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Just like Alvin Toffler believed, the new brain, the new education, the new leader of tomorrow is one that can pivot and embrace super change. Someone with the skills to learn much faster, unlearn faster, and relearn even faster. We’re in a constant “go mode” now. More than ever, the pace of life, of change, of pretty much everything is exponentially greater which creates a different environment for conducting business. Berny Dohrmann, economist, investment banker, and founder and chairman of’s #1 Must Attend Business Conference shares that it’s an environment where people are not only able to collaborate and cooperate, but they’re also acquiring new skill sets. Berny discusses this and more from his book, Super Change, including the form of disruption we’re seeing in the world today.

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Pivoting To Super Change with Berny Dohrmann

I am sitting in such a blessed space at this moment. I feel incredibly blessed to be alive and to be breathing. I also have an extra reason for feeling incredibly lucky and that is that I get to spend time with a dear friend. To be able to work and do work that I love and I put it in the we. I’m speaking about myself, but I’m also having the presumptive audacity to extend this out to a greater group of people than just myself. When we are able to do work that we love, we are blessed. When we are able to do work that we love and that has an impact on other people’s lives, that it’s not just about us then we are doubly blessed. When we are able to do work that we love that impact lives in a positive way and we get to do it with people that we love and respect. I can’t even think of anything that is more of a blessing than that. It is my deep privilege and honor to spend some time with a friend. All of you get to be a third party to this conversation, which I have no idea where it will go. There’s no controlling the two of us when we get together and where our minds and our hearts take us. I can only guarantee you one thing, that we will navigate it to shore and it’s is all about love. No matter what, it will be about heart space. No matter what, it will be about how we extend our love to other people and how the world can improve through working together, through collaboration and not through the virus of competition.

This gentleman is no stranger to that conversation. In fact, he is a pioneer in that conversation. You can tell the pioneers because they’re the ones with the arrows in their back. That’s sometimes the case. More often than the case, the pioneers are the ones that pull the arrows out of their back and they keep going forward. The gentlemen I have the privilege to speak to and introduce all of you to more importantly, because that’s a private honor for me. To be able to share this gentleman with our community and the greater community of the world is the blessing for me. His name is Berny Dohrmann. He is the Founder and Chairman of’s number one Must-Attend Business Conference. He is an economist and an investment banker having run a public global Wall Street investment banking firm prior to his work for 30 years with a company called CEO Space International. Berny is a bestselling author, a film producer, radio show host and the inventor of something called Super Teaching. A new digital way to design future classrooms for modern learners. Mr. Dohrmann’s wife September is the President and CEO of their award-winning international institution. CEO Space serves clients in 140 nations over a timeframe of three decades. Most importantly to me, he is a dear friend. Welcome to the show, Bernie. Thanks for making the time to speak with us.

To be on The Conscious PIVOT, everybody gets this to your list. Viral this, don’t just consume it. Let others be blessed. Put it on your walls. Get it out on your social. It’s too important when you got the thought leader that trains all the thought leaders to get this download up here. The time you spend in this software’s upgrade, nothing magnifies ten to one more than that. I’m looking at that who has taken the thought leaders, the corporate leaders, the giants, the people you read, the people that have broken Guinness Book Of Records, he’s been their coach. When you see the people that you look at and you say, “Here’s Tony Robbins,” who coaches him? When you can get their coaches, you’ve got two, Adam and me without trying to blow ourselves up.

If you’ve read Chicken Soup for the Soul, that broke the Guinness Book of Records. If you’re a Chicken Soup reader and you’re viraling this, who put out and contributed to the launch of that Chicken Soup, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think And Grow Rich For Women or Lisa Nichols’ No Matter What! from Les Brown to whatever you look at, The Secret, 1.5 billion and everybody in it. You go to Michael Beckwith or you go to Bob Proctor. You can go to Bob Proctor CEO Space video and see his video on us as a thought leader. You’ll see, “This was the win and the intellectual property, the coach to the coaches of the biggest in the world, biggest Fortune companies and they’re now with you giving you these secrets.” Viral this. Get it all over the place. Take out a little quick time because you bless everyone. Cooperation versus competition is reciprocity. Reciprocity is the secret to the Law of Attraction because it comes first. I want to bless you, Adam. Your work and this product, The Conscious PIVOT is so important. I thought Pivot was a revolution when it became a bestseller and we contributed to that. I got the galley proofs and looked at it I thought, “This is a breakthrough because we live in the age of the pivots.”

