Qigong is the art of cultivating Qi, or life energy, through physical exercises and meditation. Qigong Master and multiple-bestselling author Chunyi Lin joins Adam Markel in this episode to talk about the ancient art of Qigong and how it can be used to promote health and healing. Chunyi describes how Qigong can be used for any purpose related to health and healing by allowing its practitioner to channel Qi through channels in their bodies. He also talks about forgiveness and why it is important for personal healing. Listen until the end for the opportunity to experience Qigong for yourself as Chunyi demonstrates a Qigong routine to strengthen the immune system – something that could benefit us all during this pandemic.

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Cultivating Life Energy And Practicing Forgiveness: The Art Of Qigong With Chunyi Lin

I’m feeling blessed at this moment. For one thing, because I know what’s in store for all of you. You don’t yet, but I do because I have a wonderful man, an incredible human being that is also going to be a guest on our show. I’ve looked forward to having this conversation with someone I’ve known for a few years and I had the pleasure of spending time with him. I want to save as much of the time for this show to be in conversation with him and for all of you to be able to receive from that conversation some insights. I don’t use the word wisdom lightly or with that many people. I’m working on creating some wisdom that I can pass on to our kids and our grandkids someday and maybe beyond that. This gentleman has great wisdom, I believe. He has great experience that he’s been sharing with people for many years.

He’s an internationally renowned Qigong Master and multiple bestselling author. Chunyi Lin has been healing, teaching, and speaking to individuals, businesses, and large audiences to help them unlock their healing power physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through his profound and powerful learning and coaching programs delivered around the world, Chunyi has reached hundreds of thousands of individuals with life-changing positive influences. Chunyi has dedicated his entire life to growth, change, and inspiration. His life mission is a healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering. He is deeply committed to Qigong healing as an unparalleled tool for creating deep, long-lasting transformation in people. He has spoken to groups of many thousands and in more than eleven countries around the world. I know Chunyi from a wonderful organization called the Transformational Leadership Council. We both happened to be able to attend their events a couple of times a year sometimes. That’s where we met originally. Chunyi, thank you for being a guest on the show, welcome.

Thank you, Adam. It is such a great honor to be together with you.

I want to ask you, as I ask all of our guests, that’s a wonderful bio and you’ve done many things for many people for many years. What’s something that’s not written in that bio that you would love for people to know about you?

I love people to know that I am a good cook, too, for the family. In the holiday season, at the weekend and even during the daytime, I love to cook. That is the best part of my day to relax myself. When I put the food in front of my kids and my family and seeing them enjoying my food, that is the best reward for me. That is one and the other thing is I love to watch kung fu movies. That is my other hobby. There’s a movie that’s called the Midway. It is an American movie. I watched it three times in two weeks. I love these kinds of movies and to me, it’s another way to relax myself.

I’ve had this ritual for many years, probably at this point, more than ten years of putting my hands around my food. I’ve never spoken about this before. Not that this is any revelation, but it’s something I’ve never shared before. For a long time, I found myself putting my hands around the bowl or the plate and thinking some things in my mind, sometimes saying them out loud. More often than not, at the beginning of a meal in our family, we have a tradition of saying or expressing gratitude. We all go around the table and say one thing that we are grateful for in this moment, which is wonderful. I have been putting my hands around my food and placing, putting love energetically, thinking thoughts of love and putting love into the food, and saying something like this, “I am grateful for this food to heal my body, my mind, my heart and my soul.” I’ve done it because it feels good. I’ve done it because it’s a part of the beginning of my spiritual practice. Can you tell us what’s happening there? Am I putting love into my food? Am I changing the food in any way? What’s your opinion on that?

Absolutely. Food is important in our lives not because it fills up our stomach, but because Qi, in fact, is important. Chinese ancestors call that Qi and the American people call it the energy. This is a big difference in understanding of the information in the food and also the difference between energy and Qi. When you talk about energy, you talk about at a material level about foods, so running through your body, the water is a form of energy. Electricity and heat are other forms of energy. You absorb the energy and you’ll help yourself with more energy then you’re more energetic. Qi is different. Qi is not only a form of energy, it also has its consciousness. It also has its intelligence.

Qi is not just energy. It also has consciousness. It has intelligence. It knows what to do for you. Share on X

It knows what to do for you. It has a much higher level of vibration inside, so like food that’s in front of you. It also has the intelligence from the nature that Qi, the divine energy inside, when you take in that energy, it resonates in higher level to help you to open the channels, open the energy blockages and even help you grow your spirituality especially when you charge love into it. The energy can store in the foods and together with the energy in the food, it helps you to nurture every cell in your body, which not many people know.

