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I am thrilled, ecstatic, really feeling so good to be with you however it is that you’re consuming this podcast. I want to express my gratitude to you and for us all at the very outset to hit the reset button. We have this opportunity all the time, every moment of everyday to push that reset button. All it takes is a breath. I’m not saying that it’s easy but it is simple. Simple is something really powerful when you can have simple spiritual solutions to things. It’s super powerful. I’m going to get to introduce you to somebody and spend some time with a dear friend, with a colleague, with somebody I absolutely adore, I respect and love. She’s a lady that has simple, spiritual solutions to share.
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A PIVOT Journey with Sonya Nagy: Pure Communications Mastery

We’re going to start ourselves off with a deep breath. This is the beautiful thing, we can all take a deep conscious breath, keep our eyes open, keep our eyes closed, whatever you like. Breathe into the energy of gratitude. As you take this breath, as I take and receive this gift of breath, we can acknowledge the fact that there are people who are receiving their last breath, taking their last breath. What we’re doing in this moment is sacred, it’s special, it’s holy, it’s important and we get to do it together. I don’t think there’s anything that I’m more enthusiastic about. I don’t think there’s anything that brings me greater joy on a daily basis than the ability to connect and to know and realize and appreciate the truth, which is that we all are connected to each other. We’re connecting through this vibration, through your listening and my speaking and though our breathing together, and that is so flipping beautiful.

Without much ado and no further time lapsed, I want to introduce to you a dear, dear friend. She has this capacity to create simple spiritual solutions to things. She is a healer, she is a leader, she’s vibrant, and somebody that I call friend and somebody I love. You’re going to love her as well. Whether you do or you don’t, it’s no concern of mine. I want to introduce you to Sonya Nagy.

Sonya, it’s so good to have you on the podcast. Thank you for being with us.

Thank you, Adam. It’s a pleasure to be here. I feel honored.

You are one of those amazing people that has been, since the day I first met you several years ago, inventing and reinventing your life. This reinvention process is exciting, and exhausting. At times it could be debilitating. It’s a joy and all that, and we call it the pivot. You are a member of this pivot community and you’ve been reinventing and creating things for a while now. Before we get into what your reinvention has looked like and what the PIVOT process has been for you, how that’s taken shape, where you’ve had success, where you’ve had challenge and how you’re doing now, share with us a little bit more about yourself and what it is that you’re passionate about. What’s got you passionate today? What’s that look like?

I have had a full life. I’ve been blessed to have learned about spiritual connection very early in my life through intuition and going very real into life, marrying a police officer, having four children, rental properties, businesses, successful serial entrepreneur, and always looking for to the deeper meaning of life and to have more value in every moment. To be very real with people has driven me into where I’m at now and even into my most recent pivot that I come through to connect with you on.

Why don’t we dive right into it then? What has been it like for you being in the PIVOT process? We’re talking about the process that you became a part of which is based on the book, Pivot. We’ve been speaking with some folks recently about that process and how it has met them where they were. Whether that was in a state where they needed a little bit more clarity because they were already into something but wanted to figure out how to get it to a better place, to a higher level. Or where we’ve met some people when they were just getting started, when things weren’t entirely clear and they were really looking for that clarity. Where did the process meet you? Where were you at when you began?

PR 032 | Pure Communications Mastery

Pure Communications Mastery: If I can work with a mass, that’s how we change the planet.

I was having a healing practice. I actually had two offices in South Florida. I went through divorce, went through a major life pivot, lots of transition happening. That brought me into a move of my home to Orlando, Florida. When I moved, I knew that I no longer wanted to be doing the one-on-one that it was time for me to be working with groups. My skills as a healer had fine-tuned and grown into a level of mastery that it was no longer right for me to share one-on-one only. Not that I don’t do that still, I still love that and do that but if I can work with a mass, that’s how we change the planet. Why do I do what I do? Because I love it, for one, there’s also the peace and the growth and the freedom that people have through the experience of working with me. Spirit was telling me that it was time to go to a group. I wasn’t really sure how to transition, so that landed me into the Pivot with you.