We live in the age of the pivot. The idea that change is going to go away soon is a foolish idea. Ram Dass says, “Make friends with change.” You have to take it to the point where you make change your best friend. Berny, you’ve written a book on that topic called Super Change. I love if you’d share a little bit about the premise of that book and where it fits into a lot of the change in the form of disruption that we are seeing now.

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If you go to Bob Proctor CEO Space Film, you’re going to see his Uncertainty film which he got from us. It’s my language, and he says it well so I’ll say it again because it’s my speech from the stage you’ve heard many times. We thought that this velocity of change that’s stressful for us was going to slow down and we’d get back to what we call normal. We thought that in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, it’s not slowing down. It’s speeding up exponentially. In the C-suite of the big corporate areas, they send people to CEO Space. It’s the fresh new management training of the century. It’s because of Super Change. You can be double Harvard, double Wharton graduate, but if you’re a brain who can as Alvin Toffler said, “The new brain, the new education, the new leader of tomorrow is the brain and super change that can pivot.” That’s a brain that can learn much faster, unlearn faster and relearn. Like the Earth is not flat and in quantum, nano and all the things we’re looking at, 5G is nothing compared to what’s coming. You have to be current in the C-Suite whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a professional practice and head of a nonprofit.

Where do you go to be current? Where’s your current investment? Conscious PIVOT wrote the book on it. You can’t get to a space like CEO Space and spend time there. Get online and you get CEO Space and The Conscious PIVOT and you get currency. How to stay current? You can’t get stressed and say, “I don’t want to keep up anymore.” You can’t do it and you won’t. That will be the nature of your pivot. Your commitment is, “I’m going to remain current in the age of super change Facebook, your LinkedIn. Put it on every wall you’ve got, it takes five minutes. How did you bless? How many people came over, got a link and saw this show or the show you picked that you like even better? Super change and you’re getting into the tools and tactics to remain current in the age of super change. We have to slow down and be more consciously observant. We have to calm down to catch up. We don’t get frantic to catch up, we calm down. Your soul has no problem with the currency, but the head can get in the way with its brainstorm. Your heart is the double doorway to the soul that gives you all the answers.

I want to reflect back on a couple of things you said because I know people that are reading this are frantically looking like, “Get my phone out. Take some notes. Write some things down.” I still use a paper and pen. I’m archaic in that respect but I love to have little stickies, notes and things.

It burns it into the subconscious. Anything you write down is dropped into a file safe that doesn’t happen in super change when you just scan. We’re all scanning emails. In a relationship, we’re bigger than a scan. You can’t scan the relationship that Adam and I have.

You said calm down to catch up. That is one of the most important things that people can hear and take notes on. Beyond listening and beyond writing it down is the act of doing something. Wherever it is that people are consuming this, we know that the great part about this is that on some level this goes on forever. It goes on for eternity, at least in my belief system we go on for eternity. This will be stored on the internet. People will be consuming this, reading this blog. Berny, I know it’s scary but for thousands of years, people will be consuming this. What you said is some of the sagest advice that I’ve ever heard. I could say that’s ever been given, but at least in my experience, that’s the truth.

We have to slow down and be observant. We have to be in a new observation. We have to be objective, not subjective. What’s coming in? Endless stuff is coming in. Make a box in your file box. This is going to change your life. Put on it “Friday Box.” Make a shoe box and put a “Friday Box” on it. All lawsuits, all stress, all threats they go in the Friday Box. You handle it 9:00 to 12:00 and the rest, your conscious mind controls the positive outcomes. You have these boxes, Now Money Now. Everything’s dragged with that, you do it at your leisure. You never react to email. You don’t open them in real time. You control how you manage the digital space or your digital space controls you. This is a Jeff Bezos technology. This is an Amazon technology. This is the best in the world, a trillion-dollar company. Now Money, that’s going to make money in the next week or two. I’ll open that and then I’m working on it. Next is Next Money Next, that’s going to make money in 60 days, 90 days or 180 days.

