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In this podcast, I’m excited (as I am always!) to be introducing you to a new friend! My guest today is Marie Diamond, a Global Transformational Leader, Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author and Teacher. Marie is one of the world leading Feng Shui Masters and Dowsing Masters and also the only European star in the worldwide phenomenon “The Secret”. I had the pleasure of learning about Marie’s own pivot story, the power of Feng Shui, as well as being led through a Tubes of Light Meditation. So beautiful … Enjoy this amazing time with Marie and I.

More on Marie Diamond: Marie creates several Energy Systems to uplift humanity. A woman of the West (Europe and North America), she has taken the best from the East (Feng Shui, Dowsing, Meditation, Ancient wisdom) and brings it in a fun, joyful, comprehensible and deep spiritual way to her customers, clients, and students worldwide. Her Vision since her 15 years old, is to enlighten MORE than 500 million people world wide. Her work is spread in more than 190 countries.

I have an amazing guest to share with you and she’s in beautiful France. She’s a new friend, somebody that I’ve heard about. She’s world-famous, which is way cool. I got to meet her at a recent Transformational Leadership Council event, which we were attending in Los Cabos in beautiful Mexico. We had a lot of fun and hit it off and have a lot of things in common. I wanted to share some of her wisdom. She was gracious enough to agree to come on the podcast and share some thoughts with all of you. Whatever you’re doing, maybe you’re driving, you’re walking, running at the gym, maybe at the office and you’re taking a break from work, but take this time for yourself. If you can be relaxed and, in a place, where you can open your mind and open your heart and enjoy something that’s really for you. Hopefully, you’re not multitasking as you’re doing this but either way, whatever you’re doing, we love you and many, many blessings we’re wishing to you.

This lovely lady’s name is Marie Diamond. Marie Diamond is a global transformational leader, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and teacher. She is also one of the world’s leading Feng Shui Masters and Dowsing Masters. She created several energy systems to uplift humanity: Diamond Feng Shui, Diamond Dowsing, Inner Diamond and Diamond Leadership. She’s a woman of the West because she lives in Europe and in North America as well. She’s taken the best from the East, feng shui, Dowsing, meditation and ancient wisdom and brings it together in a fun, joyful, comprehensible, and deeply spiritual way to her customers and clients and her students worldwide.

She’s also the only European star in the worldwide phenomenon known as, “The Secret.” She’s the President and Founder of the Association of Transformational Leaders and Founding Member of the Global Transformational Leadership Council. She inspires organizations, companies, and countries to transform their systems. Her vision since the time she was fifteen years old was to enlighten more than 500 million people worldwide. She’s well on her way to doing that. Her work has spread to more than 190 countries around the globe. She now lives in France with her family and her youngest children.
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Feng Shui & Tubes of Light Meditation with Marie Diamond

I feel very blessed and enthusiastic to speak to you, Marie. How are you?

I’m good. Thank you for allowing me to be with you and everyone on the show.

I love podcasts. I’m discovering it and I’m a bit of a neophyte at it. Vulnerably, I say I’ve done a lot of interviews over the years having been running a transformational training company for many years training more than 100,000 students. We spent a lot of time with other people that are committed to service, to serving humanity. I certainly had lots of interviews and introductions but this podcast thing is new and different and I’m enjoying it. It’s a lot of fun and I recommend it to everyone. Go ahead and learn about how to get a podcast out there and share your wisdom with the world. It’s amazing times. If anything, we could all agree on the fact that more collective wisdom sharing, more of our consciousness across the globe is something that we can all do participate. Thanks for joining me and joining us.

PR 007 | Light Meditation

Light Meditation: My journey was definitely to connect in with the world in a very positive way.


I’ve written this book called Pivot. I speak on the subject of pivoting, which is a code for reinvention. The word has been unpacked in a number of different ways for me. To me, this word ‘pivoting’ is synonymous with not just reinventing, whether it’s your career or your or your life in some way. It’s about evolution. It’s about transformation. How is it that we’re continuing to manifest change, which is the cosmic law? Nothing can remain the same. Things that are stagnant end up dying. It’s that process of decay that steals the joy from people’s lives.

