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What would you do in your life if you knew you could not fail?

Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Book “PIVOT” by Adam Markel



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Listen to an Excerpt from PIVOT

Change is a constant in our lives and we must learn the art and science behind reinvention so we can fully utilize and embrace change. Adam Markel through the book Pivot provides a powerful roadmap through the three phases of reinventing any area of your business and life, and guides you through step-by-step processes, daily rituals and insightful exercises to help readers create clarity, build momentum and take meaningful action towards their goals.

What would you do in your life if you knew you could not fail?

That’s the question answered in Pivot, a roadmap for embracing your true potential without abandoning your responsibilities or risking your future. As a transformational teacher he has trained more than one million people worldwide, Adam Markel can help you leap out of your comfort zone and into the destiny you’ve always dreamed of.


a Sample

Imagine if, like a basketball player, you could get a complete view of your life so you could improve your chances of winning without giving up the ball. Imagine if, like a lever, you could do far more with the energy you’re expending now. Or, like a start-up company, you could try a new strategy to overcome an obstacle? That’s what it means to pivot. In life, as in basketball, it’s an option you can choose at any time. I wrote this book to teach you how. Read a sample of Pivot and start your journey today.


the Trailer

Whether you want to reinvent your career or reinvigorate your relationships, Pivot can help you. Adam Markel has personally witnessed the breakthrough transformations of people from more than one hundred countries around the world. In the past decade, Adam and his companies have trained hundreds of thousands. Adam knows you can pivot because he’s seen it happen—over and over again, to people just like you. Adam Markel has seen a lot of change and knows that ANYONE is capable of pivoting. Watch the Pivot trailer and see for yourself how transformation can happen by just taking one baby-step at a time.

An Interactive 28-Day Workbook for Change

The Art & Science of Reconnecting with Your Life: A Breakthrough Guide to Spark Joy, Innovation, and Growth

This book is an active challenge against yourself, to make changes for the better and push beyond the day to day struggles. In addition to stories and prompts for promising change, this work includes simple, repeatable 10-second actions that readers can use personally and professionally to center themselves in the face of change.


  • Overwhelmed by the pace of change
  • Not in love with your work and ready to explore other options
  • Caught up in achieving and striving and looking for more joy
  • Uncertain where to turn and how to start
  • An overwhelmed professional who must reinvent to stay relevant
  • A burned-out leader looking for new vision and direction


  • Ready to make some changes but not sure where to start
  • Certain aspects of your life could use improvement
  • Wanting to love YOUR life vs. comparing yourself to others
  • Not willing to settle for “good enough”
  • Exhausted, fearful or worried
  • Disappointed, depressed, or even resigned and cynical

This is your chance to Love Life, in ALL Circumstances, and Create Little Moments for Big Growth

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#1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller and a USA Today Bestseller

Combine ancient Eastern and modern Western wisdom, mix in proven techniques from both a CEO and a legendary soul healer, and you get Soul Over Matter. Designed for readers at every level of economic experience, this book gives you a unique and powerful path to financial abundance. Adam Markel and Master Sha created Soul Over Matter as the first financial advice book to focus on the role of soul in creating abundance. Whereas other books have hinted at the importance of connecting to universal laws to create abundance, Soul Over Matter is the first book to deliver the techniques to do so.


Looking to Pursue a New Direction? Start your journey here with our PIVOT programs that provide proven guidance and support to a business and lifestyle you love.

The PIVOT Incubator:
An Online Course to Master Change

Are you among the 55% of people looking for a new job or career? We help people build a bridge to a new vision, without burning the ships or taking big risks. For the past ten years, we’ve studied the art and science of innovation and reinvention, and have taught entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders how to breakout of mediocrity to create greater fulfillment, profit and peace. The Pivot Process provides people with tangible business skills to improve performance and standout in a highly competitive marketplace.

The program includes:

  • 15-module online training series where Adam Markel unpacks the PIVOT Process and guides you through powerful exercises for achieving clarity, creating your vision, gaining and sustaining momentum, and developing foundational “master habits” to accelerate your personal and professional results.
  • Worksheets and templates.
  • Access to our private PIVOT Incubator Facebook community.

21-Day PIVOT Momentum
Journal & Video Series

The 21-Day Video Series is designed to walk you, day by day, through the first 21 days of your life changing transformation.

You’ll be guided by Adam Markel, the creator of the PIVOT Formula framework, where he’ll share his most meaningful daily rituals for thriving in your pivot. This is an amazing way to create positive momentum towards living a life you love and makes a great gift for someone you love – including yourself.

The program includes:

  • 21 video lessons with Adam Markel taking you step-by-step through the action process
  • PIVOT 21-day Journal to track your notes and insights

The Vision Accelerator

An online program that will help you accelerate your path to clarity, rediscover what you really want and create a clear your vision to pursue.

The Vision Accelerator is designed to help you gain clarity, breakthrough obstacles that hold you back, and create your vision. During this virtual program, we will guide you through a powerful six-step process for attaining a clear view of where you’re heading and who you are – a requirement for a truly sustainable and successful pivot. The Vision Accelerator is a self-guided program, so you can go at your own pace and participate from anywhere in the world. This program is a fabulous first step for you if you’re looking to dip your toes in the reinvention river.

The program includes:

  • Signature training videos from Adam
  • 6 Highly Therapeutic Auto Suggestion Audios to help you remove any hidden obstacles in your way
  • Follow along worksheets and exercises/li>
  • Exclusive access to our PIVOT Online Community

The Momentum Accelerator

An online program designed to help accelerate, maintain and sustain the forward-moving progress of your PIVOT journey. You’ll learn key principles for taking action and creating powerful momentum towards your personal and professional goals.

The Momentum Accelerator is designed to help you change your behaviors with the goal of building positive and lasting momentum. In this virtual program, we will share five highly impactful principles for building momentum. This is a self-guided program, so you can go at your own pace and participate from anywhere in the world. The Momentum Accelerator is the perfect program for you if you’re looking to take action and begin moving ahead with confidence.

The program includes:

  • Signature training videos from Adam Markel
  • 3 Recalibration-Tool Audio Downloads (these include visualizations, breathing techniques and physical reprogramming exercises to access your center, your power and your hidden creativity)
  • Follow along worksheets and exercises
  • Exclusive access to our PIVOT Online Community