PR 82 | Super Change

Super Change: Your soul has no problem with the currency, but the head can get in the way with its brainstorm.


Last Money Last. That’s the emails and the things that I’m going to open, but they’re not going to make money for me. I’m not going to have to react to them for six months or longer. I’m putting Last Money Last and that’s money that’s a year away. We spend more of our time on that than Now Money Now. I want you to spend No Money None, that’s your last box. That’s 60% of your time. I want you to change that graph. If I could put a refrigerator pie graph, it would be to see the percentage 10% or 15% of Now Money Now, the next two-week activity of yours. Next Money Next, which is the four to six-week, 90-day activity, and then Last Money Last which is six months to a year. You’re spending all your time in No Money None. You dragged at the boxes and you’re focused on your Now Money Now and you’re not having it control your time. You can’t react to subjective incoming. You have to be objective and manage it. I have a saying having done in my investment company $50 million of diamonds a month in wholesale goods, investment grade diamonds worldwide. I say, “Time is more precious than diamonds and if you don’t manage your time, all the tools and tactics I gave you will go off.”

I was thinking as you were saying that this is one of the best productivity hacks that you can find. We do have to calm down to catch up sometimes, meaning take a breath to be able to do something to be in recovery mode. We’re in a constant going mode more now than ever. The pace of life, the pace of change, the pace of everything going on is exponentially greater all the time.

It’s stressing people. That’s why we see the violence and the acting out and also we don’t have a crisis of integrity. You look at the political landscape. What do we have? Tribalism and descendancy. From America, that’s supposed to be the hope and promise of the world. If you’re outside of the country, most of our customers are in 100 countries outside the US. I’m telling you worldwide, everybody looks to us and wants us to be the hope and promise. They’re watching the sitcom and the entertainment that’s gone on and we’ve descended into an entertainment. I know all the people that work up there. We lobby for small business. Every leader is doing the best they know how. They really are. We used to have respect in disagreement. I want you to understand that in this compression, we’ve gotten to a crazy space. There’s a crazy space on the software that’s on our brain that’s always needing sensation.

What we’re doing right now is mainline television. Rather, they’re watching a packet. The debate that is bad and it has to do with Stormy Daniels and the next Stormy Daniels and whatever the #MeToo is. We stand for women. I have women running my company. I’m all for that. We’d ramp it up and we don’t have due process anymore. We don’t have rights. We don’t have anything. Frankly, it was out on that #MeToo. I’m saying leaders that are tremendous assets for us, there isn’t a crisis of leadership. There’s a crisis of integrity. When I go around the country as you do, our people have it all over the world, our people, our teams, they have integrity in their family. Our leaders aren’t showing us the integrity that reflects our people, but we can get back.

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Self-leadership is a big deal. It’s one of the things I love most about CEO Space. About the organization, you’ve been running for so long is the degree to which both the people who are there coming for selfish reasons. People come to a business networking event for them. There’s nothing wrong with that. They want to raise capital, they want to be introduced to other people that are not just like-minded but like-hearted and also people that are running successful businesses. It pays to be playing in that space. If you want to be a better tennis player, play with tennis players who are at least as good, if not better than you. To curate an environment where you have businesses that are representing billions in one location like that, Yogananda said, “Environment is stronger than will,” and I believe that. That environment is the key ingredient. In that environment, you’d think it could be like a shark fest. I was a lawyer for eighteen years. I know what it’s like to live in the shark tank. Years ago, I went to that gathering and I thought, “I’m a shark. I know how to operate in that tank.” In that environment, the level at which people are helping each other, the level at which collaboration thrives. If you’d share your philosophy of collaboration versus the virus of competition, it’s one of the most profound things I’ve ever learned.

PR 82 | Super Change

Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution

My father started the human potential industry in the 1940s. I grew up with the thought leaders of the greatest Fortune companies that were changing their culture and architecture from competitive cultures to cooperative cultures. I grew up with the man that started and did the course designs for the Landmarks, Lifesprings, PSI World Seminars, Michael Murphy’s Esalen and Mind Dynamics. My home is Martin Luther King, Jack Kennedy pitching my first Little League game, Walt Disney and Napoleon Hill working with my dad until he died. Their work right up through the ‘80s was to get to a point that we have a culture, those that have the virus removed. This will be hard for some of you, and I know it’s hard. If you want to read a book, read Pivot first. If you want to go to the next level of it, go Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution. I recommend the hardcopy, although it’s always backward and a five-star book. All the world leaders have it. All the presidents have it and president nominees. They’ve quoted from it in speeches. It is for the world government leaders.

