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Creating abundance of every kind, including in the area of money and business, is a really useful thing. Peta Kelly says sometimes it’s difficult to stay in balance but it’s really possible to create harmony in all these areas. Peta is a mother, an entrepreneur, a seven-figure earner, and author of the book, Earth Is Hiring, a playful guidebook for millennials about what Mother Earth is asking of us as individuals and a collective. With a dream to become a doctor by the time she was 25, Peta took the path that most people her age took. Six months into her Ph.D. scholarship, she started seeing signs in her body and that she was no longer on the right path. Peta took a leap of faith and left her Ph.D. and turned to entrepreneurship. Now, she is helping her generation understand what evolution has given us in our DNA that is so different and how to use our unique gifts to create abundance and be a more thriving collective.

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How To Use Our Unique Gifts to Create Abundance with Peta Kelly

I’m feeling so blessed at this moment to be here with you. I feel in my body this peace and this calm, it’s a lovely feeling. It’s something that I want to feel and experience as often as possible. It is true that what we focus on is what we manifest. When I’m thinking about peace, when I’m focused on peace, when I’m asking questions about how it is that I can experience more peace, it’s so interesting how answers show up that are peaceful and how my experience mirrors that desire and that focus. Peace was on my mind when I woke up, even though I’ve done a whole lot and I’ve had a lot of things going on. I took a beautiful 30-minute walk in the sunshine and looking at flowers and putting my hands on trees, just experiencing connectedness.

At the same time, also experimenting with where it is that I find myself by default so to speak, thinking and experiencing myself as separate from things that are either inanimate objects or even other living things in nature that I feel separate from, including other people. It was lovely that I came back to my office and found that on my agenda was this incredible conversation I was going to have with a lovely person, an incredible young woman, who is a mother and an entrepreneur, a seven-figure earner. For those of you that are hyped about that, there’s no reason not to be because currency is a useful thing. I’m a huge believer in creating an abundance of every kind including in the area of money and business. She has managed to harmonize a lot of those things. I don’t say balance because I don’t know that balance is, what the yin and yang is all about.

It’s a difficult thing to stay in balance, but it is possible to create harmony. In knowing her a very short while but having more knowledge and awareness about her family and being related to her and connected to her through my own book agent-publisher, this is a conversation I’m looking forward to. I get to introduce you to Peta Kelly, who happens to be the author of an incredible book, which is magnificent, Earth is Hiring: The New way to live, lead, earn and give for millennials and anyone who gives a sh*tTell us a little bit about yourself. I know you have a great deal of humility, which I so respect. Also, it’s important that people know what you think is important about your history and your bio.

I’m Australian. I don’t know if it is that obvious because of my accent but when I go home to Aus, everybody tells me I sound American, which is crazy. My husband is like, “You are so Aussie.” I grew up in Australia, my mom was a single mom of four, which is an important part of my story because she is my hero. When I left school, I had a dream to become a doctor by the time I was 25. I went on that path, which is a path that most people my age thought was a good path. Go to university, do an honors degree, get a PhD scholarship through that, then I would be a doctor by the time I was 25. I did that and I got all the way through. I published research, I did an honor’s degree and then I got my PhD scholarship. I was about six months in then.

I started to get sign after sign in my body and my feelings of anxiousness in my gut, in my exhaustion that I was no longer on the right path. That was one of the greatest pivots in my life because it took a lot of courage to admit that this very safe path of science and PhD, becoming a doctor that young was not for me anymore. I didn’t have any business background. My family didn’t have any business background. All I knew was science, soccer and partying. I took a leap of faith and left my PhD and went traveling around the world. That’s when I was first introduced to my first business, which was network marketing done well, done right and done with integrity. I look back at that journey and I realize how important that was because I was so young, 23, when I was introduced to these tens of thousands of Millennials who are also attracted to this business model.

They were struggling to understand how they fit into this world and struggling to understand themselves, what was so different about how they knew when they’re being. We are here to live, lead and give differently. I was thrust into this leadership role and I was growing as fast as I could. I’m throwing myself into what I intend to be my sole purpose, to help this generation understand what evolution has given us in our DNA that is so different, how to use our unique gifts to create a more thriving and be a more thriving collective for our planet and our children and through all the elements of business and leadership, just living in our vibration, giving and philanthropy. That led me to create other businesses and I still serve in that arena. I create other businesses and projects. I call it employed by the Earth, “Where do you want me? Deploy me.”

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One thing I would love to track with you is what’s something you’re grateful for?

My child. She’s ten months old. She’s so amazing to us. She’s magic.

I never asked anybody this before. Randi and I, we have four kids. I wish we had a little one, not anytime soon, although we might find ourselves with a little grandchild at some point. It would be lonely. What’s the thing that blows you away the most from looking at your little girl?

