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Stress, burnout, and anxiety seem like pervasive challenges in our new normal. Building our resilience is a proven antidote to this – but how? One aspect of building resilience is focusing on bringing more peace, love and harmony into your life. And one of the simplest and most effective ways is through stillness and meditation. Adam Markel interviews Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, a New York Times Best-Selling Author and Founder of the Institute of Soul Healing & Enlightenment™. Master Sha talks about how we often look outside of ourselves to find healing for stress and anxiety. But the answer most often comes from within. To deal with stress, first find calm, forgive unconditionally and focus on healing words. Join in the conversation to learn more about the power of healing yourself through love, peace, and harmony.

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How To Bring More Peace, Love, And Harmony With Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha

[00:00:10] I’m sitting here at this moment and breathing in a feeling of peace, love and harmony. I know that every day for me is a series of ups and downs. It’s like the sea. Sometimes the sea is still, peaceful and raging. For many of you out there as well, it’s quite the same. We have been through so much. Many ups and downs, many things that create these anxious moments inside of us. It’s a cocktail of cortisol, a perpetual fight or flight for many people in business and in their personal lives to find peace. To be able to find equilibrium is important ow.

[00:01:08] We look outside of ourselves often for ways to assist us in doing that but ultimately, the greatest piece that I have found has come from within. It’s come from my ability to sit, sometimes in stillness, even with great noise and find a center. I don’t like to use the word balance but to find a place in the center where I feel grounded. I am fortunate to have had many wonderful mentors in my life, people that I have gotten to collaborate with and do good work in the world.

[00:01:54] Some people occasionally where that wasn’t the case. I have the good fortune of being able to share some time with an old-dear friend, collaborator, mentor, someone who has mentored, guided and helped. To say it out loud, it almost sounds not real. My daughter, Chelsea, reminds me when I say the words so real or surreal that it means so real.

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[00:02:22] This gentleman is somebody who has, in fact, impacted the lives of many thousands of people. I’m going to read a little bit about him and say something more personal after that, and then invite him into the conversation. This is going to be a show that you will remember. A show that you will want to refer back to, that you want to refer to other people, that you want to re-read.

[00:02:47] There will be some subtle and not so subtle clues about how to create greater peace, love, and greater harmony in your life, which is nothing richer than that. If you want riches and you want to be rich, these are the things that we have to point ourselves toward. Doctor and Master Sha is a renowned Tao grandmaster, healer, spiritual teacher, and the author of over 25 books, including eleven New York Times Bestsellers.

[00:03:23] He traveled the world, teaching people ancient wisdom, updated from modern times and practical techniques for self-healing and overcoming physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Master Sha is an MD in Western Medicine in China, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and an acupuncturist. He began studying Tai Chi with a master at the early age of six and went on to become a master himself of Tai Chi, Feng Shui, I Ching as well as Qigong Master of the Year at the Fifth Annual Congress of Qigong. Master Sha is also a Grandmaster of Chinese calligraphy. He created a special new form called Tao Calligraphy. This is the art that goes beyond art to create a healing field that helps people overcome illness, depression, anxiety, and fear to live with more inner peace and joy.

PR Dr. & Master | Bring More Peace

Tao Calligraphy Healing Field: An Information System with Six Sacred Tao Techniques to Empower You to Heal and Transform Your Life

[00:04:17] In his book, Tao Calligraphy Healing Field: An Information System with Six Sacred Tao Techniques to Empower You to Heal and Transform Your Life. He presents valuable wisdom and techniques that include animations. Readers can join Master Sha in a healing process. I also had a good fortune some years ago of writing a wonderful book, collaborating with Master Sha was called Soul Over Matter: Ancient and Modern Wisdom and Practical Techniques to Create Unlimited Abundance. It is a blessing, to say the least, that we get to reunite and have a conversation as we do. Dr. Sha, it’s great to see you.

