We are looking for someone with your skills and experience to accept a life-changing opportunity that will allow you to truly thrive, no matter what life dealt you in 2021 or may be to come in 2022.

Job Requirements: 

  • Someone willing to show up each day and grow in their resilience.
  • Someone willing to commit to themselves, regardless of day-to-day change.
  • Someone who knows they have a higher calling and is ready to tap into that.
  • Someone willing to USE the change in life to accelerate forward.
  • Someone willing to show up – and just do what they do best!

Does this sound like you? If so, the opportunities are endless in 2022 to turn uncertainty and stress into an accelerant. To use the near constant change as something you can leverage for growth.

This is a job posting from the Universe, asking you to accept your purpose and step into your power in the new year. This opportunity has the potential to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of, with meaning, success and resilience – not to mention increased capacity and alignment.

This opportunity could change your life in so many ways. Are you ready to accept? 

This opportunity is for anyone looking to scale up in the new year and begin living the life of their dreams. (Is it really that easy or too good to be true?)

Perks of the Job: The best thing about accepting this dream job of 2022 is how much this will affect the rest of your life. You will begin to see your happiness reach blissful levels. Your relationship with change will rest on a more solid foundation. Your stress around uncertainty will begin shifting into even more opportunity. And your life will transform in ways that will make you want to show up even more.

You’ve already been asking what is possible in 2022, and here is your answer. The Universe has opened its doors wide open, so you may enter freely without fear. All you’re being asked to answer is this: what do you want more than anything?


I remember graduating law school thinking, “It will be smooth sailing from here…” But it never was because I was not living my purpose. Achievement and fulfillment are NOT the same thing. We are all capable of finding success. We are all capable of being fulfilled in life. But we often confuse the two and tie them into a twisted love affair, when they are two very separate “jobs”.

Change Proof Gospel: Fulfillment is the new grind. Achievement and success are byproducts of aligning with your purpose and falling in love with your life.

Fear Is A Constant
Here’s the truth about your path in life: your dream job listing will always be here. Always waiting for you to step into it – it’s just up to you when you decide to take action, to pivot into your purpose. The job posting will always be active. Nobody can take your “job”… nobody can take your purpose. Nobody is you. Nobody can do the thing you were designed to do. And if that isn’t motivation to start this year, instead of next, I don’t know what is.

Let this be the year we tell fear to kick sand.
Let this be the year we trust ourselves.
Let this be the year we accept this life-changing opportunity.
Let this be the year you align with your purpose and live the life YOU dream about, no matter how much stress, uncertainty or change you are facing.