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We all acquire a certain programming as we grow up. This programming creates a box from which we live and which often limits us from doing something in our lives. It also keeps us from recognizing our power. Art Giser is a gifted healer and intuitive, as well as the creator of Energetic NLP. Art’s mission is to empower us to break free from this box and reprogram ourselves to create better results in our lives. He has over 30 years of experience in the study of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), science, psychic development, and energetic and spiritual healing. In this episode, Art shares a system for personal transformation that will help us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually remove the embedded energy acquired from others. He also digs deeper into energy work, thought forms, and the two empowerments he received directly from the Dalai Lama.

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Art Giser on Reprogramming Ourselves To Recognize Our Power With Energetic NLP

I’m thrilled to be here. I’m happy to be alive, feeling grateful for the moment. It’s been a beautiful day regardless of whether it’s sunny or it’s not, being in a state of gratitude for anything that’s happening is the most important thing that I can do for myself. Maybe you feel the same way and if so, our team loves to get your comments and your feedback. You can leave comments at and we’ll respond to them there. You can always leave a review on iTunes as well. I have a great guest. It’s important that we recognize the power of our words, the power of the things that we say and how they impact what we do. This gentleman is no stranger to that concept.

In fact, he is somebody that is an expert in a field that has a lot to do with how it is that we are programmed. It’s not just been programmed, but how it is that we can reprogram ourselves to create some better results in our lives. His name is Art Giser and he’s the creator of Energetic NLP and a gifted healer and intuitive. Art has more than 30 years of experience in the study of NLP science psychic development, energetic and spiritual healing. In fact, he said two empowerments directly from the Dalai Lama of Tibet. I’m going to be the first one to admit that I don’t know what empowerment is, but I know that whatever the Dalai Lama of Tibet would give, it’s got to be amazing and valuable. With that, Art, welcome to the show.

I’m thrilled to be here. It’s great.

Art, I would love to know something about you. Our community loved it when I asked this question. That’s what we hear again and again. What’s not written in your bio that you would love for people to know about you?

I’m a type A lazy person. I’m very type A, at heart, I’m one of those people, when people go, “I get bored being at the beach.” I like to just be. I love it and I find that to accomplished what I wanted to accomplish in life, I can be quite type A. With my students and clients, I noticed I can sit and be for hours.

I’ve not thought of it that way before because it’s been my dirty little secret, which is not going to be a little secret anymore. I’m lazy at heart or at least that’s the word that I would have applied to it. I am very much type A. Anybody that knows me knows how driven and tenacious I can be, when I have my sights on something. I enjoy just being. In fact, one of the things I love to share with people and the things that I most enjoy teaching about or how it is that we experience ourselves being more from a place of intention. The question of how do you want to experience yourself being is a question that I didn’t discover until I was in my 40s, what is that? What does it mean to experience yourself being? What you said dropped in from me.

I have the other part. I’ve done a lot of work with corporations like Fortune 100 companies and I was working with this mining company. I’m a real environmentalist, so I had to get to know the people before I’ve worked with them. It was their worldwide leadership and they used to call me the bulldog. Instead, they gave me an outcome they wanted, I was not going to let go of their outcomes.

Your more natural state of being or the one that you would sit in longer, would be this being peaceful, at ease and comfortable in a surrounding. Could you say more about it?

This is something that may be helpful for people. One of the things I’ve noticed in my clients and students is part of how they make themselves crazy is they’re trying to put themselves in little boxes like, “I’m this person, I’m of that person.” I see people like a diamond. They have all these different facets and all the facets together make the diamond. We have all these different aspects of ourselves. The type A, the bulldog, that’s me too. Part of personal spiritual development is letting ourselves be complex. I didn’t hear this myself, but somebody told me they heard the Dalai Lama talk one time. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of night furious at the Chinese. It’s disarming that he recognizes, “Yeah, I have that too.” He’s complex. He’s a fantastic being, but he’s complex. He’s got all good stuff.

When somebody gives you empowerment, they're opening the door to some new abilities, and then you have to do things with it. Share on X

What was an empowerment that you received from the Dalai Lama? What was it like to receive that honor? I’m assuming it’s a great honor.