[00:05:00] Thank you so much for your interview. You have done great work. We work together with such joy and happiness.

[00:05:15] If everybody could work with people in their lives and have life partners that bring them joy, that they are the energy of joy is present in the interaction, I don’t think there’s anything sweeter than that. It’s good to be with you. I would love to talk to you about your new book but before we do that when I ask you a question that’s on a lot of people’s minds and in their hearts now. It has to do with how it is that we can navigate these times of great uncertainty. I have a new book that’s coming out later this year called Change Proof: Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Build Long-term Resilience.

[00:05:57] I have believed that when ourselves able to leverage, utilize and get the most out of the change that is ever-present in our world, we are more resilient and we can experience more joy, peace, harmony, and love in our lives. I want to start by asking you, how do you define resilience for yourself? You have had a very busy life and you have helped a lot of people. I always remark, in fact, before we even start, I looked at you and I said, “Somehow or another, you look younger than the last time that I saw you several years ago.” You were resilient for sure. How do you define that?

[00:06:54] I would like to share a Universal Law either in US Law. I’m in Canada so Canadian Law. Every country has law but to answer a question, let me share some ancient wisdom. Three words are called Shen Chi Jing Universal Law. Shen includes three parts, soul. The soul is a spirit. The heart and mind. Chi means energy. Jing means matter. In modern medicine, everybody knows you will see our family of doctors on blood testing, for liver, for kidney, for the pancreas, then why do you have of breasts cyst? MRI sees some cyst. Some girls who are worried about biopsy see a positive logical study there’s cancer, then chemo, radiational oppression. More than medicine, focus on the matter. It’s the cell’s new cleaners and cells units.

[00:08:33] Blood testing is to see the biochemical change of cells. If cancer cells are bigger and irregular, they cut it as surgery. These are basic modern medicine pills and the biochemical changes of the cell. The traditional Chinese medicine is acupuncture, herbs, and Reiki, you’ve got many healing modalities focused on energy. Even Washington, DC, the most famous institute, the wealthy people in town, with billions of dollars in research energy, we know that.

[00:09:15] Our beloved Adam is an expert, powerful speaker and teacher. Mind over matter means the mind form is. His mind can make sense happen. What does it mean for that? Millions of people are meditating, and then I talk about the stillness. Of course, it’s a high condition. Quietness is first, then go to stillness. That stillness is also layers and finally emptiness.

[00:09:44] There are layers on a high level of the spiritual journey. Adam has a mission for that. Mind over matter is a mind that can make things happen. Meditation, positive words, ancient words called a mantra, healing words, and healing song, it’s all here with our heart. In ancient wisdom, the heart houses the mind and the soul. Therefore, after mind over matter, it should be heart over matter then the next one is the soul over matter. I wrote the book called Soul Over Matter. A relationship like this is in the Quantum of Physics. Now I wrote a book with quantum scientists called Tao Science.

[00:10:39] In Tao Science, we share Shen Qi Jing Universal Law. In Quantum Physics, it’s the information that all they call message. In my insight, the information energy is the soul. They are equal. Millions of people believe here in Buddhism, Taoism or creation constantly. Scientists and spirituality use different terms but they are the same. Soul spirit is the information. The information is the soul but the people have not realized it. The soul is the bus. Spirit is a light to be.

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[00:11:29] You have an open third eye to see where’s my soul but modern medicine does not even believe in soul. Therefore, modern medicine never talks about the soul. How many people have cancer? Millions. How many people have incurable sickness? How many suffering? How many bothering? How can you be peaceful? How can you be love? I love peace and harmony.

[00:11:53] Now we talk about that, I have received divine soul for that but what I want to do is I want to share with everybody that heart is the key. What is a scientist teaching? Transform your heart, all your life will follow. Your heart must love peace and harmony because the heart house the mind and soul. You answer my question, I answered you already. Mothers Earth has many trouble, COVID-19, politics, relationships, economy, finances and all kinds of issues. Why scientists are trying to form a human’s heart that everything follows? Therefore, that’s my little answer for you.

