We can’t just move on but we CAN just love one another

The loss the people in Uvalde, Texas experienced is not something to move on from. There is no moving on. There is no space in the future that will ever exist, where this tragedy isn’t reality. 

Yet there must be some forward momentum – and how do we do that? 

I have never been someone to pretend to have all the answers. That’s not me. I am someone who throws his whole heart into adding more love into every space and person I encounter. To me, the only option in forward momentum that isn’t ripe with political debate is love. MORE LOVE. 

The hurt pouring out of this tragedy is absolute. The pain that will be carried for generations is undeniable. The community that is ripped apart can now only hold onto a hope for the future, and that the days will be brighter than the dark past they’ve all just stepped out of. 

Their hope for the future will require love and resilience to lead our steps forward. 

And we’re already doing this – all over the United States. ????

From emergency blood drives to online fundraisers, people are showing up for one another. This is our silver lining. This is the only thing we can do – show up and love one another – even though it won’t undo this terrible tragedy. Even though the reality is that lives are gone and hearts broken. 

To me, this is what resilience looks like. It pulls from a place deep in each one of our hearts – it’s our way of stepping out of the darkness and into the future, even though we are shattered. And of taking those with us who can’t bear to walk alone. 

As we move forward, and attempt to architect a future devoid of tragedy, it will be so important that we continue showing up for one another. Not only in moments of crisis. We have to keep refilling our resilience tanks so we don’t find ourselves on “E”. To ensure that we are prepared to stand together, no matter what the obstacle or heart-shattering experience.

Showing up in a meaningful way does not have to be a grand gesture. It is shown in the most simple acts of kindness, in smiling at one another – seeing one another. It is shown in adding love to a person or space that you can tell just needs a little bit extra. These are the small acts that make big impacts on people’s hearts, and that’s all we can really do right now. Show people that we love them and hurt with them. 

Look around, talk to people, love one another – exit the sound bubble and try to focus on the good that comes from putting resilience and love at the heart of your daily focus.