PR 115 | Pivoting


Often, the most significant pivots that happen in our lives are the ones that lead us to our highest calling. Brandee Powell, a conscious thought leader, speaker, medicine woman, and the co-creator of Rythmia Life Advancement Center, shares the journey of her major pivot that led to her destiny. According to Brandee, our idea of destiny can often be much different than what is actually happening. She also shares her belief that there are infinite possibilities every time you make just one single change. Brandee is passionate about supporting world-changing entrepreneurs and individuals unleash their calling, find their tribe, and inspire a movement through her mission-driven business and media. She joins us to talk about pivoting and redirection, where she is now, and how she’s supporting others with their life pivots.

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Pivoting Into Our Higher Calling with Brandee Powell

I feel incredibly blessed. Life is such an interesting thing and I feel like every day it gives us some new challenges. It gives us something new to chew on. It’s a riddle, it’s a mystery, it’s tough at times, yet the one thing that is a true North for me it’s a constant is to remind myself. The reminder to be grateful, especially at the beginning of the day. I think this is the key. If anybody was to say to me and wake me up at 3:00 in the morning and say, “Adam, what’s the key to life? What’s the key to having a life that you truly adore, that you love, a life that’s filled with prosperity that’s money but not money exclusively?” In fact, not money even in the top five things. If I woke up in the middle of the night, what I would say is that I feel grateful a lot of the time. Not all the time. I complain and I get agitated.

Certainly, what’s been going on in our world in the last couple of years has agitated me on the inside and I’ve been in a deep inquiry about that too. I know that when I’m agitated about what I see in politics or I see with any number of other things, I realized it’s a reflection of something that’s unresolved inside of me. I didn’t realize that years ago. It helps me to redirect my energy. That’s important that when our emotions and our feelings are so vital to us. When we don’t understand them, it’s difficult to retract them. We do get angry. We do flip people off on the highway, yell at people, our kids, and other people sometimes for apparently no reason. We hate on ourselves as well. We’re the most brutal to ourselves. At least that’s my experience of it. Redirection is super important.

One of the greatest vehicles or tools for redirection that I know of is gratitude. I feel blessed and I also have the blessing of spending part of my day with someone that I adore. She is a spectacular woman. Somebody that you will have the blessing to meet, enjoy, learn from and be inspired by. She’s had a very interesting life. She’s doing incredible things in the world, helping a lot of people in some unique ways. She’s quite outside the box on one level. She’s somebody that you might think you went to school with or lived next door to you. You feel like you know her. We all know each other on a basic level and yet she’s doing things that are far out.

I’m going to share a little bit about her bio and then we’re going to dig into some exciting conversation about her past, her pivots, where she is and what she’s doing with other people. Her name is Brandee Powell. She is a conscious thought leader, speaker and medicine woman at the intersection of the healing arts and entrepreneurship. She is the Co-creator of Rythmia Costa Rica, a life advancement center, infusing ancient and modern wisdom plant medicine and breakthrough technologies for healing. She founded Majesty Mystery School for women where she blends ancient technologies from across the world with the traditions of indigenous medicine.

Before Rythmia, Brandee owned numerous marketing and advertising companies for over twelve years that built hundreds of businesses. Her company specialized in product development and marketing. Brandee was the Producer of The Reality of Truth film starring Michelle Rodriguez and Deepak Chopra. She continues to create inspiring and informative content by producing projects in entertainment that will have a positive impact. Brandee is passionate about supporting world-changing entrepreneurs and individuals unleash their purpose, find their tribe, and inspire a movement through mission-driven business and media. Welcome to the show, Brandee.

That was an amazing intro. I feel so important. Thank you so much for having me on your show. I’m super blessed to have you in my life. I’ve been working with Adam through the Heart of Enrollment and he’s been a huge catalyst in everything that I’m doing.

Brandee, that’s a remarkable list of accomplishments. What is not written in that bio that you would love for people to know about you?

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I’m super weird. At the end of the day, I’m just myself, the same little kid. When I was a kid, I used to dress up in little business suits and I used to make businesses. That was what I did for play. I had a vision of that and I was like, “I’m that same little kid.” I’m making businesses and it’s my form of art and it is fun. To be creating businesses that make an impact, it makes it so much better. It lights me up and makes life so beautiful.

You’ve pivoted like we all have quite a few times in your life.

Many times, pretty much every couple of days.

How about every couple of minutes?

Seriously, when you’re on this path of waking up, healing and working in all of these quantum fields of healing, every time you pivot, I’m like, “Can I just land here for a minute?” The next thing you know it’s another pivot, the next day you wake up. I’m used to it.

