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I am once again blessed to invite a dear soul to the podcast today. I talk with Josh Trent, host of Wellness Force Radio, and a fitness industry expert that, among other things, explores consciousness and technology and the impact on humanity. Josh has incredible energy, I’m sure mostly thanks to his focus on what he calls “emotional and wellness intelligence”. Josh shares his biggest pivot story, ironically occurring 3 years ago when we met.  He shares how he grew up without the physiology or mental tools to deal with the stresses of life and how he used fitness as a catalyst for wellness. He discovered that most people use the vehicle of fitness to start letting go of weight and energy that doesn’t serve them until they ultimately realize that wellness is a continuum – or a life path.
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Resilience & Wellness Intelligence with Josh Trent

Josh shares why 95% of diet, wellness, and exercise programs don’t get the results people are looking for. We talk about the different types of stress, listening to your body, the gift of being fired, and the key questions of “How do I live life well in my heart and my mind?” and “How do I live life well in my physical body?”.  We also discuss strategies for dealing with troubling, difficult times, unhappy states, and the skills set required, including the rituals (or conscious habits) to consider. You can hear more from Josh Trent at or email him at

When I woke up, I was leaning into a little sadness. I spent the first half hour or hour of the day in that space. I got on the phone with a friend of mine who was sharing some cool stuff, some mysticism with me on that topic. He was sharing a little bit about longing and how it is that our souls long for connection and long to rejoin the connection to all that is. He said to me, “Imagine that you’re a drop of ocean water and you’re out of the ocean and you just want to rejoin the ocean. You want to rejoin source.” It might feel like a lot of things. It could feel like loneliness. It could feel like sadness. It could feel like low energy or negative thinking. It could also be longing. It’s a question and I loved it because we weren’t having a conversation. We were trying to solve my challenge in the moment. He was hearing me. For me, to be vulnerable in that way, it’s not that it’s difficult. I don’t often seize the opportunity with people to do that. I hold space for other people often who are being vulnerable. The way I maybe even view myself in the world, in the space that I’ve been doing business in since I pivoted out of practicing law, which was a very much a young warrior type activity.

I was in battle all the time. Then I went more over to the side of personal growth and human potential and transformation. It’s a whole different energy. It’s a whole different space. It’s much more yin than it is yang. To hold that space and be a positive role model, I don’t always feel comfortable in sharing with people that I had my down days, my down moments and what does it look like and all that. I shared this with a buddy and it was so cool for him to listen and to offer some insight, which was beautiful. It made a big impact on me. I thought to myself, “I’m curious about what I’m feeling.” It felt like longing. It felt like missing mother, father, missing something that was core and essential. That was a great distinction. It didn’t shift my energy right away but over the course, I’ve felt much better. It felt like I had my finger on the pulse of something important there.

It’s with that energy that I welcome all of you to this podcast. Whatever you might be doing, whether you’re walking or you’re sipping a latte, you’re running on the treadmill, you’re driving or you’re at work or wherever you’re consuming this, I want to remind you as I remind myself, and this has particularly poignant meaning for me, that this is a sacred day. This moment that we’re sharing, the breath that we’re all sharing, that we’re collectively taking in this moment is sacred and holy. If for no other reason than there are people everywhere who are taking their last breath right this second, that makes this a very important moment. I’m curious about what’s going to happen next. I hope you are curious and that you’re willing to hold space for that and for your self-growth and for your love of yourself. I feel blessed that I get to invite a dear soul to join us. Speaking of energy, he’s got great energy. Our oldest daughter, Chelsea, who I respect her opinion greatly, is dialed in. When she digs somebody, when she thinks somebody is cool, I pay close attention. This man is all that. As per usual for this podcast, I don’t introduce anybody. I ask our guests to share a little bit about what’s important or what’s miraculous in their life, what’s happening and what they feel good about.

Without further ado, Josh Trent, welcome to The Conscious PIVOT Podcast.

Adam, thank you so much for having me. This is special. When your daughter was going through a move, I was staying with a mutual friend and you met me when I was at the bottom of the barrel moment of my life where I was about to pivot. I’m super excited to come on the show.

I don’t believe in coincidence, but there’s something that happens on this show where people get real and in whatever way it feels good to get real. Sometimes people get angry and sometimes they get emotional, other emotions come up.. It’s just perfect. I’d love if you’d share a little bit about your pivot journey and where that took you and what you learned and where you’re at it in these moments. Before we get to that, if you could share about yourself, that would be sweet.