When people say, “This is my child.” I’ve always seen her as I was the mother that she chose to birth her. She is so divine and not mine. I am so grateful to be her mom and to get to hold a space for her to blossom. It always felt weird for me when people have this ownership over their children. The most amazing thing for me is how amazing she is, that I got to be a vessel for this complete individual child to be born. As we’re going to get into it, I speak a lot about every generation having evolutionary changes in their DNA to adapt to the world. I can already see in her this brilliance that the world doesn’t know yet. I feel like her entire generation is going to blow us away with her brilliance. I’m already seeing it. I love that I got to explain to the world why Millennials are so different. I’m looking at her and she’s teaching me, “Mom, you haven’t seen anything yet.” I’m in awe of her as a person and her entire generation. I can’t wait for her to start speaking so I can start taking notes.

I was feeling grateful as you share your story. I was thinking about the unified field and I was thinking, “What does that mean? What’s the gap? How do I close the gap?” I’m listening to this incredible book by Michael Brown. He’s from South Africa. It’s such a beautiful book called The Presence Process by Michael Brown. In thinking about that and thinking about the synchronicities or the synergies, the moments, “What does that all mean?” You think about somebody and the phone rings and it’s them. You think about somebody and you get a text from them. You’re feeling as though somebody is watching you and you turn over your shoulder and there somebody looking at you.

It’s things like that where we have evidence of our connection points. As I’m contemplating these things and walking back for our interview, then listening to you tell the story of waking up in the morning and feeling some exhaustion, anxiety, feeling that there’s something wrong with the body, you’ve got that message earlier than me. As you are speaking about how your daughter is vibrating at a different level and has different consciousness than you, I was in my late 30s when I was putting my feet on the floor every morning and feeling what I sometimes share as dread, anxiousness, this feeling inside that I couldn’t explain.

In hindsight, which you clearly got earlier than me, it was a sign, it was a symptom that there was something wrong. There are a lot of people that are in that situation too. It’s a blessing that we get pointed out and give people an awareness that there’s nothing wrong. It’s not a sign that something’s wrong, it’s a sign that something’s right in fact. It’s like a tripwire or where a circuit breaker goes off in your home. You wouldn’t ignore a circuit breaker going off, some people would. You can’t plug in, the toaster doesn’t work, the microwave doesn’t work, the lights go out. If their TV goes out, they’re going right to the garage to find that circuit breaker and trip it. Maybe some other place they’ll ignore it. The problem is that too many people are ignoring the symptoms and the signs that something’s not right. I did for years and years to until couldn’t stay anymore. Anything you want to say about that, please go right ahead. I want to dive into what this book is about because I hear too often from people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s 70s that they don’t understand Millennials. I don’t buy that frankly, so I definitely want to get your slant on some of this too. 

PR 85 | Creating Abundance

Creating Abundance: Tens of thousands of millennials are struggling to understand how they fit into this world and struggling to understand themselves.


People are conditioned to not listen to these signs because there’s a collective story of that everything is meant to be so hard. You’re not meant to feel good that feeling good is meant to be earned. That’s a collective story that is dissolving. We’re going to get into that when we talk about Millennials. I woke up one morning and the noise in my head when I end up withdrawing from my PhD, it just was the noise in my head. There was one moment where my soul was snuck in and turned it off so I could hear because I wasn’t listening to my body. I wasn’t listening to the fact that I wasn’t excited about it anymore. I didn’t let that be evident, where it is evident. Our excitement or lack of is evident. We’re not letting it be because we aren’t letting ourselves move to the story that this is meant to feel good. We are meant to be excited, we are meant to be thriving.

We ignore all the clues that are always there. We only have to just close our eyes and tune in for five minutes and ask the question, “Is this where I’m meant to be? Am I so excited about this? Am I acting curious about this?” I changed my mind, which is the greatest integrity that we have is our ability to say, “That is not resonating with me anymore. I’m changing my mind.” That could mean exiting a business just as it is about to become profitable. It could mean walking away from anything because it’s not alive anymore. We’re taught to prioritize everything other than alignment, which is why people go on with these symptoms for so long without admitting it to themselves. The collective is putting that story on everyone. People are choosing to borrow that story from the collective rather than creating a story, which has no excitement. It’s all the evidence I need. I can’t follow my excitement and my curiosity and make a living out of that. We also allow ourselves to let our soul give us clarity. Let it be as clear as it is because our soul is so clear, we’re just not listening. It comes down to that trust and that willingness to go against the story that so many people around us are holding on to.