[00:12:43] I’m curious now, is there a word in Chinese for resilience?

[00:13:41] Tan Xing. It’s like a flagship piece, adoption, payless, adjust because of why you have too much stress. Can you release stress? Why will you have too much bother? Can you remove the bothers? Therefore, this is what I call this word for me. I’m sorry. I do not know too much but I know you are the essence.

[00:14:48] Dr. Sha, do you watch the Olympics at all? Did you see any of the Olympics?

[00:14:52] Yes.

[00:14:54] Simone Biles is a wonderful gymnast for the United States. She’s a gold medalist. Maybe for many people, she’s the greatest female gymnast of all time, perhaps. At the Olympics, the greatest stage for athletes in the world, she decided that she could not compete. She had to step back. She had to stop to reset because she was exhausted mentally. Unable to perform at her best. The stress, as you said, had gotten to her and she needed to take a step back, which was a courageous act because many people were calling her a quitter.

[00:15:46] She folded under pressure because so much of Western philosophy and the Western way of doing things is to grit it out, to move forward no matter what. Always go on tirelessly, to not stop, to recharge or to regenerate themselves, their mind, body, heart and soul. They don’t take the time to regenerate because it’s in the way of being productive or doing the job that you are supposed to do.

[00:16:19] This is very much a Western way of thinking. It’s a cultural thing, which leads many people to become stressed that their bodies fail, that they end up with disease and illnesses. I want to get your take on it. That’s why I asked you about resilience because Eastern philosophy, Eastern cultures are very different. Looks at these things differently.

[00:16:46] If you are speaking more to a Western audience now, which most of our community. We have people from all over the world but most of it is from the Northern Hemisphere, Western society. What do you say to people who are in that constant go, go, go mode? It’s wonderful that Simone Biles did what she did because she started a conversation about how it is that we can take better care of ourselves.

[00:17:14] The interesting thing is that even a week and a half later after she took a step back, she was able to re-enter the competition with one event and she won a medal. She took the time to regenerate her chi, to regenerate her mind, body, heart and soul. I would like to get your philosophy about this Western culture of go, go, go all the time at all costs. What do we do to help ourselves to break that cycle of stress?

[00:17:53] I have created an app in several months. We offered a mission is of stress reduction. We talked about it here. I do base it on my book called Tao Calligraphy Healing Field. I want to share it with everybody. It’s very simple. You must understand ancient wisdom. There are five elements. It’s wood, fire, Earth, metal and water element. We talk about Shen Qi Jing Universal Law, five elements of universal law. What is wood? Wood in a body is a liver and gallbladder. The emotions for the liver is anger. You are upset about something. That’s going to affect your emotions like stress. Emotion is the key. It’s inside of us, all human beings feel it.

PR Dr. & Master | Bring More Peace

Bring More Peace: Bring love, peace, and harmony. It’s essential to understand that some people will hurt you. In spiritual wisdom, forgive unconditionally.


[00:19:09] Fire is the heart and the small intestine. The emotions are depression and anxiety. That’s called your stress. The Earth element is the spleen and the stomach. This one caused people to worry because all are causes stress. The metal element is lungs and large intestine. it causes people grief. A water element is a kidney and urinary bladder. It causes people to fear.

[00:19:55] These are the major emotions causing people to stress like you are talking about. You asked me how is the Eastern way. When people are too much stressed, calm down. You cannot continue going up. When it continues going up, it could mentally get into trouble. Could it be a stroke? Could it be hypertension? Could it be a danger in life? Everybody knows when people are angry, stressed, bloody clocks bleeding, and some people have a heart attack. It’s very dangerous. When you have too much stress, stop.