If I’m understanding correctly, you were doing more one-on-one work and that was fulfilling and yet it was still something that was calling to you from inside, that there was more and that you could help more people. It’s the gist of it, right?

Yes, absolutely.

Let’s reverse time back to the beginning when you were beginning that conscious PIVOT process. What was the hardest thing when you were getting started?

Finding the right group, the right mentors, the right coaches, the right mentorship, and now even down to the right products that they’re offering. I’m so, so grateful that I’ve connected with you. I have spent over $90,000 specifically to be a speaker, to take this to a group. That $90,000 hasn’t yielded me what my first $1,500 has yielded me with you. I can’t jump into the next step fast enough with you because I now know that I have the right mentor. I now know that I have the right fit, I have the right leader that can be guiding me in this process of going to the masses. I know the message that I’m bringing even though I don’t know the details into that. I’m still refining that on my pivot. I know that I’m with the right mentor to bring me into that awareness. Thank you.

You’re so welcome. It’s so important that we do find during our lives the right people to be around, to surround ourselves with and to be mentored by. I’ve been really fortunate. I don’t typically have the opportunity to share this stuff frequently. I’ve been mentored since the time I was seventeen years old and the first real job that I’ve ever had was working at a summer camp. I was teaching swimming and there’s this beautiful camp and it’s a lake. I started out teaching tennis, which was funny enough. Then I got more attracted to the culture and the community that was developed at the waterfront. I do mean a community and a culture. It was a group of people that were coming from all over the world usually on some form of an exchange program, and they were working down at the waterfront, teaching swimming to kids that were anywhere between five years old and about up to fourteen or fifteen.

I love to swim and I’m a Pisces, so I have to be in the water. Every time I was down there on my breaks or at the end of the day, I would see all this laughing going on and all this beautiful energy that was happening as a result, as I later found out, of great leadership. There was this incredible leader, this gentleman by the name of Dave Kriveloff. I very rarely even say his name because this doesn’t typically come up, which is so wonderful because I get to get to send this loving vibration of energy out and this gratitude to Dave Kriveloff. This man really changed my life at a very early point. He was just a great leader. He allowed a tremendous amount of space for people to both show up in their own unique way as leaders while being part of a structure that didn’t allow them to make too many mistakes.

When there’s a structure, when there’s someone that knows the lay of the land, while they’ll allow you to walk off the path, that’s really important that we can have the freedom. One of my core drivers for me is freedom. I think that’s a core driver for most of us. To be able to explore yet not wander so far off the path that we can’t find our way back or that the person that knows the way has been on the path and seen the way doesn’t allow you to explore so far off that it would take you ten years to get back or would somehow create more challenge in your life than is necessary. This gentleman, Dave, really embodied that for me. He modeled it for me as a mentor. What it’s like to create a structure and then allow people to have the freedom to deviate from the structure so that they can have their own experience and learn their own lessons, and yet still know that there’s something and someone that’s there to gently or not so gently at times, guide them back onto a path. I’m really grateful to you for that wonderful compliment. I’m also expressing my gratitude now to the first mentor that I can remember. I’ve had several in my life, which has been amazing. It’s not always easy at the start of any new process. When you began, when we started the process of the program, when we were online and doing our weekly sessions and you had an accountability partner, we’re working through the content and all that, was there something that was difficult at the beginning? Do you recall what was the most challenging part at the start?

[Tweet “Even though you’re an expert in this, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn something.”]

We started with our beliefs and that’s my genre. I help a lot of people through that, so initially I had to put myself aside and say, “Even though you’re an expert in this, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn something.” Initially, it felt like a slow start because we’re starting in an area that I’m already an expert in. It was interesting because I saw others that also were experts disengaged at that point and I thought, “What a lost opportunity,” because I chose to stay in the game and stay in this. I actually found some more there for me to work on, so it was beautiful.