I am a podcast host. I host a show in the wellness industry. It’s called Wellness Force Radio. I host a second show in the fitness industry where we explore consciousness and technology and how technology is impacting humanity. My journey started when I was a young kid. I was born in a situation where I didn’t have the physiological or the mental tools to deal with life, deal with the stressors of life. My mom, when I was a young kid, she had manic bipolar. I always felt this dissension in my chest around not having a home base, not having a place where I just could take that deep breath that we all desire. I’ll never forget this. I was going through my life as an adolescent feeling all these feelings I didn’t want to feel. I found a powerful drug that a lot of people abuse and it’s called food. I found food and I found that food was a way for me to numb all these feelings that I didn’t want to deal with. Without the mental tools, without the dietary tools, flash forward, I’m 21 years old, I’m drinking beer at a party in those red party cups. I slammed the cup down and I had this moment where I almost feel like that was my first touch of God. I had been angry at God. I had been angry at higher intelligence for my whole life because it didn’t cure my mom’s illness, so why should I believe there’s something sacred out there? I just felt this moment where I was so frustrated, so angry at how I felt in my body and I was in a wrong relationship, I was in a career I hated, everything was wrong.

I slammed the cup down and I ran home drunk for three miles. I felt this download that said, “I don’t know what I want but I know I don’t want this.” When I got home, I flipped open the computer and I typed in like, “How do I be healthy?” The next eighteen months were trial by fire. I lost 90 pounds on a low-carb diet. I used to be 280 pounds at that time. I was butting up against this hero’s journey threshold of like, “I do not know what the hell I’m doing.” I researched. I moved to Hawaii. I sold everything I owned. I sold my truck, my clothing, my possessions and got rid of everything. By the time I got to Hawaii, I was working out at a gym there and a fitness manager came up to me and he said, “You should think about being a trainer. I’ve seen you get good results,” because I played high school football. I turned to him and I said, “What’s a trainer?” I didn’t even know what training was. That’s what sparked me on this path of using fitness as a catalyst and that’s what got me more into wellness because wellness, the integral piece of that is fitness. Most people start letting go of weight, letting go of energy that doesn’t serve them through the vehicle of fitness. By the time they get to wellness, they realize this is a life path. It’s a continuum. That’s who I am now, an aggressively curious wellness enthusiast sparked from my own journey of not having the tools that I needed.

Unpack that a little bit because if there are distinctions about wellness, feel free to share. We have some sense of what wellness looks like, although that’s different for everybody.

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Aggressiveness is more of like a voracious hunger. Maybe aggressiveness isn’t the perfect word. Aggressive, voracious, just hungry for the truth in whatever regard that looks like. Either it’s physical or emotional. My curiosity is, “How do I live life well in my physical body? How do I live life well in my heart and in my mind?” Those two categories are what our world needs absolutely the most. That is my mission, to explore that intelligence. There are many nuances of that, Adam, within this physical and this emotional, so just the voracious hunger of, “How do I find the truth in those two categories and extract only the things that really help people and uplift people?”

I’m so fascinated with everything marketing these days, not because I love marketing but because I hated marketing for so long and now I’m so aggressively curious and an enthusiast for marketing in a new paradigm. I love the combination of the words. Aggressively is not always the word you might think people want to hear, but aggressively curious. It’s not like you’re aggressively offensive. It’s that curiosity. What are the extreme parameters or what are the outer limits of curiosity? I don’t know that there is any.

Don’t you think curiosity is just a channel for the universe to help us expand? If we’re not curious, what are we doing? Why not be curious in this world?

You’re one foot in the grave if you lose your curiosity. That’s the problem for a lot of adults. Kids are curious and the curiosity is beaten out of them or berated out of them. Mediocrity is more the order of business. Step in line and follow the rules. Follow the man. Be one of the assembly lines in our world.

Because then we’re not faced with any growth edge and we don’t have to step into our power and we don’t have to feel that discomfort as we stretch. I think that’s what I’ve learned the most. I’m on this incredibly-named show, PIVOT, and I’ve had so many pivots in my life which I’m sure everyone can relate to. Each pivot has taught me this radical lesson at each moment. It’s every four to seven years I feel like I get a big pivot in my life. Some of them have been extremely profound, sadness, fear, anger and resentment. Some of them have been pivots of love where I’m just split wide open and I’m just like, “I didn’t know I could love that strong.” They’ve been equally as challenging and also beautiful at the same time.

Let’s pick any pivot.

