Why Isn’t Life the Way You Want It To Be?

Before I ever got into the world of self-help and resilience teaching, I had plenty of success in other careers. I was an attorney for 18 years and a CEO too. But there was always this churning, a sense that I was waiting for something to happen, to change, to pivot – so I could start living the life I actually wanted to live. 

And year after year after year went by – but that churning stayed with me. It took me a long time to realize that there were significant changes I had to make if I wanted to start living my “real life” so to speak. 

Whatever I was waiting for, well it was waiting for me too. 

Once I had this realization, I started focusing on using my resilience to become more intentional. I knew the change I was going to experience, even if it was scary or unknown, was exactly what needed to happen so I could pivot. And that was the first of many realizations that brought me to understand the most important thing I know: 

Resilience is the thoroughline in life that is the most effective at bringing us to the life we actually want. 

Discomfort Is Okay

Sometimes, when life feels difficult or uncomfortable, we wish it away. We don’t want to feel that way but wishing away the discomfort only means we aren’t taking advantage of the growth in these moments. Discomfort is okay in these moments because we can use that to pivot into something greater. To grow and stretch outside of our comfort zone. When we get outside of that comfort zone, it’s almost like we shed our old skin. We become a newer version of ourselves with more resilience and more clarity. And that’s what it takes to intentionally step more into the life we want versus the life we’re just accepting. 

Resilience Kills AutoPilot

One of the reasons I wrote Change Proof was because I was able to turn off autopilot and I want that for you too. I stopped letting life happen, stopped reliving the same cycles, stopped accepting less than what I knew I wanted for me and for my family. The common theme in all of it was resilience. My first book, Pivot, had one chapter on resilience – Change Proof is all resilience, all day! 

I’m celebrating today because Change Proof reached its one year milestone and I am so proud of what people are telling me about their experience with the book. Lives are changing and people are using the change to accelerate forward. It’s a beautiful thing to know that my words and my lessons are shifting lives. 

I am sharing this because I know some of you are still waiting – but so is the life you dream about – and it’s difficult to know where to start sometimes. 

If this resonates with you, I recorded this short solocast all about Change Proof and what it can do to start you on your own change proof journey. Whether we’re talking about your personal pivots or professional pivots, I invite you to consider thriving instead of surviving.