I want you to look at the Software Removal Tool and here’s the concept. You have to guard your circle. You have to form a circle that is buoyant in integrity and cooperative. Collaborative and Napoleon Hill said, “You have to guard the guards.” If you look at Sharon Lechter who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad’s annotations to Napoleon Hill’s last book, Outwitting The Devil, then you’ll see what you’re doing to yourself and it helps you pivot. I want you to understand that competition as an impulsive thought at the midbrain, which is reptilian, is the first form of human insanity. You say there are good things about competition. We do Super Bowl training. We tell them, “You’re never competing.” You’re showing that your competition, like the Olympic Games. Your cooperation, your collaboration is undefeatable. You’re not going to destroy the other guy, you’re going to teach him that your cooperation’s better than theirs. If they compete inside the game, which they do, you’re going to always be undefeatable. We’ve done that and had winners every single time. Cooperation Theory works for 3M. It works for Amazon. It works for Apple.

The competitive companies are slowly dying. They’re poisoning us and chemical companies’ toxic ways of transport. We have all the alternatives on the planet. We can have hydrogen from water and have cheap energy forever and we’re getting there. You’re going to see the change coming from integrity coming back. CEO Space with a gathering place and I always like to say, “Billionaires, heads of Fortune companies, mid-management, the best management training in the world and all those development space and solo entrepreneurs, it’s the gift of the century.” It’s coming together as a collab and coming into a giant collab. You’re not all saying, “We’re humans and we’re in this soup of this toxic competitive nightmare but we lie, cheat and steal a lot less.” It may not sound like much, but when you put integrity into a relationship, miracles happen in a year that would take a decade. If we win all these awards and the press says, “We’re number one and you’ve got to go if you own a business, not for profit or a practice.” When you viral this and you ever look at it, the reason you come is the blessing of community. Let’s say I found our truck. They read and they get pivot and they get the values, but where’s the tribe? Where’s the culture? We are the opposite. If you want the shark tank, there are 1,100 that are trying to give you their money’s worth. There’s one that gives you your money back. It gives you your money back. What is that? That’s the dolphin tank.

I want to be the cynic. There’s a place for cynicism. There’s a place for everything. I don’t think there’s anything that’s misplaced in our world. Meaning everything is here to serve. Everything is divine on some level. The person who might be cynically or thinking critically says, “Competition, it’s been with us for a long time. We are trained to compete in school. We are trained to compete in the Olympics and sports. It brings out the best in us.” Say a little bit more about that.

I’m an economist. At the bottom of the pyramid are socialism, communism and competitive capitalist. Competitive capitalism is feudalism. The knights are now lawyers. You were one. We take over each other’s castle by hostile merger and we’re still doing it. At the top is cooperative capitalism, which has rules. They’re in redemption, the cooperation revolution for lawmakers. It creates a capitalism that doesn’t have speculation, so it becomes casinos. It also doesn’t have this model where there’s unlimited consolidation. We can’t have an economic system where 1% on more wealth than 99% or you get this and this is not insane. You tell me if we’re not insane here and it’s all because there’s got to be a cause. The cause wants to live so it remains invisible. There’s one virus on human consciousness. If you want a great family, relationship and home space, get a cooperative, collaborative and remove the competitive environment in the home space.

When competition is out of the home space, and I know in my marriage, I have the greatest marriage. You have the greatest marriage but we don’t have a competitive home space. We’d have cooperative home space and you see it in your children. You see it in my children. You see it in how we are together. The relationship is the most important ship we sail on and we have the greatest. That’s done because we removed the competitive virus in the home space. You do it in corporate and everybody gets switched on and turned on space. People come early and leave late. You do paramedical fear and punishment. How many steps over that cubicle to the coke machine and back? Do that McKinsey and Booz Allen and watch what happens? Which is why we have their founders teaching our Cooperative Theory, which is revolutionizing Fortune companies. They’re moving from a cooperative culture away from competitive culture and they’re getting performance results. They’re getting higher levels which are why they send their management teams to us.