We’re holistic beings and anytime we make a change, if we impact one area of our life, whether it’s our emotional body or physical body or something, it changes everything. You can’t change one thing without it impacting everything.

There are infinite possibilities and every time you make one change, the universe reorganizes. Now you have a whole new realm of possibilities that you’re dealing with.

PR 115 | Pivoting

The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection

Our son, Max calls that a micro pivot, which I think is a cool term for it. He was saying to me, “Dad, not everybody is going to pivot like moving to Fiji, change their job or start a business on the side. Those are big pivots.” I said, “You’re right, Max.” He says to me, “I’ve been thinking of these things as micro pivots. All the daily pivots, all the things we do for moment to moment during the day.” I’m like, “You’ve got to write the next book. That’s the name of it. That’s the whole concept.” Literally our mindset from the moment we wake up, to the moment we lay our heads on the pillow at night, to end the day, it’s a series of pivots. Little and sometimes not so little. Let’s start with how you define a pivot, first of all. What’s your definition of that word?

It would be having awareness and making a shift in a different direction than maybe you were in the moment before or the time before.

Are there any signs of a pivot coming, something off on the horizon?

Sometimes when something’s not working, that’s a great sign that it’s time to pivot. A lot of times we want to fight and hang on to what’s comfortable, what we know, what our plan was. Our idea of our destiny and in the greater vision for our lives is so much smaller than what’s happening. It’s constantly surrendering to maybe not knowing exactly the details of how it’s going to unfold. I find in my own life that when I live in that way, I let go of gripping and hanging on and trying to control, that is one of the most amazing things that have happened and unfolded in my life. That’s when the greatest pivots have happened that landed me in the direction of my highest calling.

I can identify with that. The visual of white-knuckling the steering wheel of life during certain times. You have your hands so tightly gripped on things. For me, that grip is tightly on control. I’m going to out myself in the moment and say I’m recovering. I say recovering because I’m not there. I want to be there, but I still require a certain element of control over things. I crave it on some level.

We all do. It’s a constant process to let go of it. It’s a constant realigning and remembering to surrender because you can have a huge event happened and feel like, “I’ve learned that lesson. I let go of control,” and then something else comes. It’s human nature to want to be safe and know what’s coming next. When you don’t have that, your ego goes into survival quickly. Everything that you read and all of your experiences from before go right out the door in those moments. It’s a practice to pull yourself back to realign with that truth and to remember that everything that’s happening is happening for you, not against you always, no matter what it looks like.

A large portion of our community here are people that are like me. They’re interested in raising their own consciousness and working on themselves. It’s not the first time anybody reading this heard that let go or surrender stuff. I read a book called The Surrender Experiment. I’m not sure if you’ve ever read Michael Singer. It was the follow-up to The Untethered Soul, which is an incredible book. The Surrender Experiment was this guide to how he surrendered and allowed for the spirit to guide him in his business life and his personal life. It’s a remarkable book.

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I think that’s one of the toughest things. Even after you’ve gotten more awake and more aware that gripping tightly the steering wheel of life, meaning being attached, whether it’s attachment to the past or its attachment to somehow controlling or knowing the future. The crystal ball tells me exactly what’s going to happen. At the end, life is about letting go. How do you remind yourself? How do you bring yourself back to that? Not just the awareness that letting go is what’s required in the moment, but how it is that you pry your hands, your white knuckles off that steering wheel? How do you do that, Brandee?

For me, sometimes I find myself going back into old patterns and I have serious control patterns. I was born and raised in Oakland. I came from a super tough childhood and I made things happen. I forced my way. I was a survivor. No matter how much healing and work I’ve done, that’s in the core of me in such a deep level. Sometimes I can be pissed off at myself because I’m like, “Did I do that?” I’m the true definition of a spiritual gangster because I will be like, “Namaste,” and then all of a sudden, this whole other side. I’m in a moment where it’s fight or flight and I’m like, “I just did that.” I have to step back. A big part for me is the reaction piece. Taking a moment to breathe and step back before reacting because I’ve been so hardwired to, “What’s coming next?” For me, it’s a practice of stepping back, taking a breath, and taking some time before making a decision, being impulsive and taking space. The times when I was impulsive, I reacted, and I say something, that’s the times where I’m so regretful and it’s the control. The times when I step back and take space, it gives me a chance to respond rather than to react, to take all of the things that I’ve been learning, working on and put them into action.

As I was listening to you, I was also looking at your last name, Powell. I was thinking to myself, “Embedded in that word is power and will or well.”

I never thought about that.