It wasn’t just me. I was very grateful and it’s a privilege. It was me and thousands of my closest friends. The idea of empowerment and I do a version of this with my students too, when somebody gives you empowerment, they’re opening the door to some new abilities and then you have to do things with it. If somebody could tap somebody who’s a basketball player and all of a sudden opened up this incredible ability, now they’re going to have to work to develop it. The door is open. The two empowerments I had from the Dalai Lama is called the Blue Medicine Buddha. It’s about healing yourself and healing others. It improved my ability to heal people mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The other one is called Dzogchen, which is one of their highest practices, clear light meditation, connected to their version of enlightenment.

I’m working on that one. The first time when I started Dzogchen was back in the ‘80s. I’m watching him and there are huge arcs of energy coming off. There’s a concept in energy called thought forms. They’re energetic formations and every group is hooked into them. Any group that you or your family ever identified with, you’re hooked into thought forms and they tell you what you can do, what you can’t do, what you should and shouldn’t want. This thought forms about what a man should be, an American, a religion or if you’re a teenager. These thought forms have massive effects on people. One of the things I teach people is how to disconnect from them, not because they’re bad. The kind of people that reads your blog and the kind of people that work with me are people that want to be authentic.

There are very positive uses of thought forms. For hundreds of years, Tibetans are developing these energy formations. As a Dalai Lama, he’s got the key to them. When he’s giving a talk, he’s a sweet old Buddhist guy. I heard him once give a talk and it’s worth doing. He started by looking around the audience and going, “You’re all here because you think I have something special to say.” Then it goes, “I don’t have anything special to say.” He gave a fairly standard Buddhist talk, but when he’s doing empowerment, he opens up these thought forms. It’s not forced on you, but if you want it, it changes your whole energy system. Its mind boggling.

Would thought forms be the equivalent of beliefs? Are those two things synonymous or no?

Thought forms contained beliefs and emotions. I can give you a quick story. I was working once with a client in Michigan and she asked me, “Would you work with my son? He’s sixteen and I think he has memory problems.” I went, “Sure.” We hit it off. We had a good rapport. He loved the book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’d read it and we bonded over that. He knew everything in that book. What did he forget? He forgot dental appointments, homework and assignments. I went, “You don’t have a memory problem.” He said, “No.” I go, “You have an attitude problem. Look at what you remember and what you don’t.” He starts laughing and he goes, “My mom had me worried.” I go, “Yeah, I’ll let her know. It’s not a memory problem.”

It’s a priority problem.

Then goes to something else. This is years ago with the heroin looks with these emaciated rock stars and it was in for a while to look like a heroin addict. They look very thin. It was cool for some rock stars and different people. He goes, “Something is bothering me. I don’t know why I like what I like.” I started laughing. I knew what he meant, but I said, “What do you mean?” He goes, “I like these rock stars. They looks like they got out of Auschwitz and I don’t know why I like that. I like certain clothes, but I don’t feel like I really liked them. I like certain foods, but I don’t feel like I liked them.” I went, “First of all, I wasn’t aware of what you’re talking about until I was in my 30s and somebody had to teach me.”

PR 111 | Energetic NLP

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I go, “You’re hooked into these teenage thought forms and they do have beliefs also. They can have emotions and they’re telling you what you should or shouldn’t like. I’m impressed that you noticed that something is off. Do you want me to disconnect you from them?” He goes, “What will happen.” I go, “You’ll go be a teenager. You can still hang out with your friends, but you’ll know what you like.” I disconnected him. A couple of weeks later, he goes, “My tastes in everything has changed, but it feels right now. I’m still having fun with my friends, but I know what I like and what’s important to me.” They contain emotions, beliefs and something keen to unconscious programming.

What part of your training then enabled you to do that work for him?

I have a fairly diverse background. I managed a research lab at the University of California medical school in San Francisco for eleven years studying the effects of estrogen and progesterone on a woman’s body. I’ve done corporate consulting for years. I’ve been an NLP trainer since 1985 but I also started studying healing work, intuition development, psychic work and spirituality. It was in those sets of training because it’s powerful as NLP. Some of your audience may not know what it is. It’s Neuro-linguistic Programming and it’s an amazing system for personal transformation. The most famous person in the field is Tony Robbins. It’s the core of this change work with people. I would find there were certain things that end up and that didn’t work well with people. It might make it better or they’d handle it better, but it wouldn’t heal it.

