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Resilience Keynote Speaking & Workshops

How do we successfully manage change?

Most people think the definition of resilience is the ability to bounce back from hardship. While this is certainly an important aspect of resilience, Adam Markel, resilience keynote speaker, believes that any singular definition ignores the complexity of this most crucial state of being. Yes, resilience enables you to bounce back from challenges … and end up even stronger. Through research and experience, Adam discovered that being resilient makes you better able to effectively utilize change, create solutions, manage your energy and often, determine how situations will unfold in your life.

Resilience goes beyond bouncing back. It’s the ability to thrive – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – regardless of what may be happening in your environment.

– Adam Markel

Adam’s Resilience Story

Inspiring, Entertaining & Impactful Resilience Speaker

Keynote Speaker Adam Markel

Listed as one of Huffington Post’s top speakers to see, Adam Markel is an in-demand resilience speaker, reinvention expert, keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of PIVOT: The Art & Science of Reinventing Your Career & Life. Adam has redefined what it means to manage change, enroll your employees, grow your sales and lead from the heart.

He does this by infusing heart and energy into every event that he keynotes:

  • Heart: Uniting your group with more love and helping them find their best.
  • Energy: Opening your meeting with the energy of a human battery and closing with an impact your attendees will never forget.

Adam Markel’s extensive experience in both business and speaking on global stages translates into a powerful experience for any audience. He uniquely integrates self-development and business mastery to inspire, motivate and empower accelerated success. Adam tailors his resilience speaking to meet the needs and goals of both the event organizers and audience. He shares both primary and secondary research, punctuated by story for maximum engagement. Adam’s keynotes on resilience are interactive, engaging, high energy and inspirational. He employs “accelerated learning techniques” while speaking, such as exercises, processes and suggestology, resulting in participants learning faster and retaining more of what they learn. Attendees gain skills, tools, strategies, and practices they can use when returning to their teams.

Adam Markel's Resilience Keynote Speaker Clips

In-Person & Virtual Demo: Developing Resilience

Doing This for 10 Seconds Can Change Your Life!

Resilience & Recovery

100% Engagement, Rowing Together

Curious to Measure Your Organization’s Resilience Level?

Looking to create a more resilient culture? Understanding your baseline is the first step. All of Adam’s engagements include use of our proprietary Resilient Leader Assessment™ tool. Learn more here.

“The assessment added a lot to the engagement and was very insightful, both on an individual and group level.”

– Chris C. Echo Global Logisti


Clients Building Resilience

Testimonials: Adam Markel as a Resilience Speaker

Adam, thank you!!! Really pleased with the session. My energy level took a quantum leap over the course of the session! It was great with so many inspiring messages and simple but powerful ideas that can easily be implemented. Your interactivity and dynamism stood out.

Adam’s energy and engagement was really compelling. He did a great job interacting and we appreciated how he personalized the content, including weaving in the celebratory aspect and their work from the last year.

thumbnail_citi private

Adam is an amazing speaker who is able to keep the audience engaged all the time even in a virtual session. He goes beyond by sharing his unique resilience assessment tool which is a huge takeaway for everyone. Adam simply delivered great learnings in a true storytelling experience. Looking forward to having him again.


Adam was a perfect choice for our all employee meeting this year. His message of resilience couldn’t have been more relevant. His energy was engaging, his passion palpable, and his message gave our team members the boost they needed to move through the balance of the year positively and confidently.”

It was an absolute pleasure to have Adam on our program! He was wonderful! It was a very powerful message and presentation! We all loved him.

Words cannot fully express the depth of my gratitude. Adam’s presentation was exciting, informative and memorable. The staff was very engaged and are raving about it. Thanks for making our experience with you pleasurable.

We are 2 weeks post meeting and the energy remains high. People are speaking about the meeting as transformative…that was our goal…notably your ending!!

Adam is a high energy and dynamic speaker that kept our managers and team engaged with an impactful message that far surpassed our expectations.

If you want to transform the lives within your organization, Adam is a guy who can help make it happen.

Adam’s session with us was terrific – compelling, high-energy and thought-provoking. Folks really got into it and told us later how much they appreciated the interactivity. Three weeks later, I’m still hearing ‘thank you’ from our members!

Adam’s talk about leadership and resilience provided a great foundation for the conference, inspiring attendees to engage in a productive and interactive learning experience. His high energy presentation was insightful, relevant and reinforced our key messages and goals.

Everyone really enjoyed Adam’s engaging keynote! The energy he imbibed lasted well into the event, nearly doubling the engagement over past meetings! Our group is historically very quiet and somewhat introverted; I was impressed with how much participation he inspired.

Adam’s words were extremely impactful and his resilient leadership message was the ideal way to end our conference activities.

Adam Markel's Keynote Speeches & Workshops on Resilience

As a resilience keynote speaker and expert, Adam helps individuals and businesses embrace change, execute disruption and cultivate work cultures of greater unity and resilience. Whether through keynotes, online workshops, one-on-one training or mentorships (available via ZOOM for virtual resilience building as well), there are many ways that Adam and his team can help you create an environment where high performance is the norm.