I know that was the case for me when I was practicing law for more than fifteen years and waking up unenthusiastic about the day and feeling some dread about what I was going to be doing. I could feel something dying on the inside. I didn’t have any languaging for it at that time, but now, I get it. It was like my soul was shriveling up. I know you do a lot of work with people to regenerate their energy, their bodies, their minds, their spirits, and their souls.

You even do work with them on the physical side of things to help them to regenerate energy and find greater connection with the source. I would love it you shared a little bit about anything else you want to say about your experience. What is it that has driven you since the time you were fifteen years old to want to be a healer and want to help people to make great changes in their life for the better?

We are on a journey. My journey was definitely to connect in with the world in a very positive way. Before I could do that, I had to go myself through a pivot moment, as always is this way. For me, I was run over by a truck at fifteen. I had a near-death experience. I went to what they called the other side. I was in a higher dimension. There are beautiful beams of light and they gave me the message that I was here to enlighten more than 500 million people and I had to go back to do this. I’m fifteen. I’m a high school student. This is before the internet. You cannot check out what is all this world-like enlightenment.

For me, I felt I was being of service to try to make a difference in people’s lives. I tried to do it where I was. That was at high school. I was connected in with meditation since there were teacher that came on my path. I was already like, “I need to get focused on getting higher frequencies, higher energy.” I felt that there were three aspects I need to work on and it was connecting with the inner and connecting with my higher self. I needed to contemplate and observe and look at during my day, what I could improve for the next day and for the next week and the next year. I also knew it was service for the third aspect was so I try to make a difference.

One of the things that I felt was I was a little bit disappointed at that time when this happened to me because I had tried to already practice meditation and prayer and trying to be a role model. Interestingly enough, I went back to my spiritual master and he said when I told him, “I’m very disappointed in myself that I attracted something like this truck accident.”He said, “You had bad feng shui.” I was like, “What is that?”He said, “There are three aspects to the Law of Attraction, to connecting in with your higher self.”The first form is meditation and prayer and trying to release your karma. Any lessons you have come to, we do in this lifetime.

As a human being, it’s also how you are setting your mindset, how you have your emotional behavior, how you do things in the world to be positive and take action for the good of all. There’s also a third aspect and that’s the environment. That was really new to me. He says like, “Where are you sleeping right now?” I said to him, “I hate that place.”He said, “Yes, because it’s not aligned for you.” He gave me my first steps in feng shui and I didn’t even know that many people could know that it or I had no idea. He told me my directions. He told me the college that would work for me. I went into another room, I changed things around, and my life shifted. My life shifted spiritually and energetically. I was very bullied at school and some of these bullies became my friends. A lot of things shifted. I was a person who is very alone. I didn’t have any friends to being with a very popular guy, who’s my boyfriend. It all happened in two weeks. There was this big shift.

I knew it was because I have changed my environment because I didn’t change anything else. I started practicing all this information. When I was eighteen, I had to make a choice. For me, it was thinking, “I want to reach 500 million people. How can I be of service to so many people?”I was like, “Perhaps if I go into politics or go into diplomacy.”That’s why I became a lawyer because in my country, becoming a lawyer was like a necessary step to become a Prime Minister of Belgium or to be a representative for the United Nations. I was thinking that level. I understood that I had to open up my mind and create a space for me to do this. After five years of practicing and working for the Belgian and the European Government, I also saw that I couldn’t help the others reach a conscious level.

The politicians I was working with and the managers, they start asking me already, “Why are you always so joyful and you’re so positive? What do you do? You shine always.” I was starting to share with them I was doing meditation and I did this feng shui. I decide to set up a consulting company and my first clients were politicians and top managers from the government to help them to go to that next level. There is where I saw that that was my pivot moment. I don’t feel I was corporate because it was part of my service. I was very focused on that into reaching more people. Then I found that there was another way I could do it. I could become a teacher. I started teaching meditation and how to reach enlightenment that I experienced when I was 26. I knew where it could lead to, where people could be full of compassion and love and reaching out to people to be of higher service. I was very focused at a very early age to do this. After six or seven years, I was thinking, “I’m still in Belgium. There is just ten million people in Belgium. You cannot reach 500 million.” I started going to America.