What I discovered through the spiritual energy work is because people are connected to thought forms and had energy in their energy field, that it wasn’t theirs. Since it wasn’t theirs, you can’t heal it therapeutically. It starts when you’re in the womb. Your mother and father, they don’t know. They’re programmed to program their kids and they’re doing it energetically. This is a good thing because you’re born into a society and you need to know the rules. Being programmed when you’re young is important. The parents don’t even know they’re doing it. The programming isn’t from them, it’s from their parents and their parents. The other thing that starts happening is even in the womb you start absorbing emotional energy. The fetus is doing that for two reasons. One, out of love and the other, out of enlightened self-interest and awareness. If the giants are in trouble, they’re in trouble.

Let’s say one of your parents has anxious. A fetus will start absorbing that anxiety energy to take the burden off the parent to absorb at least some of it. They’ll come to somebody like me and they’ll go, “I’m 50 years old and I’m anxious. I’ve always been anxious. I don’t know why I’m anxious. I go to therapy and I learned to control that. I do my meditation, but I’m still always anxious. Why can’t I solve that?” I go, “It’s because this is not your anxiety.” When we get that energy out of their space, it isn’t that they don’t have any anxiety because there’s natural anxiety, but they don’t have all this anxiety they can’t handle anymore. All of a sudden, their whole relationship to their emotions begins to change.

What’s the process to remove that embedded energy? I also love to have a little discussion around where genetics and epigenetics play into that.

The research I did was on epigenetics though we didn’t call it that back in the day. For the first part of the question on how you remove it, the way most energy workers do it is you can learn it with your mind or with your hands. There’s a saying in energy work that energy follows thought and intention. It sounds too easy, but the hardest thing I have in training people is to have them let go of what they think is hard. It’s a natural human ability. We all have it. We all have known people that if they walk in the room, as soon as they walk in, everybody feels better but they don’t say anything or do anything. In the corporate teams I worked with, they have the same thing. It’s because they’re bringing in different energies. What most energy workers will do is even a lot of talented ones is they’ll clear that person’s energy out of your space. Have you ever done weeding a garden? Did you ever have to do that?

Yeah, I won’t say I ever enjoyed it because I didn’t. I’ve done it plenty of times.

I grew up at a point in time at Southern California when lawns had to be perfect. My whole childhood was weeding the lawn. What you learned is if you take the top off the weed, it grows back so you’ve got to get the root or you’re going to have to keep doing it over and over again. When you clear the energy off somebody, they feel better for a little while, but then the energies come back because the root or whatever it is, it’s holding it there. One of the ideas that energy work is you are the sovereign of your energy field. If some of this energy is in your space, it’s hooking into something, an unconscious program, Karma, spiritual contracts and energy programming. What my students do and what I do is we look at what’s it hooked into and we heal that then we release the energy. Releasing the energy part is easy. I could teach a group of five-year-olds to do it real quick because they giggle and do it. I go, “Take it off and put it here.” Where adults are going, “Maybe I don’t have the skill. Is Susie doing it better?” We trip all over ourselves, but everybody has the ability. It’s not everybody’s path to be interested in it, but everybody can do it.

Is forgiveness part of it or is it a simple conscious decision to remove something or let go of something?

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Forgiveness helps because if I’m working with a client and I’m trying to remove things. If they’re angry about it or punishing about it or in any kind of resistance to it, there’s a saying, “What you resist persists.” They’ll end up holding onto it. Forgiveness is gratitude and particularly gratitude for our blocks is huge. That may or may not make sense to some of the people reading, but if you believe like I do that on some level, our spirit is co-creating our lives. I had a slapstick, spectacular slip and crash so I had surgery on my shoulder. I had to change a lot of plans. Even though I’m healing quickly, it’s still going to be a long time before I’m back to normal because I ripped off two tendons.

I’ve dislocated both of my shoulders and had painful surgery on one of them. I can certainly be empathetic with you.

The point I’m starting to make is my belief is that happened for some reason. Even if that’s nonsense, it has gotten me to examine my life and I’m making all kinds of great changes in personal development. Whether it’s ultimately true that my spirit set it up or not, what I teach people is treat all your blocks as having a purpose or having a gift. Can I prove that it’s true? No, but what I can prove is it’s an incredibly effective way to go through life.

There’s enough anecdotal proof for it to pass the efficacy tests personally. Among the people we’ve interviewed, we’ve had some folks from Asia that had been on the show and a gentleman by the name of Ken Honda. We were talking about this in regard to prosperity and he said something which was so cool. He says, “I say thank you all the time.” Arigato is the Japanese term for thank you. When money comes in, I say thank you.” I’m like, “Everybody is going to be down with that. We all get that. Not everybody is going to do it, to be that consciously grateful for every bit of prosperity.” Then he said something that I didn’t expect, which made perfect sense and it dovetails to what you’re saying. He says, “Thank you even when the money goes out.” Even when the money is leaving as he’s paying bills, he’s paying his taxes, anything that other people would dread, not be happy about, resist or delay and all the rest of it, he says thank you for all of it.