When I see the “I know that,” there are some tell-tale signs and often it would involve me talking over someone or interrupting and not listening fully to what they have to say because I’m thinking already, “I know how they’re going to finish that sentence. I know where they’re going, so I’m going to save them the trouble and hand them over the pass and stop right there and interject.” How it is that in our lives, often we will shut down, close down our ability to learn something new even if it’s a small distinction because we think, “I already know that.” At a certain point during the process, did you feel as though you’ve gotten to a tipping point? I love Malcom Gladwell’s book, Tipping Point. Do you feel as though you got to a tipping point?

Yeah, definitely. When we got into The Big Vision, lesson number four, it was halfway through our program, I got to create the five bold steps and the action planning kick-start. That was a really fun and beautiful experience for me because part of creating of that is I use my winds of the past. I’ve already done some group work. I used those pictures and those winds to support me in going forward. It was really interesting. My partner share on that came to the partner share with having done none of the work yet and I said, “That’s totally okay. We’re going to get it done.” We happen to be close enough on the same path that I said, “We’re just going to share this. I’m going to show you what I’ve done and we’re going to plug it away and we’re going to get it done.” I think the call on the partner share might have been a little bit longer than the others, but it was worth it because I got to see his growth. That’s something that I absolutely love. Even though it wasn’t in my program, it was in your program, it was so beautiful because I got to see that growth. That was definitely my tipping point.

How did that feel?

I was surprised that it was actually as easier as it was. The next step became a little bit more of a challenge, when we got into breaking down the bold steps into the baby steps. My partner, we talked about how we could go forward supporting each other on that. One of those things that I want to say about the program is the community that was created through the program. It’s such a beautiful community and so supportive. Even now that the program is over, we’re still in connection. We’re still supporting each other and growing together. What a wonderful world that would be if we could all stay connected and grow together.

[Tweet “What a wonderful world that would be if we could all stay connected and grow together. “]

That’s the thing that caught us a little by surprise. We knew the community would be important. We wanted it to be there. We’re also a little jaded because a lot of the communities that we’ve seen previously through work we’ve done before with other organizations didn’t necessarily stay together. There was a rush and a feeling of this camaraderie and family while it was going on, but not so much afterward. What’s been really beautiful is to see how that community has continued to support each other and comes together. I think it’s just one of those things in an even more perfect world, we’d feel that support in that community in even greater level than we currently do. That’s pretty special.

I think it’s leadership. Again, thank you for being the leader because you set the stage. I’ve done a lot of webinars like the Pivot program and had been on plenty of them. This is not my first rodeo on that arena. The template that you ran the program on is far superior to any of the others that I’ve been on and it was you who helped us to create the community. We had to take the ball from there and roll with it and continue to grow it. I want to bring it back to you, you’re the one that showed us the way. Thank you for your template.

The context is super important in so many ways. I’m not sure if you can even put your finger on it. Do you think there’s any one thing in particular about the template that helped to create that?

There was a continuity. It was consistent. Every week it was pretty much the same format that we would go through, so we knew what to expect and how to engage in that. Then we always had the check in. I really think the happy hour that was the additional bonus to the class was another opportunity to engage again and get some more and connect some more outside of the class form, outside of the accountability-structured partnership thing but just in more of a supportive way, more of a fun, collaborative play way. I think all of the elements that you put into it really add great value into creating that community.

PR 032 | Pure Communications Mastery

Pure Communications Mastery: The happy hour that was the additional bonus to the class was another opportunity to engage again.

It was a team. Our team has been working on it. We never know. Whatever it is you’re creating, you never know. Nobody ever does. You look at something that’s been successful and you think, “They got it right, they figured it out. I would love just to jump to that place where it’s been figured out. It’s right, people love it, it’s hit its tipping point and all those great things.” It’s that old expression that somebody who’s successful or something that’s successful didn’t happen overnight. It’s was ten years in the making. It’s an overnight success except it took ten years to get to the overnight success. It is a process of figuring out what does work, and then also knowing and being willing to explore and learn from what doesn’t work. In our feedback, it’s something that we do at the heart of enrollment. We really drill down on that feedback loop of what worked for me and didn’t work for me? What’s the creative opportunity that we see to do it differently? That’s our lives.