Adam has years of experience delivering his messages and training virtually as well. Regardless of the location and size of your team, Adam can bring them together and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in today’s marketplace.

These core talks have created positive ROI for individuals and businesses worldwide. When Adam Markel is your speaker, he tailors his talk to your specific event goals and audience.

The Way Forward

Going Back Is Not An Option, Here’s the Way Forward

Over the past year leaders were increasingly faced with the challenge of optimizing employee performance while championing them through the very real issues of the pandemic and social unrest. According to the Harvard Business Review, employee productivity in most organizations dropped by at least 3 to 6 percent during COVID-19.

Many of us are relieved at the prospect of getting back to “normal”. But let’s face it, these issues are unlikely to be resolved by going back to the way organizations used to function. We’re also witnessing a cultural shift where a large percentage of employees, in particular millennials, have new expectations around what is required to build a culture of collaboration and productivity.

The only way forward is to become Change Proof – to have the capacity to leverage uncertainty and change – whether it’s the new normal or the next normal – to build long-term growth. The way forward involves a series of small but meaningful PIVOTS that reset, re-energize and re-engage our workforce.

Resilience is the foundation, both individually and organizationally. Research shows that by utilizing innovative recovery techniques and resilience rituals, we don’t just recover from adversity we actually increase our capacity to address future stress and avoid costly burnout. In other words, we are built to bounce forward, not back. Our brains can learn (at almost any age) how to process stress and turn it into strategy — by building the narrative of resilience. Resilient cultures enjoy improved health, more energy, passion and engagement, lower turnover and greater team innovation and productivity.

In his highly interactive resilience keynote, The Way Forward, Adam shares tangible, impactful practices to improve our levels of resilience – and how to leverage the power of uncertainty to build long-term growth and become Change Proof.

Got Your Back

Create a Culture of Care & Collaboration

Stress and overwhelm are even larger challenges for organizations today, making these questions ever more important: Are we too tired, busy or burned-out to think big? And if so, what do we do about it? With the pace of change only continuing to escalate during and after COVID-19, it’s critical that businesses provide an optimal environment for people to be at their best.

With an estimated $62 billion being spent each year in corporate health and safety costs alone due to exhaustion and burnout, it’s vital that leaders develop the organizational capacity to not only perform under stress, but to thrive in the face of it.

In this virtual, high-energy and interactive talk, Adam explores the critical factors necessary to build higher performance capacity and resilience through a Got Your Back Culture. Your team will leave with tangible takeaways for a lasting impact well after the event is over.

Change Proof

Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Create Long-Term Resilience

Unprecedented, chaotic, overwhelming, exhausting. These are the words most frequently used today to describe our personal and professional lives. Let’s face it though, this is not the first time – nor will it be the last – that we will be challenged on a mental, emotional, physical, and yes, even a spiritual level. When we’re not at our best in these areas, we just don’t perform well, leaving creativity, flexibility and innovation on the table. The impact? Our key performance indicators suffer, including revenue and profitability.

Today’s imperative is for our organizations to cultivate our ability to become Change-Proof: having the ability to not just to ride the waves of change… but to shred them and stay on top for the long ride! Resilience is the foundation, both individually and organizationally, for maintaining performance. Research shows that when we develop, practice, and invest in the skills of resilience, the results are improved health, more energy, passion and engagement, lower turnover and greater team innovation and performance.

In this high-energy, virtual keynote speech on resilience, Adam teaches simple, usable daily practices to improve our levels of resilience and how to leverage the stress of uncertainty and change to build long-term growth.

Create High Performance Leadership Like A Lifeguard

Resilience as the Unsung Hero of Your Business

With 18 years as a trial attorney and 9 years as the CEO of a large training and development company, Adam Markel has much to share with audiences about leadership and resilience. However, his greatest and most enduring lessons came from the 7 years he spent as a lifeguard on the beach in Long Island.

In this high energy speech dealing with resilience, Adam will share what he calls the “Resilient Leadership Model” to help create high performance results — where team members are mentally, emotionally, and physically bought into the same mission. Adam helps his audiences understand that resilience is a lot more than endurance and that leadership means more than simply being in charge. His heart-centered leadership techniques help organizations understand how to nurture their teams so they can outlast the competition and go the distance.

Through a combination of audience participation and powerful stories straight out today’s headlines, Adam Markel shares:

  • How transparency creates trust — the most critical element in developing a high performing team.
  • How to hold team members accountable from a place of love versus judgment.
  • A game-changing feedback system to encourage more authentic, fast and effective communication.
  • Systems that encourage healthy risk-taking and create a got-your-back culture vs, a watch-your-back culture.

Use the P.I.V.O.T. Formula to Create A Culture of Creativity

Embracing Change & the Path to Innovation

Disruption is inevitable. If your organization is not prepared to manage and make the most of change – or clings to the status quo because of the perceived risk, your days may be numbered: 88% of the Fortune 500 companies from 1955 are no longer in business.