When I was first trying to see private clients, one client that was thrilled with the work. She gives me a check and I noticed over a signature she wrote, “Thank you.” I went, “I like that, the whole mindset of it.” It is very powerful. In the Hindu tradition, there’s this God they called Ganesh and he’s got the elephant head. People usually talk about that he’s the remover of obstacles and they invoke him to remove obstacles. What I found out a few years ago is he’s also the one who puts them there because the obstacles have a purpose. We use that metaphor in my training programs. Let’s assume all the obstacles are there for a purpose and you can fight them or you can work with them. I’ve had some mind-boggling experiences where to me, it is very real that somebody’s spirit has put it there. Sometimes I’ll do these meditations called Change The World From Your Living Room and people all over the world, we meditate and bring the healing energies to different places in the Earth.

We don’t force it on anybody. We bring them in and make them available. Sometimes we’ll focus on some area where people are getting killed and suffering or starving. I’ll ask people to get a sense of light. What percentage of the people there are accepting the healing energy? Sometimes it’s low and it’s never 100%. Then you have to start wondering, “These people are, in a normal human sense, victims for sure but their spirit isn’t letting them send healing energy. What is that about?” Some people might believe the devil is blocking it or something. For me, what I believe is that they’re on a spiritual path and it’s not for me to interfere with it. We do everything based on permission. If their spirit is not giving permission, then it’s not for Art Giser to decide what their life should be. I’ll offer that healing energy. It does make you realize there’s something going on in a whole other level that as beings or for whatever reasons, we’re creating struggle, trauma, joy, beauty and it’s all part of the picture.

Art, when was it that you discovered that you had intuitive abilities? Did that take place when you were a kid or is it more in your adult life?

Like a lot of people, I had a few experiences as a kid. When I was a kid, my dad was an early computer guy and I wanted to be a scientist when I grew up. I was very logical, but I also had this mystical side. I knew things like telepathy and working with the unconscious mind. I knew that there was a reality to all that. Even in high school, I was hypnotizing people. I knew it was all true, but I’d heard so much of like, “Only some people have these special gifts.” I was afraid to learn it because I was afraid to find out that I wasn’t one of those people. It sounds stupid, but it’s the way people ball up their lives. At about the same time I started studying NLP, I went to this one afternoon class on psychic development and the guy had us all write down the name of somebody who was sick and folded up a piece of paper and put a little symbol on the outside. Then people had to pick one and say, “It’s a flower.” All you knew is it was a man or a woman. You are supposed to figure out what was wrong with them. There are about twelve of us in the class and everybody was picking one. I would try to read it too and I was getting different stuff than they were saying.

When the person finally called, I put that name in and that’s so and so. They’d be talking and then right at the end, they’d say what I saw like, “It’s Parkinson’s. It’s something.” Everyone I’m nailing and I had no idea this was possible. I didn’t know anybody who can do it, let alone me. Then it came to my turn to pick one and I told the teacher I’m not getting anything. He was stern and he goes, “Just say what you’re getting.” I went, “She’s not sick. She thinks she has cancer, but she’s not. She’s convinced that she does, but she’s fine.” I’m feeling stupid. This woman goes, “You described my aunt. She’s convinced she has cancer. The doctors keep telling her she doesn’t.” By the end of that, I went, “I can do this.” I knew I needed a lot more studying, but that’s when I knew it was possible.

PR 111 | Energetic NLP

Energetic NLP: We do everything based on permission. If the spirit is not giving permission, then it’s not for us to decide what life should be.


I want to close that loop on the epigenetics reference. Where does that fit in this?

It all fits together. I heard a study about twins that were separated at birth and often they have a lot of similarities in their lives with no contact with one another. There are amazing similarities about work. I was a researcher for eleven years. The standard scientific explanation with me, “There must be a gene that makes you be a janitor, an artist, something or a gene that makes you marry somebody named Cathy.”

Wear the same kind of glasses, the same type of clothing or cut your hair in the same way and it’s so remarkable. Those twins separated and when you look at them, they could be twins.

