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With so many things happening around us and long lists of tasks to accomplish, focusing on things like clarity of mind and soul searching can often be challenging to prioritize. However, without making space for these things, we may fall short on our self-worth, be unable to draw upon the strength of our life purpose, or become unable to overcome obstacles. Aiming to eliminate the fog within ourselves and unleash our full potential with Adam Markel is Lisa Winston, International best-selling author, speaker, and co-host of The Mindset Reset Show. She shares how she achieved full clarity in life from surviving a wildfire and Lyme disease to becoming an inspiration to other people to do the same. Lisa explains the importance of reaching out to others in order to grow, gathering the courage to pursue things bigger than yourself, honing our resiliency, and learning the art of forgiving according to the Ho’oponopono practice.

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Achieve Profound Growth By Activating Clarity In Both Mind And Soul With Lisa Winston

I’m feeling blessed at this moment to be clear in my head. I don’t feel clear in my head every day. I don’t know how you guys feel, but there’s so much going on in the world. There’s so much noise. There are many things that create complications and confusion. I relish clarity. For me, I have some rituals and some ways that I go about creating clarity. When I remember to do those things, I get this great result that I’m looking for, which is to be able to be clear. When I don’t do those things, I don’t make time for myself, go out on walks and go swim, I’m probably a fish in a prior life, for sure or maybe a dolphin. My kids say that.

When I’m not in and around the water, it’s the same thing. I get a little fuzzy. When I am close to the water, as I am now, we’re in Maine in a beautiful place. I can look out and see the water. I can be near it. I can swim or any of those kinds of things, I know that they activate clarity for me. My question to all of you, as we start what will be a profound and powerful interview with somebody that you’re going to love is, what do you do to create, cultivate or even curate clarity for yourself? What does that look like? Is it writing? Is it doing something physical? Is it meditation? What is that?

If you don’t have an answer or at least not one at this moment, maybe mull that over a bit. If nothing comes to you, ask the question hypothetically. What could I do? What would it look like if I wanted to be more clear-headed and clear-eyed for the purpose of making better decisions or feeling better? What could you do to create that level of clarity? Sometimes taking a nice deep breath can do that as well. I have a feeling that the ground that we’re going to cover with Lisa Winston will give us a pause to think about some of these things and even an opportunity, perhaps to learn some new ways to create that kind of clarity by perhaps following our instincts or being able to tune in to those feelings inside that represent the truth for us and trust them.

Lisa is a gifted vocalist, international best-selling author, TV host and inspirational speaker. Having a life of extreme challenges, including losing her home to a wildfire and surviving breast cancer, made her hungry for a deeper connection to the source and was determined to find her true calling. She shares her message that life is always happening for you and that challenges are sent to refine, not define you. Lisa co-hosts and produces The Mindset Reset Show, which reaches millions worldwide. She’s grateful and blessed to be a person who has a lot of love in her life, has a beautiful daughter and is living in a way that is in alignment. Lisa, it’s great to have you with us on the show. Welcome.

Thank you. My heart is bursting. Everything you said, I was so in alignment with, from the swimming to the intuition to everything. I’m buzzing. I’m so grateful to be here.

I read a little bit of your bio. What’s not a part of that bio that you’d love people to know about you?

I don’t even know how to incorporate into my bio, the new stuff that you and I were talking about. I wrote my book, Your Turning Point, and I had many miraculous things happen right after my first pivot or my turning point, which was the fire and breast cancer. I left a 36-year plus music career. I went on my life purpose path looking for that and all these amazing miraculous things happened. Since that time, life has opened up in a bigger way. I was telling you that I am a girl who always talks about extreme surrender. I’m learning authenticity at a deeper level, extreme surrender. Be careful what you talk about because the universe will hold you to it.

The last few years have been unbelievable. After I went through my mother dying from cancer and taking care of her, I relocated to Texas because I had met my life partner and soulmate, Dr. Joe Vitale and everything started opening up from there. My book, my show, all that. I got hit, as I told you with Lyme disease out of the blue. I didn’t know I had it in my body and I almost died from it. Joe has been going through a horrific two-year divorce that is never-ending and that’s been very frustrating and the pandemic and all these things. This bigger turning point was coming for me, which is propelling me in an even deeper, bigger direction than it was before. I’m going to have to change my bio. I’m not sure how to do that, but my turning point has gotten even bigger.