I wanted to go to 2013 because I feel like from 2013 to 2016 was this ultimate threshold, three to four-year threshold of a massive pivot. I was done as a personal trainer. I had helped 10,000 hours of training, thousands of thousands of clients lose weight and get more energy. Then I just reached this point, and I think we all can deal with this, and David Deida calls it the layer of purpose. As we peel away one layer, sometimes we don’t exactly know what else we want to do. I found myself in that space where I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do but I didn’t want what I had in that moment. I went to the endurance sports industry and I sold technology software. I left behind my fitness career. I stopped training clients. I went away from what it was that I thought I loved for so long. Right at that time, 2013, my mom has a parathyroid condition. We had to put her into a mental ward which was just one of the most challenging things of my life because it was a six-month period where I had to take my mother, who brought me into this planet, and I had to put her in a mental ward. 2013, I’m dealing with my existential career stress about what am I going to do, what’s my presence, why am I here on this planet? Then, lightning bolt, 2013, we put her in a mental institution.

PR 29 | Resilience & Wellness Intelligence

Resilience & Wellness Intelligence: The secret sauce was to allow myself to feel my feelings that allowed me to have the success I have now.

In 2014, I started finding out that I don’t love technology sales, I don’t really love the endurance sports industry like I thought I would. Career, the bottom fell out. Relationship with mom, the bottom fell out. Physical health started to decline, setting me up for the contrast that I needed so that I could grow. I was just unsure. It was at the end of 2014 where I was like, “I hate where I’m at in my life again.” It brought me back right to when I was holding on to old weight. I got to this point where, “I’m going to start listening to my heart, listening to my body and I’m going to trust those intuitive signals that I was put on this planet to listen to.” For those two years, I was so saturated with fear and tension and being this bundled condition of nerves where I was not responding. I was reacting to life for two years. I finally got to this place where I was working at this second company I got recruited because sometimes in life you’re great at things but you don’t love it. I was like MVP of sales and I got recruited to another company. That company, a new person came in. I got the gift of being fired. In the course of a year and a half, mom was in a mental institution, I was doing a career that I hated and then getting fired from the career that I hated and just wondering like, “What the hell am I going to do now?” That was the moment where I went to an emotional intelligence training. I’m talking like yelling, screaming, crying which obviously you’re no stranger to. You’ve led millions of people in this.

In this epoch of my transition, of my pivot, my mom’s health started to get better. We were able to figure out a situation for her. I started to feel this magnetic pull towards exploring what it meant to be well in my body and in my heart. That’s what led me to found Wellness Force. I started the podcast. I’ll never forget, I was driving one day with my ex girlfriend and I was like, “We have to pull over,” because I got a download in this moment. I recorded for ten minutes that I was going to launch a podcast. I was going to use wearable and wellness technology to hold people be more accountable. I was going to have this show where I could inspire people about consciousness and tech and wellness because that’s what’s most needed as technology grows. It was this beautiful transition that came from so many years of feeling pain and unsureness, being in a cave of freaking darkness and not knowing where to go.

2016 was the biggest pivot of my life and I met you in the guest room after I had broken up with my girlfriend who I was living with at that time. My mother got sick, I was going through a career transition, then breaking up with my girlfriend, having to stay in a friend’s home on the couch. A couple of nights after I met you, Adam, I went to the golf course that was overlooking our mutual friend’s, Jeremy, who was living on a golf course. I just cried for ten minutes because I was overwhelmed with life and unsure. After I cried, I felt like it was so good to just let that out. It was so good to feel the feelings I was feeling. That was the secret sauce to freaking allow myself to feel my feelings that really made the podcast grow, that allowed me to have the success I have now, giving myself the permission to feel.

If you think about that, you’ll think, “When did we lose permission? When was permission to feel taken away?” I say that in that way because there are a lot of people that that’s the biggest challenge is the way that they are suppressing their feelings, that they are either sedating them or trying to control them. It’s like the yin is the sedation and the yang, the male, is the control. Whatever drug of choice or alcohol or other activities, passive-aggressive behaviors or things like that that we all do or have done to try to sedate or control the feelings that are uncomfortable, the unintegrated things of our past. Usually they’re charged experiences, energy that’s charged with negative memories from childhood. Have you ever read Michael Brown’s, The Presence Process?

I’ve heard about The Presence Process. I would love to explore it. I love Byron Katie’s work, the Four Questions that will shift any one state radically. I would love to check out that book.