As I was listening to you, I’m thinking I’ve been tenacious, will-powered, powered through and plowed through, plowed ahead, plowed over, under, and around or through. Sometimes even through people, especially when gripped with fear or its cousin, this idea of control because control is a fear-based feature. It’s a scarcity reaction. It’s not a response. It’s because there is, in the moment, nothing to control. That can bring up fear immediately to think, “Are you kidding me? There’s nothing to control. What are you talking about?” In California with these wildfires that were raging through thousands and thousands of acres. Thankfully, it’s over and it’s out and people’s lives can begin to rebuild and obviously this tremendous loss of life, property and things.

All are beyond our control. To be clear about this, I’m not saying that we can’t do something to make our environment better or that we can’t control, on some level, the degree to which we are contributing negatively to our climate because we certainly can control that. We can control the things that we do. There’s an element of things being out of our control. When we’re in resistance to that, we do live our lives more in a state and in a place of reaction, less in a place of being and allowing, therefore, still peaceful inside on some level to be able to respond. I don’t respond well when my fear or any of the other scarcity emotions are triggered inside of me. It’s very difficult for me to breathe and respond in those moments. You said you came from a tough upbringing or situation in Oakland.

That may not be the first pivot that you can recall in your life. Why don’t we go there for a little bit? Many of us have had some challenging childhoods whether it was in the form of not having a lot, being abused or bullied in some way. We’ve all got that. I very rarely meet people that don’t look back on their childhood and say, “That piece of it helped me, it made me, it formed me, and I wouldn’t change it.” If given the opportunity, I might do things a little different or have things changed a bit because they can be rough times in our life, especially when we’re that vulnerable and that un-resourced. Share a little bit about what it means to come from a rough upbringing.

PR 115 | Pivoting

Pivoting: When we examine the things that don’t work in our lives, it gives us great clarity about what we want and what works in our lives.


It all started when I was six years old. My father committed suicide in our house. I walked up to the door. That was the end of my childhood in many ways. I look back to pictures of that with my eyes during that time and they went completely dead from the trauma. Shortly after that, my mother, who was left a single mother did her best to raise us. She took us from Oakland to Oregon and progressively got worse. She started using meth. Most of my childhood, I was in a very scary situation most of the time because there were parties going on, where she was doing meth with her friends. She had another child and at eight years old I was raising my little brother. His crib was in my room. He came to me when he needed something.

As a child, you adapt to these situations. You don’t realize because you don’t have anything to compare it to. You step in and you start showing up. It wasn’t until I got older when I had my own son and when he was eight years old, I was like, “It is crazy what I was doing at eight years old.” I had a child at that age, so it was rough. My mom was this amazing and magical woman in many ways, but she was sensitive and traumatized. She didn’t understand how to handle being in this world. She turned to drugs. It put me in constant and horrific situation as a child. Thankfully, when I was eleven years old, my mother went to prison for stealing.

I went to live with her mother for one year, which is a whole other story and another traumatic year. My grandparents took me at eleven years old with my sister and my brother. We went back to Oakland and it was such a contrast because I had my grandparents in their 80s that was like Leave it to Beaver. They never said a cuss word. I had this contrast of my parents that were rock stars, went way too far and burnt out. Thank God for that contrast because I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have the contrast to make choices. I knew it through some of the darkest moments of my life that I am not going to end up like my mother.

Contrast is an interesting word. Some years ago, I remember listening to Abraham Esther Hicks speak about contrast and how important contrast is. Often, it is in the contrast, which is the thing, we white knuckle as we don’t like it or we don’t want it or somehow we would have it be different. It’s in that contrast we learned so much. In fact, it’s counter-intuitive to many things that we’re even taught. It’s like the first page in the personal development manual that you focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. It’s one of those early stage training of teaching. In many ways it’s not either/or, it’s both. I like to look at it from that other angle, which is when we know what we don’t want, when we examine, when we look at the things that don’t work in our lives, it can give us great clarity about what we do want and what does work in our lives.

As much as that was painful at a time in your life, where you are completely out of control and at the mercy of many things, yet you are picking up the parenting role and the parenting responsibility for your brother. There’s so much contrast in that. There’s so much in the way of polarity. What did that do? You ended up becoming a mother. I’m sure it’s informed how you’ve parented and what you’re aware of. I want to get a sense of what was the next section of your development like before you pivot into the work that you’re doing. I want to make sure we dive into that as well.

In 2006, I had my son and this was a crazy time for me. I was launching my first business. My husband and I were having all kinds of problems. We ended up getting divorced a year after he was born. I was starting all over with nothing, a baby, and this brand new business. My friends would watch me, they’d see me come into the office and they would say, “How are you even functioning right now?” My son also had a problem sleeping on top of it. I was up three hours. I was working off of two to three hours of sleep for two years. It was a crazy stressful time. I would say that it was amazing to see the strength of how I was able to maneuver this whole situation and create this amazing business. We opened offices in LA and New York. I was making amazing money, putting my son in the best schools and traveling all over the world with him. I built a beautiful life. It was definitely a gift for me to learn problem solving and self-reliance from my mother and my father.

