5 Spotify Leadership Podcasts We Love

When I first heard the word “podcast,” it brought to mind an image of a happy green alien zooming around outer space in a little pod-shaped spaceship. As he dodged shooting stars and comets and whipped in circles around the moon, I caught glimpses of Earth far, far away in the distance.

Obviously, real-life podcasts have nothing to do with aliens or outer space unless, of course, that’s the topic du jour. But there are some similarities. My little green imaginary friend is adventurous, craves new experiences and, like the voices of our favorite podcast hosts, travels across vast distances at the speed of light… or in this case, sound. He also bravely explores new frontiers, just as the incredible individuals in the below leadership podcasts do too. 

I’ve curated this list because podcasts about leadership are a simple and time-effective method to hone your leadership skills and increase your knowledge. When you combine a great leadership podcast with a leadership keynote speaker event for your organization, you and your team will continue to become even more dynamic and powerful tomorrow than you are today. 

5 of the Best Leadership Podcasts We Love on Spotify

I sometimes wonder, does my little alien adventurer ever listen to Spotify? And if he does, what would he listen to? Perhaps, he even listens to leadership podcasts about women from Venus whose stars are rising rapidly.

Of course, as a leader, your interests lie in the realm of learning what makes great leaders tick, how their experiences shape their excellence and how they bounce forward through challenges. 

This list of top leadership podcasts check these boxes and more. 

Keep reading for the top 5 best leadership podcasts on Spotify I love, featuring some of the most impactful podcast hosts around.   

Just One Question with Dr. Nick Morgan

In his leadership podcast, Public Words CEO, communications theorist, coach, acclaimed author, keynote speaker and popular blogger Dr. Nick Morgan, talks to industry leaders, professional speakers and academics to get their expert insight and advice. 

In the episode of Just One Question I’ve featured in this list, Dr. Morgan and I discuss my latest book, Change Proof: Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Build Long-Term Resilience.

Through his insightful questions, Dr. Morgan walks listeners through my journey and the story behind my book. While writing the book, I was inspired by everything we are experiencing in today’s world. We are living with massive uncertainty which causes people everywhere to suffer from tremendous amounts of anxiety and worry.

Through my work with some of the greatest leaders across all industries, I have witnessed firsthand why recovery is essential for resilience. In this book, I guide people through creating their own recovery roadmap and help them establish a check-in plan to stay on track. I explore how critical it is to give yourself the gift of rest and to check in on your recovery period at 30, 60 and 90 days. I also share the importance of carving time out of each day for conscious rest in order to build resilience and fully recover.

We talk about developing rituals for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resilience. Your whole self cannot be healed without conscious effort to visualize where you want to be, followed by consistent action. Daily practice builds resilience habits that lead to recovery.

To learn more about my journey and ways to practice resilience to recover, check out one of the top leadership podcasts, Just One Question with Dr. Nick Morgan on Spotify.

NavalX Connecx with Rodney Flowers

NavalX Connecx is an incredible leadership podcast where a trio of well-known and respected hosts interview individuals from every aspect of the Navy and unpack their particular challenges and innovative solutions.

I was lucky enough to be a guest on this top leadership podcast. Host Rodney Flowers, a compelling storyteller, acclaimed resilience trainer and international bestselling author, brings listeners on a journey into the mental health challenges I struggled with early in my career and how I was able to eventually tame my mental monsters through hard work, dedication and resilience. 

Rodney and I talk about how critical it is for leaders to not only foster a safe space that allows employees to discuss their mental health, but to also provide resources, tools and techniques that facilitate change, whether at an individual or organizational level.

As I share with Rodney and his listeners, “Resilience is not an endurance thing. It’s not about how much you can endure or how long you can endure it. Resilience is about how you reset.”  

This episode is on my list of the best Spotify podcasts because I personally know how vital it is to take care of your mental health through intention and action. It is my hope that by sharing this message, it will empower others to do so as well.

If you are interested in a deeply powerful podcast about leadership and life, listen to NavalX Connecx with Rodney Flowers on Spotify. I believe it will speak to and empower every leader, no matter their background or industry.

Women We Should Know with Lesley Michaels

In her podcast about women in leadership, Lesley Michaels, a visionary leader, speaker, entrepreneur, transformational coach and changemaker, gives listeners a rejuvenating infusion of energy, honesty and transparent conversation.

