It seems like everywhere you look these days, someone is talking about self-care. And this notion, these acts of self-care only seem to be aggrandized through social media. Luxury vacation, fancy meals… which I love too, don’t get me wrong. But I think we might be missing the most important smaller details in the bigger picture. 

Simplicity Reigns Supreme

Taking care of yourself is more important than ever. We learned that through COVID and it continued on as we adapted and adjusted almost daily. The better we became at adapting, the more resilient we became. We were becoming Change Proof – and we didn’t even know it!

But now, we’ve had plenty of time to reflect and in all of that reflection, the small specks seem to be shining the brightest. My greatest rituals are small daily acts of self-care that I do before I get out of bed or to refresh my mind. I don’t buy anything or travel anywhere for these, yet they have the most profound effect. 

In speaking with Award-Winning Science writer, Dawson Church, PhD – he shared with me similar notions. Notions that years of research and studies also seem to back up. Bliss, happiness, joy, less stress – they are all tied to basic tenants of life. 

The Power of An Open Heart

When we practice daily rituals, like deep breathing or meditating, it creates calm and clarity in our hearts and our minds. It’s a simple way to create space and who doesn’t need a little space? It’s about stopping, consciously being still and letting the dust settle around your busy-ness. If even for 5-minutes each day, you committed to one of these simple acts, you would begin to see your life change. 

Some of Dawson’s research is around meditation and how much it shifts our lives, and even the world around us, and I know this to be true through my own practices. Again, a free gift you can give your mind and whole self, to reduce stress and create space for more clarity.   

Change Proof Gospel: When we take care of ourselves, we become more resilient and change-proof.

These habits create more resilience in your brain and become easier and more powerful the longer you commit to practicing them. Self-care has become somewhat misunderstood. It’s not about buying expensive products or blowing off your responsibilities. Self-care is all about the little things and investing in these small acts will create a greater impact in our lives, especially if we commit to these small acts as daily rituals.