Even some of them are married to people of the same name. I have a good friend who is a twin and he’s not into this kind of stuff but he said, “We would know what each other were thinking or if there’s a problem.” It’s funny that by the standard scientific model, it has to be genetic and it can even be epigenetic. If you believe that people are energetically interconnected, which at least ten Nobel Prize-winning scientists believe in energetic connections between people and that were made of energy. It’s not so out there anymore. If you believe we’re all interconnected, then the two twins, they were in the womb together, they’re connected. It doesn’t matter if they never met. It’s not random and to me, it’s a lot more believable than there is a gene telling you that you’re going to be a rock star.

In epigenetics, if people aren’t familiar with that term, it’s environmental factors that turn genes on and off. It has to do with cell receptors and it does override genetics. It can be either in a positive way or a destructive way. That’s one of the environmental pollutants and even energies and stuff. My experience is that people don’t come in as blank slates and there are tons of evidence for that. Even scientific evidence said people come in with a personality whether that’s genetic or whether it’s their spirits coming in at a certain way, you can debate. There’s a great deal of evidence. A lot of it is the nature of the spiritual incarnation and then the connections between us. You can’t tell by watching me, but I’m short. I’m not genetically predisposed to be in the NBA. Yes, our genes affect us and it can affect temperament and all kinds of things. Energy affects your genes too. Often, it’s a chicken and the egg thing. Energy is another epigenetic factor.

Is energy another word for consciousness for you?

Yes, almost always. There are some energies that don’t seem to be attached to consciousness. I worked with some Russian scientists and they have these energy machines. Even some of those have consciousness attached to them, but almost always energies have some higher consciousness attached to them.

I’m going to ask you the question, but I’m making an assumption before I ask it that you are not a materialist. You don’t believe that the brain creates consciousness, but that consciousness exists outside of our brain. We’re using an analogy that we have an antenna that’s tuning in or able to receive the signals from consciousness that exists outside of our bodies.

I cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s not hallucination. When you start seeing energies, you see it. You can see things come in and then people say them. As long as they’ll start to say something and you’re watching something to come in, somebody in mid-sentence completely changes as it comes in. You can see energies that are more of the being. I believe that the brain is how we express consciousness in our human lives or one of the ways. I don’t believe it creates consciousness at all.

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There’s a wonderful book that got published. It’s a called An End to Upside Down Thinking by Mark Gober. Are you familiar with that book? Have you heard about it?

I am only two chapters into it. It’s fantastic. I’m thinking about telling all my students to read it because I love that he gives scientific reference after scientific reference.

I spent eighteen years as a lawyer. He’s making a good case for it. It happens to be the research that he collected. It’s not his theory, it happens to be what he believes. He believes it because there’s so much proof of it.

It’s an amazing book and it’s very readable. He has all these footnotes and going back to the research. It’s well done. There’s a wonderful chart with these Nobel laureates in physics and people like that talking about their belief in the human energy phenomena. They’re saying these credible things and referring to research. On the other side, people like Richard Dawkins or whatever his name is who are scientists that are saying things like, “It’s not true because it couldn’t be true.” It’s the antithesis of science. It’s a superstition. When you believe something and there is no evidence for it, it’s a superstition. It’s not science.

When people like Dr. Ervin László are in favor of and say, “No, this is the fact.” These are the real facts. These are the hard facts. It’s anytime when a prevalent point of view or when a point of view that’s been around for so long and seen as true is contradicted. There’s a lot of people that find that threatening and clearly, it’s threatening. Einstein battled with the hard problem of consciousness as a lot of people would because it’s anti-materialism. That shakes up a lot of different assumptions about our lives and a lot of things that we based both our aspirations on as well as our fears. We have fears about things that we might not need to be afraid of. The implications if you buy into the theory that is espoused in that book removed quite a bit of the fear that we walk around with. Wouldn’t you agree?

I talked about thought forms. Sometimes thought forms are like going to Disneyland. They seem alive like a robot or something. A lot of times my clients say, “I see these demons or something.” They’re almost always are thought forms. You can dissolve them if they’re thought forms, which isn’t hard. They’re not real. Most of what we’re afraid of isn’t real. Some things like starving to death, that’s real. When you open up to this whole energetic side of things, life starts making sense. One thing I have people do in my programs at the beginning is they take a pledge and the pledge is not to believe anything I tell them. One of the things that I brought from NLP, the Neuro-linguistic Programming into the energy work, which is sadly missing is there are a lot of great people out there doing energy work and systems. They don’t mean to be spiritually arrogant like, “This is the way it is. You have this many chakras and they look like this. They’re in this color.” Then some other system will say something completely different.

