Are you a faithful person? Or do you cheat yourself?

There are a lot of lessons I’ve learned in life – the hard way. And it seems to me that the lessons around consistency are in the category of being the hardest. When it comes to loyalty, commitment and devotion – we make these agreements with other people – and then we forget to hold the same standardsr when it comes to ourselves.

10-Second Start
With my TEDx talk, I became known as the ‘I love my life guy’ – no matter what. I strung these two phrases together because it hit me that perfection was an ideal I was using as an excuse, not only to avoid taking action, but to avoid continuity as well. 10-seconds that can change your life, that’s how I approached this truth in my TEDx talk because I wanted my audience to know that consistency is easier than we think, we just have to decide.

No Matter What
This is where the “no matter what” part comes into play. This is where it falls apart for so many people because we take action, but then we lose faithfulness to that action and it falls off.

It started with my I Love My Life Challenge, which was so successful, we turned it into a workbook and guide. The challenge was all about making one simple commitment: to love your life, no matter what. What we discovered with this was amazing… that ability to be resilient and make that bold of a commitment was separating the success stories from those who had given up.

Change Proof Gospel: Commitment is a seed that grows resilience and joy.

Have you ever committed to something, no matter what? Have you ever been in a place where you’ve decided, “I’m going ahead with my plan even though I know it might not work out”? That uncertainty holds so much power – because when we commit to the result – we open ourselves up to all the different ways to reach it.

Leveraging the power of uncertainty as a catalyst to build long-term growth. The ultimate commitment we can make in life is to ourselves, our goals, and our joy.

In his 1923 book “The Dance of Life,” Havelock Ellis, an English physician and psychologist, said, “The promised land always lies on the other side of a wilderness.” What he was getting at is the same thing we present with our Change Proof principles – The most valuable things in life are worth working for, and often on the other side of change.

A ‘no matter what’ mentality is the key to loving life, to becoming Change Proof, to overcoming fear and anxiety around change. It’s one step further than setting a goal. It’s a deeper commitment. One where you make an agreement with yourself that you will stay the course because you are committed to the end result. No matter what.

So, let me ask you again… Are you a faithful person? Or do you cheat yourself?

Are you willing to commit to a ‘no matter what’ mentality? Or do you want more of the same? Are you ready to use the change and uncertainty in your life to grow? Or are you holding onto stagnation? Do you value yourself enough to make a deeper commitment? Or will you continue taking a backseat to fear?

These questions might be hitting you right in the gut, and if they are, that means you’re ready. You’re sensing the internal urge telling you that it’s time for change. And more than that, it’s time to use change, to learn to love it, and to open yourself up to the possibilities change can bring you.

Are you ready to journey into the wilderness, to find your own promised land?