As I started doing spiritual work, I realized I have the most amazing mother and father. They gave me exactly what I needed. The more that I got into a relationship with them and accepting exactly what happened and where they’re at. I saw my mother in Thanksgiving for the first time in eight years and it was heartbreaking. She has a few teeth left. She’s gained a ton of weight. It was hard, but it was also this opportunity for me to honor exactly how she is with no looking down on the way she chose to live her life. What I saw as I was doing the spiritual work and especially with the plant medicine work, it was showing me this incredible woman. This is my belief. We chose and made this contract together before coming here. I thought when I looked at it from this perspective, I’m like, “This woman chose this so that I could do this? What an epic and amazing mother.”

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I was able to love her in this totally different way. It was funny because my mother’s got schizophrenia from doing meth for so long. There were family members that were getting triggered because they were addressing her problems. She’s developed a defense mechanism that the second you bring up a problem, she makes up a fussy world of why it’s going on. She was getting attacked. I turned to everyone and I’m like, “I agree with her. I believe that these things happen,” even though they were far out stories. I feel I’m able to love her in such a deep way, exactly the way she is, and be grateful for what she gave me.

That’s so beautiful. You’ve described what unconditional love looks like. Here’s somebody that you could be angry with and no one would ever criticize you for being upset, angry, whatever the case. The reasons are obvious. Where you’ve come to as a place of acceptance of her feels 100%, even in how you’re sharing that, I don’t feel any resentment. I don’t feel anything that requires even forgiveness. Forgiveness is this wonderful and amazing thing, and yet it’s also a tough thing for a lot of people. Learning how to forgive is vital for all of us, and yet at the same time, if you accept people, if you accept someone, there’s nothing to forgive. It’s like you can skip over the step of forgiveness, which gives people such fits simply by accepting them as they are.

Loving what is and trusting the way everything is exactly what you are creating for your highest good always. Your whole reality, your families, whatever circumstances that are showing up, it’s perfect.

You started moving people along in their businesses and you were good at it. You’ve described some of the qualities of an entrepreneur. As a business person starts a business and runs a business successfully or tenacious, it’s no quit and you know how to problem solve. When you’re eight years old and you’re literally a surrogate mother to your brother, this is a skill set that you can apply in many ways in life. I’m not surprised. Your business also hit hard times because there was a lot of unresolved stuff. I’m guessing that part of how it was that you continue to pivot was there were a lot of unresolved stuff at that stage and that phase of your life. How is it that you moved out of the marketing space and that conventional business model into the work that you do? Share a little bit of that pivot and then lead us into exactly what it is you do, which is quite a bit different when it comes to supporting people both business development and their personal growth as well.

When I found personal development work, I got obsessed. I’m reading a lot of books every second that I could and I found the more that I was learning and incorporating into my life, the more freedom I was finding. I loved it so much. I started a program for men transitioning from prison and teaching meditation. After my first business, I asked. “What if I took money completely out of this? What would I do?” I started putting together this project that I called The Sleeping Giants Project. What I heard was wake up the giants. What is the way that I could make the greatest impact? Wake up the giants. I had this plan, I’ve been putting it together on a vision board and it was so detailed. It’s not to say that every time you get a vision that it’s going to be so accurate.

It’s amazing to me in retrospect how much from this vision board specifically manifested. One of the things I put was a resort in Costa Rica and I wanted to have the most breakthrough healing modalities. I had this whole idea for a platform and content and everything for waking up. This vision was there and I was working on it on the side always. I was telling myself, “I have to keep doing this business to fund what I want to do.” I kept telling myself that story for so many years that finally the universe was like, “We’re going to intervene here. Your plan is going to take a long time.” Finally, a situation happened with my business partner, where we had a falling out overnight. It was a crazy time because I had built up this company, put everything into it and overnight it was gone. I had a choice. I had a lawyer that was willing to take it on contingency, ready to go, and I was so exhausted.

I was like, “Do I want to fight for this for two years?” I made the decision to let go. It was hard. I’m a single mom. It was hard to let go of that security and safety, but I committed to stepping into doing what my heart was calling for at all costs. I spoke it out loud. I said, “I want to be used on one of the biggest movements on the planet.” I said that because I was fed up with dragging myself into work every day and doing something that I thought I needed to do, to make money to fund what I wanted to do. It was soul-sucking. A lot of people know how crushing that is on the soul when you’re not doing your work, your mission, and you’re sacrificing yourself. I finally made that decision. This is when miracles, synchronicities, amazing things greater than anything I could have dreamed up started to happen in my life.