My mom was a full-time school teacher. She very much valued education. When I deferred my PhD, I said to her, “Mom, this isn’t for me anymore.” She just had so much trust in me. She was like, “I get it. You’ve been at university enough that whatever it is next for you is going to be great.” I valued her advice. She trusted me and didn’t lay it on like, “Peta, not many people get the opportunity. You have a PhD scholarship.” Unfortunately for many people, that’s their immediate environment. It’s tough for them to get the courage to honor their alignment. That’s what Millennials are doing, is what I call this divine intolerance. It’s this attitude that we have. It’s not attitude, it’s divine intolerance. We know that we are not meant to feel that way and therefore, Millennials are demanding better working environments, work from home policies, not wearing baggy suits to work.

Our children, they’re going to have even more divine intolerance than us. We’re getting wiffy like, “That 9 to 5 doesn’t genuinely work for us.” It’s not something that we have thought up. It’s in our DNA. Genuinely, we are here to be a more thriving collective for our planet and our children. That’s why we are divinely intolerant of all the things that have previously been so expected of people our age.

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What’s coming up for me is the word modeling. This is important and I think of it as a big piece. When I was waking up and feeling the way I was doing, what I was feeling so many years ago, I kept it to myself. I kept it as my private thing. I didn’t know whether I can even share that at that point. We had four young kids. We had houses, cars and all kinds of responsibilities. It was a part of me just owning the fact that nobody promised me a rose garden, that old song. Nobody promised that it had to be easier.

The truth is, I came home one day from work. It was late. I’d missed the kids going to sleep and I walked up to my wife and I said, “If I keep doing what I’m doing, you’re going to be a widow.” You could have heard a pin drop. What was amazing is that she didn’t remind me of all the reasons why it wouldn’t be a good idea to exit my law career. I had a multi-state, multimillion-dollar law practice, a lot of responsibility and clients. She didn’t remind me of everything that would be put at risk if I decide I need to change something. She just said to me, “Deep breath. Pause and we’ll figure it out.”

That was her, just like your mom trusting. She trusted me even at the moment when I was learning trust for myself. That’s a part of this whole equation is that it’s important when you have people around you that will reflect trust in you back, as your mom did. Ultimately, it becomes our responsibility and our journey to trust ourselves. Why the word modeling came up is for me, these are the things that when we have kids or regardless of whether we have kids or want to have kids or not, we’re modeling in the world. We’re constantly modeling for others how we are showing up. This idea of divine intolerance is something I called before as divine discontent. I love that term, divine intolerance. You’re right, our kids and our kid’s kids are going to be less tolerant.

They’re much more intolerant. Take a look at the #MeToo Movement. Take a look at what’s going on. It’s never black and white. It’s a pendulum. When we’re becoming intolerant to some things, the pendulum swings. This is not me making it up, it’s physics, it’s law. If a pendulum swings in 30 degrees to this direction, it will automatically swing back in the opposite direction 30 degrees. Finding this place of center or harmony or maybe somebody would call balance, the way of middle and center, is a part of the movement that we may be talking about, but the pendulum will swing to that intolerance. We won’t tolerate working in an environment where we don’t feel like the work we’re doing is meaningful. We are not fulfilled and feel purpose-driven and where we don’t buy in or selling our souls for money. Selling our time for money. At least from my standpoint, in addition to doing what my heart called me to do and learning how to trust my heart, I also felt good in having modeled that for our kids.

Our oldest children, our daughters, Chelsea and Lindsay, are both in their mid-twenties. They’re the people who this book is talking about, the Millennials. What was the genesis of this book? What was the motivation? What’s the ultimate outcome? I know when I started to write Pivot, I wrote it for the kids. I initially wrote it as a guidebook. I figured when our kids would get to that place in their 20s, 30s, 40s, whenever it might be where they hit the wall, where they were running up against a crisis point or crisis of which direction to go, whether it was midlife or otherwise, I got a midlife calling and I wanted them to know exactly how it was. Even though it wasn’t necessarily easy or clean, I was able to change my direction and make a new decision based on what the message, the semantic intelligence, the message that my body was sending and my heart was sending. Please share with us about the book, the motivation, why you wrote it and what’s the central premise?

I wrote the book while I was pregnant. I edited it in the first three months of Sol’s life. The motivation and the reason why I always tell people writing a book is not hard, getting the information is not hard, especially when you’re engaged in the book and you’re aligned with the book. My motivation was I want it to be done by the time she was born. It was important to me and it happened to me that she had this book and she knew how much I cared about the world and her generation, and how much our entire generation cared about our role here. I wanted it to be like a timestamp. When she looks back and when they look back, they’re like, “That’s what was going on then.” That’s what you cared about and this is what you’re talking about.

