life-given energy of the desired move through you and understand that it’s not about the desire. There’s pure potentiality. If we received it, there’s the pure potential partner that’s living and breathing inside of you. That’s beating your heart. You don’t have to do that. It’s breathing you without you having to do it. It’s growing your nails and your hair. Some of us.

Those of you who’ve never seen me, I am.

He’s got a beautiful bald head.

I am optimally quaffed.

What did Wayne Dyer say? He would always say he’s a solar panel for sex.

PR Christy | The Desire Factor

The Desire Factor: There’s always an opportunity to bless or appreciate what we have. At the same moment, there’s always the ability to complain, condemn, or judge something. It’s always our choice.


I never heard that.

When we are negating and we’re being pulled into our imprints, into those places where we are in lack, our consciousness is in lack, we’re going to suffer. The whole point of the desire is to make us aware of where is that pull because if there is a pull, there’s split energy on, “I want this, but I can’t have it.” It is the opportunity to become something more. It’s an opportunity to grow in your consciousness and move into lack and limitation, into pure potentiality. That’s what it’s about. What the divine wants us to do is be greater than we even know ourselves to be.

That resilience is coming into a place of, “If you need help, there are amazing coaches in the world like Adam and myself.” People that can help you pivot off. Read a good book. The Desire Factor shows you how to pivot from that, how to be more resilient towards your desires, and be able to let go of that voice that tells, “You can’t have it or you can’t do it or you don’t know how to do it.” Understand what is your role in the co-creative process when you’re partnering with the breath that’s breathing you.

I’d love to get a sense of how you practice what you preach. Meaning, your own practices or rituals for resilience. Let’s start with, do you have a particular way that you even define that word? I find that when I ask people what the meaning of resilience is for them, it’s interesting. The idea that there’s a definition for it and everybody defines it differently. I’d love to get your definition of it, and then I want to track into what do you do to practice it?

For me, resilience is all about moving forward despite what’s trying to pull me back and to be able to release what’s pulling me back, release what’s trying to anchor me to the past or to limitations, and know that I’m bigger than the obstacle. I’m bigger than what’s holding me back, and then be able to move into the energy of that, and then move forward. Resilience for me is knowing that I’m bigger than any obstacle or problem, any imprint, and any block, and to be able to continue to move forward in that.

We all have stuff that holds us back from time to time. It’s just the question of what degree do we go, “Thanks for sharing.” Do we get mired in it? When you think about it and the second question you asked me is, “What do I do?” It’s all about energy. We know this now from quantum physics and modern science that everything is energy, including ourselves. We look physical, but we are energy and we are always generating energy.

When we even think about something that we’ve attracted, there’s something inside of us that has attracted this situation, circumstance, or whatever it is. It’s because it’s inside of us in our consciousness, we can release it. The same is true though, is that we’re having this mind pattern or we’re saying the same things or we’re feeling a certain way, but that’s all energy and it’s all imprinted and becoming an energy master.

Understanding what words you’re saying, what thoughts are thinking, what perspectives you’re holding, what emotions are either processing or not, and then what actions you’re taking, those are the things that will determine what we continue to attract. I’ll give a perfect example. Full circle back to my parents again, they are getting up in age. They live in a townhome that’s upstairs and downstairs, and we’ve been talking to them about, “What do you guys want to do in the next phase of your life?”

They don’t want to go into an old retirement home. They don’t want to go into an apartment. I had this desire and idea one day, “What if we got a house and had a guest house?” Consider something that they can live on the property separate from us. They can still have their kitchen and cook and do their laundry. They’re self-contained, but they’re there and we can help them. I told that to my mom and dad and they were like, “We’d love it.” Here we go. The Desire Factor has been born.

The first obstacle that we have towards our desires is ourselves. Share on X

We’re going to sell their house and we’re going to sell our house. We’re going to get a beautiful home. We started to put their house on the market and we found a great house. My girlfriend was my real estate agent. She found this house for us and had a casita. There had been no offers in this hot market. No offers on this house. We go there and we’re like, “Let’s do it.” I tell my girlfriend, “Let’s make an offer.”