Also, once the Qi gets inside your body, it knows exactly what to do for you. The Chinese Qigong medicine doctors and Qigong masters, Qigong practitioners, all of them experience this that food is not only helping you filling up the stomach, it’s also a medicine. It helps you to heal. Eating is healing at the same time and that is the unique thing. The other thing is I like to put different colors in the cooking, the different elements and putting into it and make it a whole for your whole body. It’s not just the nutrition, it’s the balance of the entire body physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I don’t want to get too technical so you can stop me if I am, but my curiosity is to say, are our thoughts able to create Qi? When I sit down in front of that plate, I put my hands out here and I think or I say, “Thank you,” I’m feeling love and I’m imagining this love in the food that is going to nourish my spirit, my body, etc. Am I creating Qi in my thoughts? How was Qi created?

This is one of the things I talk about in my latest book and it’s about Qigong. Your mind doesn’t create a new Qi or new energy, but your mind helps to direct the Qi in your body and allows you to get into that direction to help you with any purpose. That is the unique thing about your mind. Once the Qi got directed to that moment, to get direction with a purpose and then the Qi works for you, for instance, you want Qi to get into your food and to make that food as healing for you. Healing energy is good to get into the food from around and all the healing energy in the food got activated to help you. That is the difference between Qi and energy. It works the other way.

The Qi is in us already and where our minds can be a useful tool because sometimes, our mind is our worst enemy. Many people, I think, if they could turn their mind off, they’d be happy to switch, turn it off, leave it alone for a little while but the mind can be useful as we know as well. One of the ways would be to direct or instruct the Qi. Are those the right words?

That’s the perfect word. It instructs Qi to flow and once that happens, you’ll need to let go. Qi inside knows what to do for you because of your purpose.

Do you have to be specific, Chunyi? Let’s say, “My belly is not feeling good. I would love for you, Qi, to help me heal my belly.”

PR Chunyi Lin | The Art Of Qigong

The Art Of Qigong: Your mind doesn’t create new energy, but it helps to direct the Qi in your body to help you with any purpose.


If you can do that, that’s even better. This is also in my Qigong classes and my Qigong meditation in the beginning. When I do guided meditation in my workshop, in my classes, the first thing I ask people to do is to tell the universe. Tell your body what you want and without purpose, you can’t do anything. If you say, “My Qi doesn’t help me.” Help you with what? You need to tell your body. For instance, when people have tumors in the breast, arthritis in the back, migraine, headaches, depression, if you can tell the body, tell the universe, “I’m going to do this meditation for balancing my channels and my Qi in my brain so that I can heal my depression completely or I can heal my breast, lungs completely, or I can heal my arthritis in my knees and my joints completely.” You then meditate and you let go with this message and you solely focus on the moment how you feel in your body and that Qi knows what to do.

They have it for you. Let me tell you a story about myself. A long time ago, when I was in China as a college professor, I had severe arthritis in my knees because of a lot of injuries. I’ve been through the hospital and the doctor said that even surgery could not help me that much. I was young at that time. I was in my late twenties and I said, “I am too young for that.” I decided to go my own way. I did acupuncture, heat healing, injection, everything I could find on the planet and nothing could help until one day, I came to Qigong workshop and I practiced the meditation with my masters. Within 7.5 hours, the pain in my knees was 80% gone and the swollen knees went away.

After two months of practice, it completely cured my arthritis in my knees and my legs. I even have more flexibility than ever. I can literally put my leg on my shoulder. At the time, when I did the meditation with my master, that’s what the master said. You need to tell the universe what you want, then let go. The heats gleam to my knees, helping me to open up the channels and I cure it by the Qigong practice which something simple, the movement and meditation. To my great surprise, at that time, I also had suicidal depression. After this happened to my knees, it completely healed and my suicidal depression went away and never returned. That was the biggest bonus for me. That’s because of that. I got deep into the Qigong study. I want the world to know about the power of Qigong.

Do you think that the depression left you because part of what you found was power or you had options? Many people feel depressed from time to time because you feel somewhat hopeless or under-resourced, but you were being resourced in a way that you didn’t expect. This is ironic on some level. You’re in China, the birthplace of Qigong and yet it’s the doctors who said surgery, medicine, drugs, painkillers and therapy. Is it considered art? How would we describe what Qigong is for people that don’t know?