That’s why I was very open in the book about sharing how I felt about things that were happening in politics. Even though I’m not into politics purely for that timestamps so they could look back and laugh, that’s how they were responding. My motivation was my child and her entire generation. When you’re carrying the next generation in your womb, you start to feel more responsive to the world even more. I feel like books are their own entities. It was time. The entity told me, “I want to be written. This is how I want to be written.” I let it out. It was to help the world understand Millennials, which is so important and I do that in the introduction so that we can get on with it. It was for my generation to understand themselves, not feel weird, not feel like they had to take on the projections of selfish, entitled, lazy and then also for my daughter’s generation. It was three-pronged.

PR 85 | Creating Abundance

Creating Abundance: Writing a book and getting information now is not as hard, especially when you’re really engaged in the book and you align with the book.


It is powerful when we do decide at the moment that there’s something that seeking expression and we won’t deny it. There are so many people that I hear from a part of our community or people pivoting, thinking about it whatever it is. There’s book writing, getting a book out is one of those things that a lot of folks say they want to do. Very few people actually go ahead and do it. This is empowering to know that you did it and it didn’t have to be difficult or make it any more difficult than it needed to be. I don’t know whether you saw this but Simon Sinek, I used to promote his book, Start With Why. When I became the CEO of a company called Peak Potentials some years ago and I started running that organization, I gave two books out in the first few weeks. One of them was Start With Why. I’m saying how it’s an amazing book.

He did a talk that has got millions and millions of views about Millennials. It was pejorative, as a negative slant on Millennials. I don’t know if you saw that talk, but it pissed me off to see it. I thought, “You are so much more enlightened than this.” You’re speaking to the stereotype. You’re certainly speaking to something that people that you can point to, and yet you’re not looking below the surface or looking at the motivation or the why. You wrote a book called Start With Why and yet you’re not looking at the why behind why a Millennial is showing up at work the way they do. Do you have any thoughts on that?

I wrote about that in the introduction of my book. I referred specifically to Simon Sinek and gave him my full respect. I concluded that Start With Why diagram in one of my keynotes of 15,000 people four years ago. Still to this day, it’s some very valuable information but that piece missed the mark. You can’t talk about Millennials if you’re not a Millennial. You can’t say you understand if you’re not running with the equipment of a Millennial. They’re all intellectual points to trying to explain Millennials like the parenting, the phones, the technology. It can go on forever and ever. The bottom line is every generation is perfectly equipped for the planet. That’s what people are failing to understand is that this is all about evolution. It’s such a divine explanation that people are missing and they’re trying to be intellectual.

We can go and have a look at every generation and take apart the intellectual aspects of why they do what they do and how they are, but it’s all about the heart. What I know to be true is that Millennials have different genetic equipment. We’re made differently. At the beginning of my book, there’s a diagram of God wearing a beanie, whatever people assume God looks like soul, universe and he’s emptying a box of divine intolerance into Millennials and there’s a team huddle. He’s saying, “You’re about to go down. It’s 1988. This is what’s going on with the world. We are overpopulated. We require this and this. This is the equipment I put into your DNA, so you can respond.” That’s the answer. It’s evolution, it’s simple. There’s nothing wrong. It’s perfect. Millennials are doing exactly what they are meant to this world in exactly the way they are meant to do it.

In the introduction of my book, I say, “I hate to break all these great research articles that are going on, but I can explain everything in just one word. It’s evolution.” You can all hold your horses. Stop doing all this research. You can look online and find how many Millennials sleep with their phone by the bed. It’s like the whole world is obsessed with understanding Millennials and yet it’s because they are seeing this generation operate with new equipment. It’s scary for them. It’s crazy. When I look at my daughter, Sol, I can’t wait to see what you do differently to us. Millennials aren’t being received by the world that way because the changes are happening so rapidly. Every generation takes their turn to change the world. That’s just how it is. Millennials are taking our turn to change the world, and just because the world is not comfortable with how, they have to trust that the world has different demands. The planet has different demands and expectations of us as people.

Therefore, the divine source when we were created had to gift us and make us different so that we could respond differently to the world. That might be our woo-woo example of some people or an explanation for some people, but if you look at generations, every single generation was different to the one before, which is why every generation have different inventions, different policies, different politicians, different ways of doing things, and that’s all that’s happening with Millennials. The whole world needs to take a chill pill and trust. Also, give a little bit of credit to everything amazing that this generation is doing. It just comes down to everybody borrows the story from the collective. The Millennials are selfish and entitled because it’s so easy to borrow the story that everyone else is telling. If you look at Millennials and all the amazing things they do and how much they care, every company has a social cause attached to it and that there is this divine intolerance. There has never been a more civic-minded, environmentally caring generation on Earth than Millennials and yet people are not giving credit where credit is due.

