When someone tells you that you need to change or that change is coming your way, the reaction is most often visceral, stemming from inward fear rather than an intellectual response. We resist change, we see it as threatening, and we attempt to avoid change whenever we can, even if we know there could be a potentially positive outcome.

This cycle is outdated. Instead of being victimized by change, we are capable of embracing change. We can replace fear and resistance with flexibility and acceptance.

I Am Ready To Apply My Own Advice

Over the years, you’ve tuned into my Conscious Pivot podcast, where we have always focused on how to lean into, and make the most of pivots in life – both personal and professional. And I want you to know how much I believe in what I preach. Pivoting consciously, throughout life, is how we overcome adversity, grow and find joy.

So, what if there was a formula for that? What if there was a true formula for leveraging uncertainty – taking advantage of it even – as a catalyst for long-term growth? Would you want to know what it was?

Something BIG Is Changing 

At the Conscious Pivot, we have always loved to break things down so there is a tangible takeaway, something you can apply and see results from immediately. And that may never change, but something else is definitely changing – and you are the first to hear about it. Outlined in my brand new book – and now coming to a brand new podcast – “Change Proof” will continue to apply the pivot principles you’ve all grown to love, while tackling the outdated cycle we just talked about.

Change Proof, a podcast where each week, we will learn together, how to: Lead change, leverage change, and live Change Proof. 

The very first episode of Change Proof – a podcast that WILL change your life – if you let it – listen to it here. This launch (and pivot) is a true reflection of what we hope to see in 2022 and beyond, and I cannot wait for you to join me. To listen. To laugh. To learn. To grow. And to become Change Proof.

3 Steps That Get Easier

One of the things we are going to do within each episode of Change Proof will feel very familiar because the content will be applicable, tangible, and real-life nitty-gritty. And I thought we could just start that today. You’re going to hear me talk about this Change Proof process

  • Pause. Reset, take a breath, hold your position. In the moments we often feel we need to decide “right now”, those are the moments we most likely should be pausing. Give your thoughts time to exist.
  • Ask. After we pause, sometimes what we see is that there were more options or new perspectives we hadn’t even considered. Giving our thoughts time to exist and develop with that pause will then create space for us to ask the right questions, rather than trying to prove solutions we’ve already committed to. When we skip the pause or decide not to ask the tough questions, it creates massive blind spots.
  • Choose. Right now, people are exhausted by seemingly unending uncertainty. Burnt out by constant upheaval. All of the effort above is so we can choose and that is the ultimate freedom over our own lives.

Choice is the most powerful opportunity consistent throughout our lives. And Becoming Change Proof is dedicated to this process along with other steps and tools so that you can begin to leverage change and choice… and even learn to love both.

Change Proof, the book, is available now.

With all of my heart, I cannot wait to see you there, to learn and grow with you, and to become change proof together. 

Celebrating Change,

Adam Markel