PR 29 | Resilience & Wellness Intelligence

Resilience & Wellness Intelligence: Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

Do you know those questions by memory?

I know the first one, which is the most important one. It’s, “When we’re going through a thought process that’s giving us tension and fear and scarcity, we get to ask ourselves after we take that deep breath, ‘Is it true?'” Take away the emotion. Is the thought that you’re thinking actually true? Are you a shitty speaker or is that just a lie keeping you safe? Are you ugly? Do you not have what it takes to succeed at work? Is your past experience truly the reason why you can’t move forward now? I think that is the most powerful question. She has things that she calls turnarounds and workarounds but that one question is the most profound.

My wife, Randi, the most amazing woman I know, did a live training on Facebook. She shared a question with me that a mentor of her shared with her years ago and I’ll share this question. It’s one of those turnaround questions that’s really powerful, “What’s the creative opportunity?” Often, I think when we’re in emotional states, when we feel shitty about something or we’re feeling fear or we’re feeling self-loathing or guilt or shame or what have you, it doesn’t feel like there’s anything good there. It sucks the air out of the space. It feels dark and shitty. To look at it through a creative lens, which is what she was training and teaching on was about lenses, the lens that we see things through. When you described yourself as an aggressively curious wellness enthusiast, the deal is that curiosity. Can you be curious even in the midst of pain, even in the midst of your own inner pain or turmoil? That’s a higher level tool. I’m not saying that somebody that can do that or knows that or teaches that is somehow more intelligent or more worthy or anything than anybody else because I don’t buy that shit at all. It’s a skill set that when you use that tool in those moments when you’re in the most pain, which is usually self-inflicted pain, that’s powerful and that’s a game-changer.

Curiosity is an edge of growth. Maybe what makes someone stifle or compress down their curiosity is when they’ve been curious before and they got hurt. My relationship with my father, I have done an incredible amount of work to process that and just show up for him the best I can in a place of love and not in judgment. My work even now as a 37-year-old male in this wellness industry where I’m interviewing these world-class authors about how to show up powerfully, I get to still do my work. I get to still practice with my father who doesn’t have the same kind of communications style that I do. There’s always been a longing inside of me to just connect with that trusted male energy, which so many of us who are men can relate to. You came out of their body. They brought you to this planet. That is such a special, incredible and unique gift. A lot of dads out there, they do their best, but sometimes their best isn’t enough for what the child needs. We spend our adult lives processing, growing, still coming from a place of love even if we feel the sense of being hurt. I think that translates to a lot of people having eating habits that push down that pain, having drug habits that push down that pain instead of doing the inner work. The inner work is what gets you through the outer appearance. That’s how you transition.

It’s not to diminish the quality of the food that you eat, the quality of the water, the air you breathe, all these things are super important in the sense of creating a better environment to be well in. So much of what is not integrated in our emotional body is reflected in the things that we do, the things we take into our bodies. The smoking, the drinking, the crap food or whatever it is, things of that sort are derived in the emotional so that people eat because of emotions. Is that your experience in working with folks, that there are a lot of emotions that are at the root of why they eat what they eat or exercise or don’t exercise and all that kind of thing?

You put your finger right on the pulse of I would say probably 95% of why most diet programs, most nutrition programs, most wellness programs don’t work. They don’t give people the results that they are craving because they’re creating something that’s an unprocessed energy. We’re a battery, negative and positive posts. There are so many modalities; bioenergetics, master in transformational training, some of your courses that you’ve taught. There are many ways to get this out. If we don’t get that out, that energy is almost like you’re carrying a Radio Flyer wagon with concrete behind you all day long. It’s exhausting. If your physical body is tired because of your emotional load, your body has high blood sugar. When your body has high blood sugar, it can’t burn fat. When your body can’t burn fat, then you’re going to have excessive lipid storage. It’s this cascade of negative events. When you have lipid storage in excess, you have all these other health conditions that are deleterious.

PR 29 | Resilience & Wellness Intelligence

Resilience & Wellness Intelligence: We can’t let go of the weight unless we are aware and in touch with the reason of why it’s there.


Which means you should be taking prescribed medications to solve.