There are all lazy and entitled Millennials, but there are lazy and entitled Gen X’s as well. There are lazy and entitled Baby Boomers. We have to look at the heart of the generation, which is what my job is because I’m in it every day. The heart of the generation is what we want to look at. In this world, it’s a lot better to just be like, “Millennials, you’re different.” Show us what’s different because for me, I’m so grateful that I know this. When Sol grows up and she has these gifts, talents and abilities and these thoughts that are different to mine, I can appreciate them as her genetic equipment that is different from mine because. In order for us to evolve, every generation has to do things differently and it is that simple.

For the people that are still shaking their head and aren’t getting it, let’s give them the DNA. Let’s give them the heart of the generation that we’re talking about. 

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Things that don’t make sense to Millennials I suppose are a hierarchy, celebrity-dom. This isn’t all Millennials, I’m into talking about every single Millennial. I’m talking about what’s at the heart of this generation that’s going to evolve us? This whole idea of hierarchy and celebrity-dom, where success is being measured by what you do rather than how you feel. The underlying role of our generation is that to get people to understand that the reason that there are homeless people, the reason there is poverty, the reason that everything with the environment we believe is happening, all of that happening is not rocket science. It’s all hard science. It is a lack of heart-centeredness. It’s a consciousness issue, it’s not a resource issue.

Our generation is clued into that. It doesn’t make sense if there are still people hungry. It’s not that we don’t have enough money, it’s that we collectively don’t give enough crap. That’s why you see Millennials build companies that all have a profit share. At the beginning of my book, I write about it. On Shark Tank, you see the Millennials walk in. They’re not wearing pinstriped suits anymore because they value their well-being and their vibration because that’s what we know to be what our planet requires. People need to feel good or we are not going to be like our planet. We’re not going to know harmony with each other. Our alignment and our vibration are what we are here to change.

Denying our heart, ignoring or heart doesn’t pay great dividends. This is an interesting point that you’re making. The reason I interrupt you there is that I’m thinking in the mind of somebody who’s expressed these objections, and I’ve heard them a lot regardless of the age. Let’s say it’s some Baby Boomer that’s saying, “I don’t get them. I don’t get this generation. They’re lazy and they’re disrespectful. They walk in the Shark Tank, this great big opportunity. They should be wearing a suit. They should be showing respect for themselves, for the show and modeling for the people.” Stop right there. I’m not a Millennial clearly, but I have Millennial-aged children to the extent that that gives me any cred, so be it. Otherwise, my heart and my gut instinct tell me this is part of the issue.

What’s been modeled for Millennials is a generation and a world that that doesn’t work the best way it’s capable of. Meaning, it’s worked well enough. We’ve done a great job as the generation before and the generation before that. It’s not good enough. That’s what evolution is. It’s never accepting what could be. That’s mediocrity. This is a generation that is intolerant to mediocrity. This is a generation that will trust an algorithm before they’ll trust a person in many ways. An algorithm doesn’t lie and what they’ve seen or what’s been model for them are their parents or their parents’ parents that have been cheated and lied to.

We had a huge bubble in the dot-com at the end of the end of the last century. We had a huge real estate debacle in the United States and what became all but a depression here. They’ve seen their parents get tossed out after twenty years of service from companies. They’ve seen companies that mismanaged. A prolific investment bank like Lehman Brothers go bust, go bankrupt and ruin people. There are all these examples of what doesn’t work. For you to assume that they should do it the same way that you did it or what someone before did is making a false assumption or at least an assumption that’s only going to lead to not having clarity.

What you talked about, which was this soul clarity, this idea that our souls will tell us the truth if we’re looking for the evidence. I’m a lawyer so it resonated with me when you talked about finding the clues, looking at the clues and being curious about the evidence. The evidence when we look at it doesn’t necessarily lie to us. We lie to ourselves. Our story is a lie. The parents following someone else’s sample of something that doesn’t work becomes a lie.

PR 85 | Creating Abundance

Creating Abundance: The underlying role of our generation is to get people to understand that the reason there are unfortunate things happening in the world is not a resource issue but a lack of consciousness.


It’s upgrading standards and it’s not disrespecting anything that’s come before. There are different standards. The bottom line is that if we want to have harmony with the Earth which we know is important, and harmony with each other in terms of humanity, it has to happen in the level of the heart. We have to collectively give enough. We have to feel better. This is where people miss it. It’s not our actions and our protests that are going to help the humans live in more harmony with the earth. We are going to be vibrating a level that is more like Mother Earth. We’re going to be feeling more like Mother Earth. We’re going to be giving enough of a shit. That’s why Millennials are like, “I can sit in an office and do this, but if I’m not feeling good, I’m missing the point.”

