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Adam Markel | International Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author
& Transformational Trainer

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Ready to take your speaking and communicating to the next level? 

Our Get TED Ready Speaker Masterclass may be the perfect place for you to continue your growth as a powerful, authentic communicator and public speaker. We invite you to schedule an exploratory call with us where we can learn more about your goals and determine the best way to support you.


Our Get TED Ready Speaker Masterclass is a series of LIVE VIRTUAL classes, complimented by an optional live IN-PERSON filming*. The program is delivered by an experienced team and supported by an amazing community. Whether your goal is to deliver a TED or other High Stakes talk, accelerate the growth of your business or simply to become a more confident and impactful speaker, you’ll gain tangible tools to catapult your speaking to the next level.

Adam Markel
International Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author
& Transformational Trainer

Our GTR Speaker Masterclass

is designed to help you:

  • Up-level your speaking skills to improve your sales & marketing
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your niche
  • Get your message onto a virtual or live TEDx stage
  • Overcome fear of public speaking and increase your confidence on stage
  • Engage ideal clients by leveraging the power of storytelling
  • Grow your business using virtual or in-person workshops
  • Get featured by media outlets and publications
  • Practice the skills required to secure a high stakes talk

Our Get TED Ready Virtual Program Includes:

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8 Weekly Live Zoom Classes

Each class meets weekly for 90+ minutes. Between learning and practice, Adam and his team facilitate highly interactive sessions where you’ll get expert guidance and feedback.

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2 Full Days of Live Training

12 hours of intensive and highly interactive training with Adam, live on Zoom, complete with learning modules, breakout groups, practice and feedback sessions.

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Live Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

1-hour drop-in sessions on Zoom where the coaching team is available to answer your questions and provide feedback.

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Deliver Your Talk, TEDx Style

Deliver your talk virtually in our live, TEDx-style event. Rehearsals include expert coaching and feedback.

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Professionally Edited Video

Up-level your marketing toolkit with a professionally edited video of your talk.

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Accountability Partnerships

A rotating accountability support structure with other action-oriented people to help you achieve your speaking goals.


Supportive Community

A loving community of like-minded, success-oriented people who will be on the journey with you and there to encourage you every step of the way.

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Lifetime Access

With our student members area, you can refer to class recordings, worksheets and other resources again and again throughout your journey.

Client Testimonials

I must say that I’m just blown away with my progress; the mentorship, the tutoring, and all the teamwork that was put in to help me deliver my message to the world. I just can’t figure a better place to be than right here. If you’ve got a message and you’re having a little trouble finding the words or putting the package together, you should seriously consider giving Adam a call. He and his team will do an amazing job with you and present your message to the world. — Tom LeBlanc

Wow! Adam puts together the most amazing team in the most amazing setting, and brings the people together. It’s just like watching a garden grow. Everybody just slowly blossoms all the way along the process. I’ve learned so much and am excited for my own personal growth as well as all of the others here, to see how they’re going to evolve and transform into the world – the ripple effect that we’re going to have. — Sonya Nagy

I’m just completely amazed. If you’re the kind of person like me, who can get stuck in their heads, and have a lot of great things to say, but you want to learn how to really bond and connect with your audience, this is the training for you. All of what you’re going to succeed at in your career hinges on your ability to build relationships with people you’ve never met before or who are seeing you for the first time. — Eric Rosen

Adam Markel is an amazing facilitator. He has offered me processes and useful tools for my business that I can use in facilitating my own trainings. He has mentored me to become a powerfully evolving public speaker. The team has created an amazing container of support and I’m so grateful to have received this amazing blessing for my business and my life. — Keira Lani

We compliment our virtual training with Get TED Ready On-Stage, a LIVE, IN-PERSON 2-Day event where you’ll be professionally filmed delivering your talk. Our GTR On-Stage Event is the perfect next step for you. During this in-person 2 day event, you’ll get intensive practice, mentorship, and feedback to improve your effectiveness on stage. This is your chance to be professionally filmed and walk away from this event with footage to help you land your next high-stakes talk, TEDx, or keynote.


Expert Mentorship

One-on-one expert mentorship from Adam Markel, International Keynote Speaker, Transformational Trainer
and Business Performance Consultant


Adam Markel is an international speaker, bestselling author and business mentor who works globally with organizations and individuals on cultivating resilience, increasing performance, utilizing disruption and magnifying their impact through public speaking. After building a multi-million dollar law firm, Adam reinvented his own career path, becoming CEO of one of the largest business and personal development training companies in the world. As a transformational leader, his unique expertise is in combining practical business tactics with personal development and accelerated learning strategies to effect authentic learning and lasting impact.


Since 2008, Adam has trained and led programs around the globe in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, resilience, transformation and speaker mastery. Adam’s powerful and practical talks offer a unique bridge between self-development and business mastery, crafted to inspire, empower, and guide people to achieve a greater impact through a higher level of awareness, authenticity and action. He’s been a keynote speaker for groups and conferences including: Jack-In-The-Box, Harvard University, Canon, Henkel, Corporate Counsel, the Success For All Foundation and New England Human Resources Association. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Tony Robbins, Michael J. Fox, Stedman Graham and Jack Canfield.


Adam’s latest book is the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller PIVOT: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life. Adam also hosts The Conscious PIVOT Podcast, where he shares his insights on pivoting in today’s fast paced market and interviews innovators and influencers to share their business and life stories and wisdom.


Watch Adam’s inspiring TEDx Talk by clicking on the play button on the left. Enjoy!

Our GTR Grads In Action

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