Man. Change is tough. Right? Isn’t that what we tell ourselves everytime life moves us in a new/different/scary direction?

But is it really true? Or are we creating resistance with the stories and truths we tell ourselves? Like, when something doesn’t go the way we expected, we might tell ourselves that we failed because we suck, we’re losers, incapable, etc. But the real reason might be that we experienced unexpected change because we were on the wrong path to begin with or because we needed that pivot to grow, so we could level up in our lives. Or maybe life showed us a path we hadn’t even considered as an option. Hardly a failure.

Change Proof Gospel: When things don’t go the way we thought they would, there’s always an opportunity for growth.

When we accept the stories we tell ourselves as truth, we create new barriers to what we believe we’re capable of – literal roadblocks in our brain. So each time we want to attempt something new, we feel stuck because that story is holding us in place.

What’s even more crazy: we might think those stories make up who we are, but in reality, those stories might be keeping us from who we are meant to be. And preventing us from being present in moments that offer growth, because we’re afraid of that change and the potential to fail.  If we’re open to changing our approach as conditions change, we’re more likely to spot transformative opportunities.

  • The Universe is constantly calling on you to accept the job of a lifetime.
  • The Universe wants to offer you a life of purpose and resilience.

The opportunities to turn uncertainty and stress into an accelerant are endless. To use the near constant change as something you can leverage for growth. And those stories you tell yourself can be reframed to support this growth.

You didn’t fail. You learned a better way.

You didn’t fail. You grew as a human being.

You didn’t fail. You overcame a huge obstacle.

You didn’t fail. You become stronger mentally.

You didn’t fail. You faced life and built resilience.

When you think about failure, change and opportunity like this, it becomes easier to tell ourselves better stories and to reframe our stories. And I love a good reframe.

Shameless Plug: In my new book Change Proof, I teach you how to apply techniques, like reframing, with simple steps, so you can begin telling the stories that support your growth.

When it comes to business, professionals and organizations who understand how important change is, and how to embrace change rather than run from it, become transformational thought and industry leaders. Adapting to change and using the energy around change separates the sustainable from the unsustainable. This applies to individuals and corporations. When you decide to accept the journey into resilience, success will follow.

The Universe Is Calling
This dream job listing will always be there. Always waiting for you to step into it – it’s just up to you when you decide to take action, to pivot into your purpose. The job posting will always be active. Nobody can take your “job”… nobody can take your purpose. Nobody is you. Nobody can do the thing you were designed to do. Imagine being 85-years old, realizing that you could have started anytime you wanted, but you chose not to. That’s more terrifying than any change I can imagine.