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Laura Powers helps people manage this fast-paced world and steer their lives in the right direction. A celebrity psychic, author, host and creative entrepreneur, Laura thrives on helping her clients transform their lives. Her work has been featured in Buzzfeed, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, the CW and Motherboard by Vice Magazine. In this episode, Laura talks about the velocity of change in the world today, between the universe expanding at an ever increasing rate and the incredible changes that technology brings. Together, this is a lot for us to process, on both a neurological and physiological level. Laura shares the ways in which people are successfully dealing with it, and touches on topics like clairvoyance, negative mind talks, transitions, struggles and communication.

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Coping With Change With Laura Powers

I’m feeling incredibly blessed as you probably are accustomed to me say if you’ve read any of my blogs previously. Going to gratitude is absolute and all be all of life. On a good day, life can be challenging. On a great day, it’s glorious, it’s divine. Gratitude is something that constantly is a grounding device for me. I am going to gratitude at this moment for many reasons. Randi and I had the experience of taking our youngest daughter to college. Going to a beautiful school, having beautiful experiences and thinking back to the time when I was having those experiences personally as a college student. That’s a while ago at this point. One of those amazing experiences was meeting my wife in college. It’s shocking. That is a second ago. It’s in time and space collapse, I feel. To me, that is a minute ago and I can identify with that person.

Being there and seeing our youngest daughter getting ready to embark on those experiences, it took me back to that. It made me stop and take stock in the time that has in fact passed. It gave me pause even to consider the transition into this new phase of our lives that’s known as empty nesting. I don’t know what the heck that means other than we have the freedom to do whatever we want. We’re alone. That’s such a cool thing in some ways. It’s also one of these things where I go, “What will we ever do with all that freedom?” I’m sitting here taking that in, feeling good to be able to share that with all of you.

I know some of you are going through experiencing different transitions in your life. Our oldest daughter is getting married. Lots of transitions here. I feel incredibly blessed that not only to be able to have an opportunity to share some of those things and find out from you guys what is going on with all of you. When you leave comments on the website, when you leave reviews and things, it allows us to connect with you and find out what’s going on in your world. I invite you to do that, to leave a comment, to share what transitions and pivots and things you are experiencing. What it is you are doing in the process of that? How are you processing those things?

I have a guest who’s an expert at that. She helps business owners and business leaders process a lot of things to be able to gain clarity. She does it in a very different way. I don’t want to say a unique way because there are quite a lot of people these days who are more and more recognizing some of their own intuitive abilities. This topic that we’re going to dive into is not something that’s unusual any longer, although I still think it is definitely not. It’s not commonplace. There’s still a lot that is not understood about it. There’s a lot of room for people to explore and grow from it.

I will first tell you her name is Laura Powers. Laura is a celebrity psychic who has been featured on BuzzFeed, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox, to name a few. She helps people receive guidance and communicate with their loved ones. Ever since she was a child, Laura has seen and sensed ghosts and spirits. She has learned how to manage those experiences and now uses her experience communicating with angels, spirits, and other energy beings to help her clients better understand and change their lives. Before we started the show, Laura and I were talking about how prevalent changes, not the prevalence of change, but the velocity of change that’s happening in the world and how people are in fact dealing with that, how they are transitioning.

Either they’re doing things to consciously create more resilience in the face of this onslaught of disruption at times or how it is that potentially they’re feeling the pressure of that and being even may be worn out and exhausted by it. Laura helps a lot of people in that space. A lot of people in business, a lot of entrepreneurs to get through some of those times. Not get through them, but find clarity to thrive. Laura, thank you so much for being on the show. It’s a pleasure.

Thank you for having me. I’m happy to be here.

I read a bit about you from the bio. Usually those bios are prepared by our marketing people and all that, all true. Is there something that’s not written in that bio that you would love for people to know about you?