It’s a lot like the blind men and the elephant. People are seeing a piece of a big picture and they think it’s the whole picture. In NLP, one thing to stress is that all the ideas in NLP, they’re like science, they’re theories. They’re models, they’re ideas. The people who developed NLP would tell us, “When they work, use them. When they don’t work, change them or improve them.” That’s what I teach in my classes. This my belief of the day. It’s working well, but I don’t think it’s the ultimate truth. Let’s start there and keep going. In my work, the goal is always for them to connect to their inner wisdom, spirit and get their own information. I say things to help them challenge their old beliefs and think of new ideas. I don’t care if they end up believing what I’m believing. I’ll tell them like, “If you see it differently, tell me. If I like it better, I’ll skew you it.”

To me, it connects back to how do we want to experience ourselves being? Because in some ways, you’re helping them to create a bit of a roadmap or a GPS to feel how they want to feel. I don’t know that there’s anything else that we will take with us beyond this life other than that. It’s how it is that we experienced ourselves feeling and being throughout our lives. What else are we going to take with us? We know we’re not going to take the computer. We can’t take the car or the house.

My tag line in Energetic NLP is “Bridging real-world results for spirituality.” A lot of the old spiritual systems and they’re great about transcending life. There are more and more systems now and Energetic NLP is one work. We’re not trying to transcend life. We’re trying to bring our spiritual nature into our lives to make our lives better and to improve the world. The more ultimate sense is exactly what you said about what we take with us and how we grow, evolve and whatever else we’re up to. For so many people that read this and the people that work with me, we want to make the world better too. Whether it’s a little way or a big way. When you bring your spiritual nature into your life, it has all kinds of practical effects for you and for the work that you do.

PR 111 | Energetic NLP

Energetic NLP: The only freedom that nobody can take away from us is we can decide what things mean and how we’re going to deal with it.


At least from my personal experience of this, I don’t see a downside when we bring our spiritual nature to anything that we do in our lives. There’s a 0% risk that you will make things worse. Check that out for yourselves and feel free to let me know, whether that works for you or it doesn’t work for you. I’ll take a page out of your notebook as well and say, “Don’t believe a word I say.” The only thing that’ll ever determine whether or not it’s “true” for you is your trying it on for yourself, experiencing it on your own. If it works, you keep doing what works. If it doesn’t work, stop doing it. That’s the recommendation.

When you do that, one thing that we work in Energetic NLP is to have more synchronicities in our lives. It gets hysterical. Even when things go wrong, it ends up like, “How that worked out perfectly?” If it’s a four-day training or something, every morning we’ll talk about what are synchronicities that happened last night. It is mind boggling. When you allow yourself to connect energetically with other people, allow your spirit and your inner wisdom to guide your life more. I’ll give you one example. I was flying from San Francisco to LA to help a friend who had a bad concussion. I wasn’t sure he was going to be okay. I managed to standby and fly earlier on the flight. Even though I had my bags checked in, they never let you do that. That was a miracle. I’m almost the last person on the plane so I’m in the very back row in the middle. The very last person comes on. This woman comes on and she looks beat. She sits down next to me and I go, “It looks like you had a fun day.” She goes, “Yeah, I showed up at the airport and they went, “We gave your seat away because you already flew.” I told her, “I’m standing in front of you.” She wasn’t supposed to be on that flight. I wasn’t supposed to be on it. I’m going to see this friend who has this horrible concussion.

She asked me what I did and I’m telling her and I go, “What do you do?” She goes, “I’m a head trauma surgeon.” I know people are always hitting up on doctors, so feel free. “I know you’re tired, but here’s why I’m going to LA. It seems like we’re supposed to talk to one another,” and to my surprise, she goes, “Absolutely.” She told me something that none of the doctors in LA told me. It was a huge hill. When people have a concussion, they can appear to get better, then they’ll get worse and then they’ll get better. She goes, “Don’t freak out when he goes backwards. It’s normal. They go up and down a little bit.” None of the other doctors told me that. When he would start going backwards instead of flipping out, I go, “Just like she told me.” I’m not as stressed out enough. It made everything so much easier and it was because fate put us together on those planes.