That’s the Band-Aid approach. The reason that’s successful is because the ivory tower is the paradigm of pharma insurance and medical that’s existed for so long because no one wants to deal with the underlying issue. The root cause of all disease is internal stress. There’s eustress and distress. Eustress is great. Without stress, we would die. We need some stress, but that long, slow drip of toxic stress that we all feel every day at the job we hate and the relationship we hate, not dealing with the emotions from our childhood and in our lives that are just weighing us down, putting that physiological load so that we can’t show up psychologically clear. That’s the big piece. That is the one where there’s no template. There’s no plan that you can give somebody and a ten-question PDF about how they can heal their childhood. They have to walk that path on their own. Knowing is great, but how you connect the bridge between knowing and trusting and doing, that’s the big piece. Everybody wants to get all this knowledge but then what do you do because you have a bunch of certifications? You still have to walk that trustable bridge to executing it.

There’s a difference between believing and knowing. It’s interesting because when you talk about knowing, knowing is about trusting. Knowing to me is you’re being trusting of yourself or trusting in someone else or something else so that you can have confidence in it. It’s faith. Belief is a hope. It’s a strong hunch. Even a belief that’s strong that you believe that something is there is a level at which you have to assume that what you believe is true but you don’t know it to be a certainty. When you take action based on a belief, it requires courage. It has to require courage because you don’t know it to be a fact. It’s potentially something someone shared with you.

This is so powerful. You’re lighting me up because my favorite quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson and he says, “Do the thing and you’ll have the power.” You don’t have the courage first and then you get more courage. You do it even in the face of the fear. When I was on the golf course crying, I didn’t know what the hell my life was going to look like. When I met you, Adam, I was about to have the biggest pivot of my adult life. The only reason that happened is because I dealt with my shit. I literally did trainings and workshops and explored what that meant for me. I didn’t have the ultimate beacon of faith back then. I’m developing my faith. It’s a continuum for me. Without my connection to something bigger, my mission must be bigger than me. It has to be bigger than me. That’s my style. That’s my personality. If I do things for me so that I can grow and I cannot be uncomfortable and I can make it about me, that is not a sustainable growth paradigm.

This is what triggered when you were speaking that there’s a bridge between the believing and the knowing. It’s good to have a belief and then to act on that belief so that you can learn something which enables you to know something. It’s from that place of knowing that you’ve got proof, you’ve got evidence and that you can be truly confident. Not false confidence or false competence, but to have that knowing. You can’t start with knowing. It doesn’t work like that. When we talk about curiosity, life is about experiences. To be curious means you’ll gain more experience of living which will teach you more things. Therefore, you will know more things. You’re taught things that work and you’re taught things that don’t work. The things that don’t work are things that you might call mistakes or failures or hard times or things you regret or have guilt or shame about. Yet, those are some of the greatest knowings. They lead to the greatest knowings that we are willing to be with them, to really dive in and experience those things, to process them.

We’re always course-correcting. I talked about the wearable technology component. If you look at the work of Peter Diamandis and the XPRIZE and the exponential growth that we’re seeing in tech, what are these devices? These devices, at their deepest core, are essentially mirrors of mindfulness for us. How we’re sleeping, how we’re eating and how we’re moving? Once we’re correcting those habits, what’s going to pop up? How we’re thinking, feeling and acting? Once you start fixing your sleep and the way that you eat food and the quality of that food and the way that you sleep, if you dig in to giving yourself what you deserve in those three habits, the thoughts, feelings and actions that are actually driving those habits from being healthy, are the ones that are going to peek through. Then the real work begins. Most people just want to focus on diet and exercise and, “How am I sleeping? What CrossFit workout should I do?” That’s great but can we take a massive deep breath and look at the continuum of wellness? Wellness is our body, mind and spirit. It’s not a hashtag. This is real for all of us.

It’s an inside-out process. You can’t just change diet. You can’t just change your workout schedule or adopt an exercise regimen because that by itself might even cause potentially more stress. You could potentially stress yourself out even more so if you’re not integrating and doing inner work at the same time that you’re trying to make some massive change in what your diet is or what your exercise routine is.

Some people might have motivation for a wedding or a high school reunion or they want to physically, on the outside, make people see how awesome they are. Unless they’ve done the inner work, that’s only going to be a short-term result. The driver has to be joy and abundance and self-love. Temporary results can be achieved through anger. Anger is way more powerful than despair. If we’re angry and we want to lose weight so we can finally get the love we want, I fell into that trap in my twenties. That’s what led me to lose 80 pounds and gain back 60, was having the wrong motivation to let go of the weight. We can’t let go of the weight unless we are aware and in touch with the reason of why it’s there. Then we can actually let it go. If we’re not in touch, then we’ll get some short-term results but that weight is coming back with interest.

