Keynote Topics – Environmental Sustainability

A Holistic Approach to Environmental Sustainability

Creating a context for your workplace to thrive



Environment eats strategy for breakfast.

– Adam Markel, Keynote Speaker

True environment sustainability is not just about recycling, LEEDs certification or planting trees, it’s about creating an environment for employees that is conducive to fulfilled, healthy and engaged employees! What does that mean exactly? It means curating a corporate culture (the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual “environment”) where employees thrive. If a business is not considering the importance of the holistic environment, true sustainability will be elusive.

When Adam is a keynote speaker on environmental sustainability in a workplace, he asks participants to reflect on the many elements of their culture and context created, including “How does it feel to do business with your company? Do your employees feel good being associated with a company?

“Environment is stronger than will,” believes Adam. When he addresses audiences as a keynote speaker, he explains why it’s crucial to cultivate a workplace environment, including that it enhances creativity, helps workers engage and raises their levels of productivity and resilience. Lots of physical elements like natural light and open, creative spaces for people to work should be considered but must always reflect the values of an organization.

In the post-pandemic world many people will continue working from home, but a company can still help their employees create an optimal environment and help them be more productive. Environmental Sustainability keynote speaker, Adam Markel has many tricks up his sleeve to help today’s at-home workers thrive as well as helping businesses create an environmental plan for longevity.

Nature vs. Nurture

It’s the perennial debate: what matters more to success – nature (skills and talent) or nurture (the impact of your environment)? Adam contends that when it comes to the environmental sustainability of your business, the culture you create is critical. The likelihood you’ll be successful in meeting your goals is immeasurably higher with an environment that nurtures those things. High performance environments require cultures of resilience and innovation.

Does your culture promote the environmental sustainability of your business? Keynote speaker, Adam Markel, poses that question to audiences during an exercise to help participants create a culture that is supportive of the environmental sustainability of their employees’ wellbeing and therefore the success of their company. Whether working from home, in the office or both, keeping employees engaged, inspired and happy is critical to managing stress and enabling them to be at their best.

Adam as an Environmental Sustainability Keynote Speaker

It’s not enough to lead through words and directives, our leaders today must also model the very things that they’re asking others to implement. For example, when it comes to creating a sustainable culture where people have trust, it’s imperative that the environment of that organization fosters trust. Adam likes to introduce people to an exercise called WIFLS which stands for ‘What I Feel Like Saying.’ In this simple yet powerful process, attendees learn how expressing their feelings in a safe environment produces trust within that environment. He also explains how this fosters a Got Your Back environment. In this ever changing landscape, people need to know they can trust their employers and vice versa. Environmental sustainability requires resilient leadership which fosters resilient employees.

Without a pivot-ready culture, businesses run the risk of mediocrity creeping in, threatening an organization’s long term profits and its very survival. Our ability to reinvent and innovate – what Adam Markel refers to as “PIVOT-Ability” – is critical to business longevity. Pivoting requires vision, agility, resilience and the ability to utilize change to its fullest

– Lisa Turner Founder, Silverleaf Management Group

Dive Into Life

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