This is why you say Cooperative Theory is undefeatable.

Undefeatable and it’s where we have peace of mind. The ultimate revolution in the world is our redemption through Cooperative Theory. Let’s look at the economic system and space people arrived. We’re trying to tell them we’re not insane while we fight over should they meet the Pope, the president or should they meet the head of the EU or Russia? We’re all fighting over that and they’re trying to come down the hills. They’re explaining to us, “We don’t get why in silos there’s all the food. It’s being spoiled and it’ll go into the ocean so you can support pricing for the 1% and 1.5 billion Mozarts, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs will die under the age of 35 this year because we don’t distribute that food for less than 10% of what we’ve given to aid and grants to Afghanistan. Is that insane to let them all die?

Then we have health. It’s the same thing as medicines. It’s going to get distributed and they’re screaming. We could take all that misery away and then we compete with the planet. Could we spend what we spend in aid that we give away to a country that hates us and spend that money? That floating platforms that take all the CO2 by solar 24 hours a day out of the atmosphere and terraform the temperature? We can get the temperature where we want it, etc. We’re too busy protecting for competitive reasons. Insanity, which has put the toxic chemicals out of the air and kill the planet that we won’t even be here in the future. You’ve got to get away and observe and say, “Is there a better way?” The top of the pyramid is cooperative organization and home space, workspace and ultimately a CEO Space builds tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands at where they’re now that are out in businesses.

Berny, what do you think the first domino is? Maybe I’ve given away what it might be, but what do you think is the first domino in this change? We have to remain current in an age of change.

You have in your life a blue screen. You’ve got to reboot your life. You’re having bankruptcy, divorce, stress that you can’t imagine. You’re not happy. You have all the money, but you’re not thrilled. You’re miserable with all the money and I coach a lot of them. We’d get it back to switch on, turned on home space. Switched on, turn on workspace and balance. You can’t get rid of any computer virus, cellphone virus or any virus if you don’t know you have the virus. The awareness that I have the virus and I’m going to use cooperation and collaboration to remove it. Once you know that the first insanity for a human is competitive thought impulse and it’s an animal midbrain malfunction and you get your higher state. Immortal spirits aren’t competing, tribalism, cruelty and individually mean competition. They are in total awareness and they love that they see source in each other and they’re here forever shark in the feeding frenzy. Be in the dolphin tank. There are no sharks that can ever attack a dolphin pod. They have no enemies, men are about it. They’re leaping. They have language that is advanced. We’re starting to talk to them. They are sentient beings like elephants that we’re slaughtering because we’re insane. We think we’ll get a hard-on from ivory. Are we not beyond all this? Can’t we preserve our species? When we wake up and get rid of the competition, we’ll have longevity. We’ll discover the stars. We’ll go faster than light. We’ll populate the Earth and all the planets. We’ll have the Earth completely.

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I had a selfish moment. I was given an opportunity to teach at a class of teenagers. We had about fourteen of these young people. I was speaking with Justin Recla whose daughter, Neva, was in this class. She’s a world-class speaker speaking on huge stages. She just turned nine years old. I was teaching her or maybe she was teaching me, but between Neva at eight and on up to about twenty years old, I got to share a week with teenagers at your gathering. That’s why I say it was selfish to spend that time with them and I know that that happens usually once a year. It’s a gathering of not only the parents who are business-leading entrepreneurs.

Every person in our room was in tears including me. I had to get an extra box of handkerchief when they share what had transformed in their life from your training as you pivoted these. They went through a rite of passage into their adulthood with full power.

The most impactful thing I can say happened in that week was that there was a shift or a change in awareness. That’s why I asked you what the first domino was. If we’re all in some way inflicted with this virus of competition, where does it start? Does it start in utero? Does it start when we go to preschool?