I would say that I had a wild childhood growing up seeing and sensing things that other people didn’t see. I thought maybe I was crazy because other people didn’t experience things the way that I did. I tried to block it out for many years. I was fairly successful in the sense that I stopped seeing and something things pretty completely and ended up in a bad place in my life. I was unemployed. I was physically ill. I was in a bad marriage and I’m lost. I went to a psychic. I didn’t tell her about all the things I’d seen growing up. She said, “When you walked out, you also blocked out your intuition. You blocked out the light,” which made sense. Instead of learning how to handle all this stuff that was coming at me, I was put on a blindfold and try to figure out.

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That’s when I ended up in this very bad place in my life. I said about opening back up psychically, I learned about an angel. They invited them into my life. I had this incredible angelic visitation experience and that did a big pivot. I bring that up because that’s the topic a lot of times of your show. It made a huge change in my life. I’ve been working in politics and higher education. I went to work as a psychic. In terms of worlds, you don’t get much different than politics and psychics. My life ever since then has been very magical. I’m passionate about helping people understand how to access their own abilities and intuition as well as understand how the spiritual and the physical realm interplay.

You had said to me before that change is fast-paced right now. Did you sense it beforehand? What is it about change and the pace of change that’s got your attention?

There are a couple of things. One, are you familiar with the idea of the universe expanding that it’s growing like this is happening? What’s interesting is it’s happening at a faster and faster rate, which is mind-boggling when you think about it. That’s literally happening. Everything is expanding. The physical universe is expanding. On top of that, we have this credible change that’s happening as a result of technology. You think about this from the perspective of communication or how long it would take something to transpire from even a few hundred years ago.

If you wanted to get a message from Europe to the United States, you had to go on a boat, that’s a long trip. Now, it’s like this microsecond with technology. As a result of that change is happening fast and as technology shifts, it’s happening faster and faster. You see this in the micro and the macro people that maybe had one career in their lifetime before and now people are changing multiple times. It’s great. It’s a wonderful thing because, on the one hand, you don’t have to be stuck in something that isn’t what you like. On the other hand, it can feel like a lot for us to process especially on a body level.

Maybe we’ll dig into that because to me that’s one of the things that is working in our experience that we aren’t necessarily able to work with because we’re unaware of it. That thing that we’re unaware of is how it is that our bodies, our spirits and our emotional body and all of that. How are we processing the speed of the change that’s happening? Even as you pointed out, which I hadn’t been thinking about at all, it was this ever expansion, the expansion of the universe, are we able to process that or are we having difficulty processing that? What have you noticed about that? Where do your own intuitive or your innate gifts show up to help inform people about that challenge?

It’s important more than ever to be grounded in our bodies. It is interesting because it’s been known for a long time through certain people at least that things like meditation and mindfulness are helpful. Because change is happening more quickly, we need to be even more conscious and aware than we have in the past. If you’re moving fast, something that’s slightly off target can have a much bigger effect like way further up the track. You hit something going ten miles an hour and it’s slightly off, you’re going to go not so far. You hit something like 1,000 miles an hour or whatever, 100 miles an hour you’re ended slightly off. You’re going to be farther off track than you want to. Being conscious and aware, calm, grounded, doing things, regardless of whatever speed seems to have begun to pause consciously in our days and check-in to make sure that we are going where we want to go. When we are moving so fast, we’re going to the destination that we intend to go to.

I want to pause there both for myself to take that in and for others that are thinking of themselves right now. “That was interesting what Laura said.” Let’s say we’re traveling down the road and we intend to go to one place. We’re traveling at ten miles an hour. We’re a little bit off target, maybe five to ten degrees off target, how far at a certain point, let’s make the constant ten minutes. You travel ten minutes in a certain direction that’s not on target and you traveled ten minutes at a rate of ten miles an hour. You’re going to be a certain distance from that target.

It’s not going to be that far. If you’re going 100 an hour or you’re going 1,000 miles an hour in that same period of time, that same ten minutes, you have blown my mind, Laura, seriously, because think about the difference in where you will end up, where you will be if you’re off target. That’s an interesting way to look at the fact that change is happening so rapidly now. With all of that and the fact that people are inundated with so much communication, so much information that they’re a bit dizzy anyway. It’s easier to get off-target now than it was many years ago when there was so much less to distract us. Is that fair?

