Hiring the right motivational speaker who can deeply connect with your team is critical for getting the most out of your next corporate event.

With extensive experience on the global stage as a corporate motivational speaker, Adam Markel knows how to make a dramatic impression on an audience and understands just what you should be evaluating when hiring a corporate keynote speaker. His person-first approach is centered around personal transformation and practical advice, making him a great fit to inspire many corporate teams. 

Known as the “Resilience Guy,” and named as one of Huffington Post’s top speakers, Adam is also a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “Pivot,” and has taught teams around the world how to become more resilient in both their personal and professional lives for greater fulfillment and productivity.

As a highly esteemed motivational speaker for corporate events, Adam has shared the stage with personalities like Tony Robbins, Michael J. Fox, Stedman Graham, and was honored with a membership to the Transformational Leadership Council

Effective Corporate Motivational Speakers Use Empathy As a Foundation for Communication 

Empathy and trust are the foundations of a healthy company culture.

When people feel understood, they are less likely to be guarded and more willing to be guided. When you learn to listen and come from a place of understanding rather than judgment, you will begin to understand what must be done.

The event should be designed to help your team use kindness, empathy, and carefulness to cultivate resilience in your organization, from the inside out. One of Adam’s many mantras he shares with his students is: “It’s not about me. It’s about them.” This empathetic frame of mind focuses on the feelings, goals, and obstacles of the audience members.

Driving Home a Clear Point Enhances Impact

Sometimes half the battle is getting your team to understand the importance of the company message. Bringing in a talented motivational speaker for corporate events can help the audience absorb your message and take it to heart. 

Effective communication is not about being smart or funny (although it helps when it’s appropriate). It’s really about meeting the audience halfway by engaging both their emotions and intellect. Whatever stage of growth your business is at, finding a corporate keynote speaker with the expertise to deeply understand your situation and your goals can make all the difference.

Adam has helped hundreds of people to magnify the impact of their message. With extensive experience on the global stage, he knows how to drive in a point and make it stick. 

Adapting to the Audience for a Successful Connection

A corporate leadership speaker understands how to gauge the emotional temperature of the room to bend, break, or blend their original plan accordingly. Spontaneous interaction with the audience is a great opportunity to get everyone to listen and respond to each other. It also helps you align your message with the audience’s views. 

As a versatile speaker on a variety of topics, including business leadership, resilience, reinvention, happiness, and mental health, Adam has the flexibility to adapt to changes in the program and improvise on stage. He is not afraid to pour his heart out, be vulnerable and let it all hang out, or get real and talk about self-discipline and hard work.  

Speakers for Corporate Events Strengthen Their Message Through Storytelling

Storytelling is older than language itself.

A good story can evoke emotion and give the audience something to remember. And when you appeal to emotions, you are reaching out to the empathy of the audience. 

Adam Markel weaves in his message by weaving it through memorable stories and antidotes. As a youth, he spent 8 years as a lifeguard at Jones Beach in New York. Jones Beach is where he learned the life lessons that he would take to heart for the rest of his life. 

He found that the lessons he learned can be applied to anyone interested in improving their life. Jones Beach was where he learned the importance of cultivating resilience and the power of leadership, teamwork, and trust.

Corporate Leadership Speakers Promote Creativity, Offer Encouragement, and Boost Confidence

At this point, it sounds like a broken record, but it’s more true now than ever — creating a supportive company culture that encourages creativity is vital to compete in today’s economy. Creativity and inspiration lead to innovation, which leads to a better bottom line. 

The likelihood of a successful speech drastically increases when you nurture the hopes and dreams of the audience. High-performance environments require a “got your back” culture, where people feel safe to share their ideas. 

A skillful corporate wellness speaker can create a domino effect of positive emotions. Adam has found that sustainability is all about the environment of your company culture. His bottom-up approach is designed to drive personal growth for everyone in your organization. 

Effective Speakers Inspire and Motivate the Crowd

An excellent corporate motivational speaker uses charisma to nudge the audience in the right direction. Every single one of the greatest speakers of all time knew how to motivate people emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

Think of historic, unforgettable speeches by leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., James Baldwin, or Mahatma Gandhi. Their words and stage presence had the power to motivate the masses. To motivate people to be better and bring more love into the world. 

Similarly, the impact of Adam’s lives long past the event. With a sense of urgency and enthusiasm, he lays out a clear set of principles and step-by-step guidelines on how to achieve your goals. This equips the audience with the tools and resources they need to continue to learn long after the event. 

Speakers for Corporate Events Increase Employee Productivity

The environment that you create will have a direct impact on the productivity of your workers. People perform at their best when they feel good about themselves, secure, and taken care of. Time and time again, Adam has proven that a social structure that “fits” your employees will give them more incentive to be at their best.  

As a business mentor and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Adam has seen it all. He began his career with an 18-year stint as a trial attorney and 9 years as CEO of a successful training and development company. His sustainable methods and strategies have helped corporations and individuals maintain a sustainable competitive edge over the competition. 

Inspiring Speakers Promote Openness to Change

Trends constantly change, and to stay ahead of the curve, we need to adapt. Under these circumstances, one of the main challenges is to keep your eye on the ball. Reacting to changes as quickly as possible is necessary to capitalize on new opportunities. 

But understandably, many people have trouble embracing change and reaching out for new opportunities. And it’s hard to motivate people to change, even if they are willing. The secret is to show them the way and let them decide to take the next step on their own. 

The best corporate speaker can be a catalyst that generates change and helps people make small, manageable changes that support professional growth. 

Motivational Speakers Bring a Fresh Perspective

Sometimes, hiring a keynote speaker can bring a fresh perspective that is needed to gain new insight into your business. It also gives you a chance to reframe your problems and find solutions. 

Through quantitative and qualitative research, you can better understand your people and their concerns. You might find that they have many of the same motivations you do. This helps leaders: 

  • Focus on relationships 
  • Map patterns
  • Understand the context of problems
  • Develop effective processes
  • Solve issues within multiple groups
  • Organize priorities
  • Run effective meetings
  • Embrace diversity
  • Create a highly integrated network 

Great Speakers Will Create a Buzz at Your Event

Before and after the event, there should be a buzz around your company. Creative corporate wellness speakers are masters of anticipation before an event. Promotion starts from day one to make guests feel comfortable and break the ice. This also creates a conversation around the occasion. 

Once the affair gets started, guests are engaged from the moment they walk in until the moment they leave. Adam always delivers when it comes to meeting objectives and exceeding expectations. 

Rewarding Guests With a Good Time is Key

Another boring speech goes in one ear and out the other. Or worse, you might even put someone to sleep. But, if you hire a motivational speaker who can raise the level of energy in the room, you have the chance to make a lasting impression. 

In life, one of the important things you can do is to have fun. As Edward Bulwer Lytton said, “The best are not only the happiest, but the happiest are usually the best.”

Truly successful people in life and business, make sure that they have fun. Life is always more fun when you actively participate. Many times people don’t even realize they are learning something new because it’s so much fun.  

Book Adam Markel for Your Next Corporate Event

Adam’s unforgettable stage presence combined with accelerated learning techniques has helped thousands of people rediscover themselves, awaken their passions, and reach new levels of success.  

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