I’ll help you to redefine your bio. We have to do a little work here. What’s one thing that you would love for people to know about you that isn’t a part of that bio?

I have an inner fire, which we all have that goes above and beyond anything that I ever felt was possible. We often get so angry. I think I told you I was ticked off at God when I came down with Lyme disease. If I leave here now, I’m going to poke God in the eye. It helped me to live what I teach and that is that we have everything we need within us. When times get tough, you can cry, kick, scream and all that, but you still can make choices. You can find your way by using your tools, your processes and the support that you have to become more. I love the saying, “We have to hold more to become more.” We have to go through harder things and bigger challenges to become the incredible and magnificent being that we’re here to be. I don’t want to brag about myself, but I do want to say that because of my experience, I know that everybody out there who is going through unbelievable challenges has the same inner fire, courage, fortitude that I have and they can get through it.

It’s interesting you said this using your tools thing. It brings me back to years of raising kids with my wife, Randi, and it was her tendency to tell the kids, “Use their tools.” These are life skills and tools. That concept of going back to something fundamental that you could call your toolkit or these skillsets is important. Let’s define what some of those things are because when I’m listening to things and I’m a perpetual student, and somebody says, “Use your tools,” I’m the one that goes, “What tools? Which one specifically should I be using at this moment?” There’s a lot of change happening out there and massive prolific, endemic change in our midst. We say, “Go back to using your tools.” Let’s define a couple of those tools.

I believe that we’re going to get downloads for new processes because some of the old tools are not working in the higher vibrations that we’re going into. I’m waiting for those to come through, which will be cool. Over the years, I’ve developed and tried many different things. One of the things that started me on my spiritual journey many years ago as I started practicing Qigong. Master Chunyi Lin is my master. I used to go to Minneapolis and work with him. I spent hours and hours and he would do energy processes. All the things that I’ve learned with Chunyi, he will teach a process called Sword Fingers. I’ve even done it. When I’m at a conference and somebody slams the door on their finger, I go and I do the sword finger process. I pull it out and within 30 seconds, they have no pain. I’ve learned along the way. I do everything from tapping to visualization to meditation to Ho’oponopono to my Qigong things. I started doing it with the Lyme disease.

I’m glad you reframed that. Language is super important. I think it’s great when people see that even those people and especially those folks that have been teaching this stuff for years, correct themselves on some of the basics like, “What do you want to own? Do you want to own your arthritis? Do you want to own headaches,” or any number of things that we unconsciously will own with our language versus saying something that’s a little bit more true. What comes up for me is that it’s not your Lyme unless you want it to be. It’s good of you for making that change.

Thank you. It’s a commitment. I always tell people that to learn to navigate my life, you have to learn to master your mindset and you have to practice it. We all fall short. I think we’ll be practicing until we’re off the planet. I remind myself and I have clients and when I work with them, I remind myself again.

Let’s say one tool is this capacity to reframe, to look at our language because there are a lot of reasons to be complaining. Nobody is going to fault anybody at this moment, in this time for having a few complaints about what’s happened in the world or what’s going on. It’s legit, yet the power of the language, we can’t lose sight of it because it’s exacting. The universe either works according to laws and rules or it doesn’t or it’s random. I don’t believe that the universe is random at all. The opposite is you fall off a roof, you’re a good person. You fall off a roof, you die. If you’re a not so good person and you fall off a roof, the law works no matter what and also somebody once said, “Whether you believe it or not.” Maybe one tool has to be watching your language. What’s another tool we could talk about?”

You can do other things too. I have a dear friend, Mendhi Audlin and she has a book out that’s called What If It All Goes Right? I start using her processes way back when I met her because we do the “what if” down game. “What if this doesn’t go? What if I die? What if I lose all my money? What if I’m broke?” You can say, “What if it all goes right? What if this happens? What if this turns around? Why not me? What if this?” It sounds silly but when you start doing it, it does shift your vibration. You need to be like a child and embrace all kinds of things and not to be stuck in the mud as an adult. When I had Lyme and I was in the midst of it, I have to tell you I did everything from vision boards. I would stand up on the foot of my bed and I had a picture of a microphone with an audience.

