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You can speak well if your tongue can deliver

the message of your heart.

– John Ford

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Few would argue that speaking skills are critical for success.

If you’re a business leader, honing your narrative is essential for buy-in of your vision. Or perhaps you’re looking to secure investor funds which requires meaningful engagement and impact. Maybe you have an “idea worth sharing” with the world and aim to be on a TED stage. Regardless of your goal, learning the art and science of effective speaking is one of the most important tools to get you there.

This guide is the perfect place to start if you’re ready for learning a truly unique and effective approach to speaking.

While delivery mechanics and content are important, heart-set is paramount. We share with you the key principles of creating Heart Space in your communication, impactful virtual talks, and a powerful talk templates to help you create a greater understanding around how to begin. If you’re looking to become a public speaker or attract more engagements, we also share with you the essential components for a ‘knock ’em dead’ speaker kit.

Expert Mentorship

One-on-one expert mentorship from Adam Markel, International Keynote Speaker, Transformational Trainer
and Business Performance Consultant


Adam Markel is an international speaker, bestselling author and business mentor who works globally with organizations and individuals on cultivating resilience, increasing performance, utilizing disruption and magnifying their impact through public speaking. After building a multi-million dollar law firm, Adam reinvented his own career path, becoming CEO of one of the largest business and personal development training companies in the world. As a transformational leader, his unique expertise is in combining practical business tactics with personal development and accelerated learning strategies to effect authentic learning and lasting impact.

Since 2008, Adam has trained and led programs around the globe in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, resilience, transformation and speaker mastery. Adam’s powerful and practical talks offer a unique bridge between self-development and business mastery, crafted to inspire, empower, and guide people to achieve a greater impact through a higher level of awareness, authenticity and action. He’s been a keynote speaker for groups and conferences including: Jack-In-The-Box, Harvard University, Canon, Henkel, Corporate Counsel, the Success For All Foundation and New England Human Resources Association. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Tony Robbins, Michael J. Fox, Stedman Graham and Jack Canfield.

Adam’s latest book is the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller PIVOT: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life. Adam also hosts The Conscious PIVOT Podcast, where he shares his insights on pivoting in today’s fast paced market and interviews innovators and influencers to share their business and life stories and wisdom.

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