Qi means energy, gong is the work of the energy. That means they can throw something simple. You can help yourself to cultivate this Qi within you and around you to help you to balance the energy inside your body. Once the balance comes back, everything can be healed and be helped. That is what happens inside. Every time I think of it, I didn’t understand why. This is a simple movement and simple meditation, but it helps people to heal their challenges, no matter if it is a physical or emotional challenge, it completely healed without medication. With many years of studies, I found out. Also, what do you do through the simple movement, which you think from the Western medical perspective of the Western mind’s perspective?

It has nothing to do with any of the illnesses. For instance, I have problems in my knees, but I don’t do anything to the knees. If I move the hands slowly for long, like 20 or 30 minutes on a good day, I have lots of hours. I will do it for one hour or so, a movement that simple, which looked like it has nothing to do with the pain, knees and the lower back. After you got into the moment and as you feel the quietness, the serenity, the peaceful, the energy is rushed down from nowhere to my knees and healed it completely. The cartilage completely grew back and the damaged tissue is completely back to normal and no pain anymore. Before I got overwhelmed by this healing, I discovered my suicidal depression went away. Later on, I found out after a lot of studies on this it is because of the intelligence of the body, our body was programmed for happiness, for joy living on this planet with the health. That is the information we already got stored even before the creation of our body. Through this simple meditation and movement, we go back to that moment to activate information that we could re-download.

It is like original programming.

If the universe can forgive us, why can’t we forgive others? Share on X

It’s like you have a laptop.

You restore the settings.

When something’s wrong with your phone, it was messed up, what do you do? You turn it off, have it in silence for five seconds, you turn it on and then you reprogram it. This is what happened when you got that moment for yourself, be quiet and meditate, feel the peacefulness and feel the serenity inside you, you re-download. Life blueprint code within you and then all the channels open and you come out fresh and new. That’s what happened to me. I use this philosophy to teach people and thousands of people all over the world and I put this through my program.

People with anxiety and depression, perhaps we forget that there is this natural intelligence within us that has this capacity for regeneration. Worse yet, that through a series of things that happen in our lives, traumas, disappointments and all kinds of things, perhaps we even sometimes adopt a belief that’s contrary to that. We believe that life isn’t intended to provide us with joy, peace and serenity, but people believe at times that life is about pain and suffering.

This is what I discovered when I first came to the United States in 1992. I discovered there was a strange idea in this culture. Lots of people believe that you can use the money to buy everything. You can use the money to buy happiness, joy, relationship and health. One day when I looked around, when I first came to the United States, I said, “How could people come up with this idea?” It’s like a tool, you cannot buy from anyone. It is inside you and the good relationship with the people is also within you. If you honor yourself, you love yourself, truly give you a genuine to yourself, that can help you to activate that love within you, yourself naturally will become a love radiator. Any place you go to, your whole body will radiate with this great loving energy and attracts life.

People will get attracted to you, it’s like healing. Pay a little bit of attention to the formation of your body and then you are able to activate this energy to help you with the small challenges like aches and pains and bigger challenges like arthritis, chronic renal problems and digestive system problems, cancer, HIV, also a virus and all emergencies. You can use this tool to heal, to balance. This is no problem. Let me tell you a story. I went to a farmer’s market and I wanted to get some sweet corn. That’s for a picnic party for my friends to come over. While I was walking in the farmer’s market here in Minnesota, I met a student, “Master Lin, you are here.” I said, “Yes.”

She then asked me a question, “What movements could help with a small challenge?” I told her that technique. There’s then a lady who was selling sweet corns in that place and she said, “Do you have any tips for muscle cramps in the legs at night? I’ve been having this for so long and no people can help me. I even tried to go to doctors and taking medicines.” I said, “That’s simple. Before you go to bed, you have to massage the middle of the palms for one minute and go to another hand to massage the same point and then you’ll sleep.”

PR Chunyi Lin | The Art Of Qigong

The Art Of Qigong: With Qigong, you can help yourself cultivate and align your Qi within your body.


She said, “It’s that simple?” I said, “Yes, it’s that simple.” “I would give it a try.” The following week, I came back. I was walking around and then she saw me. She said, “My Chinese friend, your stuff worked. I massage it both for three minutes. I did a little bit longer time. For the whole week, I have no muscle cramps in my legs at all.” I’m going to say, “Lucky you, enjoy.” She said, “What are you doing?” I said, “I’m looking for some good sweet corn for my friends. We have another picnic. It’s summertime.” She said, “No problem. I will give you two dozen.” She gave me a whole bag with three dozen of sweet corn. I said, “How much do I need to pay you?” She said, “Nothing. This is a gift for you.” I looked at her and said, “Can I have another two bags?” She was happy.

