Adam Markel on how to learn to Love Your Life.

For the next 21 days starting tomorrow morning, when you wake up and you put your beautiful feet on the floor, before you think “oh my aching back” or “I need a cup of coffee” or “I gonna get in the shower, the first thought that you’re gonna have, the first words that are gonna
come out your mouth, are these words right here. You are simply gonna say “I love my life”.

I don’t even care if you believe it, because the truth is when I started saying those words seven years ago, I don’t think I believed it either.

I want you to cultivate just one thought of gratitude. Your life is divine and your life is a blessing. It doesn’t matter what you give great gratitude for. Find one thing to think about in that moment when you’ve touched down and you’ve said those words and watch your life transform.