Everything that’s happening it was like a double-edged sword. There are amazing aspects, but there are also some extra challenging aspects. The other thing is, I feel like in the past when there were issues, they would show up. I feel like now when you’re off target, if you want to use that same analogy, it shows up fast. I’ve noticed this in my life, even say from several years ago or many years ago, if something wasn’t aligned, it would show up. It might take several years for me to be like, “This isn’t what I want to do.” Now, it’ll be a day a week where something will show up and the misalignment pops up fast. On the one hand that can feel frustrating. Let’s say if it feels that you’re trying to gain traction and some things aren’t working. On the other hand, you don’t have to go for very long before you’ve realized if something isn’t going to be in alignment with you and your energy. There’s a good side to that too, which is you have the opportunity to more quickly course correct.

PR Laura Powers | Rate Of Change

Rate Of Change: Because change is happening more quickly, we need to be even more conscious and aware than we have been in the past.


The other piece of that is that you get faster feedback.

It’s almost instant sometimes. It’s amazing.

Here’s the question and that this may be a great lead into what you do and what your very unique gifts are. That is that if you’re not present, you could go off ten minutes at 100 miles an hour, be in a very different place than if you are going slower. If you’re not present to the fact that you are misaligned or there’s a misalignment or something like that, it could be twenty minutes. It could be an hour, some months before you have any clue that you are misaligned.

Maybe you might consciously not recognize it, but there will be signs in your life. For example, if you feel like you keep running against a wall and something or you’re not making progress in an area, it’s probable that there is something that maybe you’re going off in that direction that isn’t the one that’s quite right. You’re slightly off, but you maybe don’t have that understanding. In my case, that’s what happened to me. I had shut down my intuition. I was running myself into this path that was not the aligned path for me.

There were lessons I was learning and so it was valuable in that way, but it wasn’t like this is where your goodness in life is. Things seem to get worse and worse because I was continuing to go off on going down the broken path that’s not a well-maintained road. I would’ve taken a wrong turn and I’m going down this dark alley with a lot of creepy stuff around. We get the side that sometimes you don’t understand them and that’s what I want to help people understand is how to pay attention to that, how to know where off, how to get back on that path so to speak.

I want to talk about two words that start with S. First of all, the signs and the solution. I’d love to know what some of the signs are in your experience and how it is that you are able to sense or determine or discern the signs that other people are not able to. That’s where we can talk about exactly your role as a clairvoyant. What is it clairvoyant? How does clairvoyant differ from mediumship, for example, etc.? Let’s talk about the signs.

We received signs so many different ways in our lives that the universe is constantly communicating with us, which may seem like a strange idea to some people. It’s communicating with us through people in our lives, things people say, and through things we see and hear. It’s something you hear on the radio or a bumper sticker you read or a book that’s referenced or a place, animals will communicate with us. There’s communication through numbers that keep popping up. You can look at those numbers up and receive a message. This is happening all the time. One of the things I’ve been shown as a psychic that every time we even receive a message, it’s probably been sent to us like 100. Most people aren’t paying attention. They don’t speak that language. They don’t know to listen.

In terms of how I can help people without is I can literally see angels and spirit guides and communicate with them directly. That’s something that most people have never cultivated. I believe that most people have way more abilities in this area than they know that they do because we aren’t taught this. I would love to have this vision of the future where when kids are learning the ABCs. They’re also learning how to meditate, learning about psychic abilities, learning to tune in for themselves and pay attention to their bodies because our bodies are communicating stuff with us all the time. Even if you’re not using and understanding those signs at the very least, pay attention to your body, your body is so wise and has so much share with you.

I’m sure there are too many signs to possibly enumerate but are there some classic signs that you think people don’t pay attention to that they could? You mentioned the body is an example.

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Physical illness in the body is often trained to tell us something or aches and pains. Sometimes it’s something we need to experience through patterns and through time to understand. I’ll give an example because it’s so interesting. I’ve had a couple of times where I had some pretty major back pain and would do what you would typically do, go to the chiropractor, whatever, and wasn’t getting better. It wasn’t even a situation where like, “I picked something up.” There was an obvious correlation of injury to pain. Something that triggered said feeling in my back. It was through paying attention to what was happening in my life and doing a little bit of research.