You’ve mentioned balance and something that I’ve wondered about, is there a difference between balance and harmony? The symbol of yin and yang, I’ve always been intrigued by that. For a while, I hope I’ve said this right. I’ve said it’s a symbol for harmony and there’s a difference between harmony and balance. I’m going to ask you this because I have this opportunity.

In my understanding, harmony is at a higher level of balance. When I say balance, meaning your balance, the yin and yang, the male energy and the female energy inside your body. Your body gets sick because of either too much yin or too much yang. You’re not able to balance. You help them to bring the balance back from the physical perspective. When you say harmony, you not only bring back the yin yang balance in the body, you coordinate with the Qi around you, through relationship. It creates such a dynamic environment around you, inside you. As you join, you merge your energy, your Qi with nature, with the environment and with the universe. That is a much higher vibration. You’ve got it.

To work on being unconditional with ourselves, I’m wondering when you merge onto a highway, there’s a ramp that takes you on but it will be difficult to get on the highway without the ramp, without it being dangerous. Is that the on-ramp do you think to get into that flow of harmony that you begin to work more on being unconditional with yourself?

Let me tell you another story of my life in the United States. In China, I never learned how to drive a car and never owned a car. The best vehicle I had is a bicycle. I was good at that. When I came to the United States, I got my first car, a little Toyota. I learned how to drive and my friend gave me some coaching and lesson. Finally, I got my license and I was happy. I was driving on the road slowly because of my fear of causing an accident and everything. I drove a little bit slower than the speed limit. Once in a while, I did get a finger from people. I felt happy people gave me the middle finger. They’re so loving. The American people are great.

They are kind.

One day, at a party, I shared this story with people. “Are you happy?” I said, “Yes, I am happy.” “Are you serious?” I said, “I’m serious.” “Do you know what that means?” I said, “Middle finger. I think that’s a great thing because, in our body, we have twelve major energy channels. Six starts or ends in the hands and six starts and ends in the feet. The middle finger is the meridian that connects directly to the heart. People give me the middle finger. I thought that people were giving me love.” People say I love you. They said, “No, that’s called a dirty finger.” “What does that mean?” They then explained to me what it meant and after that moment, I’m not that happy anymore.

Forgiveness is the action of unconditional love. Share on X

The way you took it is how you received it more than anything else.

Driving in the freeway and any place, not only just drive in the freeway or go into ramps, people cut in front of you. You might feel or be agitated and they’ll feel unsafe. To me, I always send love to them. I say, “I know you are in a hurry. You need to go to a place. Be safe, bless them to be safe to their destination.” Sometimes, when we are meeting the deadline for the last minute, we get in the car and we drive fast too. The universe forgives us, forgive me. Why can’t I forgive others? When you put yourself in that way, then harmony comes to you.

Do you have a forgiveness practice that you engage in on a regular basis? Is that something you do? How do you feel about that?

I think that is helpful. I got my first best lesson of forgiveness, of my healing. When I practiced my first and long meditation to heal my knees, I was sitting on the ground in a soccer field in China listening to this man talking about Qigong meditation and healing the self. The master said, “If you want to heal yourself faster and more completely, you need to forgive those people who hurt you in your left arm.” I said, “No way. How can I forgive those people during the cultural revolution when my parents gave everything to help them to survive?” They call my parents as their devoted friends and their best friends in the town. When the cultural revolution came, for no reason, they put on their best friend’s kids into the mouth of a wolf and they wanted even to kill us. That hurts me deeply.

I held that anger, hatred and fear inside me for so long. As soon as this master said, “You need to forgive these people,” I said, “No way. How could that happen? How could I forgive them?” They took my parents away. They even put the machine tanks in our heads. They did threat to kill my sister and me so I said, “No way.” The master said, “If you have a hard time to forgive those people, if you want to help yourself to heal faster, you can pretend that you have forgiven them and also there is a benefit too. I think I can do that because it’s not real. I visualize lightening them up all these people, then I said, “At this moment, I wanted to heal my knees completely. I pretend to forgive you.” When I repeat that word many times, then I got tired for repeating that many words and I say, “I love you. I forgive you.” It comes to the point, in my heart, I’m murmuring that song. After that good half-an-hour chanting, “I forgive you. I love you.” The real Qi, the power of the Qi in my lower Dan Tien which is in my belly button is like a volcano.