I would videotape myself speaking to people. I was trying the future past the Lyme. I didn’t know if I was going to make it or not. I was going to tell you. We talked about the other stuff, Donnie even has amazing energy tools. I do a lot of energy work and medicine. My toolbox is big. When you have them and you get familiar with them and you practice every day. I have to tell you a brief funny story. I was a bandleader for twenty years in San Diego and I’d go to gigs and every once in a while, I’d get a migraine and it would be a ten-hour day. I’d have to select the gears, perform, MC, tear it down and all that. I remember one time I went into this hotel and I had the worst migraine that I couldn’t see. All I see was flashing lights.

I went into the bathroom stall and this is disgusting. I laid on the floor and I practice some of these Qigong methods and balancing my energy and doing some other crazy things. It helped me to get through that and go back on stage and perform. You have to give yourself a lot of different options and practice them. I’ve done this over the years. It hasn’t just happened. You have to do it and then you have to practice it. If you’re driving in your car and you want to do something, do it. Who cares who is looking? You’ll know what you’re go-to is when you come across a different situation and you need to use it.

That’s such a good point. Putting too much pressure on things, sometimes it’s a challenge because we want simplicity. We want quick and easy. I think that’s part of how we’ve been altered, which our grandparents probably look at us and go, “You guys are just a bunch of wimps. How easy do you want things? How instantaneous do you have to have it?” Our great grandparents are laughing from heaven or whatever going, “What’s happened to this world?” The truth is we have been programmed for that. When something doesn’t work right away, it’s fairly easy to become a little despondent. Depression and anxiety are on a massive rise. It’s off the charts and it’s in part because the expectation might be that I’ve got to be able to turn something around right away and pivot. As you said, “If you write a book called Pivot, everything becomes a pivot or an opportunity.”

PR Lisa Winston | Activating Clarity

Activating Clarity: When times get tough, you can cry, kick, and scream, but you still can make choices.


It is and I can reach out for support. All of us have coaches, mentors, therapists, counselors and people that we go to. I want to make sure that people know that there’s nothing wrong with reaching out. That’s how we get through many situations because we don’t have the answer. Somebody else has the insight. It’s a great thing to do.

Was your new book birthed out of some of these difficult experiences?


Let’s talk about that a little bit too because I think writing is such a cathartic thing for a lot of people. For me, it’s speaking and writing. Tell us about the book and how that came about.

It’s interesting because I had written a lot of things prior to writing my book over the years. I just never knew how to put it together and what I believe now in hindsight is that it wasn’t time. When I lost my house to wildfire, everything was gone. I lost everything in ten minutes and I had nothing left. All my artwork and everything, because I’m an artist. I do all these things. When I started into my career and I did a book a couple of years ago. It was one of those compilations. I contributed a story. I hated the story. I was embarrassed after it came out. I’m like, “Why did I even do that?”

I was trying to write a book and do something to get the juices going. I had interviewed Joe on one of my summits back in 2017 and we had energy between us but we didn’t know what that meant. We didn’t talk for another nine months. After I met him, we didn’t even know why the universe was bringing us together. Initially, it’s like, “Why are we here?” I don’t even know. We were following those synchronistic hits. Joe and I talked about writing my book and I thought, “He’s got 70 or 80 books or whatever it is. This is a perfect opportunity.” He agreed to mentor me.

It was so cool because, your turning point, I had gone through many big things at that point that it felt like the theme of my life and to follow your divine synchronistic hits and inspiration to get to the next step so you can get where it is you’re supposed to be in the moment. It was wonderful because when I started writing it, that started the process. He would check in with me and I would share things, ideas, and questions. It’s great to have somebody to support you in doing that. I wrote every morning while I was taking care of my dying mother.

I’d get a cup of coffee. I’d go sit on the sofa and I would start writing. I was channeling the stuff. It was cathartic. It was amazing because I’m writing some other books, but still, you can write but if you force yourself, it doesn’t come through the right way a lot of times. Sometimes you have to just sit until the right time and then it’s done with much more ease. That’s how it happened and it was miraculous. I was grateful when it was done. I think it’s a rich book full of amazing things for people. Believe me, there will be a follow-up.