PR 115 | Pivoting

Pivoting: It’s crushing on the soul when you’re not doing your work and your mission.


I certainly can relate to the soul-sucking. I don’t want to call it sacrifice, even though that’s a great alliteration for that. It’s such an interesting thing because I did eighteen years in a job that for the better part of the last eight or ten, I felt was sucking the life out of me. There’s an element that we have to fund sometimes. We’ve got to be able to fund our pivots. We’ve got to fund those changes and transitions. It is one of those things where for a period of time you do suck it up if there’s something else you want to do. You also get to a period as I did where you can’t make the sacrifice anymore.

It’s self-sacrifice because it’s not the sacrifice of what you would do to save someone’s life or to protect a child or to protect the family. It’s more like you’re protecting your heart. You can no longer do something that’s damaging your heart. I get where you were at with that and what courage it took in that moment to say, “I’ll let go of the reins. Take my white knuckles off the steering wheel and leave it to the spirit in some ways to hold me, carry me, guide me or something else that’s in my highest.” That seems like that’s what happened. You’re a living and breathing example of truly letting go, not just talking about it conceptually, but you did let go. You did surrender. Tell us what happened.

I started giving a lead to all of these different consulting projects, amazing ones like helping Marianne Williamson run her campaign for Congress, and all of these amazing thought leaders and products that I was working with. A couple of people from Costa Rica contacted me who had an Ayahuasca retreat center and I had no idea what Ayahuasca was.

What is Ayahuasca?

I wasn’t that interested in what Ayahuasca was. I was interested in the fact that I manifested some people that want to work together that had the most beautiful resort in Costa Rica. I fly out there. It’s a well-needed trip. When I got there, I was blown away by this land. There were fruit trees. It looked like the Garden of Eden. There was a waterfall. It’s beautiful. They were looking to partner together to help market their Ayahuasca retreats. I was like, “What is the Ayahuasca?” When they were explaining it to me, the healing part of it sounded amazing to me. When they were telling me the results and what was happening but then there was a part of me that was like, “Are they taking some drugs?” Especially with my background, I’ve always been extra sensitive to that. I thought it looks like it’s doing amazing work. The people were so beautiful and I was like, “Let’s do this. I’ll do my retreats over here and you guys can do your Ayahuasca over there.”

I went back home and then the synchronicities started happening again. I got invited almost every week for the next three or four weeks to do an Ayahuasca ceremony. At a certain point, I was like, “This is crazy. I’ve never heard of this before. Now it’s just showing up every week. There’s no way I’m doing this stuff. It’s out of the question.” Finally, a woman who was in her 60s has been doing Ayahuasca and plant medicine for 30 years and an amazing thought leader that I was working with. She asked me to come and do a yearly visioning workshop with the medicine. I tried everything to get out of it. Finally, I went because it was her and I talked to the shaman. When I understood the difference that this plant medicine is a medicine to go inside of yourself, where a drug is something that takes you outside of yourself, when I understood what the abilities were for healing and for being able to lift the veil and see visions for what you are not able to see, I decided it was something that I was going to do. I said yes. That was one of the biggest pivots in my life.

When I decided to take the medicine, I was told to set an intention and I set two because during that time I was wondering, what is my life work? Is this vision that I see true? Is it realistic? Also my pattern with men, because I had this history of attracting the same man with a different face over and over. It was the dysfunction that was holding me back from going to the next level and everything that I wanted to do. That night when I took the medicine, it changed my life forever. It was the first time that I was able to hear my inner voice crystal clear. It showed me this vision and it said, “Overcompensating mother.” Those are exactly the words. “That’s what you are.” It took me on this journey and it showed me every man that I had ever been with and their relationship with their mother.

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It showed that their mother either betrayed them or did something that they were upset about. I never had a mother taking care of me, I became the ultimate super mother that I wish I had. I was giving that in excess to people. It was the perfect co-dependent hookup because they were like, “Mommy,” and I was like, “I’ll take care of you and give you the love you never had from your mother.” It would be this great high, there are great crash and low. It was difficult for me. I had done a lot of self-help work, but it was showing me with new lenses because it said, “That energy and heart that you have as a mother, that is for your life work. When you give it and you put all of that energy into a man or a relationship with someone that doesn’t want to do the work and isn’t there to meet you, you’re going to drain the life force out of you.”