It starts from people who don’t know and can no longer remember. That software is operating and you don’t know. It self-limits you. It gives blame and judgment. What spirit wants to blame or judge? If someone has the virus and they’re betraying me, they’re trying to cheat me and they’re doing all this stuff, I step back and go into my circle. I bless them because they have the virus. The virus is in control. I don’t damn their soul. I don’t sue them. I don’t do any of that stuff. I removed myself from those that are at the energy state that isn’t where I’m at. I want to be in an energy state as I go into the legacy part of my life, a vibrancy with you, Randi, your children, and the people that are awake. I want a community which I build that calls to be awake and the sharks don’t come. Adam, there’s something about CEO Space, which is the largest entrepreneurial organization in the world but people can’t get into it. If they’re coming from a competitive mindset, they talk themselves out of it. All of the people waking up or awake, they can’t get there fast enough because their community is there.

It’s a different environment to conduct business. It’s a business-focused and business-centric environment where people are not only able to collaborate and cooperate, but they’re also acquiring new skillsets. Skill acquisition is a big deal.

How can you win the competition? Get friends because the people at the top are trying to keep the precious currency from the others. What does Jeff Bezos say in his cooperative architecture? In the beginning, when we’re talking about cooperation modeling and he’s just selling books and everybody said, “You’ll never make it. You’re going to lose money selling books. You’ll never do it,” and now Walmart is scared. He says, “All my employees think like owners.” He wrote an article, “Everybody can go around everybody. We’re cooperative, not competitive. If you come to me and I say, ‘You can go to four people and override the boss. If your idea and you want to get it out there, it will cost so little even if you’re wrong. Let’s try it. Don’t give up on your idea. We want your good ideas in because that’s how we focus on no competition. We don’t care about Walmart. What we care about is how we make what our customer is getting better? We’re now at one-day delivery with Prime. I want to get floating platforms and do one-hour delivery and have these wonderful new architectures of how to do that, which are there, which we’re already doing with little drone taxis and so forth that were coming from solar and not polluting. I want to deliver in one hour to my Prime and have no pollution at all.” Mark Zuckerberg didn’t know he was going to be in self-driving cars or did Google. It’s all cooperative. It’s switched on and turned on. Unbelievable architectures when you walk in their campus.

This is another selfish request. In this case, it’s not selfish for me because I understand this piece of it. I want you to share this with our community. You are one of the founders of what we call Super Learning or accelerated learning. This is my background coming from the law into the training space is to be able to use experiential learning and super learning to help people to learn faster. Not just learn faster, but unlearn faster and relearn faster. These are remarkable new tools for many people. It’s a new skill that has to be acquired and then practiced. The unique, and I say unique because I’ve never seen it anywhere else in any other business training environment of any kind, is something you called SNAP. I would love for you to share a little bit about what SNAP is and how it relates to what you’ve been talking about. We want to create an environment of cooperation and collaboration versus an environment of competition.

PR 82 | Super Change

Super Change: There isn’t a crisis of leadership. There’s a crisis of integrity. That’s the problem.


I grew up in the Hewlett Packard organization with their founders. When we were doing corporate training because I’ve done a lot of corporate training, they used to bring a lot of divisions from all over the world together. They had solutions across the divisions, but competition gets those open silos. We invented a process to do it. Put it in now’s terms what you want to hear is imagine a giant ballroom and it’s all presidents of companies. Some are billionaires. Some are millionaires. Some are in the middle, but everybody’s successful or you couldn’t be in there. They’re all in business, not for profits, professionals in practice. Everyone has what they are trying to get next. They need a contact, a resource, a customer, a client and a market. We get practiced on how to compress the requests. What I am doing is this, and what I’m seeking is this. I’m doing this and I’m seeking this. You show that in a circle of six executives, there’s a group of who they know. It’s who you know in the circle and who they know. If we stand you up and put a funny hat on you that might be a hot dog or the Eiffel Tower, you’re not a billionaire anymore. You’re one of the groups playing the game. You’re going out of your Fortune company saying, “Here’s what I’m doing. Here’s what I’m seeking next.” Nobody knows your stature or who you are in that context. Every one of those CEOs and your peers are there, lots of your people are there.

Sometimes it’s someone who is a single mom who’s starting a charity from her apartment, who brings you her uncle who’s heading a 21-company public Fortune solution that you want. You are there and everyone gives you See Me Card and they rank ABC how the quality of that contact is. On the back, they rank their note to themselves, “This is the company and I’m going to do this for them.” When you say, “You gave me a See Me Card,” our rule is that you get a response in 72 hours for a time and a call and then that person does two ways and hooks you up. It’s never phone out and you tell him, “Berny said to the phone,” I’m on the phone with that and I’m introducing you. That carry-in is the quality that we all want and what we’re used to at Fortune level. We bring that process from Fortune companies to everybody. We do more quality solutions by doing that a number of times in a week than people get in ten years.