I never want to take the emotion out of anything because that’s what makes us human, this is the thing that animates us and makes us sentient beings that we can feel. To take the emotional charge out of what’s not working in our lives so that we can deviate from the thing that we call the box that we live in.

The word defragmentation comes in. I’m not even a computer person but I know that means a mess in my language. Maybe it’s taking the mess out of life to be able to neutralize those emotions. That’s a lot of what I do in my work is to flat line those negativities so that they don’t have to keep us out of the game and open up into our greater possibilities.

I was mentioning this book which always sits on my shelf and I still listen to it as well, which is The Presence Process, this amazing, beautiful book by Michael Brown from South Africa. It’s The Presence Process: A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness. The journey into present moment awareness is about integrating the emotional charge, the emotional imprints that we received both in utero and then during those first seven years of being on the planet. It’s so incredible the opportunity that we get out of that integration. When we take the charge or neutralize the charge, we create an opportunity to be present with what is here now in this, and then access to so much more is available to us, whether it’s spiritually or in some other realm of whatever it is that you believe. There’s this infinite space, bottomless well. When we’re stuck in the past, when we’re continuing to revisit the traumas through things that don’t look like the trauma necessarily, but we still revisit those traumas from childhood through a variety and myriad of activities and things that show up for us in our lives and we continue to revisit them. It’s very difficult to move further down the path because it’s heavy. During the pivot process that you’ve been describing, what did you notice? Did you begin to notice anything about yourself while it was going on?

When I came into the Pivot, I was coming out of this major life transition and I came in with a very business agenda. You can only do business so long and then you have to face yourself. It’s about when we were talking about resilience and that one went deep in the personal arena there because our business is us. If we don’t have the resilience to make it through our own transitions, our own traumas and dramas, then we’re not going to be able to show up for business. That was a surprising experience for me. I didn’t expect that one. I didn’t particularly like it but I stayed with it and came through it, and the community support was absolutely beautiful. That was the one where your daughter had got engaged at that same weekend. It was very interesting for me to be connected into the community and share such beautiful things, his daughter getting engaged. It was also at the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re all celebrating gratitude. Here I went into this darkest moment and my partner was so gracious to hold the space for me to have it. She happened to be working on the life-coaching business, so it was perfect for her to have that experience of me breaking down with her. It was amazing to have that very full spectrum experience that was totally unexpected.

The resilience piece is so important in so many of these things. We have to learn how it is that we apply the lessons that we’re learning. The messages that are being delivered to us are so divinely, almost always at the perfect time. We don’t necessarily want them. More often than not, we’re willing to shoo the message away or shoot the messenger at times. Yet they are so perfectly timed and delivered if we’re paying attention and if we’re willing to learn certain lessons and then be willing to move forward with courage. Resilience is important for so many things in business. Even though it is personal, we feel it personally, it’s also something that’s so required in business. More businesses fail than succeed. In fact, 95 to 5 in the first five years, failure rate versus success, and so much of that has to do with the ability to be resilient. It takes time to figure it out. It takes time and money to invest in the process to figure it out. It’s the research and development that most people aren’t really equipped to deal with. They don’t know what the outset it’s going to take so much research and development. The time, money and the tenacity to be able to figure out the recipe, the thing that’s going to work, that will stick, that people will love. Most people quit long before they get to that point where they’ve run out of money before they get to that point. Resilience is so key. What results did you start producing in your business and/or in your personal life as the program was happening or after it concluded?

Revenues came and that was part of lesson number five when we were going into the baby steps and the branching out exercises that we did. As soon as I started to see more clarity into those details immediately, the doors started to open and money started to flow.