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I’d love to have you tell us the name and give us a little sense of what’s the hook. A person that is thinking they would love an inspirational book to read right now or something that would help them to work on developing those tools that we talked about. Is your book able to do that? I’m saying it’s not a pitch thing right now. I would love to have people know more about the book.

It’s called Your Turning Point: How to Break Free From a Life of Limitation and Break Through to a Life of Miracles. It is filled. I have a companion workbook that goes with it. I channeled many processes intuitively because I believe that’s the foundation. Hearing that inner voice and guidance and following that. If we don’t know what that is, we don’t make such great choices a lot of times. It is about saying yes to life challenges. It is about jumping all in and allowing yourself to be refined to go through that difficult process and come out.

I love the transformation. One of my dearest friends, Debbie Silver, is a coach and a TEDx speaker. She talks about the process of transformation. How we go into a chrysalis and we get emulsified in the process. If you are a little butterfly or a moth, you go in there. I don’t know what it is exactly either but I just know that if that caterpillar went into that cocoon and said, “I’m not doing this. I’m not going through this,” it would die. It allows itself to be emulsified, which is what’s happening with us. We’re being unraveled. Our old ways of being, our patterns and habits are being brought up with the shadows.

When you get to the other side of that, even though it might be painful and messy, you then come out on the other side of a beautiful butterfly with your wings. It is my experience. I have a lot of information about intuition, beliefs and processes that people can work through. Challenges happen for everybody and if we believe they’re happening to us, we’ve got the fingers pointing at other people and blaming life. In reality, I believe that we get to take responsibility for what’s happening in our lives. We are not victims, even when it feels like we are victims. I’ve worked with that process quite a bit. A lot of times it is making a choice, even if we don’t believe in it.

PR Lisa Winston | Activating Clarity

Activating Clarity: When something doesn’t work right away, it’s fairly easy to become a little despondent. Depression and anxiety are on a massive rise.


You mentioned TEDx. I’m curious and I haven’t looked this up about you. Have you done a TEDx Talk?

No, but I’d love to. I think that it’s been me getting clear about what it is because I had to have these bigger life experiences. I’m pretty sure I have the makings of one right now.

It’s ironic. We started the show off with that concept of clarity, which is interesting because I think a lot of people don’t go down the path of doing something that puts themselves out there on display in public for public judgment, ridicule, praise and a lot of wonderful things. It is in part because they don’t feel clear about what it is they would like to share. If anything, truly, we all have things that we want to share and that we want to leave as a legacy to the world. I’m going to invite you to drop into that for yourself when the time feels right because you’ve had many profound experiences that could be what someone else or maybe many other people need to know about and learn from.

It’s also a funny thing too. I’ll call this out because TED is obviously not the only high-stakes talk you can give. I just liked that arena because it’s a level playing field. You don’t have to pay to play. Meaning, if you’re fortunate enough to create a talk, deliver a talk, publish a talk, people all over the world get to view it. They don’t have to pay to see it. You don’t have to pay to have them see it. They’ve got a platform of 50 million people or 50 million subscribers to TED, that’s a lot of people. There’s this thing about TED too, that the subhead is an idea worth spreading, an idea that’s worth sharing. It begs the question, how does that trigger people’s issues about issue-worthiness issues? That’s going to lead into a question I’m going to ask you about worthiness because if you don’t feel like there’s something worth sharing, what’s going on there? I don’t want to try to unpack that. It’s a question. What do you think about that? Is worthiness still such a big issue in people’s lives? Has it been a challenge for you?

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It’s huge. I think it’s one of the biggest things that hold us back. The crazy thing is that, your story, your life experiences and there have been some that are way worse than mine are what inspires other people when you find the fire to get through it. You rise from the ashes, per se. That’s people want to know that you’re like them. I’ve dealt with it too. In building my coaching business, it was hard and you get judged and ridiculed, and these days, they are coming out of the woodwork so you don’t want to say anything to rock the boat. You have to find your authentic place, like being so comfortable in your skin and not worrying so much about what other people think.