I’m going to paraphrase what you said, “Even when things go wrong, they go right.” You can believe that or not. We each individually have our choice and free will. I believe that everything is happening for a reason. It’s not random. Everything is being reserved. We get to choose in and tune into the serving component, the service piece of it or we play a different card. That card can be, “This sucks and it’s not fair,” or any number of other things. Our work in many ways has to do with what we train people to speak publicly and get clear on their message. I firmly believe that one of the most powerful things in our universe is the spoken word. We can heal a lot of things. We can integrate a lot of things. We can help a lot of people, including ourselves when we’re able to articulate ourselves.

That changes the energy. They’d known about this for thousands of years in Hebrew, in Chinese and in Sanskrit. There were special holy words because they have a vibration to them.

Sound is an incredible vibration. It’s an energy form. The words that we are sharing or the question we’re asking people is, “What if you decided to love your life no matter what?” If you did decide to love your life no matter what and declare that out loud, what reverberates back? What’s reflected back from that space?

I have a good friend named Mitzy who is a gorgeous woman. She is gorgeous inside too. She’s been dealing with cancer, stuff and plenty of things that she could be unhappy about. Every time I see her, she wouldn’t feel good because of the chemo and stuff, but she was committed to, “I’m going to enjoy my life no matter.” She got swindled by somebody on the phone and she said, “Have fun with it.” She called back the person and she managed to get the person arrested for the fun of it. She’s like, “I lost $500. At least I’m going to have some fun with this.” She’s such an inspiration to me. I feel that way too. I lost the love of my life after 40 years of true love. It was traumatic and at the same time, I had so much gratitude. I can feel bad that it’s over or I can go, “How many people get 40 years of true love?” It’s my choice how I’m going to deal with that. “Would I have liked it to go on longer?” “Of course.” “Would I like to not have the years as a caregiver?” “Yes.” That was part of my path and I can choose to like it or not. The only freedom that nobody can take away from us is we can decide what things mean and how we’re going to deal with it.

That is so true. We are meaning-making machines.

When you believe something and there is no evidence for it, it’s a superstition. It's not science. Share on X

When people become aware, “Look at the meanings you’re making.” The reason I was afraid to learn about energy work for years was, I had this belief, “What if I couldn’t do it? I wouldn’t even try.” This huge pivot point in my life was I only went into research because I had a degree. I knew that wasn’t where I belong, but by the time I figured that out, I have finished my degree. I was looking for work and I’m like, “Maybe I can get a research job.” I ended up managing this lab and there were a lot of great things about it. I could go to lunch and listen to Nobel laureates.

I listen to Watson and Crick and these amazing people. I worked with great people and we were making the world a better place, but I didn’t belong there. I didn’t know what I wanted. I had this belief, it was one day going to appear, but it wasn’t appearing. I started thinking, “I’m ja loser. What’s wrong with me?” Meanwhile, the rest of my life was great. I had true love. I had all these wonderful things going on. I had a lot of fun, but I was stuck and it was making me crazy. I developed a belief that whatever I did next was going to prove it. That I wasn’t this loser or whatever. I was afraid to try anything new because it was going to prove who I was or wasn’t.

There was so much pressure on what it would mean.

What I could’ve done is, “I’m quitting. I’m throwing myself to the wind and something will happen.” I had rules in my head. If you start noticing the rules you’ve made up, it will trap you. Somebody like you or somebody like me could have in that one session opened up my whole life, but I didn’t know to go get help. What finally happened for me is they had classes at the student union. This guy told me about this talk on intuition.” I thought, “Maybe I’ll start exploring that.” I went to the talk and it was okay and then somebody is selling books. There was a break. I walked out in the hallway and there was a bulletin board. I’m looking at the different flyers and one said neuro-linguistic programming. When I read the words, it felt like a bolt of lightning went down from the top of my head through my midline and out. The scientist in me was like, “What was that?” and the mystic in me was going, “It was a sign.” I’m having this little internal argument. I’m blown away. I walked back in and I’m looking at the books and they had that NLP book.

The book had nothing to do with intuition. I don’t know why they were selling it. I bought it. I went home and I started reading it. Everything made sense to me, other than the extravagant claims that we can cure a phobia in one session. At that moment, my whole life changed. People in NLP might not know his name Michael Lebeau. In the ‘80s, he was a top developer. He is married to Leslie Cameron-Bandler and they were changing NLP. He was giving this super advanced course in NLP. I was so now intrigued. I thought I got to go to it and I had to take five days off work. There’s a ton of money for the time. I sprained my ankle. It wasn’t Uber so even getting there was quite a trauma. Five minutes into it, I went, “I’m in the right room.” There are other pivot points, but seeing that flier completely changed my life. Now, that I had something to focus on, all that fear went away.