It exploded, rubbed out in the world, running through my entire body. Once I had all these transformations, that moment is the best a-ha moment in my life. In that moment, a few hours later, the swelling completely went away, the pain was 80% to 85% gone. I was a new man. From this lesson, I learned the power of forgiveness, the power of love. Forgiveness is the action of unconditional love. When you take action to love others, first of all, you forgive. When you forgive the person who needs that forgiveness best, the most is yourself. With this story, let go with that you kept so deep inside your heart. I have that exercise anytime when I got mad with something in previous years. I brought my memory back to that moment on the soccer field doing the meditation with my master and thousands of people. I remember, forgiveness is power.

We forget, even though it makes sense and we’ve heard it before. Chunyi, maybe you can answer this or not. Do you think it’s harder for people to forgive themselves or to forgive others? What do you believe?

PR Chunyi Lin | The Art Of Qigong

The Art Of Qigong: The middle finger is in the meridian that connects directly to the heart.


It is a belief. If you believe that it’s as hard for you to forgive yourself, if you believe that it’s hard to forgive others, you are going to find many reasons that you cannot believe yourself. You cannot forgive yourself and not forgive others. People forget about this part. You can change your position if you can forgive others and you can forgive yourself. You can forgive yourself, you can forgive others. Number one. Number two is the universe, the creator created us, created everything, already giving us this power. You can choose anything to experience. You can choose to forgive others. You can choose to forgive yourself.

By forgiving yourself, you’re going to have more energy to do more good deeds for others. If you think, as you make a mistake that you cannot forgive yourself, you already created negative karma in your life. Buddha, Allah or Jesus, they all said the same thing. I consider them as my masters in good deeds. You can help to create positive karmas by asking the universe to forgive you and you stop doing what you did in the past. That alone can help you to clear all the negative credit you have in the past so that you can move on with a better life. All these masters in the past said it so.

That you can move on from anything, any adversity, any mistake that you still have the capacity to reboot the computer or return to the first settings, turn it off and turn it on.

You can always start your life afresh and new.

I think that’s a great analogy. I’m always looking for new analogies to describe this word, resilience, that is important in our world and has always been. With the world that we’re living in, which is much more sophisticated and more people, but more interconnections between people. It’s much more of a global world, global economy, global connection, the interconnectedness, and the disruption through many things. We’re dealing with the Coronavirus and this political unrest. There are many areas where there’s great disruption, where I feel that this ability that you’re describing to be able to reboot, return to the factory settings, to return to the original programming is very much a way to look at what resilience is about and what resilient people do. We might say, “This is what some people do naturally and other people don’t.” That’s fine. I would agree with that, except that resilience or the things we’re talking about can be learned.

That’s why you teach them. You’ve committed many decades of your life to teaching them to other people. If I’m putting myself in the shoes of people that are reading this, everybody wants to learn more from you. You can visit Chunyi’s website. You can find out about his meditations and all these things and hopefully, be able to be in a position to learn from him soon. While we’re here together, is there something, a simple practice that you can share? I say simply only because I think with so much that people are already taking in, maybe something simple is the first domino. The first domino sometimes is the hardest. The tip of the first one over and everything after that is easier. What’s that first domino for people that could adopt some Qigong practice to help them to create more balance, even more harmony in their lives, which would then release or free up this intelligence, the Qi to solve some of their own challenges for them?

The course I developed is called the Five Element Healing Movements. That is a beautiful course to help yourself feel refine your system, especially you mentioned the Coronavirus spreading all over the world. People have been asking me that question, how can Qigong help? First of all, you need to strengthen your immune system. When your immune system is strong, then no matter what kind of virus comes to you, the flu, Coronavirus, and virus of any kind, and with medical help and then deal with simple movements, you can easily invite this entity to transform. That’s one movement. You can do this by standing. You bounce the body by moving your knees.

By forgiving yourself, you’re going to have more energy to do more good deeds. Share on X

If you could demonstrate. You can go onto YouTube and you’ll be able to see this. I’ll also describe what Chunyi is doing because I do this every day as well.

You can focus on your knees and then move your feet flat on the floor and move your body.

Gentle bouncing from the knees.

Let go with your shoulders. Put a smile on your face and when you do so, always remember that. To me, SMILE means Start My Internal Love Engine. You bounce like that for three minutes and then you have your hands move up above your head and continue to bounce.