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Marie was describing what I think we can all identify with is a pivotal time, a pivotal moment where you discovered on some level that you had a higher purpose and you started to pursue that. You knew deep inside that you wanted to have a major impact. Initially, you thought, “Maybe I’ll do it in politics. I’d become a lawyer.” You studied to become a lawyer and you worked in the political arena for five or six years and then you realized, “No, not quite. I’m going to pivot again and become a consultant, create a consultancy.” You were successful doing that and pursuing it, but then again, you reached the point where you’re you realized, “Even though this is good and it’s successful and I could continue down this path because that’s safe, it would be a safe path.”On top of that, you were not feeling that you were hitting on all cylinders and so you pivoted again or that’s what you’re about to describe because now you’re going to go beyond Belgium.

That is a good way to explain it as I was pivoting. I was in America and then, I got, “We move in three weeks.”I jumped. I called my husband and said, “Let’s move.”Coming here, I was in time to connect in with one of our colleagues, Marci Shimoff that then connected me with Jack Canfield. I was doing some consulting for him and supporting his company and his family to reach a higher level of frequencies. That’s where he invited me to be part of TLC, the Transformational Leadership Council. I started having these dreams about this woman that have blonde hair and she said in my dreams, “I’m from Australia. Pay attention when I come in your life.”I already had a lot of visionary dreams in the past. When I came to TLC, that was when Rhonda Byrne came to sit next to me and said, “Hi, I’m Rhonda from Australia.” I said, ” Whatever you do, I need to do this.” She’s like, “I’m doing this movie called The Secret but not a lot of people want to be interviewed.” I’m like, “I’m in. I need to do this. You’re going to reach millions of people.” She’s like, “You’re the first that is so enthusiastic.”I said, “I know it.”

I was interviewed and she was very surprised about my take on the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics from the environmental perspective. She said, “You’re going to be in a movie.”I said, “I want to be in the movie.”It’s on my vision board. I put on my vision board, “I’m going to be in a movie seen by millions of people that will transform the world.” I knew coming to America, Hollywood, I can become part of a movie. In that opening up, I had to learn to say ‘yes’. That’s one of the things I have learned is the total surrender and total trust. When these ideas come up like, “Move to America,” I go. This woman comes, “Yes, I’m ready, “to all the time going that feeling of, “I’m ready,” and not going to resistance.

We all have these dreams and these things we want to manifest but when it’s brought in front of you, we start going into finding all excuses and to thinking, “Is that possible or is that not possible?” I will say, “I’m just the girl from Belgium that kept saying yes.” When I got this dream, yes. I kept saying yes to the opportunities that came in my life. I had directed them by my meditation, by my way of thinking, by my environment, my home. My office is aligned with what I exactly want based on what I share in Diamond Feng Shui. It’s all about aligning and if you’re not aligned and it comes in front of you, just say yes. That’s the whole point, right?

It is. We’re in the business of sharing concepts and words with people and languages because of Facebook Live and so many other things like that. Technology has made it possible for people to be broadcasters everywhere. Everybody has the capability to be a media company in some way. Words are everywhere but I think that those are very powerful words that I don’t hear every day. “I am ready.”What I heard you say was, you said, “I am ready,” and then you said, “Yes.”That’s incredible. You also mentioned total surrender. I read a book by Michael Singer called The Surrender Experiment, which I highly recommend.

The Untethered Soul I’ve recommend to thousands and thousands of people. The Surrender Experiment is a very interesting and fascinating and powerful book in some respects on the subject of what you’re talking about, which is that when you can be in a in a conducive environment both internally and externally. The internal environment that comes from me from meditation and prayer can be creating some stillness, which is not easy thing to do. The external environment, which is not much of I think what feng shui is about is the physical environment that you find yourself living and working in. When those two things create a conduciveness, receptivity.

Almost a conduit.

Then you can receive information and guidance and access to something infinite intelligence even. That’s what has happened for me and you’ve been training people to be able to access that greater wisdom for many years so that you can say with authenticity that, “I am ready.” I can say yes because you trust the source where the information is coming from. Is that about right?