It’s remarkable. In our book pivot, we deal with the fear stories that people have and the myths around and you described one of them. This idea that somehow, if I try something and it doesn’t work, it’ll prove something. Sometimes that proof will be, “My dad told me I was a loser or my dad told me I should stick with the safe thing. My mom told me to, “Do this slow and steady wins the race. Do the safe thing or do this or that,” instead of what it is you want to do or you’re passionate about doing or whatever it is. If somehow you try it and it doesn’t work out, that they’ll be right. Part of the meaning that’s assigned to it is, “It will make them right.” The risk in it turns out that your life was all along predicted.

Even when I was little, we’d have a man to man conversation. My parents completely encouraged me that I can be anything I wanted to be. It was self-inflicted. I can’t even blame my parents. There’s nothing wrong with what I was doing. I knew I didn’t belong there and I don’t think there’s anything wrong if somebody makes a choice to do something safe work-wise. I have friends who went into civil servantship but I didn’t belong there. A lot of work in Energetic NLP is what are these myths that we have that trap us?

Given the fact that the statistics or the surveys or such, reveal that more than 50% of the working population are actively looking for the work, I would say it’s safe to say to people who are reading this are more likely than not in that category. They’re either not thrilled with what they’re doing and they want to do something else. They’re side hustling or they’re entrepreneurs. This stuff is very helpful. I know that I’ve been using NLP in my trainings and have been trained under that system for a lot of years. We welcome you to also Wikipedia and find out if you’ve never heard of neuro-linguistic programming. You want to know more about it or epigenetics or any of the topics that we’ve been talking about. It’s been a fascinating conversation. There are so many resources, but Wikipedia is a great place to find out some basic information.

PR 111 | Energetic NLP

An End to Upside Down Thinking: Dispelling the Myth That the Brain Produces Consciousness, and the Implications for Everyday Life

I want to be clear. In Energetic NLP, NLP is a part of it, but just a part. I wouldn’t go to Wikipedia. I’d go to YouTube and there’s some fantastic videos of Tim Hallbom, Richard Bandler, John Grinder. Wikipedia sometimes gets a broomstick up there or whatever.

You know it’s an open source thing so you could go on and make a change to add stuff and then they remove them. Is that what you said?

They can’t get stuff removed. It’s a little bit like TED Talks. It’s great as they are. There’s a scientist who’ve talked about energy work and then TED will ban them because they don’t like that stuff. As wonderful as Wikipedia and TED Talks are, they have their prejudices. You mentioned a book by Mark.

It’s Mark Gober, An End to Upside Down Thinking. We had Mark on the show and if you haven’t checked that show, that’s terrific. Art, when we’re done, I’d love to make an introduction.

I would love that. I’ve been wanting to meet him.

As we’re winding things down at the moment, I want to remind everybody as we began the show with gratitude, what a great place for us to take everything that we’re experiencing and feel grateful for it. Know that if we’re lucky, fortunate and blessed, we’ll all get to wake up again as we did because that was not guaranteed. It wasn’t promised. It wasn’t anything but this great blessing. Regardless of whether this was a great day, it was a challenge or any other thing that you can think of. My prayer is that we all get to wake up a bit more tomorrow than we even were now. Wake yourselves up and be a little bit more awake. In that moment, where we’re taking a first conscious breath of the day, we’re putting our feet on the floor that we’re willing to take ten seconds and feel gratitude.

Feel the connection to anything and everything that feels right at the moment including the spiritual side of ourselves that knows intuitively. Knows by instinct that we are not separate and that we are in fact very much a part of something beautiful and bigger than ourselves. If you’re even inclined after feeling that way to stand up and say these words out loud, please consider them a gift to yourself. Art was using the analogy of planting a garden and weeding the garden and I believe that the most fertile soil of our minds is when we wake up. That’s the time when the soil of our consciousness is the most fertile. At that moment, you can plant these seeds by saying, “I love my life. I love my life. I love my life.” Art, it’s been a pleasure to have you on the show. Thank you so much for being with us.

Thank you. I have a lot of gratitude for your show and I love your show. Thank you.

Ciao for now, everybody.

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