Motivational Speaker Training

Command the Stage and Create an Unforgettable Experience


Deliver the GREATEST Speech of Your Life

Anyone can learn how to become an inspirational speaker. All you need is a proven process, mentorship, and accountability. Although TEDx-style talks themselves are short, they can bring long-lasting, life-changing benefits. If you are ready to take your communication skills to the next level and command the stage, sign up for our motivational speaking masterclass today.

Our motivational speaker training takes you through a series of virtual classes and hands-on training sessions. We give you the tools and tactics to keep your eyes on the prize and sustain your motivation for public speaking for delivering an awe-inspiring performance.

Motivational Speaking Masterclass Program

The masterclass program is all about teaching you how to become a motivational coach. If you are ready to dream big and have an impact, the masterclass program is the perfect way to start your journey.

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8 Live Online Motivational Speaker Classes

Each class meets weekly for 90+ minutes. The meetings consist of learning and practice and interactive sessions where you receive feedback and expert guidance.


2 Full Days of Live
Online Learning

A total of 12 hours of live, high-intensity interactive motivational speaker training with Adam on Zoom. Including learning modules, breakout groups, practice, and feedback sessions.


Coaching Call

We hold 1-hour drop-in sessions on Zoom once a week. At these meetings, the coaching team will answer any questions you have and give you feedback.


Deliver Your Talk Live
at our Mini-TEDx Events

You get the live experience of being a motivational speaker by delivering your talk at one of our TEDx-style online programs in front of a live audience.

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Edited Video of Your Live Talk

You’ll walk away with an edited video of your talk, perfect for your website, social media marketing and for your TEDx or speaking applications.


Accountability Support

You get an active accountability support structure with a group of other proactive professionals to help achieve your goals.


Supportive Community

Join a loving community of like-minded, career-oriented people who are there to support you and share your journey to the top.

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Lifetime Access

You can enjoy unlimited access to the student members’ and motivational coach training area so you don’t miss a thing. You can listen to class recordings, view and download worksheets, and check out other resources as you progress.

My income flow has been slow, so the price of the course was my main hesitation. However, I knew that I would learn a lot and have my messages honed to perfection, which did happen. I am so very glad I took the course!

–Angela Legh

I was concerned about my speaking ability for the TED stage. I needed to have someone to take my hand to guide me through from choosing a topic to preparation for the stage presentation. Adam was persuasive, assuring and knowledgeable in different aspects of speech preparation specific to TED talk.

I was very anxious to begin the process and grew in confidence week by week. I summoned my courage and put my trust in the GTR team. My commitment was met and repaid tenfold!

Why Join Our Get TED Ready Speaker Masterclass

Becoming a certified motivational speaker isn’t exactly an easy decision to make. There’s no one size fits all solution and it’s not exactly straightforward for new speakers who enter the industry.

You’ll need to master your body language, tone of voice, utilize crowd control techniques, and deliver your speech in a way that your audience understands.

And after you have conquered the mechanics, you must learn to be resilient to stay on top of your game. The flexibility to bounce back from setbacks and create recovery rituals that ramp up your skills as well as your motivation for public speaking.

Get Stage

  • Overcome stage fright
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader
  • Get your message onto a live or virtual stage
  • Get featured by media outlets and publications.
  • Secure opportunities for higher-paying events
  • Learn how to shift into gear when the stakes are high

Motivational Speaker Training Boosts Your Business

Getting a motivational coach certification can open a new world of opportunities. The visibility from your speech alone will propel you up the ladder of success. And active participation in your industry that provokes conversations is a universal trait among every successful entrepreneur. You will be part of an exclusive network of action-oriented people from all walks of life.

Up-level your speaking skill to deliver sales and marketing

Grow your business using virtual or in-person workshops

Engage ideal clients by leveraging the power of storytelling

Improve sales and engage clients through the power of storytelling

As a leader, the captain of the ship, you know how important communication is. You may even be a great leader and communicator but you aren’t able to motivate your audience. By becoming an inspirational speaker with good communication skills, you can steer the ship in the direction of your goals, so you can help people, bring them together, and inspire them.

Advanced speakers don’t rely solely on talking points or notes. Participating with the audience and adapting to the attitude of the crowd on the fly are both incredibly important. We help you build your chops, so you can change direction even if you stumble during your talk.

When you allow yourself to genuinely share your excitement, love, and passion, the audience will latch on to your emotions and sync with you. People will feel closer to you, no matter how far away they may be.

  • Mastering the Art of Interaction. You will learn how to close the gap and bond with the audience. We also show you ways to engage the audience by putting them in the process with interactive activities and thought-provoking exercises.
  • Build Empathy with Ease. Empathetic leadership is one of the most effective strategies for longevity and a healthy company culture. Empathy is a natural emotion but we can always learn to be more empathetic and apply it in a way that enhances the power of our message.
  • Build Resilience Under Pressure. Time management is another skill we work on that is critical to nailing the perfect speech. This translates to better time management skills in life and is just one of the many awesome side effects of taking our motivational speaking classes.

Motivational Coach Certification:

Become the Leader
You Were Born to Be

Adam Markel:
Inspiring Leaders to Inspire Others

You can’t easily fit Adam Markel into one box. He has a unique perspective as an international keynote speaker, transformational trainer, and business mentor who works with individuals to cultivate resilience, enhance performance, and magnify the impact of their message through public speaking.

As a business consultant and speaker who works with companies all over the world, he’s discovered that success in our personal lives and success in our business lives are mirror images of each other. The same principles apply to both.

With 18 years as a trial attorney, 9 years as the CEO of a large training and development company, he has a wealth of experience speaking on the public stage. His simple, straightforward methods for personal success have helped hundreds of people take their public speaking game from lackluster to brilliant.

Strengthen Your Message with Motivational Speaker Training

If you are looking for advice from someone who has been there and done that, you’re in the right place.

Adam’s expertise is built on a foundation of thousands of mistakes (learning opportunities) that you can learn from to jumpstart your path to success. It’s his mission to share his knowledge and help you reach a new level of confidence in delivering powerful speeches..

Whether you want to speak at your next TedX event, make an online keynote speech or simply want to sharpen your public speaking skills, Adam and his team can make your dreams a reality.

Learning how to become a motivational speaker will strengthen your message, grow your community and bring people together in ways you never imagined possible.

Take the Get TED Ready Masterclass today
to share your special story with the world,
magnify your message, and improve lives through the power of your message.