I do believe that different pains and physical illnesses often will represent a pattern of things in our lives. What I came to realize is that when I was having this back pain, that there was some pattern or relationship in which I was feeling unsupported. When we’re feeling unsupported, ultimately the truth is we’re allowing for that. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone or something in her life that is having this unsupported energy, but it’s our lack of boundaries with that situation that is allowing that in. In the first situation where I hurt my back, still continuing communication with an ex of mine where I needed to cut that off because it was toxic and unhealthy.

When I did that my back got better. The second time it was a similar situation with a client and personal contact where it was interesting because I finally made this connection like why is my back hurting? I realized the pattern with this person was the same as the one with my ex. Some of the communication patterns, things were popping up. I was like, “I need to release this person.” My back almost immediately started to feel better. Paying attention and learning that when there’s something going on in our body, there is something that our unconscious mind, our physical self is trying to tell us.

What happens in most cases is people get upset even with their bodies. They get upset and they send negative energy to their body and maybe go to healers that are looking at the physical. The best healers are the ones that are acknowledging that emotional, spiritual component. Do you do take care of the physical? I’m not saying to go to doctors, maybe go to a chiropractor, whatever it is that’s happening with you. But at the same time, if you’re not also addressing the other side, it’s likely that you’re not going to be getting the healing that you need.

Laura, it’s important that we understand if there are signs like language if we can’t read a particular language, we need somebody to interpret that language for us. It seems there are plenty of signs that we also ignore because we don’t interpret science.

We don’t even know how to listen. That’s why I want to help people understand this. For example, in terms of body stuff, what is your body telling you about various illnesses or pains and things like that? There are a lot of our online articles and things. In terms of a book, I recommend the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, which breaks down some general terms. What does it mean if you have a sinus infection or skin issues or whatever? At least I’ll point you in the direction of maybe the general area. You will still have to pinpoint in your life the specifics, that’s triggering it. I recommend for people to start paying attention to their body or when you’re around certain people. Do you feel heavy? Do you feel light? Do you feel pain in your chest? All these things are important to pay attention to.

There’s this external sign. How the world around us is interacting with us and we are getting those signs all the time. It’s a conversation. Communication with us, the universe is communicating with us and we can ask for clarification. That was one of the interesting things when I started was learning how you can ask for signs. If you’re getting none if you’re not sure you can ask for clarification or to be sent in a different way. Some of the ways that it will come in will be quite striking and profound and also sometimes funny but very direct. I’ve had many experiences with this where it answers that I received were so specific that it was unreal.

Would you mind sharing an example of that?

One time I was feeling like it was getting the message to travel this particular trip and I asked for a sign. I was driving and I was living in Burbank at the time. I drove by this travel agency that I had never seen before. The name of the travel agency was Travel Laura. It was like, “That’s pretty clear.” It can be so darn specific that it’s hilarious. The angels do have a very strong sense of humor. I recommend paying attention to the signs and again paying attention to how things feel in your body. One of the most powerful things we can do is do maybe a meditation, release that pent-up energy that we have in our energy field.

PR Laura Powers | Rate Of Change

Rate Of Change: External signs are means for the world to communicate with us.


To check-in, so let’s say we’re trying to make a decision. I’m trying to decide between Option A and Option B, to sit in your body. How does it feel to do the first option? How does it feel to do the second option? If you can access that and pay attention to even the subtle feelings in your body, thoughts that you have, impressions it can help you look forward to taking that step. What would that feel like? If you can trust yourself, you can help use that to make decisions. For example, I got my certificate to teach English in Spain. When I was looking at the different schools, there were thirteen schools. I was like, “How would you even compare all of those? There are many.”

All I did was I literally tuned into each one. I felt the energy of each one. Through that, I was able to pick one that was truly magical. Some of the people that I met through that school, this was several years ago, I’m still in contact with now. It was a very synchronistic, wonderful place because any decision that you make is not about that one thing. It’s also about the people that you meet and the things that will unfold from that one thing. The route you take home, all these things have this ripple effect in a lot of different areas that you might expect. I recommend for people to use their intuition in all different kinds of life choices.

