We can probably both agree that how you begin your day is an essential ingredient to your level of relaxation, joy and inner peace. Think for a moment about what your current morning rituals consist of: Do you wake up and immediately check your Facebook? Do you start thinking about what’s on your plate that day? Do you meditate? 

There’s no “right” way to start your day, although I do believe that what you do when you wake up sets the tone for everything that you’ll feel and experience throughout your day! 

Imagine waking up and doing something that you love, something that made you feel amazing, beautiful and inspired. Picture yourself doing something that made your body feel happy and nourished. That’s what I wish for you and guess what, you’re the only person that gets to decide if this is something you choose to do. 

If this conversation is interesting to you, take a moment to watch this short video about one of my morning rituals and how you can start your day in a simple and beautiful way. Enjoy!