It showed me the gift, find that healing, and to be able to put that into my life work and what that looks like. It showed me this whole vision of The Sleeping Giants Project and I was blown away. It was so detailed and it was like, “This is all happening and you’re being guided.” It was showing me to let go of the way that I used to create. I always create it from the super masculine way that I learned is the way you make things happen. I would force, push, control, fight and do whatever it takes to make what I want to happen. This was asking me to do the feminine. Go and step into my feminine manifestation powers, to surrender, be guided, visualize and to let go. Have my intention, but let go of how it’s going to unfold. To watch the guidance and trust that it’s all happening, that is what allowed the greatest dream of my life to unfold.

This is a dream that is ongoing. I’m privileged to be able to experience this dream shortly. Randi and I, we’ll be at your retreat center which is super exciting. What are you doing with the retreat center? What’s your highest vision for what this work can be in the world? You brought up an incredible question. It’s a question that not everybody is aware of. I don’t think it’s a question that while it’s simple, the importance of it can be underestimated. That is, what is your work to do? What is yours to do? The contrast question to that is, what’s not yours to do? It sounds like when you were having that vision and you were getting clarity there.

Part of what you realized was there was a work that you were doing being a surrogate mother, being that overcompensating mother, is that what came through? Stepping into that role which was not your work to do, but what your work to do was to put that energy, all that love, holding space, the tenacity, willpower and everything into this vision for helping to support Giants. I also want to get a sense and I want to understand where you are with that vision and what is Wake Up the Giants mean to you? What was the length of time? When was that? Is that five years ago? Is that ten years ago? When did you have that vision?

The first vision about The Sleeping Giants Project was about eight years ago. I had always been working in different capacities on the side of my business. When Rythmia started to manifest and I met my now husband Gerard Powell, Dr. Jeff and they partnered with Michael Beckwith. It was amazing because somebody that I had spoken with one time heard about Costa Rica and that I had partnered with the center. He told Gerard and we ended meeting up through that synchronicity. We knew that we were supposed to do this together. We flew together to Costa Rica. We found this property and built it out. Eventually, I decided to let go of the other companies, the other resort that I was partnered with and created Rythmia. The vision for Rythmia is to align you back with your soul. This is our teachings and our beliefs.

We have all of these different ways to access the subconscious, to access altered states of consciousness so that you can have full healing of mind, body, spirit and emotional body, which for me was the intention of The Sleeping Giants Project. Originally, I had been going through all of the self-help programs and they were amazing. I had so much transformation from them, but there were places where I was stuck and it was because I was going through the mind. Much of our reality is being created through the subconscious and we’re not even aware of what’s in there. For us to heal quickly, rapidly, we must use modalities that access all of the different parts of ourselves. This is what Rythmia does.

That’s how the plant medicine is incorporated. I know you do breath work and you have a number of other more traditional modalities that help people to access those hidden parts of themselves or at least the parts that they’re not able to consciously look at and get guidance from. The plant medicine known as Ayahuasca is another way that you do that. Say a little bit more about that because I’m sure there are some people that have no clue. The way when you were first introduced to it, you had no clue what it was.

PR 115 | Pivoting

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Ayahuasca is a plant that’s been used for thousands of years in the Amazon by indigenous tribes for healing and awakening to your higher self. In Rythmia, it’s a big part of our program. We offer the plant medicine and it’s facilitated in a medical facility. It’s part of a program where you’re able to learn about what this plant medicine is, how to use it, then how to understand the visions, the healings that you received and then how to integrate that into your life. The magic of this plant is that it has incredible healing abilities. It handles 50% of the healing. The other 50% is up to you, how you’re going to take that into your life and work it. It’s like any of the other healing modalities at Rythmia, holotropic breathwork, or doing The Answer is You with Michael Beckwith.

People have these amazing awareness, healings and opportunities to create your future self. It’s up to you if you’re willing to do the work. I’ve seen people also do this work and have the awareness, but then not show up in their life and take action on the visions or the healings. You can get into a loop and that loop gets more difficult because the universe is like, “You just had this awareness and now you’re choosing to ignore it.” The lessons start getting more difficult. It starts with a rock, then it turns into a big stone, it turns into a brick, it turns into a brick wall and it’s like, “Wake up.” You can’t lose either way, no matter which way you go. I always suggest that if you’re going to go on this path of quantum healing, be ready to show up and do the work.

That’s a good warning for that as well. Consciousness is a bitch. That old expression that ignorance is bliss, it’s true. On some level, ignorance is bliss. Be careful what you asked for. Do you want to be more awake, more conscious and more aware? That’s a tough road at times. The price that you pay is a very different price. The price that the spirit or consciousness, I would use the word God, that is exacted out of you when you violate, what you know to be true about yourself, about the world, the price you pay is greater. Sometimes to not know is safer on some level. I don’t think that’s the journey for any of us. However, it is that we are brought to more self-awareness, I believe it’s what’s in store for all of us.