All my students and clients worldwide, they always go first and I teach them a very similar meditation called The Tubes of Light where I always say to people, “The first thing you do is switch all of these machines on, your computer always on. The only thing that is not on is you.” You don’t put yourself on. You don’t connect it with a source and you make sure that all your phones and your iPads and your computers are turned on and have battery but you, yourself, are not connecting to the highest battery there is and that’s the universe. When you connect with that at the same time, system you have has what we call a firewall, it has a protection shield. The second step is always a little protection moment where you say, “All these other frequencies that are not of the greatest energy, I don’t allow them to disturb me anymore. I have my firewall up at all the good energy can come to me.”

Also, very important is to connect in with the higher source. What we call the quantum point is the connection with the quantum physical world where all the things that are looking possible are totally possible. When I look at my life, the stories that can be told, and everyone has these stories where if you go beyond the personality aspects of fear and doubt. These are the two greatest stop signs for us to move forward because we are in fear of many things and we’re in doubt that if we set the step to move forward that we will regret it. You see a lot of people and they are asking, “Do you have regrets?” I say, “No. I don’t have regrets,” because they didn’t follow the doubts. They said, “I’m going to surrender. I’m going to see where this path leads me.” If you’re on the wrong path, get off the path and turn around and try something else.

Is it just that simple to you? That’s what the book Pivot is about and what the podcast, Conscious PIVOT, is that we can consciously choose to or to accept or surrender to a path. To trust that the path that we’re being led to is for our greater good and the greater good of others. If it’s wrong, if it doesn’t feel right, if it doesn’t turn out right, we can still pivot or change our paths.

You have to imagine this is myriads of changes in the universe. You can go all directions and it’s that we are still thinking from this one-dimensional field where we’re saying we have to go step-by-step. I said, “It doesn’t work like this. It goes up and down and to the side and then it steps up.” It so much possibilities more than you can imagine. When I was thinking about being of service, I could only think in the level of the United Nations or politics. At that moment, I couldn’t even imagine doing a podcast with you to be of service to humanity.

The only thing I saw many years ago was when I asked my spiritual teacher, “How will it happen?” He showed me millions of people see my face on their little television screen. He said, “One day, millions of people will see you on a television screen.” I had no idea what that meant. If you think about Facebook Live, this podcast, there’s a television movie called The Secret, that’s the only thing I had as a glimpse that that would be of service or when I do my video webinars with my students. It’s all through the same system that you’re using so people worldwide or we do live streaming when we do an event. People all look at this little screen and they see us. That was the only thing I saw and it’s like the image that was shown to me when I was eighteen.

PR 007 | Light Meditation

Light Meditation: If you’re on the wrong path, get off the path and turn around and try something else.


You have to imagine, there was no way to comprehend at that time the evolution of technology. Now, it is so much easier to be of difference to the world because you can blog, you can vlog, you can write a book, you can do a podcast, you can do these amazing changes close by and far away at the same time from your home. Everyone that says, “It’s so hard to make a difference,” I say, “There has never been a time that it’s easier to make a difference with your wisdom and your words and your heart than right now.”All those excuses that I had, and you had when we started this journey, they are gone because it’s become so easy and effortless. You have to align yourself and say, “Yes. I’m ready and I’m going to do this.”How? I did not know the ‘how’. I’m sure you had no idea how to do the ‘how’. The ‘how’ unfolds when you say, “I’m ready.”

I’m ready. This is the declaration. You said that you work through a process where you turn on that battery to connect to the universe and you also put up a firewall to protect yourself. It sounded to me like that, in the form of a meditation, is something of a ritual.

I’ve got another book that’s about the power of rituals in business and everyday life. I’m quite excited about that as well. If you could, to either share a little bit more to unpack that meditational ritual or if you wanted even to lead us through it a little bit, you could do that, too if you care to. Or any other ritual that you wanted to share is fine as well.