In your work, do you train people to some level to use their intuition?

I do because it’s like anything, it’s so helpful to have someone walk you down that and help you understand the different things that are happening. I teach group classes when I’m on location at various places. I do a lot of one on one training, which is extremely powerful with students where we’ll work through a series of times learning basic psychic tools, how to do it safely. What their particular gifts are because you mentioned clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is one particular psychic ability. Clairvoyance means clear seeing in French and that means seeing psychically. You see psychically in the spiritual realm with a leap to be in the pineal gland, which is in the third eye in the brain.

You see things in your mind’s eye. It could be seeing things in this physical. Some people are empaths between, they feel emotions and energies outside of their body, in their body. Some people have what’s called psychometry where you have you literally get information from holding something and touching it through your skin. Some people are clairaudient where they hear. A lot of times these things are subtle until you’ve learned how to tap into it. It’s important to learn some general psychic principles as well as how you, in particular, operate and practice that. What we have now is a lot of people with that an incredible amount of natural ability and they’ve never received any training. They are essentially handicapped with this. They don’t even know what to do. They can’t move forward in that particular area because they don’t have the experience or practice.

It seems to me that in the world that we were describing, one that’s moving so quickly where if you’re off target, the implication is that it could be pretty harsh or harsher than it might’ve been when we were going slower. We said the plus side of that is when we’re dialed in or we can sense that we’re off, that the feedback is coming so much more quickly that we can course-correct, which is so key in any area. The linchpin seems to be this idea of being able to get that clear thinking, to be able to get that ability to sense. My dad gave me advice when I left for college. I started the show is talking about going to college. My dad said to me, “Trust your instincts.” This was his only advice to me and it has still been the advice that I refer back to again and again all throughout my life has had to learn. My experience is that a lot of people don’t trust themselves. I’ve had to learn how to trust myself.

More often trusting my instincts has led to a better decision than almost anything that my head would have created for me or other people’s guidance or other people’s opinions would’ve provided. Helping someone to trust their instincts or tune in to the internal signs that would provide clarity. Clairvoyants meant clear seeing. The Medical Medium is a wonderful book a lot of people have read. What’s the difference between a clairvoyant or the work that you do and somebody who defines themselves some medium, for example?

A medium which usually is short for a psychic medium is someone who can communicate with spirits and beings from the other side. I am both a clairvoyant and a medium or a psychic medium. The clairvoyant is a type of psychic ability. You can have a medium that is a clairvoyant. You can also have a medium that is maybe their primary way to receive information is their clairaudient, which means they hear your messages. You can have mediums that are telepathic. I’m telepathic as well. They’re not as exclusive of each other, but they are related to each other. Most people when they think of mediums tend to think of clairvoyance or someone who sees. You can be a medium and receive information in different ways.

People in business don’t want to dive into that a little bit. How is it that you are able to specifically work with somebody that’s in business and either wants to gain higher ground for themselves, create better results or maybe it is that they’ve not been able to get the recipe right yet to create. Maybe the one instance, somebody who’s successful but certainly isn’t satisfied with that, whatever level they’re at. There are others that are still struggling on some level to find their place in the winner’s circle. How do you help those people?

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I work a lot with entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders and using my psychic abilities for business in particular. Psychic abilities can be, as for anything, you can use them for, looking at health or relationships, looking at your life path, the path would be like are you on the track of your road and best road for you. With business owners, what I do is I use my abilities to help with targeted information for them. Anything that is maybe something for them to help clear an obstacle or what are their goals, how can we work with their angels and spirit guides? Make some changes in what they’re doing to accomplish whatever it is that they want to create.

I’m doing it simply in terms of business. I’ll do that in two ways. One, I will ask the client whatever it is that’s coming up. What are they looking for? What do they perceive as their struggles, what’s going well, what isn’t? Also, whatever it is that I’m getting psychically that maybe they aren’t even aware of. I had a situation with a client where she’s looking to grow her business. She’s expanding much more into national, getting some big contracts for business, whole foods and some pretty major retailers for example. I came up that one of her top employees wasn’t a fit and she was going to need to let her go. It’s always interesting when things play it because at first, sometimes when they give someone a message, they may not resonate with it.

