Steps to more harmony and peace in moments of change

I know we keep talking about how COVID forced us into so many shifts – but we’re still reeling from the effects and we’re still trying to figure out how to get back to “normal” life. Which is what I want to talk about. 

Normal is fleeting. As we just experienced, life can flip upside down seemingly overnight and when that happens, our sense of  what is normal goes along with it. And when we experience such rapid change, that flavor of normal becomes nonexistent and is replaced by our new routines, our new schedules, our new normal. 

How are we supposed to cope? 

In conjunction with this change, we are expected to carry on with life and adjust to whatever new normalcy becomes in our lives, while we go to work and meet deadlines and innovate and create. Is it possible to carry all of that weight and somehow find balance, while adjusting and calibrating to new normalcy? 

Change on this level often brings a ton of personal shifts with it. And it’s not like those personal changes stay at home. It’s impossible to compartmentalize our entire lives, to keep the personal separate from the professional and vice versa. Add to that the fact that as we get older, our responsibilities grow both in the amount and the level. This can be overwhelming without the addition of a global pandemic but once we start adding extras, balance seems an impossible feat. And that’s partly because it is. The concept of balance is an outdated myth. I often teach corporations to replace balance seeking habits with habits focused on harmony and resilience. 

There are ways we can “stop the creep” of our personal lives into our professional and the other way around. We can apply resilience habits and routines that will allow us to achieve harmony while still being able to adjust to new normals and increased responsibility.  And ultimately, this is how we find more peace in life – rather than being victim to constant change. 

Keep It Simple

I feel like we’re looking for more complex answers sometimes when the simple solution is right in front of us. As Summer settles in, and the weather supports more outside time in more places, you’d be amazed at how adding a walk to your daily routine can create space for you to disconnect and recenter. 

The same rule applies to work when you need to disconnect from a situation or clear your mind. A breath of fresh air works wonders for finding harmony in situations that are stressful, or where you feel overwhelmed. If it’s more than a moment, and you are experiencing a lot of change in your personal life that is shifting into your professional life, mental health days are the perfect way to take a step back and realign. 

Resilience is at the core of finding harmony and peace in our rapidly changing lives. It’s the resilience we build into our lives that allows us to adjust to change while still handling our responsibilities and managing our lives. By developing resilience, we create a foundation for being able to process change and use it to our advantage. 

When we are resilient, we are better able to manage our emotions, stay focused on our goals, and maintain a positive outlook even in challenging times. This is what harmony looks like in action. We all face difficulties and setbacks in life, but resilience gives us the strength to keep going.

By building resilience into our lives, we can find harmony and peace in the midst of change.