The Keys to Strengthening Employee Engagement

The Keys to Strengthening Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Keynote Speaker Janine Hamner Holman

“Organizations with engaged employees give their organizations crucial competitive advantages.”

Janine Hamner Holman, Employee Engagement Keynote Speaker

As an employee engagement keynote speaker with over three decades of experience in motivating and engaging people, Janine’s keynote lays out the most compelling reasons to have engaged employees and the best practices for engagement gleaned through her work with everything from local nonprofits to Fortune 200 companies.


Janine’s employee engagement keynote lays out the 4 keys to employee engagement:

  • how to have employees that are motivated by your purpose,
  • ensuring your people’s work aligns with your purpose,
  • creating teams that deliver high-performance work, and
  • how to stop the (expensive!) strategies you’re employing that don’t work!

According to Gallup, only 15% of employees are engaged in the workplace! Which means that 85% of our people are working at a level BELOW where they can and many are doing the bare minimum they can to get through their days, with little or no attachment to their work… or to your organization! Employee engagement is about changing this dynamic to increase the productivity and profitability of your people. In her role as an employee engagement keynote speaker, Janine speaks to both managers and front-line employees about how to increase their level of engagement with actionable tips and engaging information that has all people WANTING to increase their engagement.

With recent challenges from COVID-19 to “the great resignation,” it’s more critical than ever that organizations keep their most reliable employees engaged and bring in more world-class talent. And, with employee burnout reaching epidemic proportions, Janine’s employee engagement keynote talk is timely and speaks to the real world concerns of organizations today!

“Working with Janine has changed my perspective about bringing on a consultant to help with organizational challenges. The role is invaluable to a healthy organization. You will save the money it costs to have Janine as an employee engagement keynote speaker and/or J&J on board in improved productivity, less drama among staff, and a focus on accomplishing goals. Janine brings the strength of strong organizational management, and the soft touch of a therapist, combined with the strictness of an old schoolteacher.

Wendy Mitchell, President | Wendy Mitchell Consulting

In today’s fast-paced world, having employees who are engaged, agile, loyal, and resilient is the difference between success and failure…and Janine’s keynote lays out ways in which we can engage employees the most effectively (and the things we think are effective but aren’t – spoiler alert: STOP doing those things!). Employee engagement is highly impacted by psychological safety, organizational diversity, effective leadership and leaders, and organizational culture.  As an internationally sought-after employee engagement keynote speaker, Janine weaves together compelling stories, humor, and Best Management Practices into a powerful talk.  Janine’s employee engagement keynote is full of tips that leaders and employees alike can implement today to get more increased employee engagement.

In addition, Janine can weave in other materials as it best fits your organization.  Many have wanted her to bring in emotional intelligence, psychological safety, health and wellness, conscious leadership, and other elements into her work as an employee engagement keynote speaker.

In addition to her work as an employee engagement keynote speaker, Janine Hamner Holman is the CEO at J&J Consulting Group and the author of the forthcoming book, Why Are the Soft Skills so Damn Hard…and Many Other Things We Got Wrong, as well as a contributing author to the forthcoming book, The Shoulders of Mighty Women.