There are two aspects that I would share with you. There’s a meditation aspect and there’s also how you’re connecting to environment. It’s also a ritual to make sure you’re in the right directions. Everything can be found in the Marie Diamond app that is able to be downloaded for a little amount where they have that ritual, that Tubes of Light Meditation. Also, which direction you are meditating is a important piece because everybody has base of their birthdays four directions that work well for you to reach a higher frequency. If you’re sitting facing in meditation towards a good direction, you go easier into what we call Alpha Brain Waves Data and Delta Brain Waves. If you’re facing the wrong direction, you go and stay in Beta Brain Waves that make it more difficult for you to reach a certain point of lightness and enlightenment. You have to also face the right direction. That is one routine as part of the ritual that my students have. They go to the app and they check always if they’re in the right area, in the right direction. The meditation itself is four.

Please go on the app store and check it out. Randi and I downloaded this beautiful app, Marie Diamond and you can find the app there and it’s a very nominal fee. It has all these things laid out. It really is powerful to know for example in what direction should you be facing when you’re meditating. Not should but you have this option to change your direction. If you’re meditating on the subject of success and you want to face the direction where you’re your greater success lies, if you’re looking to draw on some wisdom from the universal spirit, you’d face maybe in a different direction, relationships maybe in another direction. Am I accurate to say that?

There are four directions. One is for success and abundance. That’s you will see if you look at the app that is indicated in blue. You’ll see there is a blue section, that would be your direction. Then there’s health and well-being. There’s wisdom and connecting in with your teachers or God. There is rose for relationships. People would hold a compass and as you’re holding it on your hand, you are then realigning yourself to look at the direction that you want to connect and receive insights from. This is what the rest of your life that these are your direction based on your birthday. You will see also there’s a golden step every five days that you’re getting to what you do to activate these directions to have an even stronger return on your focus. It’s not return investments, return on your focus. One of the things that people do is they try to always make sure you’re sitting, you are facing that direction. Some people love to lay down when they meditate, and their head has to be pointed towards that direction and when you’re sitting, you look at the direction.

There are two important pieces. I would invite you to our close your eyes, and sit in a relaxed position. Make sure your spine is straight and your shoulders are relaxed. Take a deep breath in and take a deep breath out. As you keep breathing in and out in a relaxed way, just imagine you’re in a beautiful space in nature and the sun is shining. The sun has its crystal white light that fills your whole body from your head to your feet. From your skin until deep into every cell of your body and the space your cells. You’re creating this sacred space in your body and then you visualize also this sparkling white light to fill up your aura fields. It’s like an arm length all around you and above you. Imagine this light that’s coming in and showers down all the heaviness and gives it to mother Earth that returns it into beautiful energy for you to be grounded. Take a deep breath in and let go of anything that is not longer serving you.

Around this tube of light we created, we are visualizing now the color royal blue. It’s this warm blue color that comes around this tube of white light and also under your feet and goes up like an arm length above your head. Royal blue stands for the power of the universe. I am the power of the universe within me and around me. It works as a filter. All the positive frequencies that are outside of you can come through the filter but all the less positive that are not longer serving you remain outside your royal blue firewall. Any negative frequencies you want to bring to the universe is returning back to you for you to contemplate about.

We’re connecting with the color rose that stands for love and support of the universe. Imagine this rose fireball coming all around this royal blue and under your feet, connecting with the love and support of the planet we are living on. As we are surrounding yourself with this love and support of the universe, we even imagine it goes into the centre of the universe calling in all your spiritual teachers, your guidance, God, the angels, masters, anyone that, for you, has been supportive on your journey. Maybe this is a moment to be in gratitude to your friends and family and your loved ones that have always surrounded you with love. I am the love and support of the universe within me and around.

You take a deep breath in to accept now this love and support in and around you. Now, imagine from under your feet the color violet. As a violet fire going clockwise through your body, through your aura fields, spinning clockwise to above your head into the universe. The color of violet stands for forgiveness, letting go. It’s time to let go of your conscious and subconscious limiting beliefs in progress. They are no longer serving you. Feel that you’re ready to let them go and let this violet fire gently do the work of clearing them and giving back to the Universe. Take a breath in and let them go.

