PR Solocast: | Releasing Trauma


CEO Space is one of the most magnificent places for entrepreneurs and business owners to come together to seek guidance, insights, inspiration, collaboration and support. Very recently, its legendary Founder, Berny Dohrmann, passed away, much to the surprise and grief of the CEO Space community. Today, the top resilience keynote speaker Adam Markel pays tribute to a true friend and a beautiful soul who has touched so many lives.

Learn about Berny’s life of service and his massive heart for humanity and the collective wellness and wellbeing of others in this memorial podcast.

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About Berny Dohrmann

PR Solocast: | Releasing TraumaBerny Dohrmann founded CEO Space International more than 25 years ago. Mr. Dohrmann has embraced his vision for entrepreneurial collaboration by giving prospective business leaders the tools and education they need to succeed.

Through the values of partnership and cooperation, CEO Space has been working to foster a new generation of enlightened business leaders around the world. Mr. Dohrmann uses his expertise to upgrade CEOs today into educated, skilled leaders with higher global integrity standards.
As CEO Space continues to grow into a force for future economic innovation. Mr. Dohrmann encourages anyone who is confident in their ideas and ability to grow constructively to discover how CEO Space can give them the tools they need to meet their full potential. Mr. Dohrmann is a radio show host, movie producer, frequent guest on national television and radio shows, and bestselling author.

Raised as a fifth-generation San Franciscan, Berny grew up when the Macy Building on Union Square was the Dohrmann Building dominating “the square” into the 1970s. The Dohrmann family operated Dohrmann Hotel Supply; the largest global resort-outfitting firm now owned by Holiday Inn. The family also owned the Emporium store chain from the 1800s, as one of the larger department store chains forging the history of the West Coast market place.

Berny’s father, Alan Dohrmann, was a corporate trainer who was sought out by such notables as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Walt Disney, Warner Earnhardt, John Hanley, Thomas Willhite, Bucky Fuller, Dr. Edward Deming and Jack Kennedy. Berny grew up with amazing mentors as one of nine children raised in Marin County California. World Famous Ben Gay, John Gray ( Men are from Mars ) PSI World Seminar’s Jane Wilhite, and John Carr knew and recall fond memories of mentorship from Alan G Dohrmann while he was alive.

Berny Dohrmann was mentored by the man who pioneered oil tanker funding in the 1960s and 1970s, George Witter of Dean Witter when the brokerage firm was a family-owned San Franciscan firm, and Peter Ueberroth former commissioner of Major League Baseball, and currently Chairman of the Contrarian Group, Inc and serving on the Board of such firms as Coca Cola.

In his first twenty years, Mr. Dohrmann was Chairman of a public institution heading up global investment firms, supervising thousands of licensed professionals operating in fourteen countries. Berny sold his firm to take care of his terminally ill father and later finished the brain research his Dad and Berny started, thus creating a product known as Super Teaching. Super Teaching is showcased during CEO Space’s weeklong business growth conferences, 5 times a year.

Mr. Dohrmann resides with his wife September and two children ( the last of his nine ) in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Mr. Dohrmann is a keynote speaker on stages worldwide.