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Embrace holistic corporate wellness to create a thriving workplace culture that catalyzes collaborative, high-performing, happy and healthy teams.

Reach New Business Heights Starting with Employee Wellness

In today’s dynamic, rapidly-evolving business world, success transcends simple financial metrics. Instead, it hinges on the well-being and contentment of employees, an organization’s most valuable assets.

As a corporate wellness consultant, Adam Markel leverages his expertise to establish a culture of wellness in the workplace, infusing the essence of holistic well-being into an organization’s core values. He offers thoughtful guidance to leaders as they work together to craft a work environment that fosters support, inspiration and empowerment where everyone brings their best, personally and professionally. Through holistic wellness initiatives, enhanced communication and the promotion of work-life harmony, Adam empowers organizations to flourish by ensuring employee health and happiness are paramount.

A Tapestry of Success Stories in Corporate Wellness

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Adam, what a great experience. Thank you so much for re-energizing the group and making them more resilient. The team learned so much about how to stay prepared, stay mentally engaged and have a longer, healthier, happier life because that’s what’s going to lead to their success.
Thanks for everything you do.

Bryan B.
Service Corporation International (SCI)

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We’ve been working with Adam and the WorkWell team for our members across North America. These are dynamic times full of uncertainty and resilience is critical to everyone. They hit the mark with their programs to help us to be more resilient and to prepare ourselves physically, spiritually and mentally for the uncertainty. I keep hearing from members across the continent about how much the content resonates with them. We’re just so happy to be working with them.

Joel C.
CEO/Executive Director

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Wow! The WorkWell team is truly amazing. It’s been a hard two years in education and having the opportunity to consider how to be resilient - to take the time to recover, refocus and reset - was so important. Coming back as stronger and better educators for our students means everything. I can’t thank you enough - our team has really moved forward.

Scott S.
ABC Unified School District

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Today, Adam Markel and his team came and changed us. They transformed the way that we think about resiliency and showed us a pathway forward. We can make different choices for our lives that empower us to be the best version of ourselves and really make a difference in the world. Thank you!

Stacy R.
Association of Residential Resources in Minnesota (ARRM)

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We have been struggling over the past few months with all of the changes within our organization, COVID, family etc. The lessons had a wonderful impact on me. We hear the word Resilience all the time, but I didn’t know how to build on that. This program provided me with the tools to do just that. I am excited to help myself be stronger and then help my team be stronger in return.

Jennifer J., PHR, SHRM - SCP
Global HR Leader

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WorkWell’s resilience program was one of the most original and engaging that I have witnessed in my 14 years with ABTL. The team related so well to our members and gave them actionable tools to deal with the stress and issues inherent in the profession that affects high performance.

Michèle S.
Executive Director, Association of Business Trial Lawyers, Northern CA

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Your programming was exactly what our leaders needed...thank you! One of the many things that resonated was that combining several small changes to improve our resilience will have a much bigger effect than we realize.

John S.
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol, Chief Operating Officer

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Transformational Corporate Wellness Topics and Workshops

Unearth actionable strategies in Adam Markel’s captivating keynote wellness speaker topics and workshops. Each is designed to assist your organization in cultivating a people-first culture of well-being. With a meaningful emphasis on resilience, Adam breaks down his insightful advice into practical and achievable steps, fully-equipping your organization with the right tools and strategies to prioritize holistic well-being and attain the highest levels of success.

Building Strong Teams by Mastering Resilience at Work

Drawing from his extensive experience in organizational transformation, Adam emphasizes the essential role of leaders in cultivating a resilient culture. He demonstrates how leadership behaviors can foster resilience, inspiring teams to do the same. The result is a workforce ready to thrive in any circumstance.

What you will receive from Adam’s keynote:

  • Using resilience as a core value within an organization for driving growth and achieving success.
  • Provides leaders with valuable insights to enhance resilience skills.
  • Offers practical guidance for building resilient organizations.

Unlocking Mindfulness & Stress Management for Peak Performance

Boosting productivity is intrinsically tied to prioritizing employees’ mental health. In this impactful keynote, Adam offers invaluable strategies to enhance mindfulness and reduce the detrimental impact of stress. With these strategies, employees can better navigate the multifaceted challenges of today’s workplace, fostering resilience and stress management.

The takeaways from Adam’s keynote:

  • Discover strategies to enhance mindfulness and reduce and mitigate the harmful effects of stress.
  • Empower employees to thrive in a demanding circumstance, promoting well-being and harmony.
  • Learn how leadership can promote wellness, unlocking the team’s full potential, enhancing performance and productivity.
  • Cultivate a happy and healthy work culture through these strategies.

Amplify People-First Power with Resilience & Wellness Workshops

Fostering a people-first workplace culture that prioritizes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being should be paramount for any organization.

In this passionate keynote, Adam provides invaluable guidance to leaders on cultivating a corporate culture that emphasizes resilience and wellness. His inspiring and approachable style ensures that practical strategies, starting with small actions, can set off a chain reaction, ultimately benefiting the entire organization.