I’ve been very blessed in working with Joe or being with Joe because we are now speaking internationally. It’s something that I always wanted to do. I was handed that on a plate too in the miraculous process of everything that’s been going on, but it scared the ever-loving crap out of me because, in a band, I had six people around me. Anytime I have to stand up there by myself and be on stage, it’s like, “I have a heart attack.” It is about feeling that fear and doing it anyway, knowing that your story, what it is that you have to share is incredibly valuable.

I love the concept of, if we don’t speak our truth, if we don’t speak what it is that we’re here to do, we have all these people who are waiting and who need us, our tribe, our community. We are ripping people off by hiding in the shadows and playing small. You have to feel fear and do it anyway because you can look at fear as excitement or whatever you want to look at it as. Even Joe has been speaking for many years internationally, he is still scared every time he gets on a stage, but he goes out and does it anyway.

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Because it’s serious and that’s the thing. I was a lawyer for eighteen years and I remember when I was being mentored early on in my practice. I was terrified to get up in court and speak to a judge. This older attorney was taking me under his wing, who was tough with me at times. He’s said to me, “Check yourself for a pulse because if you’ve got a pulse, you’re going to feel some nerves because you care. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t feel anything. Which one do you want and who do you want to be?”

Somebody once said and I don’t remember who this was, but I thought it was great. He is like, “In your life, you’re going to find that a third of the people that you meet, they’re going to love you, no matter what.” They just love you. They don’t even know why. A third of the people hate you. They hate you for no reason. They don’t even know why. They don’t need a reason. They just can’t stomach you. There’s a third that could go either way, perhaps. Maybe you can influence them based on who you are, what you do and how you show up. You’ve got little control over any of that stuff anyway. If there’s something that’s inside of you that you want to share, allowing it and giving yourself permission.

If you don’t do it, it’s going to eat away at you. For me, I always knew I had something, a purpose. It’s taken me a long time to get to where I am now and I’m still working through it. I’m still nervous when I go to speak but it’s like, “I have a message. I have something important to share and I’m going to do it, no matter what it takes.” That’s what you have to do too, anybody out there.

PR Lisa Winston | Activating Clarity

Activating Clarity: There’s nothing wrong with reaching out. That’s how many get through various situations when an answer cannot be found.


That’s that fire in the belly.

I don’t know if it’s God-breathed.

It burns through your insecurities.

There are people that are school teachers and staff and people that are doing other things that don’t have that desire. They have a purpose to help children and that’s their life purpose or whatever. Everybody has some purpose, but for me, I always felt small but I always knew I was here for a greater purpose. When I’d say that, I thought, “I don’t want people to think I’m egoic because I’m not coming from that space.” I always had this incredible drive. Even when I fail over and over which hurts and I get down on myself. I had a lot of coaches and I worked with a lot of people over the years. I still had this small voice, this belief somewhere inside of me that was like, “You’ve got to keep going. You’ve got to do this,” and I kept doing it even on days I wanted to quit.

Was there a voice of the enemy inside of you as well?

I think it was me not trusting in me. Me afraid of judgment and criticism because as a child, I was told I was too much, “Shut up. You can be seen, but don’t be heard.” A lot of that came from my inner critic, which is pretty loud even to this day. I have to reframe a lot, monitor and manage it. We all have the inner critic, but who’s going to win. We have one life and reality. We have one moment at a time. I don’t know if I’m going to drop dead after this call. It’s kind of like, “What are you waiting for?” I can’t imagine me leaving the planet, being on my death bed and not having done what it is that has been driving me my whole life. I can’t even imagine what I’d feel. It’s worth the risk of going out there. If you’re embarrassed, so be it. If people don’t like you, so what? Do it anyway.

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I’m wearing this shirt that says, “I am resilient,” and you’re talking in a language that I think has a lot to do with resilience. My question for you is, how do you define the word resilience?