In this case, she was like, “I don’t know, I like her.” A few months later she’s, “I need to let her go.” It took a while for her to see those things unfold. Whereas I saw the energy. When there’s a misalignment of energy, it’s a matter of time before the physical shows up. I can tune in the sense that it helped people with getting more on track more easily and with people who aren’t able to tap into that. I recommend learning to connect with your own inner voice, learning to connect with how you receive information psychically. I have a booked diary of a psychic where there are some specific exercises you can do on your own if you would want to practice that.

I also offer psychic training. The first thing is starting to pay attention and that will do huge things. You mentioned paying attention during tuition. The biggest challenge for everyone, whether you’re working as a psychic, doing readings for other people or even intuiting for yourself, is that the logical mind will often completely counteract whatever it is that you’re getting. It’s almost like this battle between the logical mind and your intuition. The more you learn to follow your intuition and things turn out well, then it usually the easier it is to learn to trust that and not get pulled into those logical fallacies. Don’t get me wrong, logic has its place, but there are many times when the logical mind is overwriting spiritual truth.

Often that logical mind is associated with more of the male or the masculine energy and the intuitive or the heart space is associated with the feminine. On that score, I have a question, are psychic abilities more common in women than in men? Is that a fallacy that there’s because there’s certainly this a prevalent thought that men are more from the head and women are more emotional or driven from the heart. What are your thoughts there?

It can be easier for women to access that because maybe it’s more potential in their nature. It’s more that it’s more accepted for women. All of us have that male, female, intuitive, logical aspect to us. With men, they’re less likely to be taught to accept their feelings and emotions. What I mentioned, emotions are tied in and our body’s paying attention to our bodies are tied in with intuitive information. A lot of it’s societal. We have to learn how to lose past that. We’re in a time where thankfully we’re starting to allow and accept, for example, it used to be considered unmanly for men to cry or to show emotion, which is total BS. Thankfully that’s starting to shift where most people recognize that’s not okay, that’s not a good idea. As that happens, it allows men to connect more with their feelings and therefore their intuition as well because a lot of times intuition will come in through feelings. The whole thing was someone who’s a dangerous person and often people will have a feeling about that person.

I didn’t understand. I didn’t know why I felt that way, but this person that gave me the creeps or off or whatever.

Everything appeared fine. Maybe a logical mind is like, “No, I should be polite,” or, “No, it’s fine. There’s nothing to be afraid of whatever.” The more we tap into the feeling, the more easily we’re able to connect with that. I feel like that’s part of what’s happening to me. I’ll feel it. That said, there’s a lot of very well-known male psychic. I certainly don’t think that it’s that women have a hold on this area. We have access to that.

I’m glad you said that because there’s some level of that whole programming aspect of it and the stereotypes that are applied that will keep people from thinking, “I could do that or that would help me or any of that.” Let’s talk about resilience for a little bit. What’s your bid on resilience and its importance, if at all, to you?

PR Laura Powers | Rate Of Change

Rate Of Change: The logical mind will often completely counteract whatever it is that you’re getting which can be quite challenging.


When I’ve learned as a psychic is how so much of our whatever made seem to stop or block our resilience is external. Even though it might not seem that way, meaning our thoughts are not our thoughts. One of the biggest challenges for people is the mind-stuff that comes up. When you’re not in the place where you want to be or you’re frustrated or things are going well, you’re having challenges. The biggest obstacle that we can overcome is our mindset. This the thought processes, that patterns that we get into in our head. I had a huge light bulb moment when I was totally opening up to my psychic abilities and I was reading one of Eckhart Tolle’s books, The Power of Now. One of his books and there was a big thought in there, which was you are not your thoughts.