It’s interesting when we clear space for things. There’s a thing that happens automatically in the universe when there’s space. It allows a vacuum to exist. It automatically rushes to fill it. It’s one of those unique things that because it’s a universal law, it would make sense. If we’re really in our common sense place, and I think Nietzsche said, “Common sense is not common,” but if we were in our right minds, we would say, “That’s a universal principle. It’s a law. Wouldn’t we want to leverage that and use it to our advantage?” We live lives that are so cluttered in so many ways we don’t have space. We don’t have headspace. We don’t have space in our computer. We don’t have space in our closets. We don’t have space in our garage. We live these cluttered lives, and we wonder why it is that the new things aren’t there. It seems like there’s a struggle to create something new and something that’s more evolved. We can use word better or bigger whatever, but it’s just a more evolved expression from us. Do you believe that’s true that it requires space?

Absolutely. That’s an interesting side effect of the course too. The urge just to clean house, de-clutter, that actually has is in my space because I’ve brought everything out and scattered it around a bit in the growth of it, and now it’s clean housing. I got rid of all the stuff that I collected that I didn’t even necessarily know I was collecting and didn’t necessarily organize it. It’s all looking to be organized and flushed through. If it’s not serving my purpose or where I am now or where I’m going, it doesn’t need to be in my space because it’s blocking the way.

If there was something in the course that helped you to stay committed and accountable to the outcomes you were looking for, what was that?

[Tweet “When you start something, you finish it. “]

I think it was the community. I think it was the accountability and my own personal values of integrity that said, “When you start something, you finish it,” and just knowing that there was this support and the accountability. It’s like both ends of it. One was picking me up and the other one is pulling me along. I think that was it.

Do you need that? Is that something important?

I don’t necessarily need it but I really like it. It’s something that I haven’t actually have a lot of in my life. To have it has been a learn for me to have this support. I’ve been very independent, done a lot of things very headstrong especially when I was younger. I’m learning how to ask, that’s still something working on. I love the support and I love just having that accountability. It’s like that little nudge. It’s not a huge thing for me but it is a nudge.

I love to have the gentle accountability element. I decided I wanted to focus more on my health so I was back in the gym two hours earlier in the day, starting the day in the 5:00 range. I like my sleep too. Now I meet my future son-in-law there and we’re on the elliptical machine before 6 AM. Knowing he’s there, knowing that he’s getting out of bed makes me want to get out of bed not just for myself but because I’m supporting him and he’s supporting me. It’s important in that relationship with other people, right?

Yeah. That piece of it, I really do love. It’s that connectivity. It was really brilliant to have different partners each week, to connect around the world with different personalities, “How are we going to blend together? Are we going to connect? Are we going to be able to manage this task that’s set out in front of us? Do we really know?” That whole experience was very fun going through each week because we didn’t pick our partners. Our partners were picked for us which was a cool thing. It’s like, “Roll the dice. Who are we going to have this week?” It was brilliant. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to have connection with all of them like that, but the system we would have to gone on for a year program I think for us to connect.

Who do you think this program is for, Sonya?

PR 032 | Pure Communications Mastery

Pure Communications Mastery: Simple spiritual solution says a lot.


This program really fits anywhere. I really believe that I’m going to be going through it again and addressing personal pivots. It’s business pivot. It’s definitely personal pivots. It’s going to be a whole different experience going through with that focus. For me, it’s going to be like facing the big stuff thing and doing it in a space of accountability and support and having that community behind me. To be honest with you, I couldn’t have come here initially first with such intimacy. I do a lot of self-work. Simple spiritual solution says a lot. I do a lot of my own work. To go into a community and trust the process of it and say, “This is the next step for me.” Who is this for? It’s for business people and also for the people who just know that their life is not working and they know they want something different. It will even help that initial burst of clarity because that’s where we started. It was initially getting that clarity. We had several people in the class that were like that. Through the process, they were starting to refine and clarify and grow and it was really beautiful. I don’t know because I haven’t connected back into each one of them to know where they’re at know, but I really felt like as we were going, they were definitely having their growth. I know I was watching the community from that perspective of a healer, seeing people unfold. It was definitely happening. It’s pretty much for anyone.

