I just experienced an amazing weekend with you at the Millionaire Mind Intensive weekend in Atlanta.  You are one of the most gifted, empowering, and heart-full speakers I have ever had the privilege of being able to hear. YOU are an experience, Just as the program is!  Thank you for facilitating growth, empowerment, financial freedom, and LIGHT on this planet!

Andrea Waldman


Sustainable Success Mentoring with Adam Markel

After going to some great self-improvement programs I found myself knowing what to do to make improvements in my life but sticking to these things seemed difficult without some support. I was hoping to solidify and strengthen the things I have learned in the past, as well as, learn new concepts and tools to help make improvements in my life and grow as a person.

At the same time the program came up people in the past showed up in my life and the mentoring program helped me in communicating effectively and working through forgiveness from the past. The mentoring program also made me realize how hard I am on myself and that is the reason I tend to be hard on others. It allowed me to look at these things from a different perspective of awareness. It also re-energized me to follow through on some things I am passionate about.

Lastly, based on developing codes to live by it has taught me how important it is to start the day off right with exercise. Although I may not be perfect everyday with my code of conduct it is the sense of awareness that has made the biggest impact.

If someone was thinking about enrolling in Sustainable Success Mentoring, I would tell them that this is a hands on program that requires a commitment of time and energy and if you can make that commitment that you will get out of it 10 times what you put into it.

Mike Lehrhaupt


At the time my life was moving in slow motion. I was unmotivated and lacking direction. My work schedule had moved to part time and my output had exceeded my income. I realized that I was not living up to my full potential and was looking for guidance and mentoring to get me back on track.

We covered a lot of different areas that weren’t working for me. With the calls each week I found I was gaining more clarity into how to move forward in each of those areas. It was almost like Adam had read my mind then constructed the program to build on the successes that I experienced after each call. I now have a a positive attitude, am more motivated, productive and moving toward my goals. In short, I’m back on the fast track to success.

I just completed the program and feel invigorated and optimistic about my future. I have learned how to look at a situation that is not working and reframe it to serve me in a supportive way. I have a new sense of gratitude and appreciation for everything in my life. I find that my negative inner voice doesn’t have power over me any more. I have learned how to replace that inner voice with a supportive one and have been much happier and more open than I was. If you are thinking about Sustainable Success Mentoring don’t hesitate, just fricken’ do it! You’ll be amazed with the positive results.

Jim Carman

Vienna, VA


Adam Markel has been a perfect example of someone who really pushes himself to live up to his true potential. His presence alone will light up a room and your life. I’ve learned so much from Adam. We met 2 years ago at Wizard Training Camp! I instantly fell in love with the whole family. I was also lucky enough to be invited to hear him speak for 3 days last year in California. I brought home so many tools from his teachings. Incredible! Thank you Adam for shining your beautiful light and caring so much about all of our success!! I also want to thank you for meeting Randi, marrying her, and having such extraordinary kids! I consider you all my family. Your the best and I’m so grateful you’re in my life as a friend, mentor, and a perfect example of the kind of person I want to be.

Peace and Love to you always~

Laura Crafton <3


You CHALLENGED me to be open and improve,
You lit the fuse on DYNAMITE under my BELIEFS,
You made me CRY, You made me LAUGH,
You made me THANKFUL,
You got me EARLY, and left me LATE,
You made me SHOUT on top of my lungs,
You SHOOK the very foundations of my being,

For all that, I can only THANK YOU from the deepest recess of my heart.

Kirti C