[00:20:42] There is an ancient way we called yin yang balance. The backside of the body is yang. The front is yin. The upper part is yang. The lower part is yin. Around the body is yang. The inside is yin. The liver is a yin. Everything is yin yang. Therefore, it needs to be balanced. If it is balanced, everything is different. To deal with stress, too many issues, and bothers, you need to calm down and meditate.

[00:21:44] Fire element. Everybody, while you are stress do yin, inhale, relax, and the healing tone is, “Ah.” This universal light comes to sing to the lower abdomen. Reedy it with a hard, “Ah.” The light will remove depression, anxiety, anger, stress, make your heart fresher. I call it the light that transforms. Everybody knows the car wash. We drive the car to the carwash store, there is so much water and the car becomes clean. This is universal light come in, remove negativity, information, energy metric.

[00:22:56] Use the analogy of the car and the wash. It’s perfect. On average, the everyday things we do, we pick up the dirt.

[00:23:09] We pick up negativity information, energy-matter. My teaching is clear. All healing, rejuvenation, business, relationship, country, and family are one sentence. Apply positively information energy matter to remove, transform negative information. There’s only one sentence. I share opening every interview is that I have realized through my life experience to give a one-sentence secret to humanity, every life just one sentence.

[00:23:52] I haven’t seen you physically, personally together. We haven’t been together for years. You have been away yourself for several years. If I’m not asking something too personal of you, would you share a little bit about why you went away and what it was you were doing as you went away?

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[00:24:15] In Chinese, one was called Bi Quan. Quan means gate. In ancient times, the Buddhist temple, Tao temple, the spiritual father, closed the gate. Bi means close. They do not see anybody. No more business. I receive guidance from heaven. I need to go to silence. I did it for several years. I continued teaching, training, serving, and healing. Several years at no business, I have a successful business. They take care of my people. I do not deal with anything. The reason is I have to go too deep in peace like Adam said, “Our heart, love, peace and harmony.”

[00:25:09] I received a song, Adam. This was many years ago in Bay Area. I’m in Redwood Area. I was with two teachers. I asked God, “Dear God, can you give me a song for healing?” The rainbow light floats down. It’s very strong light. I opened my mouth. I have no idea but I know this is a divine voice. I said, “God, what does it mean lula, lula lee?” I love my heart and soul, lula, lula, lee. I love all humanity. Lula, lula, lee, lula, join heart and the soul together. Lula, lula, lee, love, peace, harmony. Everybody thinks about it. I love my heart and soul, self-healing, self-transformation, self-love, ease your stress. You’ve got to love yourself. If you need to stop, you stop.

[00:26:17] I love all humanity as a service. The purpose of life is to serve. Join the heart and soul together, calling love, peace, and harmony is a result of a relationship, finances, society, country, whole Mother Earth. Mother Earth is only one planet. The country is a planet. All for the blessing to everybody. I learned about resilience, thank you so much. We talk about stress and heart disturbance. It’s a blessing. Everybody, close your eyes, dear divine the soul song, can you bless me, Adam and all the readers.

[00:27:15] “I love my heart and soul. I love all humanity. Join heart and soul together. Love, peace and harmony.” It allowed you to relax. Allow the universe to light, come in heaven, Earth, stars, galaxy plus the spiritual leaders. God, if you believe that, totally relax. “Lula, lula, lee, lula, lulala, lee, lula, lula, lee.”

[00:28:31] I have a calligraphy wall here. It’s dog calligraphy that carries heaven source, love, and light. Relax, everybody chooses one area, back pain, knee pain, some people cancer, depression, anxiety, anger, liver, stress, and heart also mainly. A dog calligraphy light comes in. Come to the area. You need it. Vibrating inside. Adam said, “Master Sha, you do a light cleansing.” Every Saturday, I’m doing these 10:00 to 11:00 AM for thousands of people worldwide. I call it Tao Calligraphy Light Massage. Tao loves light. Tao source of frequency vibration. Tao positive information energy-matter comes to your heart, liver, brain, stressed area, pain area, inflammation area, cyst, tumor, cancer area, a relationship issue and blockages.