Resiliency is this beautiful ability to navigate life, to fall down and get back up no matter what happens and start again. It’s this power inside of you that allows you to keep moving forward no matter what. I love it because even when I say resiliency, it’s this flexibility. It’s this movement. It’s this beautiful thing that happens. It’s a dance and I’m getting chills as I speak it because I think that’s what a lot of us need to align with. Some people say, “Grow a set of balls,” or whatever. The masculine kind of feel, but resiliency doesn’t feel to me like it’s all masculine. It’s a flowing thing. It’s like being a tree and a hurricane comes and the trunk is solid but the branches are moving back and forth but you get through the storm and you’re unscathed.

Do you have rituals? This is something I know a lot of people love about this show is we talk about the specific things that we each do or try doing anyway. Sometimes we try things on, they don’t always feel great so we stopped doing them. There are some things that have stuck with me over the years. What are some of the things that you’ve done to build that resilience inside of you, whether you call them rituals or habits?

I have a couple that I keep in a couple that I’m trying to add. I love to use gratitude because gratitude, even when you don’t feel it when you start doing it and saying you’re going to do it, it does build this vibration and energy within you. I meditate very infrequently. When I worked with Master Lin, I was doing it three hours a day and I’m like, “I can’t do three hours a day every day.” Sometimes I do Joe Dispenza’s meditations. I love those. I try to align with zero and be a nobody, nothing and get to neutral. I also really love Ho’oponopono. I swim like you do every day. I have to be in the water. I’m a four times Pisces.

What day in March or in February?

I’m February 8. You probably do this too. I repeat the four phrases, “Thank you, I love you, I’m sorry and please forgive me,” as I’m moving through the water because my mind is very active. Everybody is and my mind always is trying to tell me something to keep me safe or prepare me. There’s a point where I have to say, stop. If I have to, I do things like Ho’oponopono or the what-if up, “What if it goes all right,” or whatever. It’s like a pattern interrupt for my brain to tell it to be quiet. I do a lot of little things throughout the day. I do my energy work every day. I do a ten-minute energy routine. I try to align myself, my energy, ground and center, protect and those things every day.

Forgiveness is a practice that we don’t talk about that much. I don’t even mean the obvious stuff like the forgiveness that we have holding on to old hurts and anger. I think that’s more obvious. At least, people have heard it before. The opportunity to forgive indiscriminately without any kind of reason. Just your shit, the stuff in you that you can forgive that you can’t even put a name to or describe and the stuff that’s all around us that you can put some names too. They’re usually pretty gnarly names because they’re all laced with judgment and other stuff, but to be able to forgive without qualification and distinction. Ho’oponopono, for people that don’t know, is from the Hawaiian Huna practice for forgiveness.

It is a process of freeing yourself. It has nothing to do with anybody else. It was a weird concept to me at first because forgiveness practice is like my ex-husband. Put him in front of you and send him love. I’m like, “That doesn’t work. I’m not loving him.” It’s between you and the divine. It’s about getting back to neutral, zero and getting back to that white space. It’s about asking for forgiveness of your perceptions because when you look in the world around us right now, it’s funny because I always look at the people and the comments.

The people that are in pain, angry and these giant pissing matches about everything, “Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask.” It’s crazy, but then you’ve got to look at yourself. It’s like, “How am I part of this? What is my piece in this?” We all think we’re right. We all think that our way is the right way, but not necessarily. We’re all wearing our own rose-colored glasses so our perceptions are skewed too. It is about, “Please forgive me for my incorrect perceptions. Help me to align with the truth,” and it is a freeing practice. It puts forgiveness in a whole new light.

PR Lisa Winston | Activating Clarity

Activating Clarity: Always look for your authentic place. Be comfortable in your skin and stop worrying so much about what other people think.


I don’t need to be very specific either. I can find a lot of stuff that I could ask for forgiveness for from my behavior. I’m far behind but it’s been helpful for me and this is personal. In the evening, right before I’m in bed or even sometimes if I wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes I go, “Okay.” My mind can turn on. I don’t want it to turn on. I want to sleep. Resilience for me also means getting a proper amount of rest and that thing. I’ll sometimes say, “Thank you for forgiving me for anything. Thank you for forgiving all of my brothers and sisters on the planet at this moment, for anything, everything.” Anything and everything can be forgiven.