To be in an environment, where you’ve got all this love and all these people that are there to help facilitate integration and help you to heal or at least discover things that have been hidden in your subconscious, or things that you’ve wondered about but didn’t understand how it is that you are the way you are. How it is you’ve been impacted by your life experiences, including the traumas. We’ve all been traumatized at various points. To make heads or tails, to make sense of that, is such a powerful thing.

You’re right to put that caveat, to put that warning out there that once you become aware, it’s not like you can become unaware again. A balloon is a great visual for this. You blow up a balloon, it will never go back to its original shape. It’s the same thing with us when we become aware or more in-tune with something, you can’t go back to that place of ignorance again as to that thing. What a blessing it is that you’re doing this work in the world. It’s such a great example of living it. Not just in some way speaking, talking or sharing it with other people, but living it and being an example for that yourself. Rituals are very important and obviously that plant medicine itself is an ancient ritual. When I use the word ritual, I don’t think about religious context. I don’t even think it in terms of spirituality, and I’m a very spiritual person.

I think about consciously created action. It could be the action of thought or the action of doing a physical doing, but it’s in essence a higher level of habit. Habit to me is the way I brush my teeth without thinking about it. I pick up the brush with my left hand and I don’t think about it. A lot of our lives on some level are so habituated that we go through hours of the day and take no notice of the beauty, take no notice of our breath, heart or so many things. That’s because we are creatures of habit. Rituals are something that we do consciously and we can change so much of our experience of being by being more conscious of what we do. Do you have rituals? Is there one particular ritual each day that you do that’s paid a dividend for you?

I have many morning rituals, but one of the most powerful ones is I like to wake up in that half sleep. I’m all about altered states of consciousness. I like to take control of the program rather than allowing bad habits, letting myself be sloppy or not intentional to take over my day. I like to step in and make my day super intentional, but I start by programming myself. When I’m in that altered state of consciousness in between wake and sleep, it’s a powerful time that you can program exactly how your day’s going to go. I do self-hypnosis. I go in and I say, “Subconscious, here’s what I’m programming in here. You’re a badass, number one. You’re enough, number two.” I go down the list of all of the things of how I want the day to go of what belief systems I want to reinforce because it takes a whole lifetime for us to create what we are.

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If we’re going to step into our future self, then we need to put the work into program this new self. In this state, it’s an amazing time where you could go in and you can set your intention for the day. Do you know how when you set an alarm clock? You wake up right before and you’re like, “That’s amazing. How does that always happen?” It’s the same way when you’re in that state. You could put triggers and you could even say, “This is something where a reaction that I normally have or something that usually takes me down and what am I going to do when that is coming?” You can program it like an alarm clock so that you’re actually like, “Now I’m responding with this new response.” That’s probably one of my favorite parts of my morning ritual.

I absolutely love that. It’s so interesting that every time I ask that question to somebody that’s been doing amazing things in the world, they always have a very similar aspect to their morning ritual. I don’t even say morning ritual. This is a waking ritual. Your tweak on this to express that half sleep state. It’s waking, but you’re also still eyes squinted and quite awake, not quite awake, that in-between stage. I remember speaking with Michael Beckwith about his waking ritual and my waking ritual. There’s this beautiful little overlap between his answer, my answer and your answer. One of the things that he does when he wakes up is he asks the universe, “What’s my assignment?” In fact, that was in one of our show and I thought, “What a great question to start the day.” Talk about planting a seed with this great potential, that question, and questions are so powerful.

What is my assignment? Yours is in many ways reflective of the one that I learned by hearing about Benjamin Franklin and how he, hundreds of years ago, used to start out with his list of states, things he wanted to experience during the day. He had like thirteen states. I started out with my list of thirteen. I said, “I want to be the conscious creator of my own life experience.” It is very much the same way that things are created in nature. You plant the seed in the soil. Do you expect that the second you plant the seed you’re going to see fruit, you’re going to see a tree or you’re going to see a flower? No, but if you don’t plant the seed, will you see a tree? Will you see a flower? Will you see fruit? No. It’s a question of looking at nature and then modeling what you know to work. Not just know to work, it’s the way it works.

The seed goes in the ground. It’s in there. The soil nurtures it, the sun nurtures it, the rain nurtures it and then it germinates. Under the ground invisible to us, things are happening, changes are happening, transformation, and metamorphosis, whatever you want to call it. Things are happening and all of a sudden, there’s something that pops out of the ground, this little green shoot. A little while later, something else happens and it becomes that flower, tree, fruit, and where does it all begin? It begins with that seed. That seed that we have to have faith. That seed has all the potential in it to become something else through the process that we could seek to understand, or we could simply have faith that’s the process. That’s the natural way of things.