That’s the truth of this generation because it has to be for us to evolve and be the collective we need to be for our children. This is why there are shitty working environments and shitty clothes. Professionalism to our generation is not baggy suits, hair and makeup. It is honesty, integrity, authenticity, feeling good and creativity. It’s a whole different idea of professionalism. It’s just not the same. I will walk into a business with a billion-dollar company and I’ll be wearing my vintage Levi’s and my Birkenstocks because my professionalism is not measured by what I’m wearing. It’s how authentic I am, how true I am to my vision and how much I’m in my heart. Presence is the professionalism to this generation. There are so much more business standards. My book talks about everything.

What’s the way that we understand business to be done? Money, how we are meant to operate with money so that we can serve more people? What’s that conversation look like? There are things that don’t work. Workaholism doesn’t work. That’s not a story or a belief or a standard that our generation is meant to borrow. That’s why you are looking for, “We want to work from home.” Creativity is dependent on us thriving, not on this should and this path. It’s all different because the Earth is asking us because that’s why we’re here. We’re all here to evolve humanity. The Earth is hiring us to feel better, to feel good and to enjoy our lives more. That’s why we’re working with these different standards because it’s not that we are trying to have an attitude against anything, it’s that this is our truth and this is what we are here to do.

I know that my child is going to have a whole new level of standard. How we lead, how we live, how we earn and how we give are all different. If you look at it, so much of it is going back to ancient tribes and indigenous tribes and how they live but made fresh and relevant again, made adaptive to all of this new world of cryptocurrency. We’re doing our job. We’re doing it in a way that is aligned with what we know to be true in our hearts. I say to my mom all the time that there’s so much I admire about her generation and their courteousness, stuff that our generation doesn’t have, but no generation is perfect. What we’re working on is something on a grander scale. It’s harmony for everyone. We are working on getting our collective to give more of a shit so that we can solve these issues of poverty and hunger. That’s why we know we cannot solve these big world issues if we as a collective are not feeling better. We will know harmony when we are feeling more like the Earth. That’s when we have harmony. It’s not a resource issue, it’s not a rocket science issue, it’s a consciousness issue. That’s our work.

What’s beautiful about that too is the fact that you’re not negating a prior generation. Evolution is not about saying that what came before was wrong or bad. In that prior generation, whatever it was, it could have been the Civil Rights movement in the ’60s. It could have been Women’s Rights movement of the ’70s. People were doing the best they could or were adapting and evolving, and becoming what was required at that moment. The Earth was asking then, it’s not like the Earth was hiring Millennials. That’s different than the Earth hiring in 1950 or at any prior time. That’s the point is it’s relative. It’s not a judgment. 

Everything was perfect then, everything is perfect now. The world wasn’t overpopulated, so companies didn’t have to have the same levels of sustainability and caring for the planet back then. Companies will go bust if they’re not taking care of the planet. Its eco or bust now because that’s where the environment is requiring of us. Back then the world wasn’t overpopulated, the strain on the environment wasn’t as great. People could get away with plastic and stuff like that but you can’t get away with it anymore. They call it hipster. It’s hipster to care about a planet, no it’s just a requirement. That’s why this divine intolerance is so important because the standards are being given to us by the earth, not being made up.

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Nothing changes without modeling. It’s apparent I’m thinking of myself. With four kids, I don’t believe our kids ever listened to us. They don’t listen to us very much, they never have, but they watch everything we do and have that modeling become so important that it is in many ways more about the actions that we’re taking versus the lip service that we’re giving to certain things. Authenticity is at the root of that. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve got this beautiful heart that’s holding my hand. It was something I was thinking was so important that this is a movement toward the heart.

What are your thoughts on that? My own experience in the past among other pivots was that I was a lifeguard. I remember learning as a lifeguard that you had to protect the people in your water. We used to have a mantra at the beach I worked at. It’s quite an active beach with lots of rip currents and people were going into the water they shouldn’t have been in. We’re making saves all the time. We used to say, “Nobody goes down in my water.” That was a mantra and you make the save or you die trying. That vigilance, that being on guard, it took its toll on me for a lot of years to be always on guard and always vigilant and to feel this great stress and the strain in this protection of even protecting myself and my heart from being harmed and protecting my family. In this generation that we’re talking about, they speak much more vulnerably. They’re much more thinking about the use of their heart, the acknowledgment and the guidance of their hearts. It’s a movement away from guarding of the heart to being guided by the heart.