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Now imagine that an arm length above your head, you have this bright white light. When you focus on it, there’s a magical hat tenfolds that connects the left and the right brain in perfect harmony. As you focus to that point on top of your magical hat, you have access to the quantum field of all your possibilities. As you allow the top of that magical hat, radiate now your light out to the world as this is already your start of making a difference from your soul. You’re sending out your light, connecting in with your family and friends and colleagues, the community. Keep expanding that light to your country and to the world as you are now enlightening from your soul light, everyone on your path. Knowing that you’re doing this, connect back with top of the magical hat and stay there focused for the rest of the day. Bring your hands together, move your hands. Bring your warm hands in front of your eyes, open your eyes, let go of your hands and you’re ready to be of service.

Thank you so much.

You’re welcome. Thank you for doing your work in the world as it makes a huge difference for many thousands and I’m sure millions of people.

Have a beautiful rest of your day. Share that love with as many people as you can. We will hear from you and hopefully see you and you’ll see us very, very soon. Have a blessed day. Thanks again for listening. I hope you’ll share this podcast and comment on it at my blog at I’d love to hear your comments, your questions, and topics of interest for upcoming podcasts. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and follow us on social media if you haven’t already. Ciao for now.


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PR 007 | Light MeditationMarie Diamond is a globally renowned Transformational Teacher, Leader, Speaker and International Best-Selling Author, Creator of Diamond Feng Shui, Diamond Dowsing and Inner Diamond Meditation Programs. She is also the only European star in the worldwide phenomenon “The Secret”.

She uses her extraordinary knowledge of Energy, Quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and ancient Wisdom like Meditation, Feng Shui and Dowsing to support individuals, organizations and corporations to transform their success, financial situation, relationships, motivation and inspiration.

Her clients include billionaires, multi-millionaires, A-list celebrities in film and music (like Steven Spielberg, Rolling Stones, Paula Abdul, Dan Acroyd, etc.) top selling writers and motivational speakers (like Rhonda Byrne, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, John Gray and Marianne Williamson and Vishen Lakhiani), top athletes and sportsmen in Basket, Soccer, Golf, leaders from Fortune 500 companies(like BP-Amoco, Exxon Mobil), CEO’s and Top leaders in several top global MLM companies (like Lyoness, WorldVentures, Nikken, Herbalife, It Works Global, Forever Young etc.) and governmental leaders and organizations (like in Belgium, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iceland, USA, Canada and Mexico).

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Also, she is very sought after Personal and Business mentor and Energy Advisor as she has the gift of clairvoyance into the past blockages, possible futures and reading energy from a distance.

The internationally acclaimed author, teacher, consultant, and motivational speaker brings her wisdom and counsel to a wide audience through her seminars, personal appearances on TV and radio, Tele-classes, coaching, (E) books, online courses and home study courses and other products.

She is also one of the Master Authors at Learning Strategies Inc, one of the top Home study course providing companies in the world. Born in Belgium, and after living in California in the United States, she is now residing at the French Riviera near Monaco.

She travels extensively between several continents to connect with her students and clients in more than 190 countries. Marie Diamond was a successful corporate lawyer in Europe before shifting her focus to the Personal development and the Human Potential movement.

She has established a world-class reputation for transforming the success, health, relationships and spiritual wisdom for millions of individuals, the branding and marketing impact of thousands of entrepreneurs and corporations with her unique expertise and skills.

She will share how you can employ Energy and Feng Shui principles to establish the perfect vibrational pitch that will draw in your ideal client or customer. Marie Diamond consulted her Energetic Branding Top managers, CEO’s, Politicians, Celebrities, Authors, Speakers, and Sportsmen to expand their branding and impact bigger with their message in the Global Marketplace. Her Clients are General Public, Entrepreneurs, Management, Real Estate brokers, MLM Companies, Women Organizations, Safety Managers and Engineering Teams, Charities, Medical and Holistic Industry, Personal Development Organizations, speakers and teachers, Leadership Companies and Training companies, Coaching Companies, Hotels and Restaurants, Arts Galleries, Political parties, Banking, PR and Media Companies, TV Studios, etc.

Since 1994 Marie Diamond has given Conferences Keynotes, Seminars, Consulting and Trainings in following countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Albania, United States of America (in more than 20 states),Canada, Iceland, Mexico, India, Nepal, Monaco, Kazakhstan, New Zealand and Australia. In the coming years, she is booked already for Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai and more countries in Latin America.

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