Chunyi is gently bouncing up and down, but his arms are over his head. He’s not holding his hands up.

Allowing your wrist to have above your hands. Do this for another three minutes smiling. After that, go back and bounce for another three minutes and then that’s it. You can rub your hands together and massage your face and your ears. If you want, you can do some clapping to the arms. There are lots of Qi channels in the arms connecting to the lungs and to the heart. That alone will help you to strengthen the immune system tremendously. Do this two times a day if you have the time and that would be fantastic.

We’re talking 10 to 15 minutes, perhaps. It’s not long and you can do it at the office. I do it in the morning, before or after you go to the shower, etc. Maybe a second time in the day, you feel that your energy is low or that you want another cup of coffee, some sugar or something like that. Maybe there’s another option.

You can do it anytime.

That’s beautiful. Chunyi, I feel like this is maybe part one. We’ll come back and we’ll do part two sometime soon but I feel incredibly blessed and on behalf of many people around the world. Not just the people reading this but many people that you have served and that you’ve shared this with. I want to say thank you on behalf of us.

That’s a great honor. I always focus on my top priority, but whatever I’m doing is healing every home in a world without pain and suffering. I am Qigong and Qigong is me.

PR Chunyi Lin | The Art Of Qigong

The Art Of Qigong: When you take action to love others, first of all, you forgive, and the person who needs that forgiveness most is yourself.


In this particular episode, I’ll remind myself and our readers of practice to start the day, which is given me even more juice for this listening to you. The practice is to wake up in the morning and put your feet on the floor and to feel gratitude, and then to say out loud something that is a declaration. My declaration is four words, “I love my life.” I gave a TED Talk about this practice, about this ritual of saying I love my life at the beginning of the day and what it has done to transform my being. It was interesting because I didn’t at the time fully consider and acknowledge the fact that this would be a difficult task, a big challenge for many people. As you said about forgiveness, that your master gave you a wonderful distinction, a tiny little change in the way to do it.

The paradigm, which was to add the word pretend, “I’m going to pretend I forgive.” I want to amend as people who are learning this for the first time and others who may have learned it many times, but aren’t prepared or not willing to say, “I love my life.” Maybe in their lives, there are things you don’t love. There are things in my life that I could say I don’t love. I don’t say that, but I could say them because we all have challenges. We all get that, but to say, “I pretend,” is interesting. I want to call it a hack at the moment. It’s one of these little sneaky things you get that you don’t even know you’re making a change, but it’s effective. “I pretend I love my life. I’m willing to pretend for a moment that I love my life.” What could change potentially?”

After you say you pretend many times, that will become real. You train your brain. You’re training your system. That’s what happened to me. “I love people. I forgive people. I forgive things naturally. I don’t need to put that in.”

That’s beautiful. Chunyi, thank you. We’d love to get your feedback as well. Please leave a comment. You can go to AdamMarkel.com/podcasts to leave a comment, subscribe and share with other people. Join our Facebook group. There are lots of ways that we can continue to connect and I will say that I’m sending out my love to all of you and my love to Chunyi. Thank you and ciao for now.


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PR Chunyi Lin | The Art Of QigongFor more than 25 years, internationally-renowned Qigong Master and multiple-bestselling author Chunyi Lin has been healing, teaching, and speaking to individuals, businesses, and large audiences to help them unlock their healing power – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through his profound and powerful learning and coaching programs delivered around the world, Chunyi has reached hundreds of thousands of individuals with a life-changing positive influence. His knowledge and expertise in using Qigong and other ancient wisdom to heal is both broad and deep, whether attested by his personal enlightenment and meditation retreats, his intense Qigong Healer and Instructor certification programs, or his long experience teaching Qigong, energy healing, and the principles of healthy, Qi-full living and eating.For more than 25 years, internationally-renowned Qigong Master and multiple-bestselling author Chunyi Lin has been healing, teaching, and speaking to individuals, businesses, and large audiences to help them unlock their healing power – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through his profound and powerful learning and coaching programs delivered around the world, Chunyi has reached hundreds of thousands of individuals with a life-changing positive influence. His knowledge and expertise in using Qigong and other ancient wisdom to heal is both broad and deep, whether attested by his personal enlightenment and meditation retreats, his intense Qigong Healer and Instructor certification programs, or his long experience teaching Qigong, energy healing, and the principles of healthy, Qi-full living and eating.