What to expect from Adam’s keynote:

  • Learn how to foster a people-first workplace culture that prioritizes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being for better productivity and outcomes.
  • Discover practical strategies that begin with small actions and create a ripple effect throughout the organization.
  • Understand the importance of conducting a resilient assessment for both leaders and employees.
  • Gain insights into employee well-being through this comprehensive assessment, allowing leaders to tailor workplace wellness programs to meet specific needs.

Forge a 'Got Your Back' Culture to Enhance Team Synergy

Organizations should be thoughtfully structured ecosystems where mutual support among employees is paramount. In this captivating keynote topic, Adam unfolds his strategy for nurturing a ‘got your back’ culture that transcends professional collaboration, reaching into the realms of mental health and overall well-being.

What you can gain from Adam’s keynote:

  • Learn how to structure your organization as a thoughtfully designed ecosystem that prioritizes mutual support among employees.
  • Understand the importance of fostering a mentality where team members actively support one another, cultivating empathy, security, and care.
  • See how these principles enhance holistic well-being for all members of the organization, creating a more supportive and nurturing work environment.

The future of well-being in workplace depends on resilience in the present.

Adam Markel

Adam Markel: Pioneering Corporate Wellness
for Mental Health and Well-Being

Adam Markel, a revolutionary corporate wellness speaker and consultant, supports organizations worldwide by sharing his extensive knowledge and experience in fostering healthy workplace cultures where mental and holistic well-being are paramount. With a deep understanding of organizational dynamics, he guides leaders in adopting a proactive approach to support employees’ mental health and happiness.

Recognizing the profound impact of leadership and peer support, Adam’s approach is based on creating inclusive and empowering environments where every team member feels valued, heard and encouraged. His insights are grounded in the belief that a thriving workplace prioritizes and nurtures mental wellness, resulting in heightened productivity, creativity and overall well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a corporate wellness consultant?

A corporate wellness consultant, such as Adam Markel, is an expert on bringing wellness into the workplace. Adam specializes in steering organizations toward prioritizing employees’ physical, mental, and emotional health, and he delivers insightful knowledge in an engaging and informative style to help organizations create a culture of holistic well-being.

As a corporate wellness consultant, he offers valuable insights and strategic methods to bolster agility, resilience and productivity among team members. Collaborating closely with leaders, Adam aligns workplace wellness programs and initiatives with the organization’s distinct needs and objectives.

How does a corporate wellness consultant make a powerful impact on an organization?

As a corporate wellness speaker and consultant, Adam recognizes the intrinsic link between a healthy, engaged workforce and a flourishing organization. His guidance results in elevated employee morale, increased teamwork and productivity, reduced absenteeism and heightened employee retention. Going beyond a simple surface-only approach, Adam cultivates a supportive culture where individuals thrive, personally and professionally.

By promoting employee resilience, mental health and wellness in the workplace, he equips employees to effectively navigate challenges, ultimately contributing to organizational resilience and success. Partnering with a corporate wellness speaker and consultant like Adam Markel sparks a transformative shift, shaping the workplace culture into one that nurtures growth, happiness and prosperity, having a long-term positive impact on the organization and its employees.

When should you hire a corporate wellness speaker or consultant?

Engaging a corporate wellness speaker or consultant like Adam Markel is crucial to prevent declining engagement and productivity. When you hire a well-being speaker or consultant, you are prioritizing the mental and physical health of employees, while infusing motivation and rejuvenation into the workplace and establishing a positive culture that thrives today and into the future of work. Whether an organization faces challenges or seeks enhanced morale and well-being, Adam’s insightful corporate wellness speaker keynotes and dynamic workplace wellness programs offer transformational guidance for growth.

How much does a corporate well-being speaker cost?

Whether an organization seeks a health and wellness speaker for a one-time event or a long-term corporate consultant to design wellness activities for employees and offer continued support, the cost is determined by multiple factors. Adam provides customized packages to align with an organization’s diverse needs, from well-being speaker engagements to tailored wellness activities for employees.

Final pricing is typically determined by the speaker’s expertise, event duration and location, and the level of customization requested. Regardless of the final cost, investing in a wellness keynote speaker like Adam Markel yields tangible and lasting benefits, including heightened employee engagement, decreased stress levels and a more harmonious workplace culture.

What makes Adam Markel's approach as a corporate wellness consultant different from other keynote speakers?

Adam’s approach distinguishes him markedly from others in the field. Unlike conventional health and wellness speakers, Adam’s services are founded on his belief in deploying empathy backed by a significant comprehension of the complex challenges facing organizations today. He goes beyond offering superficial advice or generic programs, instead positioning himself as a dedicated partner in the organizational transformation process.

Adam collaborates closely with organizations worldwide to develop solutions that resonate on a profound level, with strategies focused on fostering a supportive culture and emphasizing mental health and well-being. As a wellness keynote speaker, his approach transcends the typical, leaving a lasting and remarkable impact on the organization and its employees.

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