[00:31:48] The first time you and I met. We were introduced by two people. It was a Bernie Dorman. Our dear friend who’s passed away and my agent, we have the same book agent, Bill Gladstone, such a good man and his wonderful work. When we first met and you spoke to me, I invited you to come and speak to an audience of people. I had never, ever seen you speak before or deliver the service that you do.

[00:32:25] I remember we did it at the very beginning of our event. They had you come up on stage and share a healing prayer for people. After that, some people got it immediately. They were receptive to it. They were grateful and appreciative. Other people who were honest and transparent about their feelings didn’t get it. They weren’t open or it was new and different for them that it almost frightened them.

[00:33:07] I want to ask you when you work with people all over the world, you must meet people who are ready to receive your gifts and to receive what they are really looking for. Ultimately, it’s them. They are inviting it in. We have to do that because, either we do open ourselves up, be humble enough to recognize as many things that we can’t understand. It doesn’t mean that they are wrong or we should be afraid of them because we don’t understand them.

PR Dr. & Master | Bring More Peace

Bring More Peace: Tao loves light and is the source of frequency vibration. It’s the positive information that comes to your heart, liver, brain, stressed area, pain area, inflammation area, cyst, tumor, cancer area, and blockages.


[00:33:41] That takes a certain trust, for sure, and there are a lot of people not ready and not there. What do you say to people who are at the beginning stages of potentially being open to seeing their life and their life problems, their challenges differently than the way they have been seeing them to this point in time? Do you say certain things to those people?

[00:34:13] I have the system for self-healing. We use our hands. Why the hands in navel? Why the hands are in heart to shoulder? It’s because our body has self-healing abilities. For example, for kidney and heart chant, “Ah,” but the people understand the vibration and the light. The liver, “Shi,” are all in my book. I said Kidney, “Tro.” Everybody closed eyes and visualize universal light to come down from their head, clear your ears, eyes, and brain, go to your neck, and thyroid. You meditate a little bit.

[00:35:02] Some massage did well. Some people feel huge vibration. Some people feel a little. Some people feel nothing. I tell people, no promise. It’s just my love. You will feel it, wonderful. You will feel nothing, wonderful also. It has a greater result, wonderful. No result, it’s wonderful. Therefore, people are happy. I made thousand people say no. Some people do not already love that. What can I do?

[00:35:39] Maybe the only step at the moment is to not be afraid to be in a place to say, “Interesting. I’m fascinated.”

[00:35:48] Open the heart to experience it.

[00:35:54] We talk about this. Is it the heart that has to open first or the head? The mind that has to open. We did this book together because often, people think it’s the mind over matter. It’s the mind that controls everything but your philosophy is different. Your philosophy is we don’t start with thinking because our race thoughts, our race mind, our monkey mind is constantly producing thoughts. Some of those thoughts are crazy, random or whatever. To control the mind is very difficult. Try to control a puppy dog or tell a baby to stop crying. Your mind is difficult but when you work at the soul level, it’s different. Is that correct?

[00:36:47] In the ancient world, remember I said, “Heart houses the soul and the mind.” In traditional Chinese medicine, Shin Zhuo Shen Min. Shen Min means the heart. Shin Zhou means the in charge. Shen Min is the soul and mind. The heart is in charge of soul and mind. Therefore, people said, “Open your heart and the soul.” In ancient teaching, it’s hard to think. They never think a brain thinking but in an ancient come, “Xin Zai Xiang,” Heart is thinking. They do not say, “Nao Xiang.” Nao means the brain.

[00:37:26] They never see that the word but modern medicine talks about the brain. The central nervous system leader but the mental disorder treats the heart. People receive remarkable results. I deal with many mental disorders also. My philosophy is a mental disorder, calm down their heart and remove the negative information energy in the heart of people.

