(Spoiler Alert: It’s about being better than you were yesterday. Cheesy? Yes. And is this really how true progress happens? Also Yes.)

On some level, aren’t we all trying to figure out how to live our best life? Aren’t we all semi-obsessed with being the best? Having the most? Achieving it all? (Whatever “it” is for each of us?)

It seems to me, if the questions above resonate with you, there comes a specific pivot in life where the pieces begin to click and we start to understand on a very cellular level what is important and worth pursuing in life. It isn’t always about money or ownership or consumership….

In fact, the more we learn about life, the more simplicity we begin to crave. This is where I’d like to dig in a little bit because this is the space where we learn to be our best.

I recently had a conversation with John Lee Dumas, a successful entrepreneur and podcast host who could name drop all day long. He’s interviewed some of the most successful people on the planet, Barbara Corcoran, Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris to name a few. And he shared a thought with me that I am going to use to kick this off.

John Lee told me, during our very candid conversation, “My book is called The Common Path to Uncommon Success because I’ve found, through all of these interviews with these incredibly successful people, that the path to success is all about hard work. It’s not complicated. It’s a common path that everyone must trot to achieve their goals. And I want to share that with as many people as I can. That’s my calling, my path to trot.”

I loved the quote because so often we derail our own success because we are afraid – which manifests in making things seem unclear or complicated. When, in reality, the path to success is not hidden, or scary or complicated even. It is hard work, John Lee is right, and it is not always going to be a downhill coast – but it is always worth it. The commonality we all share in this journey is that if we choose to show up and work hard, be true to ourselves and the people we’re serving, we will see our best self show up.

It Isn’t Always Money-Driven
Life’s not about the dollar amounts. It’s how you construct yourself around success. I know plenty of people who make six or seven figures who still live paycheck to paycheck. And I have a dear friend who makes under $100k and lives on a lake in Montana and their quality of life sets a bar. It’s so important to create our own parameters for success, to understand what is actually important and what would create a life of fulfillment. My best is different from yours for the simple reason that the goals are different. Productivity, motivation, happiness – these are personal to you and cannot be bought.

Try for YOUR BEST, Not Someone Else’s
We all must fight the temptation to mimic what we’re seeing because we think it will bring us the same results. Success is individual because we are all unique, with specific skills and talents and the more we lean into that, the more the Universe will prove this right. 90% of so much that I see out there is someone looking at other people who are having some success and deciding to do that. But we are in a place of exponential change where we need unique solutions. Put the focus on you, show up for you, and don’t hold back from letting your light shine out into the world – we all need more of that. There are 1 million problems out there that have no solution. Go be the best and fill that void.

Start Fresh Every Day
Every day is a brand new day. When we are letting yesterday, last week, last month, last year dictate tomorrow, we’re going to lose. Life is meant to be lived from a place of freedom and fulfillment, not a place where we shackle and deny ourselves. Tomorrow is a new day. Wipe the slate clean, figure out your new path and go forward in that path because this is the one life to live. It’s not like your past self has the power to sentence you to a life of mediocrity and drudgery. You can clean that slate now if you choose and go forward and the fresh new direction that you know you want to go.

Your Best Comes with Exceptions… And So Does Mine
Listen, I would love to tell you that every single day I get up and live my best life – and while this is true a lot of the time – there are days I struggle and days I’m in the midst of a pivot and days I have to really push myself to take that next step. As we are considering the constant disruption and change that is upon us, and that has yet to even be revealed, it’s important that we give ourselves a break. It’s important that we love ourselves even more in the midst of those pivots, both the good, the bad, the ugly. Just because things are going well doesn’t mean there isn’t stress. We know the stress involved in every aspect of living a fulfilled life.

Three quick things to remind us of how we can be better tomorrow and compete with our own BEST:

  • One, let’s wake up again tomorrow as we did today and not take that for granted!
  • Two: Let’s feel grateful. I started the day with gratitude and I want to end with gratitude and make this a part of the ritual of living a healthy life.
  • Three, when you wake up tomorrow, before your feet even hit the floor, consider these four words. I love my life. Speak them into existence and watch your life change from good, to better, to BEST!