It is utterly remarkable and one of the things that I think is really is it reprograms. It’s a part of that, “How is it that we remove the virus piece?” When you practice that, it’s a new skill. It’s something that has to be practiced.

The most powerful tool for a CEO is request. Everybody wants to help you, but you haven’t come from here as clear as mud. We improve requests more than years at Wharton. It’s amazing for the top managers what they get from their team after we do the request improvement. It’s called Super Networking Accelerates Potential, SNAP. We invented that and it’s changed hundreds of thousands of businesses, Fortune companies, mid-space and millions of lives.

The essence of the Pivot Principle is that a small change in direction over time creates a change in the order of magnitude a transformational change. When I’ve seen this process played out, when you facilitate this process personally, is that a small change, sometimes a 5%, a 10% or a 20% change of language can produce a magnitude result.

We say a 34% increase in request clarity is a 500% gain in result. We show the improvement of that, we demonstrate it and then everybody is now improving request and getting magnified leveraged outcomes. We’re top corporate trainers. We don’t mess around on tools and tactics, but we have a lot of fun doing it. You’re not sitting folded in a big room as an executive. You’re having much fun getting game theory for serious growth development. I have Wharton double MBAs running the biggest companies in the world on video going, “This is the biggest download of my growth skills to run my empire that I’ve gotten in my adult lifetime.” It’s not once. We have those on video after video. After the years, we get to say, “Something special is going on in this because we’re increasing the value of it every 60 days,” because change is massive. When you go out and throw your fishing line out and try to reel it in, it’s one thing. What we create with SNAP is what we call whirlpool. It’s the next generation of phone. You can only click so far. In the end, our businesses grow from the most important ship we sail on, which is a relationship. We’ve got to take some time to invest in currents. You’ve got to come once a year, once every six months depending on what we call VAM: velocity, acceleration and momentum to remain current. On your new product development designs hitting the market, getting all of it coming at you instead of you trying to go get it.

It starts again that competitive drive that people are run by. I have one last question for you, Berny, and that has to do with your rituals. You could share one if you want. It could be your morning ritual, your evening ritual. In many ways, we are a product of the things that we ritualize.

The Law of Reciprocity, when you give first and you give without condition, creates the trigger to the Law of Attraction coming into you. Click To Tweet

I do the same things you do. We read the same books. We share them back and forth. First, I tell you the following rituals. Every night when I go to bed, I call it, “Lean into joy and gratitude.” I give joy and gratitude to the Source. The morning I wake up, I’m going to meditate first and then do my work. I do what Jeff Bezos does. I do what others do like Mark Cuban. I do a lot of reading. I get up early and I have a three-hour reading. I usually do my blog to share. I start taking my routines, which are organized by others and managed for my time because I have my own Now Money Now, Next Money Next and I don’t deviate from that. When I have a crisis or problem, we all do or somebody betrays me, I lean into the joy and gratitude. What do you have to teach me? What’s the lesson I’m going to learn from this? I look at joy and gratitude. I never go to hatred, competitive aspects of toxicity. I don’t have it. It doesn’t exist. I feel sorry for souls that are too damaged and have the virus to understand how much I love them. My worst enemy, that is the worst person who’s done the worst thing to me, I feel sorry. They’re too stupid to know how much I love them at the soul level. That’s my ritual.

When you write a book called Pivot, what ends up happening? You get more opportunities to practice and to be able to model the principles for other people.

How many people have come up to you with tears in their eyes and said, “That book is what made it for me. That made the difference for me. In my darkest hour, I found my highest peak?”

I recommend that everybody that has something inside of them that they want to share with the world, whether it’s a legacy message or it’s something that they’ve resolved for themselves. They came through a painful period, put it in a book because you’ll never have to wonder that that book won’t find its way into someone’s hands and change their lives.

PR 82 | Super Change

Super Change: How can you win the competition? Get friends because the people at the top who are trying to keep the precious currency from the others are in collaboration and cooperation.


