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Your leadership team needs a jolt to reignite their passion and momentum. Strong teams come from strong leadership, but it’s not always easy to motivate your workforce. It may be time to hire a corporate speaker who can help provoke excitement and team unity. Nobody can just will themselves to fall in love with life, stop feeling guilty or feel the intense joy that comes from deep fulfillment. It takes a profound moment of self-discovery for people to pivot and take action.

It can be a tremendous help to bring in the right facilitator to make change happen.

A skilled leadership motivational speaker will unlock deep discussions with energy, passion, care, accountability and commitment.

Figure Out Why You Need to Hire a Motivational Speaker  

Every company has its unique challenges and there are many reasons to hire a resilience speaker. The first thing to do before you make your choice is to determine where you want to go.

Maybe you want to give your team a boost of energy to realize their potential. Or maybe you want to give them the support needed to wake up and face their fears. It could just be that your team needs a little encouragement to get serious about finding their passion. Whatever the reasons are, hiring a motivational speaker like Adam Markel is a great way to pinpoint new ways to prepare your team before they need to adapt to unexpected changes. 

When to Hire a Corporate Motivational Speaker  

Keynote speaker events are an opportunity to unite your team around key issues and get leaders involved in those discussions. The right motivational speaker for corporate events should be able to address all of your objectives. 

Additionally, annual events for your leadership team allow you to look at notes from previous events and see how much progress you’ve made, which goals you’ve reached and which goals are out of reach. 

But in-demand leadership keynote speakers often need to be booked well in advance. It’s a good idea to start planning for next year’s event soon after this year’s convention wraps up. If you wait until the last minute, you may end up booking a speaker who can help you meet only a few of your goals rather than all of them.

How to Hire the Right Motivational Speaker for Corporate Events  

We all have dreams we want to fulfill yet we often put them off. It’s always, “Someday when the time is right.” Adam challenges that notion with a radical idea. What if you can decide to love your life, right now, no matter what? Resilience starts with finding your inner gratitude and making a plan of action.

If it seems like your leaders need the inspiration to help them reframe their outlook and change up their game, it’s critical to find someone who can connect with your team. Sometimes a transformational teacher is just what it takes to get the ball rolling.

Many times leadership motivational speakers step in to help the team rediscover themselves and focus on specific, attainable goals. A leadership keynote speaker should do more than spark interest. The right match will produce practical solutions and tangible results. 

Find a Change-Proof Resilience Speaker

Resilience is the most important master skill you can develop to recover and stay sharp. Adam Markel’s motivational keynote speeches effectively help people make small pivots to prepare for change in the face of uncertainty and doubt.

The wake of COVID has impacted all of us in a major way. The way we live our lives and conduct business has fundamentally changed forever. We’ve all felt the exhaustion of increased levels of stress, fear, insecurity, and worry.

Just about everyone is having problems adapting to constant change and the drain on people isn’t always obvious. The only way forward is to become resilient leaders and to find the strength not just to push through difficult times, but to build rituals and systems into your routine to come out even stronger. 

This is especially true when we need to make big decisions. But the little things can add up. Who to hire, how much money to spend and even where to go out to eat are all stressors. Yet all of us have the strength to effectively manage the outcome of these challenges. 

Hire a Corporate Speaker with a Powerful Delivery   

Perhaps the most vital role of a corporate motivational speaker is to start an action-oriented conversation around key issues. Anyone can break down a point but it takes a powerful delivery to bring points to life.

Experts in the art of communication have the knowledge and skill to deliver a message that helps people find their power. Without a strong delivery, the message can fall flat. A speaker with an effective delivery knows how to set the tone from the start and keep the tempo going all the way through.

Virtually all speaker keynote events have a similar flow. Things start with a high-energy introduction that draws on powerful emotions. The most impactful speakers then make use of narratives to build drama and tension. And when it’s time to wrap up the event they reinforce the message with accountabilities and a plan of action.  

Evaluate the Value They Bring to the Audience  

It takes more than a flashy presentation to make a difference. The most effective motivational speakers for corporate events give people takeaways for lasting resilience. 

Although everyone has different goals, the practices to meet those goals are the same for every single one of us. The key to Adam’s success is that he lives his message. He walks the walk. It’s apparent from the get-go, as his smile and positivity lights up the stage.

Adam teaches the same principles that shape his life to encourage others to make pivotal decisions for the better. His book, PIVOT: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life, is a testament to the wisdom and power of love.

Hire a Keynote Speaker Who Doesn’t Let Ego Get in the Way  

It’s no secret that some corporate motivational speakers have a laundry list of requirements that aren’t easy to satisfy. Strict publicity rules, breaks in the middle of the event and special last-minute requests can be extra burdens.

Success never changed Adam Markel, he’s the same person off stage as he is on stage. His empathetic, resilient approach is based on “a whole lotta love” and real talk – no matter how intense the subject may be.

Many keynote speakers miss the mark and try to impress people with too many facts or meaningless jargon. This is often called “jargon monoxide.” Effective teachers and speakers use plain English with courage and heart, and this makes all the difference.

Adam’s main focus is that those who embrace his message feel empowered and important. 

Hire a Keynote Speaker That Brings the Entertainment to Shake Things Up  

Studies show that we are much more likely to remember things that we enjoy and that make us feel great. You can’t assume that people care about what you say. Never underestimate how much more meaningful a message can be when it’s entertaining.  

Many motivational speakers for corporate events try their best but their message goes in one ear and out the other. Truly impactful presentations are full of short, captivating moments that carry the content. One of Adam’s many maxims is that “Content is not king. Body language, tone, variance, and energy is king, queen, and the whole deck of cards.”

Select a Leadership Keynote Speaker Who Will Follow Through After the Event  

People should remember that flexibility is needed to prepare for setbacks and develop resilience. After new ideas are introduced, the best way to keep the momentum going is to refine and improve those ideas.

The most adept corporate motivational speakers build relationships based on long-term success to guide leaders through the growing pains. Incredible results are revealed when Adam returns for a follow-up session. The people who are committed to small daily pivots make the most significant improvement in all areas of personal success.

Looking for a Resilience Speaker to Fuel the Heart of Your Leadership Team? 

The people behind successful companies like Oracle, Henkel, Mattress Firm, Alexion, Bayhealth, P&G, Byline Bank and many others will tell you that Adam has had an overwhelmingly positive influence on their success. They give him a lot of credit for the resilience of their organizations.

“If you want to transform the lives within your organization, Adam is a guy who can help

make it happen.” – Oracle

Although you can’t control the future or go back to the past, you can find new ways to handle the complexity of modern business in the present. Without resilience, change can chip away at your success.

Contact us today and let the More Love Team help your leadership team excel.