The beginning of our day and the first thoughts of our day to me are the exact examples. It’s the corollary to the seed turning into the fruit tree. It’s the thought that we start the day with. It’s what you said, if your first thought of the day is, “I’m going to be a badass now. I am not going to question my deservedness, my worthiness. I’m going to be a great receiver. I’m going to open myself to unconditional love. I’m going to be forgiving. I’m going to live and walk with peace in my stride now. Everybody I see, everybody I think of, I’m going to experience the expression of the divine.” Those are the thoughts that you start your day with. What does that germinate and look like later on in the day, later on the cycle, five hours later, ten hours later?

When you go to sleep, what does it look like? The beautiful part about it is when you live every single day, eventually you turn into this vision that you were holding for yourself. It starts when you have these high expectations, you don’t have a daily practice and a daily ritual. It could be this dream that you keep putting off, like the workout that you promise you’re going to do when New Year comes, when this happens or that happens. It becomes this thing that’s so big, grand and unattainable. When you break it down moment to moment, day by day, all of a sudden you step in and you’re like, “Look who I am. Look what I created. Look at my life.”

This is a little more science than people sometimes think. There’s woo-woo in it and I’m in favor of the woo-woo certainly, and then there’s the mind to support the woo-woo as well. Brandee, I love this conversation. I’ve enjoyed our chat.

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Pivoting: If we’re going to step into our future self, then we need to put the work in to program this new self.


Thank you so much, me too. That was amazing, Adam, as always. I love you, brother.

I love you too. What I love in this moment is thinking in terms of what we’re sharing about that process and what you plant ultimately turns into something. Sometimes we plant seeds consciously. That’s why I say to me what I aspire to be is the conscious creator of my own life experience. Sometimes we unconsciously plant things, which is interesting when we think about planting and when we think about what work you do at Rythmia. This level at which we are by default or by our programming, unconsciously planting things that we don’t necessarily want to turn into something else. We wouldn’t consciously plant the seed of regret. We wouldn’t consciously take that seed of anger, resentment, fear or any of those things that we feel. Who’s going to wake up in the morning, put their feet on the floor and go, “I’m consciously planting a seed of fear so that it germinates and turns into something that is the reflection fear?”

“I consciously recreate my horror childhood. I’m going to keep recreating it.” Nobody is consciously doing it but that’s what happens when you’re taking from the past and projecting that fear into the future and then bringing it into the now. That’s what the cycle.

I want to share a waking ritual. I love how you shared your waking ritual. I’m going to share mine and we’ll take it forward because that’s the most important thing that any of us can do. Rythmia, as I said, my wife and I are due to be there. Leave your comments at We’ll reply to those comments as well as leave a review on iTunes. We’d love to hear from you. That feedback is like oxygen for us. If you’ve not yet joined our community, you can go to and you can join our Facebook group, which has impeccable and incredible people like Brandee, like-minded, like-hearted people. That would be a great way for you to continue to engage with the energy.

I want to leave you with this. That has been the seed that I’ve planted in the soil of my mind for many years. That is that, “Tomorrow, just like now, we get to wake up.” I assume that in this moment we all can feel grateful that we got to wake up because the alternative, we know that’s unthinkable on some level. There’s also no guarantee that we were going to wake up and that we were going to get a new day. There’s no guarantee that we’ll get it tomorrow. I want you to think that in the moment that you become aware tomorrow morning that you are awake, that that’s no accident. As Reverend Michael Beckwith says, “There’s an assignment whether you know it or you don’t know it.” It’s okay that you’re not clear because even the reverend himself asked the question at the beginning of the day, “What is my assignment?”

He doesn’t know every day. You don’t have to know every day. That’s okay. It’s in that asking. It’s in that humility, that moment where we can ask for guidance that we can be led. When we’re in our ego heads or we’re thinking we know everything, it’s very difficult for us to get the guidance, to be open to receiving it. Be a great receiver of guidance tomorrow morning when you wake up. Acknowledge the fact that waking is no accident, that there’s a purpose for it, whether you know it or not. That is something you can be grateful for. Wake up and be grateful in those few moments, especially in between sleep and consciousness. That fogginess and that little haze that we’re in is such a beautiful space to plant those seeds.

If you’re inclined to even go one step further and talk about woo-woo, just say it out loud. Scream it out loud. Say it from your bed or when your feet hit the floor, say these words. “I love my life. I love my life. I love my life.” What if you decided to love your life no matter what? Brandee, what a joy. What a pleasure to spend some time together. It’s been wonderful. Everybody else, ciao. We’ll see you on the next one. Please let us know what your thoughts are about this show. Checkout Brandee and get to Rythmia because that’s where we’re going to.


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