She is sitting there with my husband crafting an offer. This house had been on the market for months and no offers, not one. All of a sudden, while they’re sitting and crafting an offer, the realtor calls and says, “They got a cash offer and they accepted it.” Now in my mind, I’m already living in the house. I could see where my parents have been and I can see where the boys, who would have what bedroom, and where I’m going to put my bed in this house. I was like, “Uh.”

We all can relate to what you said, by the way.

Everybody was trying to buy a house of any kind.

It’s something. All of a sudden, the world is interested in that same one thing.

I had to feel what I was feeling. I felt frustrated and disappointed. I went into my belly and I let myself feel it. There were a couple of waves of times. It wasn’t just a one-shot deal because I had gotten attached to it. I started going there. My energy was already there. I had to now have a different future connection energetically and I didn’t have anything, so it was disappointing. There’s the feeling of loneliness that can happen. It’s releasing all of that stuff, and then there came a moment. Once I released the energy, I said, “Divine, that’s partnering with me that wants more than I want for myself, I said this or something better.” I was like, “If it’s not this, I’m looking forward to seeing what the something better is.”

I got back into excitement. Through so many amazing synchronistic things, we found a property and we are building a house. We have more property and we have better views. It is explosively ten times better. Yet, if I was in that place of like, “This sucks,” and being in disappointment, anger, being frustrated, “Why can’t I have this? Why don’t things work out for me?” That’s our old programming. “Why is it so hard?” If I would stay stuck in that, what’s potentially out there that’s ten times better than the thing that we perceive that we lost is now not available to us or accessible to us because our consciousness is not there.

You’ve blinded yourself from seeing what is also available because we do that. We get a scotoma, which is the fancy word for a blind spot. We get tunnel vision about something we want. It’s interesting. I love a narrative like that because people are going to remember that point. They’ll remember your story, especially since we’ve all had situations like that. Christy, I love the fact that this is what you’re up to. is where folks can immediately go and preorder and find out more about the book. When is it officially on the shelves or due to arrive by mail and all the rest?

April 20th, 2021. It is exciting. What’s cool is that there’s $900 worth of bonuses when you buy a $15 book. The energy in this book is amazing. People will open it and there’s energy. You get three processes with The Council, who I channeled. They’re amazing. They help you release those blocks and move in the direction of your desires. In May, we start a four-week live coaching session on each of the different principles with The Council, so that’s amazing.

PR Christy | The Desire Factor

The Desire Factor: Resilience means having that life-given energy of the desired move through you and understanding that it’s not about the desire. There’s pure potentiality.


I want to thank you for everything that you shared and our friendship. The fact that we even know each other a little better today than we did yesterday is beautiful. Everybody out there, there’s so much in this episode that you can choose to focus on. Pick one thing perhaps. Maybe there’s somebody even in your life that’s been holding on to some negative energy is attached to the past. Not willing to release something or is maybe blocking some of these wonderful new things from happening because they’re standing in judgment or they’re condemning things when they could be blessing them. Even the things that are our challenges can be things that we bless, and then transform those challenges into something different.

There are many things. We just don’t know. That’s what’s so wonderful when we have that awareness even. The humility of everything we don’t yet know and all the things what we don’t know, we don’t know. Riddle keeps going. For me, the one consistent ritual for producing both my own resilience to keep going and going after what I desire is how I wake up in the morning and do the same thing every day, put my feet on the floor. Feel some gratitude at that moment. Feel that breath at that moment that’s so sacred, and then I say four words out loud, which is the subject of the TED Talk I gave and is written on my hoodie. Those four words are, “I love my life.” I’m going to ask you, Christy, do you love your life?

I’m so grateful. Yes, I love my life. I love the life that’s breathing me. I love the life that I’ve created. I love who’s in my life. I love you.

You passed the polygraph right there. I should’ve known, off the hook telling the truth right there.

I get to share with your audience one of my favorite memories and this is going to go in the reel when I’m an old lady rocking in my rocking chair. It’s when we were in Costa Rica. Do you remember this? We were in the ocean and the ocean was like bathwater. The sun was setting and the moon was rising. We were having that both/and moment, that moment of both happening. We were in such an amazing group of people. I will forever be grateful for that moment with you and Randi.

Thank you for reminding me of that epic, miraculous divine moment. Ciao, everybody. We’ll see you soon.


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