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[00:38:01] I have a Doctor of Psychology, Dr. Monique, and one day she received the phone from a family member. Her sister killed herself. She was so sad. She stopped her business at coachwork. She learned Psychology. She wants to give a solution to suicide, depression and anxiety. After she became a psychologist, she said, “I cannot know a solution.” Psychology is on the mind level. She said, “I have no solution.” She learned the soul healing I’m teaching. We made a documentary for her.

[00:38:42] Now, she deals with hundreds of suicidal emotions, depression, anxiety. She said, “I could not tell the professional team enough. Master Sha’s teaching serves the heart and transforms the heart. Now I have such a result for suicide, depressions and anxiety.” As you said, the monkey mind. Work for heart, everything follows like the one scientist. He will try it from the heart, all life will follow.

[00:39:19] Can we speak to our soul or speak to our heart?

[00:39:23] You can speak to both. Dear, soul, heart, mind, and the body of my shoulder. Who thinks about the shoulder? Of course, a shoulder has a soul. Remember, everybody, go to Go to Facebook, YouTube. By few weeks read 50 heart stories. Just lie down there and do nothing. This light comes in. Why? It’s because of negative information energy and matter need to remove but why would you do it by yourself? Adam Markel is talking, “Dear, soul, mind, and body of my shoulder, I love you.”

[00:40:10] You have the power to heal yourself. Do a good job. These are the freebies. I’m going to give you two stories in India several years ago. I went to 1,000 people event. I brought a costume and TV show at national broadcasting. Why MD came to the state? She said, “I’m excited to tell everybody Master Sha’s Soul Mind, Body Medicine. See Tao Technique.” I have a lady who has been serving years of psoriasis, whole body inflamed and itchy. She said, “Master Sha, Dear, my soul, mind, and body of my skin.” How many people think that skin has a soul? Nobody thinks of that. You have the power to heal yourself. She said it by two days, whole inflamed disappear. By seven days, the several years of psoriasis are healed.

[00:41:18] Doctors said, “I have never seen Tao Healing Technique.” Another lady, you have a cyst-like ball. “Dear, soul, mind, and the body of my uterus, I love you. You have the power to heal yourself.” By three weeks, a big ball of a uterus cyst disappeared. This doctor said, “I went to I’ve got all Master Sha’s books. I am thirsty to learn what Master Sha is sharing. It’s hard catching in front of 1,000 people on national TV. I am making vows now. I want to make vows to spread Master Sha’s teaching worldwide and because my two cases blew my head away. I cannot understand what kind of is Tao Healing Technique is because I believe I have the power to heal myself.” You have the power to heal yourself. Together, we have the power to heal the world.

[00:42:20] Adam and I were experts in our field. In my field, we work as one because it’s soul, heart, mind, the body is one. It’s like a whole leadership like a company. There’s a chairman, board, employee, relationship within but they are one for success. Soul, heart, mind, body, the price at the end of the board member, employee, everybody walks in love, peace and harmony. I say love, peace, harmony for you.

[00:43:02] Adam, while you write your book, I write down this to people, “Dear, soul, heart, mind, the body of my business, I love you.” If you keep repeating it, your business will change. I remember David Meltzer, multimillion-dollar buy one Calligraphy Healing Field. He said, “More than that, my awareness, my wisdom,” are very heart attaching that he shared because, in several years, I didn’t talk with him.

[00:43:57] He’s in the marketing business. People who are reading this and don’t know who David is. He owns a company called Sports 1 Marketing, and it’s with a former NFL, Warren Moon Hall of Fame, quarterback football player. I have known David now for several years from our work together and participation in TLC. It’s called the Transformational Leadership Council. David is a good man. He and his wife have four children like Randi and I do. He has done so well in his life and business. He gives a great deal of credit to you, Dr. Sha, for that calligraphy that you gifted him. He has traced it. I don’t know if this is what his practice has been. He’s still doing it.

[00:44:53] For several years, I never missed one day.