I need to reread it again. Both are great books. It was a revelation for me because I’d associated myself with the thoughts I was having so much. The problem with that is, especially if you’re telepathic and psychic, which I am, is that your thoughts are a combination of a whole bunch of things, your thoughts and putting that in, “A combination of a whole bunch of things.” When you’re talking and I’m talking, I can tell when you’re talking with my talking. With our thoughts, if you’re telepathic, it’s all this information is constantly coming in. It’s like Joe over there is talking and maybe there’s a ghost over there and your angel is talking and you hear something from your mom and it’s all coming in.

It’s important not to take ownership of that. When people are going through big transitions, shifts and struggles, it’s important not to take ownership of all the negative mind talk that might come up. As you learn to release that and engage with whatever it is that you want to engage with, then that can be so powerful in terms of pivoting and changing your life. I found that a lot of times right before positive, powerful things are going to happen. That mind chatter can feel so negative. I had an example where I had to a triggered day, where I was having a lot of negative thoughts. I was like, “What is going on?” I didn’t have anything particularly bad happen that would make me feel it was a bad day or whatever, but my mindset was not great.

I checked in with my guides and they’re like something’s good. It’s coming. There are two things that happened. One, anything that’s not aligned with a new energy vibration, we’ll clear out, we’ll come up for clearing. It can be like spiritual detox always happening. There are also some beings, energies that will be resistant to change and try to keep the status quo. That’s happened. The next day I thought I reached out to by Will Ferrell’s people to be on a new podcast, The Ron Burgundy Podcast. If you have a bad day, don’t take ownership of it, focus on what it is that you want to have in your life. Keep in mind that when you worry or stress about things, it’s like praying for what you don’t want to happen. Don’t take ownership of those numbers and those things asked for them to be cleared and keep redirecting and through that major positive things can happen.

If you were giving a resilience tip, let’s say, something by way of a ritual, something to consciously practice so that it could become a habit at some point, what would that ritual be? Maybe you can even share something that you do yourself to keep you in that reminded space.

Doing meditation or a thought activity that’s specifically focused on clearing out energy that’s not yours can be so powerful. I have a grounding and clearing meditation. It’s available on my website or on my Healing Powers podcast. I also post it on there so you can listen to it there. Even spending a few minutes, close your eyes, find a place where you can be quiet for a minute and visualize any energy that you’ve absorbed that’s not yours or that you’re ready to release to go deep into the earth and spend some time doing that. Usually, you’ll feel that energy shifting and releasing. After that, focus on your breath. Doing that releasing is so powerful. We are very taught to be here physically. We learned to clean ourselves physically. We take a shower. We brush our teeth. We wash our face, those kinds of things. Our energetic, emotional and spiritual cleanliness care is as important, if not more important in some ways. It’s important to do that. We’re usually not taught to do that. Spending even a few minutes a day to do that can have some profound effects in terms of our life as a whole.

The washing, not being external washing, but what would internal washing look for each of us and how powerful, that’s a beautiful visual for me. I’m a water sign. I love to get in the water. The cleansing piece is profound on that side of it. I like how I like to smell good. It’s certainly no aversion to doing what’s required to smell good. There’s something more going on for me in the water than the physical act of washing or cleansing. Finding that thing that’s yours. Not everybody’s going to be into that. I’m going to go to the ocean. I’m going to go surf. I’m going to go swim. I’m going to take a shower.

It’s both a physical act of cleansing, which is so obvious, but it’s also something that’s much more on the inside. Meditation is one of those things you described. It’s something, where you could close your eyes. You think about, is there something that I’m feeling in my field that’s impacting my energy or is a voice in my head that I’m even questioning whether that’s even mine? Even if you don’t know and I’d say this is personal more than anything else. If I don’t even know what it is that I want to release, that’s okay too, because you can ask for guidance about what is there. Is there something that might serve me too become aware of and choose to let go or release?

You don’t have to use to know specifically what it is. A lot of times maybe set the intention to release your energy that’s not yours or energy that of yours. Even though you’re ready to release, that alone right there is going to be powerful. If you like this water aspect, I’m doing a meditation where you visualize a shower of light coming down on you. It can be very powerful or being in a waterfall of light or something that can be a very simple and effective tool to clear your energy fields.