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Let’s go back to the rituals or the practices because I don’t use the word habits. When I talk rituals, I mean the master habits, the ones that we do consciously. The conscious pivots, not running on habitually how it is that we deal with change or manage change or utilize change, but what we consciously do to really be curious. What’s one or more than one new habit or new ritual that people might consider to be able to do this dance that you’re talking about?

The number one is when you get up in the morning, give yourself twenty ounces of water with lime in it and a little pinch of salt. There are a couple of things here. That’s the number one because you’re starting your day with something that’s replenishing, revitalizing and nourishing you. You lose trace minerals when you sleep, so having some high-quality sea salt, maybe some Celtic Sea Salt in there, is going to give you back the minerals. You’re dehydrated when you sleep because your body is letting go of water as you sleep. You do that and you take in the lime. The lime promotes intestinal motility. You’re going to get a bowel movement quicker than you actually will with coffee. You do those three things and I would say that’s the most powerful habit. I know on the show you talked about the power of meditation and there are millions and millions of articles online about this. Having even a five-minute meditation after you do your sea salt, your lime and your water, that’s powerful because you’re checking in. How do you start your day? You’re replenishing yourself. You’re giving yourself nourishment. You’re giving yourself hydration. You’re filling yourself up. Then you’re clearing your head so that you can create a powerful day. Those two things, I can’t think of a better way to start the day with just five to ten minutes of silence and breathing and replenishing yourself with that water, sea salt and lime. The rest of your day could be that third category of, “How do I show up mindfully in each moment,” which is a total lesson of continuum process for me. Those are my three.

This has been a joy. It’s been nothing but a blessing to be here with you, Josh. Thank you for taking the time with us. I know folks are going to love to find out more about you. Where’s the best place people can check either check out podcasts from you or anything else that you’d love to have them look at?

Thank you for giving me this space. You have such an incredible way to hold presence for people. There were moments where I just felt safe to share, so thanks for that. You can find me at If I said something that sparked you or you’re more curious about it, please write to me. It’s

Wherever you are, take a deep breath. This is good because even if you’re operating heavy machinery, it’s totally cool. You can take deep breaths doing anything and that is a blessing that we get to share together, this breath, this moment that we get to feel connected. Even though I can’t see you, we are connected. It may be that the universe is giving us this riddle of life or the way life is. It’s a bit of a riddle where we think that we’re separate when we’re not. We think that we’re apart when we’re together. We think that we’re different when we’re truly the same. I pray, I give thanks ahead of time for that wisdom being a part of my every waking moment. I’d be lying if I said that it was a part of my every waking moment, but it is certainly a part of this moment. For that, I am grateful. I also want to remind everybody that as rituals go, the one I advocate because I use it every day and I hope it’s of use to you is that you wake up tomorrow. I hope and I pray that everybody wakes up tomorrow physically, emotionally and spiritually that we raise our collective consciousness as a world by the first thoughts that we entertain when we wake tomorrow.

Waking is a blessing all by itself. Wake up. Be in gratitude in that moment for something, for anything, even for the breath that you’re taking because in that moment there are people who will be taking their last breath on this Earth. That’s a blessing to be grateful for. Stand up. If you can do that, what a blessing, what a privilege it is to just be able to be on our feet. Not everybody can do that even. However, whether you’re standing or you’re sitting, put your hands on your heart, throw your arms up in the air and declare out loud, “I love my life. I love my life. I love my life.” I love all of you. I’m very grateful to Josh Trent for being with us. This has been a beautiful session.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to our podcast, go ahead and do that. Don’t wait any longer and subscribe. Either way, if you want to check out the rest of the podcast, you can do that and you can also come and spend some time with us at Start My PIVOT Facebook group. That community is growing. You can get to it from or from Facebook directly. If you’ll join that community, it’s a closed group. You have to request access. There’s a little bit of a vetting process. It’s not a big deal. We just want to make sure that it’s a good alignment and a good fit, so you’ve got to answer a couple of questions to get in there. When you’re in there, please be an active member of the community. It’s great to watch, it’s fun to watch other people doing their stuff and all that kind of thing. We’ve all got to step up and be an active part of whatever it is we’re co-creating. Leave a comment for somebody. Show them some love and some support. If you feel brave, go ahead and share something that’s going on in your world. We love to be able to step up and be of value. Nobody gets left behind. That’s all I can promise you. Nothing else but nobody gets left behind. Lots and lots of love. Have a beautiful and a blessed day. Josh, thank you for being here with us.

It’s such a joy. Thank you.

Ciao for now.


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