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Engineering Happiness.

Choose what to experience


Engineering Happiness

Happiness Keynote Speaker Adam Markel

Choose how to experience life


What if you decided to love your life, no matter what?

– Adam Markel, Keynote Speaker

Doing This for 10 Seconds Can Change Your Life

In Adam’s inspirational TEDx talk, he challenges us to love our lives….no matter what. We chose how we want to experience our life and this, ‘I love my life challenge’ is a way to consciously reverse engineer happiness. As a Happiness Keynote Speaker, Adam highlights how engineering unconditional happiness is also a key ingredient for cultivating overall resilience in your personal and business lives.

It’s no secret that unhappy people are more disengaged and disconnected from other people. They also tend to experience greater levels of overwhelm, frustration and anxiety. Studies show they are also at higher risk of being despondent and falling into depression. Happiness keynote speaker and resilience expert, Adam Markel believes that choosing to experience happiness is a key ingredient to cultivating resilience which can counteract some of the pitfalls people slip into.

“The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time.”

– James Taylor

So, how do we find happiness? Like James Taylor says in his song “The Secret of Life”, “The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time….” – if we can enjoy the process of life, of our growth and the process of our constant and neverending learning, enjoying the process feels like happiness.

We all want to experience ourselves feeling free, prosperous, fulfilled, grateful and connected to other people. These are all states of being that contribute to something we call “happiness”. From Adam’s perspective, happiness is just a word that we assign to a particular way of feeling. So, these experiences or states of being are more important to seek, versus something external that we strive for which, once attained, tend to be fleeting. As a keynote speaker, Adam encourages individuals to engineer their own happiness as a way of living.

Adam as a Happiness Keynote Speaker

Recipe for Engineering

Happiness is a word that we assign to a particular way of feeling. To reverse engineer happiness, reflect on how you’d like to experience yourself being to set a daily foundation.

The concept of starting the day with a “Code of Conduct” is one exercise Adam recommends as a way to reverse engineer what we experience on any particular day.

This simple yet profound exercise always yields positive feedback when he’s a keynote speaker.

adam code of conduct photo

In Adam’s keynotes, he outlines his perspective on happiness and its relationship with resilience.

He shares tangible insights and tools for creating personal happiness which ultimately leads to a productive and engaged organization.

Adam hooks the audience with processes and exercises to ensure they are fully committed to what they are learning, as well as provides physical, co-branded  takeaways to anchor their experience.

The content of the resilience model was so uplifting to me and my fellow team members. It’s just been amazing. Thank you so much Adam, we appreciate you.

– Deidre Dann, Sales Operations, Sundek

Make Peace With Your Money

In this episode of The Conscious PIVOT Podcast, Adam interviews Ken Honda, Japan’s best-selling Zen millionaire and the author of the book Happy Money. Adam and Ken discuss making peace with your money as a key aspect of happiness.


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