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I want to give you an opportunity to share anything else that you might in that space of how it is that people can cultivate more resilience or something else you’d like to share.

A lot of times people are struggling because they are making themselves too small. They’re into low and strangely sometimes something much bigger that we think of as much bigger to accomplish is easier to accomplish in our life. I see that sometimes where people are struggling and it’s another way to think about it is they’re not in the right aligned energy. Things are hard. They pop up to that level where their soul wants to operate, then things can unfold a lot better. Sometimes some people are struggling and it’s because you need to aim higher, you need to aim bigger and get up to that next level. We are way more powerful than we’ve been taught to think we are. When we can release that and get out, what is it that sets our soul on fire? What is it that we are passionate about? Move towards that even if we don’t know how that could unfold. Set that intention and vision, ask your angels and spirit guides in the universe for help and start to move forward. It’s amazing what can unfold.

Was the invitation from Will Ferrell’s group to join his podcast one of those answers to that meditative prayer?

I hadn’t specifically said Will Ferrell. I’d love to connect with him, but I had set the intention for a large scale. I want to reach a lot of people and I also don’t feel like we need to suffer for our work. I want to do more fun work. It was a comedy podcast, it was great, but I was still answering honestly as a psychic. Even though it was a comedy, it was still people learning from what I was saying. You don’t have to say super specifically like I want that particular opportunity if that particular thing is so important to say. You can list qualities or parameters for what it is that you want to bring in. Open up and see what transpires. The cool thing is I didn’t pitch them, they reached out to me and you never know what’s going to happen.

Playing bigger is such a relative thing and it means many different things to many people. We’ve been getting calls a lot lately. It’s for a very curious thing since we’d helped a bunch of people to get on a TED stage, to do TED Talks and that thing. All of a sudden that the universe is springing us people, that that’s their definition of playing a bigger game. It is because to stand on that little red circle is like a trippy mind-blowing amazing growth experience. There’s a lot that can come from that. It’s so interesting that you bring that up. I will share my waking ritual, which I love to remind myself of and remind as many people as I possibly can. It’s a part of my commitment to doing this show that this is a part of the way that we feel like we can have an impact and have it be positive. My question, which I always ask every one of my guests, did you wake up this day?

Yes, I did wake up. It’s an interesting time for me because I’m very busy and in my life I have a lot of interviews and clients and big things that I’m working on. I have to work extra hard to like we were saying, moving fast. You have to make sure you’re working on the right thing. I have to check in periodically. When you work and connect with your angels and sphere guys, it becomes a lot easier to do that because you’re receiving this regular download and communication all the time. That’s helpful for me that I can access this team of helpers that helps me do that.

I’ll put the question out to everybody else, did you wake up this day? I mean that both literally and figuratively because there’s nobody that I’ve ever met that if I asked this question, I say, “When you went to bed last night, were you guaranteed that you would wake up this day?” Everybody’s always got the same answer, which is, “No, there was no guarantee.” Regardless of whether what you woke up to, the day, the weather, both outside and inside, it was a blessing. It was an unexpected miracle in many ways that you woke up that I woke up.

In the presence of, in the face of that type of a thing, a miracle or magic or something unexpected and something that’s even sacred, it’s easy to be grateful. There are three parts to my waking ritual. One is the waking itself because we got to do that and I’m hoping and praying that we all do it again tomorrow. There’s the second part of that acknowledgment of what a blessing that is and to be in gratitude at that moment for that blessing. The third piece are these four words that I’ve become accustomed to saying for many years and have shared now with a lot of people as well. Those words are, “I love my life.” Laura, what are those words?

I love my life.

That’s the case in so many ways for a lot of people. Do I love my life? The question is, can you love your life no matter what? That’s the thing. Ten seconds tomorrow when we all wake up, if you think about it for a moment, being gratitude and give yourself a chance to, from the bed or from the floor or whenever it is, but you take those ten seconds to say those words out loud and feel that energy and feel what it would be. What would it be like to love your life? No question mark. Laura, thank you for being a guest on the show. I appreciate you.

It was my pleasure. Thank you for having me.


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