I can’t think of a thing and this may be controversial for some people who’ve been hurt and I’ve been hurt. It’s not like I don’t understand what hurt or betrayal or any of those things feel like and pain is a pain too. It’s very difficult to compare your hurt and your pain to someone else’s. Pain feels like pain. If you’ve lost a child, I can’t imagine a greater pain and yet it’s still pain and it’s how you carry it and for how long and what you do with it and all the rest. All those things are as common to that as they are to the loss of a job or any number of other things that might cause you pain. All of that is up for forgiveness. It’s wonderful and even a miracle thing. I think Emmet Fox called it the magic key or something miraculous. I’m thrilled that we’ve had the chance to talk.

I wanted to let everybody know out there that you are magnificent, brilliant beings of light and love and you all have within you whatever it is that you are looking for or whatever you need. That love, when you connect to the divine, is the love that you are. When you have moments of just sitting in divine connection and that’s a practice too. It is a love that you have never experienced and that is who you are. You have everything you need within you. It’s a matter of cultivating and sticking with it until you can. Believe me, I’m still working on it too. It’s a lifelong practice but you can do this. You’ve got this.

It’s vigilance. It’s not a sexy word maybe and it’s certainly not the get-it-done quick version of your life, spiritual path or whatever you want to call it. It’s a daily practice. It’s vigilance. If I could simplify it as best I can at this point in my life, the way I would simplify it for and do simplify it for myself. Maybe this is valuable to other people, is that you just have to go one day at a time. That’s all you need to do. You don’t have to think about how you’re going to be vigilant or how you’re going to use your tools tomorrow, even, let alone a week from tomorrow or a year. Handle now and then collapse it even further to the point where all you need to do is handle things now and by that, I mean, manage how you feel.

Manage the way you want to experience yourself being now. Collapse it down to, “How about just this moment?” All you need to do is handle yourself, your thoughts and your feelings at this moment. I don’t know that I can make it any simpler for myself. I think that sets us all up for success because who can handle this moment. It’s tomorrow that makes us anxious and makes us want to jump out of our skin or off the roof. At this moment, it’s handleable. The thing that I would invite everybody to consider is the ritual I start my day with. It’s a waking ritual for many years now. Why I share this has to do with what we said, which is it’s a simple way to start the process of how you handle this moment and the next and this one day, in fact. That is to consider, “How do you want to experience yourself being now? How do you want to experience your life now?”

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I wake up. That’s the first thing because that piece isn’t guaranteed. You wake up. When I wake up, we go, “I’m waking.” There are people who are not waking right now. There are people who are taking their last breath at this very moment that we are taking our breath. It plays into what you said which is gratitude. That’s the second step, wake up and find something at the moment that you can appreciate and be grateful for, even if it’s just that breath. Thirdly, and this goes back to what you and I talk about, what words come out of your mouth?

When I used to wake up, I’d put my feet on the floor when I was a lawyer back in those days, sometimes I would say, “Shit.” That was the perfect word. My feet hit the floor, I’m exhausted. I don’t want to do what I’m about to do for the day and I’d be like, “Fuck.” I make a grunting sound and I’m annoyed. I’m like, “How do you start your day?” There are a lot of people right now that are grunting their way through the beginning, the middle and all that. The first words out of your mouth, do you have first words? Do you say something every morning when you wake up?

I say, “Thank you.”

When we were thinking about what we wanted to share because it’s a total team effort when you do a TED Talk or anything else. It’s a big deal. You have people and hopefully, they support you. The most important thing I wanted to share were those four words. Every day I wake up, I put my feet on the floor and I say, “I love my life.” It was controversial. People will write and say, “It’s easy for you to say. If you’re living where I was living in my life, you wouldn’t love your life either.” I’m like, “No kidding.” That’s why in the talk it’s like, “I love my life, no matter.”

Can you do that at this moment? Is this moment bearable? Can you love your life in this one moment and maybe in the next and the next? I don’t know, but you try it on and see if it works. If It’s helpful, you do it. I love this conversation, Lisa. Thank you so much and give our best to Joe and all the wonderful work he’s done in the world for many years. I know people love and adore him and his books and everything else. Now, people will have a book of yours that they can go and access. I, for one, am looking forward to reading it myself.

Thank you. You’re a joy.


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