[00:44:59] What we are saying is that’s not the power of the mind. It’s the power of the soul. That’s what I want to make the distinction. When you and I did this book Soul Over Matter, we weren’t saying that the key is to get control of your mind because it’s difficult to get control of something that is not controllable on some level.

PR Dr. & Master | Bring More Peace

Bring More Peace: The heart houses the soul and the mind.


[00:45:26] The secret is to not think mind make your heart at peace, while a heart at peace and mind will be peaceful, the mind will follow. This is the secret of wisdom. I can share Master Sha’s ancient wisdom. Shin is a soul, heart and mind. This energy is the matter. Number one is a soul. Spirit is the quantum of physics called information. “I love my heart and soul. I love all humanity. Dear soul, heart, mind, body of my business, I love you. You have the power to be flourishing. You can solve the issues.” Number two, the soul gives the message to the heart. The heart is a receiver. Adam, could you read my book Tao Science? It could help you for inspiration or whatever your life can serve you. While you have love, peace, and harmony, your heart will receive.

[00:47:03] Why do some people make upset? These White people have trouble because of seeing the Black one. Some people make upset, maybe hurt you with the message, your heart, “I don’t like him. I’m hurting.” The heart can receive either positive or negative. The man can get angry, in action, speech, loud, and fight, then the body gets sick. I say this information receiver per session and the transforming energy. The soul is the boss. Therefore, the heart house the mind and soul. You meditate, you are chanting and you connect to the universe. Some people believe in God, Buddha, the universe or light. Whatever you believe. We honor everybody but make sure your heart is at peace.

[00:48:18] I have one final question for you, which you set up perfectly now. I want to talk about or have you speak about forgiveness? When you talk about the things that are interfering. I’m reframing or paraphrasing what you are saying, the things that interfere with the flow, with our ability to heal ourselves, to create wonderful or even better results in our lives financially, or in any area, relationships, health, etc. The things that would get in the way of what you were diagramming now, those things that will clog the flow. Where does forgiveness come in when you mentioned anger and you mentioned resentment, and things that people hold on to that are upsets?

[00:49:10] The one issue that we have to explain, some people may be aware of this wisdom, some people may not. You and your wife were married. You have children. You can talk what Dave and his wife, everybody has a family because the marriage is past life-related. Millions of people believe in a past life. Some people do not believe. Why is divorce so much? You made the one person, “This is my true love. I love it.” Later, you will find out, “This doesn’t work out.” Therefore, in spiritual called karma. Deepak Chopra also talks about karma but many people may not understand. Karma is the record of past life or services. Good service or unpleasant service. In Tao Science, we call it negative information.

[00:50:10] For example, some people can see my hands. A make B upset here but did A do something wrong? The people who do not know A make you upset here. In fact, in a past life, B hurt A. Universal would keep you back. A is wrong in this life but B, you did the wrong with A past life. I will give you one example. In Bay Area, one author lady came to me. He is related to a man. A renowned author and made billions of dollars.

[00:50:50] This lady has a contract with a famous author. I saw the contract. They co-create ideas for the world-renowned series. The lady is out and the man finds the publisher. He got all the benefits. This lady is so upset. The lawyer told this lady, “Sue him. Give you a lecture. He will give you $2 million. I guaranteed you. There are millions or billion dollars here.” The lady comes to me. I told her I see the past life. I said, “No, I do not suggest you do that.” She said, “Why?” This lady got breast cancer and upset everything but the man changes her. I said, “You did the same thing for this man before. If you believe me, no more karma.”

[00:51:35] Now you get a $2 million between two of you, next life again but I know she listens to my guidance. She went to India. Everybody knows the mother called Hakka mother. Many people follow her Amma Mother. She found the two spiritual mother leaders. They told her the same thing. You hurt the man before. Therefore, Adam, I talk about forgiveness. I have to explain to people we have the principle. We know some people hurt us, abused us, and did us something wrong.