I said to buy your book before you buy mine. It wakes you up. You have to read Pivot to be able to absorb Redemption. You’re seeing the thought leaders of the thought leaders, the people that coached the people who coached the biggest companies. The tools and tactics on this, you’ve got to social, viral and send it out. This is what is important because you bless others. The Law of Reciprocity, when you give first and you give without condition creates the trigger to the Law of Attraction coming into you. If you didn’t do the reciprocity, you’ll never get the Law of Attraction. That’s Napoleon Hill 101 that everybody forgets. The Law of Reciprocity is ten times the force from the source than the Law of Attraction. What powers the Law of Attraction and is the lightning to the motherboard is reciprocity.

What are you giving? You can give coaching, mentorship, and encouragement. You can give joy and gratitude. You can give this and viral to make sure the people get it. The Law of Attraction comes back to you. I’m telling you, at the end of life, there’s one thing I can give you before it cuts me off. There are no regrets on the thousands I’ve crossed over and it’s about 10% or 15% when they follow this rule. Those that have sunk into the worst places of humanity, compromised and 85% in resignation. What are they compromising and resigning from? Their dreams. If you don’t have lives that are really good and you’re doing your dreams, you aren’t the spouse you should be, the parent you should be and your life is aching. When you step back into that and you’re doing your dreams, you have a switched on, turned on life and your life will be really good. If there’s anything I can give you from my father’s generation and mine in thought leadership in the hope of the human potential industry now, that’s the secret.

You are a dear soul. I’m thrilled to know you. I’m thrilled that I get to call you a friend. That we’re colleagues and that we’ve been supportive of each other over the years. I’ll never forget you one day my having a conversation with you about my latest pivot. You’re saying to me these three simple words that have not only changed my life but it made their way into our new book. It’s a term that is applicable now. It’s a piece of advice that can be used all the time and that is to embrace the pivot. Everything that is happening, every change that is happening, the super change that you speak of is a supercharged opportunity. Every single part of it, every particle of it is an opportunity.

If you’re looking for some of these films I talked about, Make a bookmark and share that with others when you see they want to accelerate their economic journey. They want to have a conscious tribe and accelerate their economic journey and be in higher integrity in the community. I want to give you the pivot challenge. I want each one of you to assure that in the next episode, you are responsible for ten, that you bless in reciprocity to watch and see their own software here go up. Make a bookmarked favorite and viral. Make sure you get ten that say, “I’m going to watch the next show,” or this one and share.

This is a perfect segue into a reminder for all of us, which is that it pays to pay it forward. We know that and that’s what Berny is telling us. It’s a law that comes before the Law of Attraction. Paying it forward could look like a lot of things. I would love it if we can request that you are leaving your review on iTunes. Leave a review. Leave your comment, your feedback because we live on that feedback. The most important thing that I want to leave you with, in addition to this, is to remind us all that we woke up now. Some of us may be still waking up and it always gets a little bit of a wink from folks because it is an ongoing process on every level mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically we’re waking up. It was a blessing that was not guaranteed. It was not guaranteed when we laid our heads on the pillow last night that we would see another day. The fact that we did get that, that we woke up, is something to be grateful for.

It could be that what you woke up to was a rainy, cloudy and cold day. It could be that you woke up to the day you had to go to court for your divorce, that you had to deal with a credit, deal with someone who owes you money or deal with a lawyer. Whatever it is or it was a day that was your best lesson, you woke up and that was something to be grateful for. My prayer and my intention is that we all get to do it again. For yourself, as you take a deep breath, I want you to remember that it is not guaranteed. If it turns out as I expect it will, that you will wake up. That you will open your eyes to the dawn of a brand-new day. That when you do take that first breath, that you realize there are people in that very moment all over who are taking their last breath and babies who are being born taking their first breath. It is a sacred moment. It’s holy. It’s spiritual however you define spirituality.

It’s not an ordinary moment and it’s something to be grateful for. If you’re inclined to do it, I’d love for you to say these words out loud, which are words that I get to say all the time. I get to remind myself every day when I start with these words how important life is. How sacred and special my own life is and how much I want to contribute to the world. Those words are, “I love my life, I love my life, I love my life.” It’s been a blessing, Berny. Thank you so much for being on the show. Do your dreams, everybody. Ciao for now.

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