Our generation doesn’t have a tolerance for bullshit. We don’t relate to it. You can say all the words, but we are failing. It’s not just Millennials, it’s everyone on Earth. Bullshit detectors are being cleaned up and we want to feel people’s authenticity. It’s a new standard that we are being asked to speak more from our heart and to share more vulnerably. The same thing goes to marketing. There are all these lead pages and fancy this and that. That’s on its way out because you can’t trick people into buying what they don’t want to buy anymore, that whole NLP manipulation.

It’s an old paradigm. Even the language that some of these internet marketing gurus is crap because they’re using the terms that make no sense. When you think about what authenticity would be in the selling process, for example, The Heart Of Enrollment is a program that we deliver as a speaker training for people to experience what it would be like to actually enroll versus sell. Instead of closing sales, you’re opening relationships. This idea of tripwires, lead magnets and ego bait, any number of other things that are terms of art, even the word funnel. You think about what a funnel is and how you funnel people like they’re cattle and moving them from a place, gathering them and then moving them into a place where you can corral them and sell something. There’s a lot of resistance to that, and I don’t know that the marketplace is even caught up with that because so many people are still playing in this old paradigm. It’s powerful that you pointed that out. 

Your book is absolutely wonderful. I want people to get out and obviously they can find it in various places. Go to Amazon for the Earth is Hiring. I would love to find out about some of your rituals, the practices that you have to keep you resilient. In the world that we’re living regardless of your age or philosophy even, the disruption is greater. The pace of disruption is greater each and every day. The stress levels that people are dealing with are greater than they’ve ever been before. Resilience is important. We’re a huge believer in self-care and not seeing self-care as selfishness or self-absorption. How is it that you take care of yourself? What’s the ritual that you have for that? 

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Creating Abundance: We want to feel people’s authenticity. It’s a new standard right now.


I changed a bit since having a child, but I have help. I have a move every day that’s so important. I have a cacao ceremony every morning, around mid-morning and I’ll play with Sol in the morning. I’ll have my nanny take care of her while I sit in the cacao ceremony. That’s so important to me as a mom too because I want her to see me thriving. I want her to see me working and not me being very present with her, but still taking responsibility for my well-being. That time I say to her, “Mom’s going to sit in meditation.”

I’ll go up wherever. I’ll go away, maybe outside. I have a little Zen room upstairs and I sit with a cup of cacao, meditation and write 30 minutes to an hour. It could be creating but it’s just a ceremony. It’s just a daily ceremony where I sit, I listen and I create. To me, that’s the non-negotiable of the day is that ceremony to re-calibrate and go on the same page as my life. Even no matter what else is going on during the day that’s important for me and also, it’s important for her. That’s a ritual that is non-negotiable for me.

It’s tough to give a love that you don’t understand yourself. It’s not necessarily your intention every minute, but to provide unconditional love to others whether they’re your blood relatives or the other people you’re truly connected to, we have to have some understanding of what unconditional love feels like for ourselves. I’m a huge believer in taking care of the body as well. I know you’re connected with Isagenix. I know you’ve somebody that spoken to many thousands of people and have a big mission to convey with that company. The work that you’re doing on behalf of health, the supplements and the things that we saw that we, that we put into our body with the water we drink, the food we give ourselves. Even the things that we use to supplement, our nutrition in some ways.

I’m a user of that product and the many products that Isagenix has. I’ve been using them for several months as well and I appreciated it. It’s one of those wonderful things that we all get to work on each day. How is it that we care for ourselves more and more? It’s taking 30 minutes and making it non-negotiable. It’s a powerful thing. A friend of mine years ago said, “If you don’t schedule something, it doesn’t happen.” For those of you going, “I hear you and I get up early. I get to get to work. I’ve got all these things going on in my life,” the fact of the matter is you have to schedule it anyway, whether it’s to walk for twenty minutes. The health benefits associated with walking just taking a walk outside or anywhere twenty minutes a day are significant. If you don’t put it in your calendar to do it, the chances of you doing it might not be good especially if your habit, if the routine has been so far that you don’t do it.

In any event, I will segue way into a final thought or two here. I’m looking forward to reading Earth is Hiring. This is another book that I get to enjoy. For our audience, I want to entice you and encourage you to do something to re-calibrate. Maybe this is motivated and you’re feeling great. You’re inspired to do something for yourself in this moment or some time that you will take good care of yourself, whether it’s to go make a green drink or it’s to take a walk, go drink some water. Go give somebody a hug. Go ask for a hug.

Whatever it is you do something to create that level of self-love. Self-love comes from self-care in my view and that only contributes to your self-trust and your resilience, which we all need more and more. I will also leave you with the waking ritual that I have each day. I will say a prayer. This is my gratitude. When I say a prayer for me, it’s a form of gratitude. I want to express gratitude for the fact that each and every one of you have woken up. That’s a blessing. At the same time, you didn’t have a guarantee you would wake up. Tomorrow is the same. When we get to wake up tomorrow, it’s not guaranteed. It’s something to be truly grateful for. My prayer is that you wake up tomorrow and that I get to do the same.