Without a pivot-ready culture, businesses run the risk of mediocrity creeping in, threatening an organization’s long term profits and its very survival.Our ability to reinvent and innovate – what Adam Markel refers to as “PIVOT-Ability” – is critical to business longevity. Pivoting requires vision, agility, resilience and the ability to utilize change to its fullest.

Adam Markel’s motivational speech on resilience will help your team:

  • Embrace the law of small changes to increase productivity and operational longevity.
  • Leverage a 4-part Resilience Regeneration process to build top-down and bottom-up resilience into your organization.
  • Shift from an old paradigm success formula to one that encourages your team to reach new heights while learning from “great mistakes”.
  • Breakthrough the fear of change and challenge “status quo” results.

Motivation In A Keynote Is Great. Tangible Tools & Takeaways Are Even Better

During his years as a transformational trainer in personal and business development, Adam learned the importance of the entire experience for the audience. Part of his Accelerated Learning approach is to provide attendees with anchors that reinforce key messages, as well as exercises that solidify takeaways and help participants integrate their learnings into real change they can take back to their teams.

One of the best ways to bring home a message for an audience is to make it personal. Audiences who take the Resilient Leader Assessment in advance are presented with their own resilience results, as well as strategies for handling their unique challenges and opportunities. Want to build your resilience so you too can show up at your 100%? Download Adam’s Resilience Kickstart Kit. Learn strategies and tips to build your and your team’s resilience, including Adam’s favorite practices, daily habits and must-know products. You’ll also receive regular updates to help keep resilience a priority.

"3-Whistle" Resilience Principles

Over the course of 30 years as a resilience speaker, Adam learned that being resilient is of life and death importance to lifeguards and other first responders. What isn’t widely known or talked about is how to utilize adversity as a catalyst for growth. Over the course of 30 years Adam learned that Resilience is the ability to experience setbacks or failures and use them to create momentum. In other words Resilience isn’t about bouncing-back, it’s about Bouncing-Forward. In working with leaders and businesses all around the globe, as well in analyzing hundreds of organizational and individual case studies and research, Adam has discovered that the three most important markers of resilience are our ability to:

Reframe, Reset and Regenerate.

1. Reframe

Perception is reality! Our ability to create meaning and our meaning-making capability empowers how we see everything. If we can acknowledge this power and harness it then we can make truly grounded decisions as leaders at work and in our personal lives. When adversity, conflict, challenge or disruption arises, here’s how reframing works… we must Pause, Ask and Choose. Pause to ground ourselves; Ask what the creative opportunity is based on the meaning we can extract from the situation; and Choose to move forward using all that we can learn from the events that have taken place. To do this means we can get out of our own way in finding and creating solutions. When we are equipped to reframe something and look at it differently, a world of new possibilities becomes our reality.

2. Reset

Given the types of disruptions we face almost everyday it is possible to find ourselves lost or in the weeds. Sometimes we even make mistakes! The GPS on our phone is programmed to find a new path to almost any destination without judging us for making a wrong turn in the first place. The ability to get to our goals requires that we “recalculate” and “redirect” from time to time. Our research is clear that the ability to reset ourselves at various times of the day, without criticism, elevates our capacity to move toward our desired outcomes and perform at our best in  the process.

3. Regenerate

Recovery is critical to building resilience. How can we thrive when we’re functioning at, say, 70% of our capacity? Regenerating our mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual battery increases our staying power and performance. Our research found that the best athletes in the world have one thing in common with the highest achievers in business — rituals for recharging themselves in each of the 4 MEPS realms. Organizations perform better when their leaders are both an example of resilience and a promoter of it’s benefits  to those around them.

There are not many success stories that don’t involve healthy resilience. Cultivating your resilience is a skill in business and life that is truly game-changing. In fact, it is now recognized that more than intelligence and talent, resilience is the single most important trait required to succeed in today’s highly complex market.

Who Will Benefit from a Resilience Speaker?

Corporate Audiences

Corporations must innovate or die. The keys to innovation lay within a corporation’s ability to effectively creating a clear vision, motivating employees through purpose-driven leadership, and successfully utilizing the principles of change management.


A solid foundation is critical to the success of every aspiring and current business owner. The PIVOT process provides entrepreneurs with a roadmap and tools to create a strong and thriving business and lifestyle; one that is congruent with their goals and the markets they serve.

Career Services Professionals

Economics, technology innovation, changing worker demographics and definitions of value and success have shifted the landscape of the job market. Adam presents tools and strategies that career placement professionals can use to arm their clients with the skills to handle and adapt to what is ahead. Ultimately, this better serves their corporate clients by ensuring a better employee fit and reducing the impact of the expensive terrible T’s: Turnover and Toxicity, having a direct hit on their bottom line.

Anyone Serious About Growth & Maximizing Their Potential

PIVOT is a framework for recognizing and maximizing your true potential. Whether your goal is a flourishing business, optimizing your career and lifestyle, or stepping up your contribution to the world, the PIVOT principles are the tools you want.

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