What would you say to somebody who’s thinking about getting started in the PIVOT process? There’s such a huge proliferation of programs, courses, workshops and things like that. It’s a pretty loud and crowded space at times or it feels like for me more often. The tendency of people is to think it’s just another program, “If I do get involved, I probably won’t complete it or I won’t have the time, or my tendency is to buy these things and leave them on the shelf.” That’s the part of the problem for a lot of folks. What would you say to somebody who is thinking about getting started but isn’t sure?

I’ve done a lot of programs and this one is far superior in its format. Because of that, it does keep you engaged. Right from the start, by the second or third class, we were a strong unit as a class, as a team. You don’t get that with the other programs. The price point is so reasonable for the outcome and the community, the connections, the leadership, mentorship that’s offered. It’s superior to everything outside seen on the market. I couldn’t say that if that wasn’t an absolute truth. It wouldn’t resonate with me. I wouldn’t go there.

How are you today?

I’m on top of the world. I am growing so fast now as a result of the pivot and what I’ve done there and other stuff too. I don’t want to discount the other support that I have outside of the pivot community. Collectively, I am growing as fast as I can keep up with me. Thank God I have a therapist that lives with me too so I’m continuing my therapy to keep my growth at its maximum level. I’m doing amazing.

I will say I love you. You’re amazing. You’ve been such a wonderful addition to the community that we have. I welcome, as you do, that that community continues to grow in its diversity. We have people all over the world that are part of it, which is so wonderful. People are tuning in and checking out what’s going on and being a part in contributing things, from wherever they are, in whatever ways make sense for them. Primarily that’s been through Facebook.

One of the things I want to remind folks of is, if you’re interested in the PIVOT process, you can obviously let us know. That’s great. In fact, you can go to this program called the Pivot Incubator. If you’re curious about that, you can go to PivotIncubator.com and PivotiIncubator.com/Join. You can watch videos, see things and make good decision and an informed decision. If you’d like to join the community, we have a community just for the folks that are in that program, but we have a wider community as well that’s called Start My PIVOT Community on Facebook. You can get there by going to PivotFB.com. It’s a place where you can answer a few questions. We curate the community. We’ll answer those questions, we’ll do a little research on you, and you’ll come and join a few rules. Not too many rules but that you contribute, that you’re willing to be a great receiver, that you’re not there to promote, so it’s not just a place where you do a lot of self-promotion. We don’t allow that. If you’re willing to be an active member and receive support and give it as well, it will be a great place.

I want to end this particular podcast the same way we began in such an important way, which is that we’re present with each other. Through the breath, whatever you’re doing right now, it’s so healthy to breathe deeply into this moment. Feel how blessed this moment is. We all have challenges, everybody does. It’s part of the process. There’s something really special about recognizing the patterns and the things that are universal in our experience of living. It’s been that way since the beginning. That’s my theory anyway. Your experience of living isn’t that different than a person’s experience of living even 100, 200 or 500 years ago. It’s in recognizing those patterns and recognizing the process and the universal truths that exist all around us that enable us to be fully here, now in this together. That’s the best part; that we’re together in this. Through our breath we are one, and that is so amazing.

I will pick up my magic wand and declare that we all get to wake up tomorrow. We get to wake up a little bit more tomorrow than we are today. Waking up our consciousness and waking up our spiritual beings, and waking up our bodies, all of it. As we take that first conscious breath tomorrow morning, as we get to do, because we’ve said it we’re going to wake up, we can recognize and know that there are people in that moment who are taking their very last breath, and that moment is special. You can be grateful then, regardless of whether you’re riding high in life or whether there are some things that are challenging you at the moment. We could be grateful then. Part one is we wake up and part two is we’re grateful. If you’re willing to declare these words out loud, just to see how it resonates for you and what happens potentially, what miracles even take place when you start to declare this on a daily basis, you can say, “I love my life. I love my life. I love my life.” What a blessing. Sonya, thank you for being our guest on our show.

Thank you for having me.

We love you all. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, put a big smile on your face. Have an incredible rest of your day or your evening, and leave comments. Feel free to do a review on iTunes as well. We love the reviews, five stars are great. Any feedback, any comment, any thoughts are also really, really welcome. Thank you so much. We’ll see you again soon. Ciao for now.


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