In that moment where we’re taking that first conscious breath of the day, that we have the awareness that there are people who will be taking their very last breath at that moment. That’s the truth. There will also be people who are taking their first breath of life. Babies being born at that moment. There’s no question that there’s a reason that you’ve been given that day. I believe there’s an assignment that you have. Every day that I get to wake up, I realize I have an assignment. At least, that’s what I believe. I hope that you’re willing to wake up tomorrow and that you’re willing to be grateful in the moment for that breath. Lastly, if you’re also willing to do it, these words have changed my life and you could save them from better. You can wait until your feet hit the floor but if you’d like to try, say these words, “I love my life. I love my life. I love my life.” What a blessing it’s been to be with all of you.

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PR 85 | Creating Abundance

I get super awkward when it comes to titles and bios. Like, do people really give a shit about my feature in Forbes, being ranked by Inc Magazine in their list of the Top 10 female entrepreneurs changing the world, or the fact I’ve shared the stage with…. Let’s stop there. I ditched the resume’ years ago. I’m PK and I am Human AF.

Ya know gloriously, equal parts magic & mess, human. I’m no guru.

On my best days, I have moments of Elon Musk, Mother Teresa, Amy Schumer and a 4-year-old who is walking around the house banging pots and pans together.

My favorite food is hands down vegemite and avocado toast with black pepper on top. Let’s just get that out there before we continue. Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia (Freo represent!) by a single Mum of 4 who is my hero. I was a science nerd for some time, writing a thesis that was published in an international journal. I ditched my PhD because my soul was tugging me along to the next part of my journey- entrepreneurship. Which started as entrepreneurship, and evolved into more aware, conscious, spiritual entrepreneurship each year.

I love creating epic shit and am a loyal channel to many bosses in the sky aka my chief entities. They’re much easier to work with than one of my old bosses who yelled at me for having a slithy off centered top knot one morning. I created a 7 figure income for myself in my early twenties, and no ‘I didn’t come from money’ (says everyone ever). Was I self-made? Hell no. None of us are. We have SO much support. I was self, soul, family, friends, books, Source and tribe made. I saw money differently than many others and was committed to re-write the story of money for myself, my family and for my generation and make it a more conscious one. It was like money was asking me to give it a better rep, teach people to circulate it more consciously and be a voice for how it can be our teammate as we help our planet and people thrive.

Currently, my two favorite items of clothing are my vintage levis’ and my apricot leggings made from recycled water bottles, cos sustainability, and conscious enterprise is my JAM (and more so every day). I love cacao. In fact, I’d go as far as to say I’m a cacao aficionado. Yeh, they exist. Coffee aficionado? Nup. There’s a new beverage in town and it’s taking over. At around 10 AM every day I have a cacao ceremony with me, myself and my tap. My heart thrusts open, my tap widens, and I become about 40% more badass than I was pre-cup. Cacao is what I Imagine Mother Nature drinks. And cos my life motto is WWMND (What would mother nature do?) then I do it too. Which brings me to my next point.

Mother Earth. I’m her sidekick, loyally employed by her and as her voice when hers is not being heard. My new book, Earth Is Hiring, is a playful guidebook for millennials and anyone who gives a shit, about what she’s asking of us as individuals and a collective. What’s the new way to live, lead, earn and give? How can we be a more thriving collective for our children and their children? How can we lighten the fuck up on our mission as ‘world changers?’ I feel a deep connection to what’s at the heart of the millennial generation and I’m like a protective Mumma bear when it comes to sticking up for them (us).

I’m also a new Mumma Bear to my daughter Sol. She is breathtaking, magic and my greatest joy… and no wonder, her Dad Erik is the sweetest, most beautiful man I know. I home birthed her, in the most wonderful, intense, magical experience of my life. I’m now super passionate about empowering women to become educated about how they can trust their bodies, trust Mother Earth and trust their babies during the birthing process. I get fiery about it. Cos women are fed a lot of disempowering bullshit, let’s be honest.

I create events like The New Way Live which is a playful, badass festival that combines conscious enterprise, art and high vibing, no bullshit personal and spiritual growth. Think food trucks, the Haka, face painting, conscious money raps, deep dives into relationships, leadership and radical alignment. That’s enough for now. I just wanted to rap a little about who I am but you’ll get to know me online. Come and play on social media and come and see me in 2018 on my Earth Is Hiring tour! Let me know how you go with my book too. It’s my first one so I’m a little tender releasing it. HUMAN AF! I hope to meet you soon! PK.

PS. How does it get any better than this?