In this episode on my list of the best Spotify podcasts, Lesley introduces us to Mitzi Perdue. Mitzi is the daughter of co-founder and president of the Sheraton Hotel chain and the widow of another business titan, Frank Perdue, the CEO of Perdue Farms, which is currently one of the largest chicken-producing companies in the United States, whose products are sold in over 50 countries.

Despite her incredibly well-known and well-connected family, Mitzi was a groundbreaker and powerhouse on her own merit. In her early years, she was one of only nine women in the U.S. who were rice farmers and the only one who did not inherit her farm. During this time she also served as president of the well-established Farm Women’s Organization. In her 30s, Mitzi went through an experience that inspired her to follow her lifelong dream of becoming a writer, publisher and speaker on the radio, which led to her having her own television show that was syndicated to 72 stations. She is also a longstanding member of the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation.

In her compelling podcast for leadership, Lesley takes Mitzi on a storytelling journey that entertains, inspires and charms her listeners, as they explore how Mitzi bounced forward through challenges and built a career based on overcoming her fear of failure. 

Mitzi shares with Lesley and her listeners that she suffered from crippling shyness as a young woman. She spent the first three decades of her life not doing things she wanted out of fear of rejection. Eventually she realized that she was manifesting her own failure and she worked to overcome her fears. By redefining failure as the act of not trying and choosing to see rejection as an invitation to say “next!”, Mitzi blazed her own trail. She reveals to Lesley and her listeners that she hopes to light the way for women who have held themselves back for too long. 

A leader is someone people look up to and learn from. By exemplifying bravery, a leader shows others they are not afraid to take risks and stand up for what they believe in, which inspires others to follow in their footsteps. Mitzi Perdue embodies those traits and every woman or man will find something in her story that speaks to and inspires their own journey. Find your connection by listening to one of the best Spotify podcasts, Women We Should Know with Lesley Michaels.

Love is Just Damn Good Business with Steve Farber

President of Extreme Leadership, Inc. and founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, Steve Farber is a great leadership keynote speaker who’s devoted to the cultivation and development of Extreme Leaders in business, nonprofits and education. Steve believes that business without love is dry, a repetitive set of actions that will continue to claw at you until you’re beaten and broken. In his insightful podcast, as well as his successful businesses and best-selling books, Steve invites leaders into a world where doing business with love is everything. 

In this episode from one of the best leadership podcasts, Steve invited me to explore how understanding our intellect and emotions can empower us to make well-informed decisions and take strong actions in life, despite the occasional battle that wages between these two forces.

Steve and I also chat about my new book, The I Love My Life Challenge. We dive into simple but incredibly effective tips for self-care and how to incorporate morning routines geared toward your well-being into your day, even when you think you don’t have time.

No matter what challenges you face, the right mindset allows you to bounce forward.

To learn ways to increase happiness through mindfulness, successfully overcome challenges and practice self-care from two leadership keynote speakers with different perspectives but shared passions and goals, listen to Love Is Just Damn Good Business with Steve Farber on Spotify.

Change Proof Business Leaders Podcast, Building Resiliency in Times of Uncertainty with Garry Ridge

The only thing that is certain, even during times of uncertainty, is that change is inevitable. It is your resilience in how you face that change that determines your outcome.

As the Chairman of the Board and CEO of WD-40, Garry Ridge had to dig deep and get creative to lead his team through the changes and challenges of the pandemic. During these uncertain times, Garry embraced the belief that there is more to business than turning a profit. 

I had the honor of hosting Garry on my podcast for leadership, where we discussed how he managed the seemingly insurmountable challenges of Covid-19 by embracing a resilient mindset and leveraging worries in order to achieve profound growth. 

In this business leaders podcast, we chat about how leaders can adopt a resilient mindset in order to bounce forward and turn tragedies into triumphs. Garry takes listeners on an exploration into why business owners and managers need to focus on creating a culture of belonging in the workplace, especially as the workplace remains in virtual limbo for the foreseeable future.

To hear Garry’s insights into building resiliency and becoming change proof, listen to my podcast with Garry Ridge on Spotify.

Learn Leadership Skills Anywhere Anytime with the Best Leadership Podcasts on Spotify

Now that you have your playlist of the best leadership podcasts on Spotify all queued up, it’s time to shoot for the moon and complete your mission by taking consistent action using the tips and techniques shared by these powerful leaders.

When you put all you’ve learned from these best leadership podcasts into action and hire a leadership keynote speaker, you and your team will be the shining stars of your organization.