[00:52:16] My teaching, I forgive you. You forgive me. Bring love, peace and harmony. You have the lights like gold. Sounds like I’m a hurricane. “I forgive you. You forgive me. bring love, peace, harmony.” I have people that have lost the lawsuit. A and the B side. They are mad about A or B. to Come here that we do forgive us a practice. We have some past life issues. He’s saying love, peace and harmony. “I love you. I forgive you. You forgive me. Bring love, peace and harmony. Let me solve the issue. No more lawsuits.” It’s important to understand the past life, this life, and future life. Understand some people, “They really hurt you. You get revenge.” In spiritual wisdom, forgive unconditionally.

[00:53:27] That is such a beautiful explanation. More than that, it is a way of life to recognize the importance of forgiveness on both sides regardless of, whether you believe in past lives or you don’t. This idea of how it is that we create harmony to understand. On some level, it’s almost arrogance to think only in one direction that someone owes an apology that you don’t also owe them something like that as well.

[00:54:09] I wrote a book called Greatest Forgiveness. I shared a few stories. One story I share, in ancient times, there’s one lady got pregnant. In ancient times, before you get married, you cannot be pregnant. It is a huge moral issue, not as different a society. Many single mothers, whatever. Remember the ancient time. The parents asked the daughter, “Who is the man?” The daughter said, “The man is the monk.” Nearby their home, the famous temple, the monk who was renowned as the spiritual father for thousands of monks. The lady said the monk was the man. The parents were so upset and they came to the temple and put a flame on a monk and he faced the dirty words. The monk is very calm. The monk said, “Is this real?”

[00:55:07] The parents were upset. They gave the baby. The monk has to raise the baby. Go beg for food. The monk is totally peaceful. The mother said, “He was so cute.” Mother tells the parents, “No. I made a story. The man on the market who sells the fish has a relationship with me to have the baby.” The parents went to the temple apologetic and feeling guilt. The monk said, “Is this real?” The monk has a high-level spiritual being. Human does not affect him. People made a story to harm him. He’s so peaceful. Buddha’s heart of sutra is powerful. Meaning people know the heart of the sutra. The Sutra said Shin Meiyou Guanxi. Shin is the heart. Meiyou Guanxi is no bother. Regardless of human staff, it’s too many. Let it go.

[00:56:16] What a beautiful place for us to pause. I’m sure we can pick this up again soon. Dr. Sha, it has been such a treat, a blessing, and honor even that I get to share your wisdom with our community, with people who may have never read your many wonderful books. Perhaps listened to or experienced you singing and how it washes over us. It’s cleansing. I love you. Thank you very much on behalf of so many people to say thank you. It has been a blessing.

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[00:57:09] Thank you, Adam. You have done great service. You are an excellent teacher. You move people’s hearts and souls. You have great wisdom. We have a wonderful experience. I’m keeping you in my heart. I love you. I thank you. Maybe in the future, we can do something together again.

[00:57:45] Tao Calligraphy Healing Field: An Information System with Six Sacred Tao Techniques to Empower You to Heal and Transform Your Life is Dr. Sha’s brand new book, which you can get everywhere. You can go to as well. We would love to get a comment to find out what you thought of this conversation. Please feel free to go to to leave a comment. If you know someone that could benefit, maybe they are experiencing some discomfort in their lives now in some area, maybe it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Someone that could benefit from hearing Dr. Sha’s words, listening to his singing, and thought about what he shares with us.

[00:58:42] Please feel free to share this episode with those people that you think in your community would benefit from it as well. The last thing I will say is that it is important, especially in times that we are living in with great change, disruption, the uncertainty, and we can love our lives no matter what. I know that Dr. Sha models this well that he loves his entire life. I hope and aspire to do the same, even more in my own life. I wish that all for you. Have a beautiful and blessed rest of your day, and we will see you again soon. Bye for now.


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